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Summer 2003 Major Transits
Published May 28, 2003


     This Forecast examines the major transits which again occur during the summer months.  The specific goal is to determine the overall pattern of planetary influences for second half of 2003.  This is a broad brush depiction.  Future Forecasts will add more specific and detailed predictions.  As always, some technical detail is included to explain and instruct how planetary symbolism operates - to offer sensible information to Vedic Astrology enthusiasts and layman alike.

July 2002 To Date
     The planets have been generally well located since late July 2002, when restrictive Saturn moved into Gemini, indicating hard work for measured achievement.  At that time, expansive Jupiter had already transited into its exalted sign of Cancer for a year's duration, and the Moon's Nodes (the eclipse points of the Sun and Moon, known as Rahu and Ketu) were well placed in their exaltation signs of Taurus and Scorpio.  (Note: In Vedic Astrology, these slow-moving planets are determinative, for the long periods of time they reside within signs give potent and durable effects.)

     This was discussed in the Forecast July 02-Aug 03 (published July 23, 2002).  Chart #1, below, shows these sign and house positions for Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu/Ketu.  That annual Forecast also alerted to a period during the winter 2003, "....that will threaten and perhaps even overwhelm hard-won gains in wealth, peace and stability."  The concern was that Saturn would retrograde (appear to moved backward) into Taurus January 7, 2003 until April 8, and being conjunct Rahu (worldly cravings), would precipitate war.  

     It was anticipated violence would come at the end of January, when warrior Mars transited across mystical Ketu (the same combination that brought 9-11), for Mars also was opposite the Saturn/Rahu conjunction.  The predicted Iraq invasion did not begin then, but the Space Shuttle explosion expressed this fiery karma on February 1.  President Bush's ongoing problems with foreigners delayed the Iraq war until mid April, when he was able to assemble a token coalition in the face of U N and NATO resistance.

     Excepting the drawn-out international controversy over Iraq, and the inevitable spring invasion of that country, the world has generally been temperate.  (Bush's aggression demonstrates how influential a single individual can be.)  Consider that other parts of the world have been fairly stable, that even terrorism calmed from the previous 12 months.  Sometimes, especially in the midst of controversy, we forget to see the global view. 

     As occurred last summer, slow-moving planets transit again during the summer season, and these transits are the topic of this Forecast.  (Note: Bush's fated downfall, predicted since last July's annual Forecast, is a separate yet linked subject, will be commented upon at the end of this Forecast.)

The Upcoming Transits
     The 3 charts below are drawn using the "natural zodiac," which fixes the 1st house (self) in the constellation Aries, to best reflect global nature of planetary energies.

      Chart #1, below, shows Mars' transit into Aquarius on June 3.  The planet of war is included here because its retrograde from July 29 to September 20 keeps Mars in Aquarius for 6 months.  This is triple Mars' normal 2 months passage through a constellation (sign).  (Note: some Western Astrologers see the Mars retrograde as serious, not for its duration, but for its proximity to the earth in August, closest in 73,000 years.  Vedic Astrology does not reference this proximity effect.)  Mars in this Saturn ruled constellation is difficult because Mars' impatient forceful energy is contrary to Saturn's lethargic restrictions.  

     This accelerator/brake quality of Mars influenced by Saturn is destructive, signifying: excessive competitiveness, jealousy, depression, mental agitation, physical tension and misuse of authority.


Chart #1



Mars transit into Aquarius

June 3 to December 5 2003





     Chart #2 illustrates Jupiter's transit into Leo, just 2 months later on July 30.  Jupiter's previous position in Cancer (the home and silver) has been excellent for real estate, as realistic Saturn's earlier pressure on inflated securities markets drove money into tangible assets.  It was also believed that silver would also be a good investment from July 2002 through July 2003, but this has yet to be seen.  Since July 2002, silver prices have bounced around but are essentially unchanged.  Gold has moved upward 12% from $330 to $370 per ounce, but the major investment gains have been in real property.  Yet, with Jupiter continuing in Cancer for over 2 more months, the final tally is not in. 

     Jupiter into Sun-ruled Leo is a good position, for the planet of wealth, wisdom and abundance is "friends" with the Sun.  This combination is compassionate and considerate, good for wealth, gold and balancing viewpoints.  Jupiter's wisdom with the Sun's kingship is a fine diplomat.  However, Jupiter in Leo is beset a malefic aspect (glance) from Saturn in Gemini for the entire year, as Saturn stays in Gemini until September 2004.  

