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The April Full Moon

Published April 13, 2003

     Vedic Astrology has many tools to analyze the karmic influences from the ever-changing celestial map of planets and constellations.  The Moon is the primary planet in this Astrology from India, symbolizing life and perception.  The progress of the Iraqi war can be most readily seen from the Moon cycle and is the focus of this Forecast.

     The Moon also represents the benefits in life, receptivity and the emotional quality and is a thereby a changeable worldly influence, expanding and contracting with the lunar waxing and waning cycle.  The full Moon is a sensitive time, ripe for the result of karma brought by the other 8 planets.  

     Most full Moons indicate little or no measurable effect, but in a few cases, when the lunar cycle coincides with potent event-causing planetary dispositions, the full Moon becomes a turning point.  We saw this during the March full Moon on Tuesday, the 18th, when President Bush jumped ahead of his Monday evening 48 hour notice to Saddam Hussein to began warfare a day early using Special Forces.  

     A Moon waxing toward full is auspicious for initiating activities, and the war "succeeded" remarkably well, at first.  However, as actual warfare began Wednesday at 1 pm (after the full Moon on Tuesday at 4 am) the Moon had then begun to wane, tainting its constructive effect.  Then, as the Moon became very dim at month's end, the energy ran out, and the war bogged down with bad weather and Iraqi resistance.  The new Moon on April 2 began the waxing cycle of growth, enabling the troops to push ahead to Baghdad.  Today finds the war essentially over - all major Iraqi cities have been conquered.

     This brings us to the April full Moon on Wednesday, the 16th, a full lunar cycle since the invasion's beginning.  As stated above, "The full Moon is a sensitive time, ripe for the result of karma brought by the other 8 planets."  A close look at those planets is revealing.  

     Below is the April full Moon chart for Washington DC, the seat of government and thereby an indicator of the country's prospects during the next lunar cycle.  Note-worthy in this chart is that Saturn and Mars have just transited from one sign to another, making them weak and dangerous.  (Notice their very low degrees.)  These malefic planets symbolize enemies and warfare with foreigners.  Venus (peace and the public in this chart) also has just transited and is thereby weak.  Venus is also in the terrible 8th house, signifying turmoil and disaster. 

     It turns out that Saturn aspects (glances upon) Venus, further harming international relations, and Mars aspects the Sun (government) stimulating anger and violence.  Further, both Saturn and Mars aspect the Ascendant (self) bringing aggressive criminal activity.

Washington DC
Full Moon Chart
April 16, 2003 
3:30 PM

     The suggestion here is for serious problems to result from the April full Moon cycle.  Previous Forecasts have predicted demonic bloody actions by Hussein that  disgrace Bush beginning mid month.  It is precisely on the April 16 full Moon that Bush enters a 2 1/2 month Sun Dasa (planetary cycle) stimulating loss of prestige and support during this lunar month.  Also predicted is Hussein's death this month.

     The demonic actions by the Hussein regime have yet to be seen, but too, Bush has not yet entered his destructive Sun cycle.  It is possible Hussein is already dead or has lost his power, but underestimating this psychopath has been his enemies' undoing for decades.  Yet, one never knows exactly how karma actualizes.  The war may bleed over into other countries, chaos in Iraq may discredit the U S, terrorist acts may overwhelm Bush's public support, international resistance may isolate America.....  One way or the other Hussein will leave a legacy that brings down his great enemy, George W. Bush.

     This upcoming lunar month, then, will tell the tail of the Iraq war.  Yet, 4 planets - Jupiter, Venus, Sun and Mars - will be in the exaltation (best) signs from April 16 to May 10.  In addition, from May 2 through May 4, the Moon will join these exaltations, bringing the total to 5.   These auspicious placements will advance an opportunity to begin rebuilding in peace and prosperity.


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