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A Challenging Few Days
Published June 12, 2003


Dear Subscribers,

     I have been so entirely engrossed in composing the definitive Forecast on President Bush's upcoming demise this summer and fall, that I missed seeing a challenging few days this week.

     This brief Forecast, then, alerts you to disruptions that began Tuesday, peak today and begin to fall off tomorrow.  Not everyone will be personally affected, but everyone will experience some challenge, if only in how others behave.

     Below is the transit wheel for this morning.  Look at just the outer ring.  (The inner ring is my chart.) 

     On the top left, you will see the emotional Moon is approaching spiritual Ketu, which combination makes people literally live by their emotions.  That this is occurring in the Moon's fallen constellation of Scorpio only exacerbates.  Extreme emotional sensitivity and unusual dreams are hallmarks.

     Concurrently, on the bottom right in Taurus, intellectual Mercury is exactly conjunct Rahu, the eclipse point signifying worldly cravings.  You have to look closely to see the overlap.  Rahu is toxic to Mercury, making one feel disoriented when rushed, anxious and distrustful.  That Venus is close by brings relationship strife manifesting in dissatis-faction. 

     It is the combination of affliction to both mental planets - the Moon and Mercury - that brings significant tension and trepidation.  That Mars also throws an aspect to Mercury/Rahu only serves to agitate further, stimulating anger.  The past few days have seen significant violence and disruption in the world, as well as in individuals' exper-iences, and the influence peaks out today.  This evening should see a falling off of the tension, but one should use care through the weekend.  The full Moon is Saturday at 5:05 PM Eastern Time, and because the Moon will be very weak in the very end of its fallen constellation of Scorpio, people may reap some difficult karma they brought on themselves during the preceding several days.

     Sandalwood - incense or oil - is very good to calm the mind, as is being around family and friends and water.  Staying away from foreigners, putting relationship strife aside and avoiding hi-tech and other disturbing mass media is suggested.  The mind is delicate now.

Hoping these quick thoughts are helpful,



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