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 The Iraq War
Published March 17, 2003


     In the March 1 Forecast, Saturn/Rahu The Soldiers Of Karma, the Iraq invasion was stated as "...likely to begin in mid March, as early as the 13th."

     President Bush's televised address this evening is understood to announce an immediate invasion, unless Hussein leaves the country.  Astrologically, Bush's planetary cycles are motivationally driven, and intellectually unstable.  Further, the transit Moon is bright in his 2nd house of speech, directly opposite transit Mercury, tremendously illuminating his voice.  Tonight's speech, therefore, will articulate his determination to invade Iraq with the underlying tension of a leader chomping at the bit to let loose his troops.

     Tomorrow (Tuesday) the Moon will be full in Bush's 3rd house of desires, fueling his religious fundamentalism and thirst for power, and since this is Mars' day of the week, Bush may begin the air war late in the day.  That would be 24 hours after tonight's speech in which Bush may offer Hussein one day to leave the country.  Aircraft and missiles would be launched Tuesday night in Iraq, and the war would be publicized Wednesday morning.

     The media has predicted Hussein will not flee Iraq, and this astrologer agrees.  Hussein too feels powerful and righteous in this, his final battle against the son of the man who defeated Iraq 11 years ago.  More importantly, although Hussein is running his weak 10 year Moon cycle, his incredibly vicious 6 year Mars cycle begins April 4, and that energy is already coming in.  There's a suggestion here that Hussein will allow the U S and British forces to pound him for a time and then launch a demonic counterattack in early April as his Mars cycle actually cuts in with awesome vengeance.

     As previously predicted in several Forecasts, warfare in April will be so bloody that the American public will be repelled by the consequences of Bush's aggression, and this will commence Bush's disgrace and later downfall.  Also, Hussein will likely be killed in April.  With the removal of these two villains, the world can begin the process of rebuilding in a more humanistic and multicultural way.

     How far the war will spread due to Hussein's demonic actions and what acts of terrorism here and abroad may occur is unanticipated at this time.  However, these must be key to Hussein's survival strategy of visiting horrific violence wherever he can -  on and beyond the battlefields.

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