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Future Chronicle - The President's Downfall
Part 1
 Forecasting Progress Report

Published  June
15, 2003



These Forecasts are a version of global events establishing world trends foreseen  before they unfold.  Essentially, this Forecast series, which began with the annual forecast for July 02-Aug 03,  is a Future Chronicle of President Bush's downfall, initiated by the Iraq invasion.  (Chronicle: "a continuing and detailed historical account of events arranged in order of time...")  The series now totals 18 Forecasts, and this two-part Forecast now and finally peers ahead examining 4 critical periods, or hotspots, that bring Bush disgrace during the summer and fall of 2003.

     This, Part 1 - Forecast Progress Report, examines Forecast methodology, predicted signposts and mile-markers and also reviews current Forecasts.  The exercise may seem tedious, but this culminating Forecast, detailing the disgrace of  a US President, rests upon the past karmas described in previous Forecasts.  Bush's growing self-destructive momentum directly results from his fated administration's ongoing dishonest autocracy.  Because the Forecast series is voluminous, a review a valuable prediction refresher

     As a future rendition of history, it is provocative to evaluate the Forecast series.  For mile-markers (predicted events), the goal is 70% accuracy, as there always remains mystery in how the karmas actualize.  (Consider here that predicting specific events from a world of uncountable possibilities is not coin-toss odds.  The odds of predicting a single world event are high, and the odds of predicting 70% of many events is astronomical.)  70% event prediction is also sufficient to define trends, the signposts leading to the destination.  For this Forecast series, the signposts to Bush's downfall are, to date, accurate; from the Iraq invasion To Bush's tribulations.  Readers can judge for themselves accuracy of the numerous predicted events.     

     Part 2 - The Summer and Fall Of Disgrace, describes the specific steps of Bush's downfall.


I  Forecast Methodology - Looking Back To See Ahead

Vedic Astrology is truly about time in its authentic connection with the celestial bodies.  Forecasting research shifts travels in time, measuring and re-measuring predictions against events and trends as reported history continuously rewrites itself.  (Example, from the March 25, The Iraq War Unfolds & Comments Forecast, the prediction for a March 18 Iraq invasion was validated by the Washington Post article, "Attack was 48 Hours Old When it Began.")  A retrospect view of how previous planetary and constellational positions and movements signified past events clarifies how the karmas actually fructified to help fine-tune the view ahead.  Looking back is thus the foundation for vaulting ones vision into the unknown, to the signposts and mileage markers on the road to the future.  

     Predicting the future is like driving your car, headlights off, looking into the ever-changing perspective of the rearview mirror.  You know where you've been and where you are now but are blinded by the dark ahead.  Distinctively, the astrologer has the light of the planets and stars to illuminate the route further on.

(Note: Vedic Astrology's event prediction supports specific trend forecasting in advance.  Commentators and scholars do something much different; these only suggest general trends by extrapolating the past.  This Vedic Astrologer writes a road map showing signposts and mileage markers to a specific destination; commentators and scholars only envision  likely destinations.)


II  Signposts And Mile-markers Since July 2002

     Following are significant signposts and mile-markers the world has traveled by since last summer. 

A.  The keystone Forecast is the annual forecast for July 02-Aug 03 (published July 23, 2002), which alerted to "a violent calamity or even the beginning of the invasion of Iraq" during January/February 2003.  It was also suggested that President Bush would suffer "....downfall, or at least irreparable damage to his reputation."  As reviewed in the just-published, Summer 2003 Major Transits Forecast, the shuttle crash expressed this fiery karma February 1, and the Iraq invasion began March 18.  Current events are already proving Iraq is indeed Bush's fated misadventure.

     The correct signposts ahead were seen for calamity and the inception of Bush's downfall, but the invasion date mile-marker was early.  

B.  The Bush Presidency - Profile & Prediction Forecast (October 24, 2002) analyzed Bush's fated role in Iraq, 

At this juncture, Bush's predestined Presidency is the linchpin for civilization's progress or decline.

A further planetary influence that misleads is Mars placed in his 2nd house of speech, compromising truthfulness.  Bush lies so naturally and convincingly he exudes sincerity.

Bush's rise to power and his misuse of that power cause an equiv- alent fall.  This is the unalterable fate in his life.  Since December 2000 and until November 2003, Bush is both tremendously motivated and empowered to gain power through whatever action required, and this brings out his long dormant violence.  The US may ...invade alone and inflame seething anger throughout the Mideast at deadly human cost on all sides.  Iraq will be the down- fall of Bush's Presidency.  This change signals...the inception of his downfall.  Although Bush will strive mightily, especially around mid April, the result will ultimately be failure, causing a loss of his reputation, possibly his presidency.  More specific timing for Bush's reaping the fruits of his violent karmas will thereby be offered in future Forecasts. 

      The Iraq war, in destabilizing the Arab world, creating global fear and hatred of the US  and stressing an already weak economy, is indeed being revealed as Bush's Armageddon, his great misadventure.  Again, the predicted route is correct in signposts being passed, and events have caught up to predicted mile-markers.  

