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The Iraq War Unfolds
Published March 25, 2003


The Iraq War Unfolds
     The Iraq War Forecast stated "...that Hussein would allow the U S and British forces to pound him for a time and then launch a demonic counterattack in early April..."  This violence will disgrace Bush, and Hussein will be killed in April.

     As the war unfolds, this prediction appears to be proving out, although the truth may be veiled, as discussed in the below The Iraq War Forecast - comment.  The continued and even escalating protests at home and abroad build a foundation for revolt against Bush's new American imperialism, and these efforts are precious to democracy, self-determination, international relations, peace and prosperity.  

     No further predictions concerning the war's progression, consequences and ending are made at this time, for as one subscriber rather graciously stated, "There seem to be so many complicated factors involved in these forecasts.  I suppose you focus on the main players, and the unanticipated events or way things happen are a result of all those other players - impossible to factor in."  This leads to two closing observations in this Forecast, following.

     First it's important to clarify an astrological dichotomy that likely confuses.  Earlier Forecasts have stressed the difficult planetary transits this winter bringing war and the severity of the Iraq invasion, should warfare extend into April.  However, highly favorable planetary transits beginning in early April also suggest peace and prosperity.  In fact, the planets continue to improve throughout April and into early May, when four planets will be in their exaltation (best) signs - Jupiter, Sun, Mars and Venus.   

     The planetary dissonance this winter and the planets' positive harmony this spring impact the world in general and peoples' charts individually.  The latter is not a uniform influence, for each person's chart is affected well or badly by transits and planetary cycles within the broader context of worldwide transit influences.  

     The issue here is that the charts for Bush and Hussein are adversely affected by the April transit positions and by the accompanying planetary cycles (Dasas) each will be "running" then.  Therefore, while the world in general brightens with life and hope, Bush's and Hussein's charts darken with personal disgrace and destruction, and these two villains alone have the power to determine whether the friendly planets shine through clear skies or are blocked by the clouds of war.

     It is difficult to assess how these conflicting karmic influences will mix.  A hopeful view is that a quick war brings little damage, allowing the spring to issue in peace and prosperity - like a farmer's young crops surviving a mild calm winter to grow tall in the spring.  A more sobering alternative is a historic April blizzard knocking down the crops, thereby denying their growth during a benign spring season - the analogy to the Face-Off 2003 Bush/Hussein war destructively extending into April.  

     The second confusing planetary factor is that Mercury (communications) in its fallen sign of Pisces from March 18 to April 1, where it is also combust (burnt by) the Sun, making objective reality absolutely elusive.  Bush twists the truth and has trouble articulating.  Our military shifts from elation to consternation, and miscommunications trigger numerous accidents.  Four days ago Hussein was dead, yesterday he was alive and well and today he is wounded.  Media commentaries and newspaper editorial positions change almost daily responding to reports that are incomplete and inaccurate. 

     It is best, then, to pay close attention to world events but not to allow the media to sway your emotions, nor your views.  The inescapable karmic battle between Bush and Hussein must occur, and dispassionate observation is the only practical path.

The Iraq War Forecast - comment
     The Monday, March 17 The Iraq War Forecast predicted the Iraq invasion may begin Tuesday night Washington DC time, Wednesday morning Iraq time.  The Iraq War Forecast was published an hour before Bush's 8:00 PM EST televised speech.  The Forecast used the incorrect information that in this speech, Bush would give Hussein 24 hours to leave Iraq.  Current planetary influences were, of course, also applied.

     As mentioned in earlier Forecasts, one never perceives exactly how the karmas will play out, but that they will not be denied.  Bush announced instead a 48 hour notice for Hussein to flee Iraq to avoid invasion, and initially this Wednesday 8:00 pm deadline appeared to have been honored.  Yet, a few reports suggested early U S Special Forces landings in western Iraq.  On Sunday, March 23, the Washington Post broke the story of the invasion's early start, as shown below.

Attack Was 48 Hours Old When It 'Began'

By Bob Woodward
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 23, 2003; Page A01

When President Bush huddled with his senior national security team Wednesday afternoon to consider fresh CIA intelligence that President Saddam Hussein and other key members of the Iraqi leadership were spending the night at a complex in southern Baghdad, the Bush team was aware of another, perhaps even bigger secret.

Under the official war plan, designated "OPLAN 1003 V" and approved by the president, the war with Iraq had already begun.

A little more than two hours earlier, at 1 p.m., Washington time, 31 Special Operations teams -- about 300 men -- began pouring under cover of darkness into western and southern Iraq. Joining smaller contingents of U.S. Special Forces and CIA paramilitaries already in Iraq, the special operators fanned out to sever communications, take down observation posts and position themselves to prevent what the Bush administration most feared -- moves by the Iraqi high command to use chemical or biological weapons, attack Israel with Scud missiles or destroy the country's oil fields.

     Because the celestial influences from the planets and constellations are so determinative, even as events do not always appear to match up, this astrologer does not change predictions and awaits the entire truth. This instance of the invasion prediction was on the mark, within hours.

     This prediction verification also reinforces that the Bush administration misleads and lies, veiling the truth.  The Face-Off Bush/Hussein Forecast (composed 1/2/03), " discussed ...the disconnect between the reality we feel and the reality we're told," and that truth is reinforced with harsh reality each day.  Consider the U S government decided the Osama Bin Laden audio tape proved he lived (because they wanted him to be alive) but then doubted the authenticity of recent Hussein video tapes (because they want him dead).  Which is the more definitive proof - audio or video?

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