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Forecast August 2002 - July 2003
Published July 21, 2003


     Tomorrow, July 22, restrictive Saturn leaves Taurus, where is has been transiting since June of 2000 and wrecking all kinds of havoc, especially during itís last 5 months in this earth sign.

     Mars, the planet of war and sex has added its violence and degradation to Saturnís realism and denials since July 5, when Mars entered itís fallen constellation of Cancer.  Mars exits Cancer August 19, heralding the ending of dissonant planetary energies plaguing the world and many individuals since last September and particularly from March onward 
of this year.

     However, by the end of July, Marsí influence will be considerably lessened, and we can look forward to beginning the task of rebuilding: lives, families, institutions, businesses and progress toward peace.

     Here is the basic situation of the slow moving planets with Saturn transiting into GeminiRahu (an eclipse point and head of a dragon in Hindu mythology) is alone now in Taurus, supporting wealth and learning, although Rahu in this 2nd constellation of the nat- ural zodiac will also stimulate tough, even harsh rhetoric.  Ketu (the other eclipse point 
and dissolving tail of the dragon) continues in Scorpio, routing out secrets and stimulating scandal.  Saturn, alone in Gemini in the 3rd house, promotes leadership and also deeply focused expression, particularly in literary endeavors and material conservatism. The weakness here is deception. Jupiterís wealth and wisdom thrive in the 4th house of Cancer, where it is exalted, bringing economic expansion and renewed faith and ethics. (Comment: Saturn in Gemini restricts gold and Jupiter in Cancer supports silver, suggesting the latter metal to be a safe haven.)

     So, the 4 slow moving planets having significant effects, are now generally well placed for the next year.  What really catches the attention is that Rahu, Saturn and Jupiter are 
in the communications houses - 2nd of speech, 3rd of writing and the 4th of education. This suggests not just continued telecommunications and computer advances but also tremendous progress in understanding each other and resolving problems. Given the brutalities, inde- cencies and dishonesties of the recent past, clear thinking and expression will be needed to grasp the issues and take corrective action.

     There is one period this winter, however, that will threaten and perhaps even overwhelm hard-won gains in wealth, peace and stability.  Beginning January 7, 2003, Saturn will retrograde back into Taurus, rejoining Rahu to precipitate more victimizing. On the exact same day, Mars will enter Scorpio, joining Ketu, which was the combination bringing violence on 9-11.  An example chart for January 27 is below, showing Saturn again with Rahu and Mars again with Ketu at the most difficult time.  (Note, the Moon, symbolizing the benefits in life, is sandwiched between Mars and Ketu that day at 10:14 Am, EST in Scorpio, its fallen constellation.)  While the entire Mars transit through Scorpio until February 23 is threatening, January 27 can bring a violent calamity or even the beginning of the invasion 
of Iraq.

     The remainder of the year, through July 2003, will again support the rebuilding process.  April and May will be particularly fine months, for several planets will be in 
their exhalation constellations then.  Likely violence in January and February thereby can be quickly quelled in the spring.

     The other point of concern is President Bush, who will experience Saturn in his 12th house of loss beginning tomorrow for the next two years.  Bush will be particularly vulnerable until mid November, and he will be powerless to change his fate.  This is not the prediction of death Western Astrologers offer but rather  suggesting downfall, or at least irreparable damage to his reputation.  Bush is the wild card here, injuring the recovery and stability through the fall but also possibly negating a war with Iraq in January February.

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