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All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

Published April 24, 2003


      The April Full Moon Forecast predicted major tribulations during the lunar cycle from the April 16 full Moon to the May 15 full Moon - the second lunar cycle of the Iraq war.  (the first lunar cycle was March 18 to April 6.)  At the April 16 full Moon, Mars (war) closely aspected the Sun (government) and Saturn (restriction) aspected Venus (peace).  (Aspects are glances of planetary energies.)  Together, the two combinations promoted anger, violence and criminal activity.

     These world-embracing planetary influences, born on the April full Moon, will tend to actualize during the lunar cycle ending May 15, which is also a total eclipse of the Moon in secretive/revealing Scorpio.  As eclipse effects commence up to two weeks before the actual eclipse date, the first two weeks of May will be conclusive.

     On an individual level, George Bush is vulnerable because on April 16, he began a 2 1/2 month planetary cycle of the Sun - signifying loss of power, prestige and support.  Also, Bush's chart is Cancer rising, making him a lunar person, and thereby more susceptible to lunar cycles.  A final factor harming Bush is that Saddam Hussein somehow disgraces him through violence anytime after April 4, when Hussein entered his destructive and death inflicting Mars cycle.

     Also discussed in the The April Full Moon Forecast is that four planets - Jupiter, Venus, Sun and Mars - are in their exaltation (best) signs from April 16 to May 10, a positive indication for rebuilding peace and prosperity in the world.  Yet, these placements also bring a clear challenge - the above mentioned aspects by Mars and Saturn continue to stir up discord, and this influence builds over time, stimulating more disputes and violent events.  Missing from Forecast discussion has been exalted Jupiter, which as the planet of wisdom, fortune and religion, can bring ethics and the "high road" forward in international relations.  Yet, Jupiter too is aspected by Mars, which can turn its principled piety into misplaced missionary zeal - by both Muslims and equally religious fundamentalist George W. Bush.

     At this writing, these planetary forces are all in motion, but certainly not fully actualized. The May 15 eclipsed full Moon will signify the fully reaped karmas of America's actions.  We see the Iraq war over, but we experience overwhelming uncertainty about Bush's preemptive strike policy, linked to his unrealistic belief American must democratize the world.  No one knows what will happen in Iraq, except that government there will not be a durable modern democracy.  

     An interesting byproduct of the 4 planets in exaltation is their energies are at their best and highest levels.  Their capabilities to influence are thereby magnified, "amping up" the energy, to excite people into constructive action.  Yet, the world hanging in precarious balance since warfare ended April 16, finds progress restrained.

     Good news about relative piece in Iraq balances against reports of building Islamic fundamentalism, which is exactly what Bush doesn't want.  Immediately after the warfare ended April 16, Syria believed it was next on the U S invasion list for harboring Iraqis and having weapons of mass destruction, but that faded away with lack of proof by Bush.  Questions of the U N taking over the rebuilding of Iraq are unresolved, as is building anti-Americanism from most Arab countries, France, Germany and Russia.  That no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq is a diplomatic time-bomb for the credibility of the U S. preemptive strike policy.  That Hussein's fate is unknown, as is Osama Bin Laden's, only adds to misgiving and suspicion.  North Korea quickly asks for reconciliation and then reverses itself this week.  Colin Powell, the "peaceful general," long the advocate of State Department diplomacy, is reported to be in a final power struggle with Defense Department hawks.  A chilling quote appears, attributed to a Bush Administration hawk, "Anyone can go to Baghdad.  Real men go to Tehran."  On top of all of this a central theme from the January 2 Forecast, Face-off 2003 Bush/Hussein, "The disconnect between the reality we feel and the reality we're told."

     There are certainly many more instances of intensified activity without resolution, or even minor progress, and this journey to the unknown continues until the May 15 full Moon.  The title of this Forecast, All Dressed Up And No place To Go, is an apt analogy for the raised energies and expectations without current result.  Nobody knows what to do at this time, for the consequences of the Iraq invasion are unknown, even as this appears to be Bush's karmic misadventure, bringing him disgrace.  The economy, as the very fabric of American power, and keystone to the world economy, is similarly in doubt.  Yet, everyone is motivated to accomplish something.  Very mundane evidence of this frustrated energy is aggressive driving - cars going fast, changing lanes suddenly, tailgating... - no real destination but great fervor to get somewhere, right away.  Also noted is people clearing out junk and tidying up their homes, reorganizing anything to  productively use up the planets' exalted energies.

     It is important to realize the raised energies we each feel are shared by government leaders, quickening their actions and replacing calm judgment with impulse.  This can only magnify the turbulence of world events and media reporting.

     This full Moon cycle from April 16 to May 15 is a time for patience, discrimination and detachment.  It is a time of waiting, of holding back against ongoing and increasing uncertainty, confusion and doubt.  This becomes triply important beginning April 26 when Mercury (communications) goes retrograde motion until May 20, clouding what little clarity there is with misinformation and misunderstandings -  "The disconnect between the reality we feel and the reality we're told."

Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer

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