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Comments On The May 30 Solar Eclipse
Published June 6, 2003


     As the blocking and revealing eclipse effects last about a week following the actual eclipse date, the May 30 Solar Eclipse is completed.  

     Events have verified the Solar Eclipse Forecast prediction that the event would "not crank up tensions as the Lunar Eclipse did."  Yet, President Bush, despite his success claims for his just completed Europe/Mideast trip, returns home with empty pockets and troubles brewing abroad and at home. 

     We can see this in his Vedic chart.  As stated in The May 15 Lunar Eclipse Forecast, "Bush's karmic currents have been against him since his 2 1/2 month cycle of the Sun began April 16  (ending tomorrow), and the seeds of discontent inevitably grow."  The Sun, signifying his leadership position and status, is defectively placed in Bush's 12th house of loss, and when Bush runs a Sun cycle, he suffers in these areas.

1)  The Israel/Palestine road map is already reported blocked by the terrorist group Hamas, and violence there is already happening again.

2)  The ticking time bomb of the US failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has Tony Blair under attack for manipulating intelligence information.  Even the US is beginning to wake up to the absolute requirement for truth, assailing the unassailable President.  As Hans Blix stated in today's London Times, "We concluded the information provided by the intelligence services of U S and others was not solid."  

3)  In Iraq, a U S soldier dies each day, and many more are wounded.  The inevitability of a long and expensive occupation, with no surety in establishing secular democracy, is increasingly understood.

     Bush's Vedic Sun rules his 2nd house of speech and honesty, and with the double impact of running a Sun cycle and a Solar Eclipse, Bush is neither convincing nor honest.  He is powerless to advance his political goals and combat criticism, and his continued lies only give weight to the unveiling of previous prevarications.  Twice during his trip, he claimed the two "Iraqi mobile labs" constituted proof of weapons of mass destruction. The London Times reports today, "President Bush retreated for the first time yesterday from his previous certainty that weapons of mass destruction would be found in Iraq. 'We're on the look.  We'll reveal the truth," he told US troops in Qatar on the final stop of his week-long six-nation journey.'"

     The below astrocartgraphy eclipse-path map is reprinted from the May 30 Annual Solar Eclipse Forecast to illustrate how well the eclipse influenced Bush's failed tour.  That the trip was to the worst possible places at a bad time shows how truly karmic his life is.  It also demonstrates Bush doesn't use astrologers.  (A little Vedic humor)  

     Returning home, Bush finds himself facing complaints from Congress and our own intelligence services that he lied about intelligence on Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.  Bush also finds the Senate having passed a bill extending tax benefits to low income families (including soldiers), a provision the Republicans removed from the bill Bush Recently signed.  Regardless of whether this bill becomes law, its existence reveals that Bush's claims of equitable tax reduction are untrue.  Finally, despite recent stock market gains, economic news is basically unfavorable, and the States all facing revenue shortfalls can only bring a grassroots rebellion against tax cuts as responsible economic policy.

     A new Forecast, tentatively entitled Future Chronicle - Bush's Downfall, is drafted and will be published soon.  While October 25 and 26 continue to be dangerous for Bush, 3 other summer and fall hotspots have been identified.  A Future Chronicle is a detailed historical prediction, and this effort seeks to identify and interpret these 4 hotspots as the future signposts and mile-markers that chronicle the predestined fall of this fated presidency.  From there, we will look ahead to the costs and benefits of democracy's self correcting quality in purging America of excess.

Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer

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