C.  The following 7 Forecasts fleshed out details of the upcoming conflict: 
             Face-off 2003 Bush And Hussein
            Is Osama Bin Laden Alive?
            The Certainty Of Invading Iraq
            The Shuttle Calamity And The Future
            Saturn and Rahu, The Soldiers Of Karma 
            The Iraq War
            The Iraq War Unfolds  

     These mapped-out signposts and mile-markers from January through mid April spotlight events on the road to the inception of Bush's downfall.  One mile-marker, the war's inception by the end of February, was premature, as Bush had to plough through significant peace protests and international resistance.  A signpost, the expectation of a bloody war discrediting Bush, was missed because the debilitating effects of Hussein's 10 year Moon planetary cycle were underestimated.  Yet, building violence in Iraq indicates Hussein's influence continues in absentia, or even following his predicted death.  The predictions on Hussein's and Bin Laden's deaths are as yet unproven, but lack of evidence they live brings greater certainty every day to validating these predictions. 

D.  Next is the 3 part series on the lunar cycles indicating "The progress of the Iraqi war can be most readily seen from the Moon cycle..."  This was initiated with the Iraq invasion launch on the March 18 full Moon, and it culminated two lunar cycles later in the May 15 lunar eclipse. 

...a total eclipse in the Moon's fallen (weakest) sign of secretive and revealing Scorpio, which must emphasize the eclipsing effects of both blocking and revealing. never knows exactly how the karma actualizes.  The war may bleed over into other countries, chaos in Iraq may discredit the 
US, terrorist acts may overwhelm Bush's public support, internat- ional resistance may isolate America...  One way or the other, Hussein will leave a legacy that brings down his great enemy, George Bush.

The May 15 eclipsed full Moon will signify the fully reaped karmas of America's actions.

During the past 10 days, we've seen blockages in: rebuilding Iraq, the Israeli/Palestinian impasse and a pitched battle again Bush's massive tax cuts.

Bush's downfall is a process.  Like plants sprouting in the spring needing time to grow, these seeds of presidential destruction were planted just 2 months ago.

That no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq is a diplomatic time-bomb for the credibility of the U S....

Bush will not only reap a harsh harvest in the coming months, but his life will be at risk as well.  Late October 2003 portends high risk for Bush, to be described in later Forecasts.

     These two lunar cycles coincide well with the beginning and ending of the Iraq conflict.  Violence stimulated by the Iraq invasion has spilled over into other Arab nations. The May 30 Annular Solar Eclipse, which assessed the May 15 lunar eclipse, stated, "The May 12 quadruple terrorism in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 5 sets of suicide bombers in Israel May 16 and 17 and the quadruple Casablanca terrorism May 17 are highlights of the intense emotional reactions this eclipse brought."

III  Review Of Current Forecasts

     The May 28, Summer 2003 Major Transits and June 6 Comments On The May 30 Solar Eclipse set the stage for locating the "hotspot" signposts and mile-markers signaling President Bush's disgrace.  

A.  The Summer 2003 Major Transits Forecast identified global problems in:  

1)  Warrior Mars' unusually long 6 month transit through Aquarius beginning June 3 brings destruction and misuse of authority.

2)  Wise and wealthy Jupiter's year-long transit into Leo on July 30 is ransacked by a one-two combination of malefic aspects from Mars and Saturn.  Poverty, angry frustration, resentment, lack of ethics  and misplaced missionary zeal are all indicated.

3)  Eclipse points Rahu and Ketu 18 month transit into Aries and Libra on August 28 brings: bitter antagonism, violent abuse, religion fanaticism, pious rage and feelings of deception and betrayal.  (Note:  Not mentioned previously is spiritual but poisonous Ketu's final months in Scorpio stimulating contagion - SARS, Mad Cow, Monkey Fever - and scandal as well - from corporate to political.  These will tend to continue until mid September, the transit's instability ends.)

4)  In summary, these summer transits are building influences: a) denying wealth and contentment, b) stimulating anger and resent about wealth and religion c) resulting turmoil and violence."  Regarding Bush, these transits reveal, "Renewed foreign antagonisms with religious overtones is suggested as well as the possibility of another enemy arising."  "...curtailing his popularity and ability to influence and thereby threatening Bush personally and politically."  

     This broad brush Forecast maps out the signposts and mile-markers of influences that, when further applied to Bush's chart, track hotspots during the summer and fall that culminate in his downfall. 

B.  Comments On The May 30 Solar Eclipse (published June 6) recounted mounting problems for Bush that must build: 

1)  He is sinking into the enduring quagmire of Israel/Palestine, for the road map is jeopardized by quickly renewed violence.

2)  Officials and the public are finally assailing the unassailable President about the ticking time bomb of his lying about and not finding Iraq's weapons of mass destruction

3)   Chaos and violence in Iraq build, and economic problems at home result in part from his tax reduction legislation. 


IV  The Score 

     Credibility is established by the perception of how well the predictions have led history.  In a burning bush, some see God, others only a forest fire.

     Part 2 - The Summer And Fall Of Disgrace, launches again into the future.  If the past predictions discussed here have been useful, then the next Forecast, which is of a truly historical event, can assist in your maneuvering productively through a difficult and traumatic interval.


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer

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