Chart #2



Jupiter transit into Leo

July 30, 2003 to August 28, 2004



     A second aspect to Jupiter from malefic Mars is the telling part of the one-two combination that effectively destroys Jupiter's protective and expansionary qualities until early December.  Mars' harm to Jupiter is primary reason for the above emphasis on Mars' long 6 month transit through Aquarius.  

     Wealth, philosophy, religion and luck are all compromised by the Saturn and Mars aspects.  Unattainable greed, poverty, tenacious and angry frustration, lack of ethics and misplaced missionary zeal characterize Jupiter's position under these influences.  This harms the economic outlook and securities markets.

     Chart #3 depicts Rahu's and Ketu's transits.  The Moon's Nodes transit signs every 18 months in concert, for Rahu (the head of the snake) is never completed severed from Ketu, its tail.

     Rahu's worldly cravings and desires in Aries, a Mars ruled constellation, brings intense desire expressing itself in bitter antagonism, meanness, spite and violent abuse.  Rahu/Mars outward courage and inner fear reveals the quality of this hostile relationship, which can manifest in religion fanaticism.  Religious Jupiter's aspect to Aries emphasizes this impression of pious rage.

     Ketu in Venus's sign of Libra, symbolizing balance and partnerships, dissolves these qualities.  International relationships and alliances are broken by denying satisfaction and stimulating feelings of deception and betrayal.  Yet, there is also a hypnotic quality to Ketu/Venus, suggesting the public is vulnerable to charismatic leaders firing the flames of public dissatisfaction.

Chart #3



Rahu and Ketu transit into Aries and Libra

August 27, 2003 to February 21, 2005


     Integrating these factors, Mars June 3 entry into Aquarius "kicks off" building influences: 1) denying wealth and contentment, 2) stimulating anger and resentment about wealth and religion 3) resulting turmoil and violence.  These effects are amplified in Jupiter's July 30 move into Leo and made both undeniable and urgent in the Nodes transits August 27.  

     The suggestion here is for economic and political/religious disruptions.  The Arab world, in increasing turmoil from Bush's Iraq invasion misadventure plus the additional karma accumulation of his related policies, is a natural location.  Yet, other geographical areas could see major problems.  It is vital to recognize the period under consideration is a long one, over 6 months, and the broad brush of this analysis does not incorporate the other 6 planets to isolate events and their timing.  Yet, there is one solid clue in these transiting planets: Rahu and Ketu always give a "bite" at the beginnings and endings of their cycles, which suggests the latter part of August and early September will be ripe for reaping some of these challenging karmic challenges.

     These descriptions are admittedly hard-hitting for Vedic Astrology's clarity and potency arise from its event-oriented quality.  Further, they describe a deteriorating world environment, which may be unfortunately necessary for a time to cleanse societies of hatred and intolerance.

Comments On Bush's Chart
     A revealing way to look at a chart is in the circular transit mode, chart #4, below.  The inner wheel is the birthchart and outer one is transits, planets in current celestial positions.  September 21 was chosen only to illustrate the planetary positions resulting from the major summer transits.

     As shown, Mars in Aquarius is Bush's 8th house of catastrophe, from which Mars aspects both transit Jupiter and birthchart Mars.  Renewed foreign antagonisms with religious overtones is suggested, as well as the possibility of another enemy arising.

     Jupiter is gone from Bush's 1st house, where it protected him, and this double Mars influence upon his planet of luck jeopardizes his personal safety.  That Saturn rules the 8th house of destruction, is transiting the 12th of loss and aspects transit Jupiter amplifies these effects.  Also notice that transit Saturn approaches birthchart Sun (power, status, popularity and the body), curtailing his popularity and ability to influence and thereby threatening Bush personally and politically.  

Chart #4



President Bush 

September 21, 2003

     Transit Ketu is shown in Libra in Bush's 4th house, positive for his charisma but negative for popularity, especially at home.  Transit Rahu is in Aries in Bush's 10th house, signifying a career/confidence boost that conversely could bring disaster - overreaching or overreacting.

     There are other potent factors in Bush's transits and in his planetary cycles that will be carefully examined in the next Forecast.  At this time, a preliminary conclusion is that his misadventure in Iraq and failing domestic economic policies will create havoc overseas and public rejection at home.  While it is always impossible to predict exactly how and when these karmas will be realized, October 25 and 26 are pivot dates for Bush's fame yielding to infamy. 

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