Doug Riemer's Background & Philosophy

Doug Riemer was introduced to Vedic Astrology in Sarasota, Florida by James Braha, pioneer Vedic Astrology author.  Doug relocated to Arizona in 1997 for continued Vedic studies at the American Council of Vedic Astrology (ACVA).  A full-time professional astrologer since 1999, Doug is certified by ACVA.


     Doug's own Vedic chart includes influences for the subtle symbolic logic and intuition needed for Vedic Astrology.  He holds a BA from Bucknell University, completed his Master's studies at Cornell University and has broad business experience on corporate, entrepreneur and consulting levels.

     Doug serves the general personal consultations market and also finds clients with business concerns often seek his predictive services.

     Doug has an active and ongoing public presence in promoting Vedic Astrology's insights to the public.  He taught beginner and intermediate astrology classes in Sedona during the millennium years. 

     In 2001, Doug co-stared on The Celestial Map, Astrology from Sedona, Arizona, on the Arizona TV Channel.  In 2003, Doug did weekly call-in show to FM station KZCS in Santa Cruz, CA, entitled Seeing The World Through Vedic Eyes.  Most recently, Doug was published in the Winter 2007-2008 Council of Vedic Astrology Journal.

Doug has also published world forecasts since 2002.  This unique free service is offered on its own website, TheCelestialWheel.com.



Doug practices traditional Vedic astrology as given by the sage Parashara, the most popular and generally considered most reliable of the many Astrology systems in India. 


     Doug's Vedic Life Consultations include suggested remedial measures, which, by supporting weak or afflicted life areas, empower free will.  That Vedic remedies target areas of deficiency is a powerful argument for free will, and against karma being unalterable.  Vedic gemstones prescriptions, planetary mantras tapes and Ayurvedic curatives of colors, herbs and spiritual practices are specifically provided.

     Most valuably, Doug's practice of Vedic Astrology rests upon the fundamental principle of hope, of finding in the chart a path for fulfillment, which the Indians believe defines happiness.  No matter how difficult the overall chart is, no matter how challenging a current or upcoming cycle is indicated to be, there is always a way to use the celestial energies in a productive way. 

     With Vedic Astrology, there is no need to suffer unduly in this incarnation and have to repeat difficult lessons in the next incarnation.  A famous quote applies here, Some pain is inevitable; suffering is optionalDoug Riemer makes his home in Sedona, Arizona, where he provides taped Vedic consultations in person for residents and visitors to Sedona's legendary red rocks.  For out-of-town clients, consultations are by phone, and these are also taped for clients' later review.      E-mail readings may be arranged for overseas clients at an additional fee.

     Doug periodically visits Sarasota, Florida to balance Sedona's spiritually charged desert lifestyle with the Gulf of Mexico's idyllic white sand beaches.  


     His Florida teacher on Longboat Key once said, We live on the most beautiful beach in the world without mountains.  In Sedona, Doug replied, In Sedona, Doug replied, Sedona has the most beautiful mountains in the world without a beach.




 Copyright 1999-2008 Doug Riemer


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