Vedic Astrology is about time.  It is thereby not just about knowing the life.  Vedic Astrology is about planning the life



Doug Riemer


Education & First Career

     Doug holds a 1970 BA degree in economics and political science from Bucknell University.  In 1975, he completed a two-year MPS (Masters in Professional Studies) program at Cornell University.  There, he focused condominium resorts and vacation rentals.  Doug then undertook a twenty year career on Longboat Key (Sarasota), Florida in resort development and administration.  Doug worked on all levels -- corporate, entrepreneurial and consulting -- and was active in the community.


Beginning His Vedic Astrology Career

     As his career karma changed , Doug was fortunately introduced to Vedic Astrology in 1996 on Longboat Key, Floirda by James Braha, pioneer Vedic Astrology author. 

     In 1997, Doug relocated to Sedona, Arizona for continued Vedic studies at the American Council of Vedic Astrology (ACVA).  A full-time professional astrologer since 1999,  Doug is certified by ACVA.

     Doug offers Traditional Navagraha Vedic Astrology in a easily accessible and straightforward manner.  There is no hidden agenda, nor any spiritual mumbo-jumbo...


     Doug simply interprets charts, considering additionally only the milieu in which you live.  He has the humanistic goal of illuminating the karmic path with practical and objective truths about fate and free will -- so you may dance with the stars.

   Doug enjoys interpreting individual charts, for he found he can really help clients gain personal understanding and plan for the future.  However, with his worldly educational and first career business experience, he gravitated toward understanding world trends and events through Vedic Astrology.


Predicting 9-11 & The Celestial Wheel

       In 2000, Doug began offering mundane Astrology predictions to his email list. His September, 2001 forecast stated, There may also be some religious fanaticism aggravating the situation - Mideast stuff?  I see 9/10 - 9/14 as being really bizarre."  When a client called on 9-11 telling him to turn on his TV, he was astounded!  When the Boston Phoenix newspaper later interviewed Doug and featured his prediction in Prophets of Doom, he was convinced and then launched The Celestial Wheel, The news before it happens.

   The full integration of Doug's skills came when his predictions for the economic collapse began to come true, what he termed the Millennium Contraction.  His consultations now includes advice on the necessary personal transformation each of us must make to fit our old square pegs into new round holes.

    In April, 2010, Doug's Vedic chart signaled a move.  He left the Arizona desert, returning Back East -- his Personal Transformation Through The Millennium Contraction -- the long term economic and social transformation that continues until 2015.  Doug's epic journey by motor scooter is chronicled on his The Celestial Wheel web site is offered free at, April, 2010 Page 1 April, 2010 Page 2 and May, 2010.

     Doug has found a new home in Venice, FL, where the environment is congenial for his personal consultations and world forecasting endeavors.

A Vedic

Solar Spinel &

Yellow Topaz for Jupiter

      ...the subtle and causal gravities of the Nine Grahas (planets) influence the way in which we experience the results of our karmas by seizing and controlling our subtle and causal bodies.  By analogy, although thought has minimal 'reality' in the physical universe, it is the cause of most physical actions that most humans perform.
Light On Life by Hart DeFouw


     Doug has an active and ongoing public presence in promoting Vedic Astrology's insights to the public.

     In 2001, Doug co-starred on The Celestial Map on Sedona's Arizona TV Channel.

     In 2003, Doug did weekly call-in show to FM station KZCS in Santa Cruz, CA, Seeing The World Through Vedic Eyes.

     Most recently, Doug was published in the Winter 2007-2008 Council of Vedic Astrology Journal.  His article, The First Baby-Boomers explains how and why people born just after World War II have unique and enduring power in American society.


Doug Riemer 
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