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Astrocartography Consultation   


     Astrocartography applies geography to the principle that planets are strongest in the four powerful angle houses of the Vedic Astrological chart: 1,4,7 and 10.  Plotting lines on a map where the planets were angular at the time and place of your birth shows where they are powerful geographically.  Because these Birth Lines show where the planets are strong, but to not better, care must be used with their interpretation.  For example, because Jupiter expands, some people living on a Jupiter line will get fat.  These birth lines influence 700 miles on either side -- east and west -- in a diminishing manner.

     Astrocartography is particularly potent in the Vedic Astrology mode. Here is how they work together.  When your Vedic chart, with its attendant Dasas (planetary cycles) is interpreted, you learn what karmas the various planets indicate and when these planets are activated.  As your Vedic chart’s planetary cycles also turn on the Astrocartography planetary lines, these reveal where locations impact you. (This interrelationship is the reason why Astrocartography requires interpretation of the Vedic chart.)

     Thereby, when you live any location, you experience the planetary energies described by your Vedic chart and mapped out by your Astrocartography lines.  Your planetary karmas are thereby illuminated multidimensionality -- what, when and where.  For example, if your Vedic chart indicates Mercury for a writing career (what), and you are running Mercury’s planetary cycle (when), your career would be supported by living in areas empowered by Mercury Astrocartography lines (where).

      Visiting those areas would be similarly supportive.  There’s another fascinating application of Vedic Astrocartography. Planetary lines indicate how people residing in different locations affect you. We can thus add a fourth dimension -- who.  Continuing the above example, people living in areas influenced by Mercury lines would be good supervisors andcustomers.  So, if you are going through a career change Dasa, go to your career planet Astrocartography line to get hired and be successful.  Below is an application.


     Here’s an application of these techniques -- the above Astrocartography map for Doug Riemer in Venice, Florida.  Venus is within the 700 mile orb of influence.  Venus rules Doug’s Ascendant -- self. Strengthening the Ascendant is always good.  In his chart, Venus is also spiritual, females, relationship, creativity, seclusion and his job.  All these qualities are thereby supported.  A Mercury line in the Caribbean is not quite within the 700 range, but Doug is running Mercury Dasa.  So this line gives a small benefit to Mercury’s luck, fortune writing, publishing, traveling and youthfulness.  Visiting the eastern Caribbean is fruitful and fun.  As Venus and Mercury are favorable planets for this chart, Venice is a good to live at this time.

     Doug Riemer has the Astrocartography computer program, allowing him to zero in on any part of the world clients wish.  He prints or e-mails localized maps for client review.

     The Astrocartography maps use planetary glyphs - symbols. Below is a translation. Use this to understand your Astrocartography maps.




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