Vedic Astrology is about time.  It is thereby not just about knowing the life.  Vedic Astrology is about planning the life


A Lunar-Based Predictive Craft

     The Moon, symbolizing the mind, is Vedic Astrology's primary planet.  The Moon's brightness and its placement in a person's Vedic chart is tremendously important.  The Vedic Moon has its own zodiac, the twenty-seven lunar mansions, (Nakshatras) signifying the primal influences of individual stars in deep space.  The Vedic Moon's position determines the Vedic Dasas, the planetary cycles that are basic to its famed predictive quality. 

     For the earth, the Moon brings the ocean tides and its cycles are used by organisms to time mating, navigation, see at night... The Moon intercepts asteroids headed for earth.  With these and many other influences on the earth making it the primary celestial body, shouldn't the Moon also have this value in astrology?

     Vedic Astrology uses the star-based Sidereal Zodiac, which positions the planets signs and houses in their actual astronomical positions.  This is a primary feature in making this astrology uniquely predictive.  The familiar Western Astrology, by contrast, employs the Tropical Zodiac, which is based upon the seasons and 24 degrees advanced beyond the positions of the planets and signs.  That astrology offers a psychological profile, not one that divines the future.


     India's karma, reincarnation and the liberation of the soul is that ancient society's great contribution to understanding the conscious and the unconscious minds.  Vedic Astrology is integral to this timeless Universal Knowledge.  It is India's premier divination craft, revealing the lifelong and cyclical karmic patterns of your life -- as symbolized by your Vedic chart -- the celestial map at the time and place of your birth.  There is indeed order in the universe.



A Life Consultation unveils your lifelong and cyclical planetary karmas.  Understanding these empowers your free will to more fully harvest the fruits of past life achievements and to turn challenge into personal growth.  Astrocartography maps planetary lines influencing where you live and visit.  It also describes how you relate to others based upon where they reside.  Combining Vedic Astrology's time with Astrocartography's space illuminates your karmas are imulti-dimensionally.   The goal is to dance with the stars.

Observatories such as this one at ancient Jaipur, we used by ancient astrologers to calculate birth charts and measure planetary movements.

      Vedic information is not just about Dharma, wealth, career, relationship... 

     Everyone is struggling with the Millennium Contraction's transformational imperative that is reshaping society through 2015. 

     Doug integrates his extensive business and real estate expertise with Vedic techniques for strategies to transform the life -- developing a sustainable lifestyle to regain security in a turbulent world. 

     A valuable and unique resource is Doug's world forecasting web site, The Celestial Wheel.

    Begun in 2002, The Celestial  Wheel interprets global transits and charts of nations and leaders -- to identify and predict guiding trends nationally and globally.

    Doug's grasp of these shared karmic currents, in which our individual voyages are experienced, gives his Vedic consultations more depth and thereby enhances your personal empowerment.  World events and circumstances impact everyone at all times.  Ignorance is not bliss -- it's only ignorance.

That which we do not face in the unconscious will live as fate Carl Jung


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