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May 30 Annular Solar Eclipse
Published May 25, 2003


Lunar Eclipse Review
     The challenging May 15 full Moon eclipse in Scorpio brought turmoil as predicted, from the beginning of the month until a week following the eclipse, or May 22.  

     The May 12 quadruple terrorism in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,  5 sets of suicide bombers in Israel May 16 and 17 and the quadruple Casablanca terrorism May 17 are highlights of the intense emotional reactions this eclipse brought.  The first blocked the Israeli/Palestine "road map" to peace and the latter two revealed growing polarization  between Arab governments and Islam.  Additionally, Iraq was increasingly revealed to  be in economic chaos and political fragmentation.  These events signal Arab instability instigated by the Iraq war and thereby failure of Bush's aggressive policies.

     In the U S, the Senate passed a completely muddled tax cut bill during the eclipse event, and while some herald this as a Republican victory, it's less than half Bush's demands and is a poison pill that can only harm the economy.  Thus on a domestic level too, Bush suffers loss, and his high approval rating is just as vulnerable and ephemeral as his fathers' a decade ago.

     There were other eclipse events of more personal importance.  Forecast subscribers suffered accidents, family illness, romantic drama and friendship breaks.

      Even the world of NBA Basketball was eclipsed.  Just 15 minutes into the eclipse, the world champion Los Angeles Lakers deflated, falling behind the San Antonio Spurs 20 points in less than 5 minutes to lose the playoff series.  Watching that ballgame with an eye on the clock for the eclipse, was a truly amazing experience.

     These events point toward the value of paying attention to these astrological events to both minimize effects and also recognize their consequences as advancing personal growth, albeit sometimes painfully.

The May 31 Annular Solar Eclipse
Next Saturday's Solar Eclipse at 15 degrees Taurus is annular, meaning the Moon is too far from the earth for its shadow to cover the Sun's sphere completely.  The eclipse will begin at 8:45 pm Eastern Daylight Time and end at 1:30 am.  It will not crank up tensions as the Lunar Eclipse did, for the Sun's position is not difficult, as the Moon's definitely was.  Still confidence issues and material greed may combine to stimulate fear-based reactions.

     The map below shows the eclipse path, which crosses the Mideast and East, suggesting eclipse inspired blocks and unveilings in that region.  Iran's eastern border with Afghanistan is sensitive.  

     As with all eclipses, this one of the Sun is time of quiet and contemplation.  Anyone with planets close to the 15 degree Taurus eclipse point should use care to avoid accidents and conflict.  The eclipse effect will dissipate in a week, about June 7.

Upcoming Forecast: Summer 2003 Major Transits
     Already drafted is a Forecast discussing economic and diplomatic challenges for the second half of 2003 and thereby the future of the Bush administration.  Although a summary analysis of Bush's karmic influences is included there, a detailed analysis will follow.  Look for these Forecasts in the next week or so.

     There is inevitable continued concern about conflicts and economic recession in the world, as led by the U S - for better or for worse.  That these Forecasts have focused upon Bush's fated presidency as a necessary cleansing of intolerance and excessive U S pride, is unavoidable.  That is the unfolding of the planetary influences.  It would be wonderful to predict a return in 2003 to economic prosperity and policy dedicated to peaceful multi-culturalism.  However, this growth of consciousness, of equanimity, it appears, must be preceded by loss stimulating U S democracy to correct itself.

     This astrologer has no association with any spiritual group, to avoid polluting these Forecasts with a religious agenda.  Yet, Eknath Easwaran, who has published many authentic translations of Hindu texts and heads the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation, offers reassuring words in his current newsletter, excepted here:  

 ...we can map the effects an angry person has as he goes through the day.  We know mental fields, too, by the effects we can experience.  You must have seen how easily one person's depression is picked up by the others.  We bring it home and pass it around until everyone on the family falls asleep in it.  Whenever we are discourteous, unkind, inconsiderate, selfish, there is a forced released, even if we do not express it in words or action.   ...Similarly, when you are kind to somebody, a little force of kindness is released in the field of consciousness.  When you go on being kind, the force becomes stronger.  .... Just as wind gathers the scent of flowers, the mind takes on the scent of the moods around us.  ...Any decision or action taken under the influence of fear, anger or greed, the Gita says, has to be disastrous.  That is why most international policies are not successful: because they are taken under the influence of fear and anger.... Fortunately, the mystics say unanimously, negative states of mind are transient.  However strong they appear, they come and go.  What is positive in consciousness is permanent, unchanging.  At the center of consciousness in every human being  is a core of goodness that is part of our very nature.  ...The mind is not just a receiver.  It is also a repeater, broadcasting what it receives.  Most of us have only a few watts:  someone like Gandhi can broadcast his message around the world.  But, each of us is on the air.  We broadcast what we are, and others pick it up.  When Gandhi said "my life is my message," he was speaking for us all


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