That which remains hidden in the unconscious is experienced as fate



The Celestial Wheel is a companion web site offering forecasts on national and international planetary karmic influences: societal, economic and political.

Deciphering the planets' orbital changes unveils karmas guiding the global stage --  and your own life journey.  We all swim in an ocean of unseen karmic currents.  Being forewarned is forearmed. 

This is a Participatory Publication. Access fees begin at $4.  Some forecasts are free, Popular Protests In The U.S.


Life Consultation unveils lifelong and cyclical karmas in your birth chart to define and guide your evolving Dharma -- life purpose.

Life Consultation with Astrocartography integrates Vedic Astrology’s time with Astrocartography's space.  Including Vedic Remedies completes interpretation of Vedic Astrology fundamentals.

Examining these birth chart and geographical influences illuminates your karmas multi-dimensionally.  Employing remedies increases free will.  Thus empowered, you can plan and implement when and where fulfillment is best achieved. You can click here and experience astrological information for self-empowerment.




     The September 16 2014 VedicLeaks about the planets becoming difficult makes me very glad that I went ahead on the 8th of September with the cataract operation.  I continue to heal well, and am pleased with the overall outcome, and so glad to have it over and done. Thanks for you input.   A.M.  Arizona

    I really enjoyed the consultation and am so glad you feel okay about our house.  It was fun being on the "other side" of a reading for once!  It's been a while!  My hubby is VERY excited that you predict we'll have an airplane.  Thanks for all the great insights and encouragement.  I REALLY appreciate it! Anyhoo - you're a peach.  Thanks for all the boosting - your clients must love you!  C.A. Los Angeles

    I want to thank you again for your reading.  So much karmically got cleared.  I feel it and my energies really moving after that.  You really are great at this!  And I feel so cleansed.  I really appreciate your explaining how and why the Indian Astrologers just make pronouncements like I'm tied to a wheel of karma, and sometimes don't even answer my questions!  D.M. Chicago

    Yes, I am an advocate for social and economic fairness.  That is my Dharma.  I will continue will follow my NGO career in India and in the U.S.  You're right too that the recession harms those at the bottom most, and it is my generation who have the skills and youthful energy and duty to do so.  And, I just love my Vedic pearl -- so comforting and clarifying.  S.K. Atlanta and Mumbia


     Thank you Doug.  Your information is very inspiring.  I look forward to tuning my life better to the planets and achieving my Dharma in manufacturing.   Too, a home in the country with maybe even the long sought child will complete my loving marriage with a happy wife.   D.M. Bangalore

     I never make a business move without checking with Doug.  We've been working together for six years now, and my import/export businesses has developed very well.  Interestingly, musical interests have blossomed with your supporting the concert organizing concept.  And you are right music is my highest Dharma, for gives me the most pleasure.  R.C.  Encinitas and Miami Beach

     Thank you, Doug.  I really appreciate your support.  I am spending all my time at the restaurant (reorganizing the business).  I am very grateful for the time you spent with me as cheerleader.  That is something I have lacked.  I started the Mercury mantras.  It is still going to take some time for things to get really in the right shape.  Thankfully, business has been good.  Get information on it here.   N.K  Westchester


     In the spring I planned a move from Arizona back to the East Coast.  After months of missed sales, I asked Doug about lowering the price.  He said no and to sit tight.  A couple weeks later, Doug noticed that Mercury  (a business planet for me) was turning stationary in a good place --  a powerfully beneficial influence.  He emailed me that I would sell the property between Friday afternoon at 6pm and Sunday afternoon at  4pm.  Friday at 6pm I called Doug, catching him on his cell in the car.  Out of the blue (so it seemed) about 4pm I had received a FULL PRICE,  CASH, NO CONTINGENCY contract on the house to close in 30 days.  Doug congratulated me and apologized for being 2 hours off on the timing!!  M.L Maryland




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