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The May 15 Lunar Eclipse

Published May 12, 2003


     The previous The April Full Moon and All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go Forecasts described the Iraq war and its dire consequences to President Bush as being driven by the 2 spring lunar cycles.  These began with the March 18 full Moon (war commencement) and will end with the Thursday evening May 15 full Moon lunar eclipse. 

     The latter Forecast stated, "As eclipse effects commence up to two weeks before the actual eclipse date, the first 2 weeks of May will be conclusive."  Thursday's is also a total eclipse in the Moon's fallen (weakest) sign) of secretive/revealing Scorpio, which must emphasize the eclipsing effects of both blocking and revealing.  Eclipses simultaneously block the light of the Moon and Sun and are revealing in the stars becoming visible.  (Note: this revealing aspect of eclipses is definitive during a solar eclipse when darkened skies unveil all the stars, but it still observable during a lunar eclipse, when stars close to the Moon can be seen.)   

     During the past 10 days, we've seen blockages in: rebuilding Iraq, the Israeli Palestinian impasse and a pitched battle against Bush's massive tax cuts.  These issue areas have also been the subject of revealing information.  Media reports tell us: Iraq's rebuilding is stalled, the Jews and Palestinians greeted Bush's "Road Map" with a standoff and tax cuts are the wrong route for stimulating the economy.  The most provocative revelation, however, was last week's publication of 50 year old records from Senator McCarthy's private interviews in his witch-hunt against communists.  It is unavoidable for Americans to feel a connection between McCarthyism's abuse of governmental power and the current administration's selfish aggression.  Again, there's "The disconnect between the reality we feel and the reality we're told."

     While eclipse effects build 2 weeks in advance of the astronomical event, they continue for at least a week after the eclipse - astrological fallout.  The consequences of Thursday's eclipse will thereby be fully realized through the weekend and early next week.  It is vital to note that Mercury's retrograde, from April 26 to May 20, brings confusion that must amplify eclipse results.  Further, the partial eclipse of the Sun at 8 degrees Taurus on May 31 will bring more karmic consequences.

     These Forecasts have repeatedly warned of an Iraq War instigating Bush's disgrace since October 2002, but most spiritual people are disheartened with failed efforts to prevent war and Bush's continued apparent success and popularity.  Bush's downfall is a process.  Like plants sprouting in the spring needing time to grow, these seeds of presidential destruction were planted just 2 months ago.

     Bush's karmic currents have been against him since his 2 1/2 month cycle of the Sun began April 16, and the seeds of public discontent inevitably grow.  Bush's May 1 jet landing on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln was an impressive media event, but it was also a risky and irresponsible stunt putting our leader's life in inordinate danger.  Consider that the jet's tail hook had to catch one of 4 wires spaced just 50 feet apart, and his jet caught the last, the 4th.  A 6th second pilot hesitation here at 150 miles per hour would have forced to planet to take off again or ditch into the ocean.  Bush clearly sows death and destruction in the world and even evidences his reckless behavior in disregarding his personal safety - all as his Vedic chart shows.  In this regard, Bush will not only reap a harsh harvest in the coming months, but his life will be at risk as well.  Late October 2003 portends high risk for Bush, to be discussed in future Forecasts.  (Note: Propriety has prevented this harm from being previously discussed, but as risk grow closer, it is properly disclosed.)

    On a personal level, people with one or more planets anywhere in the constellation of Scorpio may very well be experiencing trials and tribulations during this lunar eclipse season.  However, if you have a planet close to the 1 degree Scorpio eclipse point, you are unavoidably susceptible to the eclipse.  Also, you can tell if your Sun (self, ego and soul) is eclipsed if your birthday is between November 14 and 20, for our calendar follows the Sun.  Regardless, eclipses are not activity periods but rather intervals for contemplation away from the world - to grasp what is being revealed and avoid unpleasant experiences in the world. 

     The map below, courtesy of NASA, displays areas from which the lunar eclipse may be viewed on Thursday evening between 10 pm and 12:20 am, EDT.  The Moon will be totally eclipsed between 11:52 pm and 12:06 am.  As shown, the eclipse may be fully seen in the eastern U S and partially seen in the west.


End Note.  Because of the significance of this eclipse, this Forecast is distributed free to the public.


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