Vedic Predictive Astrology

Published September 1, 2002

     This two-month Forecast follows the July 21 annual forecast "August 02 - July 03" by looking more closely at the upcoming months of September and October.

     First, however, here’s a quick recap of the last six weeks since that annual forecast.  It was suggested that the end of July would bring the beginning of a process of rebuilding.  Thus, restrictive Saturn’s departure from wealthy Taurus July 22 signaled the bottom of stock market declines on July 23.  Further, fierce Mars’ weakening destructive influence in its fallen sign of Cancer (by the end of July) signaled a tailing off of degraded desire and violence. Interestingly, the market recovery was volatile until Mars finally exited Cancer on August 19, and daily swings have since returned to normal levels.  Also, high-profile sexual predations of children ended when Mars left Cancer.  President Bush’s inability to advance his Iraq war agenda, his broadening rifts in international relations and a growing perception that his business-dominated domestic policies are out of synch with public opinion are all evidential of his ongoing lack of power.  His is indeed a fated presidency - predestined to reach the White House and predestined to fall from favor.

     September and October promise continued improvements in basic life areas, including the economy and bellwether market indices, progress toward peace and interpersonal relationships.  Venus and Mercury will be in particularly excellent positions during this period.

     Venus, the planet of love and grace today exits its fallen sign of Virgo and enters Libra (a sign it owns and his productive in), where it will stimulate compassion-based balanced thinking and material benefit internationally, in interpersonal relations and for the economy.  While some saber-rattling will continue, prospects for peace will be greatly enabled, and violence will calm.  Because Venus goes retrograde (apparent backward motion) in October, Venus will stay in Libra through the end of October, extending this run of problems resolution and progress toward happiness and contentment.

     Mercury’s communications and business traits have been enhanced since August 21, when it entered its exalted sign of Virgo, and it too will have an extended stay in this excellent sign due to retrograde motion beginning September 15.  Mercury in Virgo both dampens conflict and promotes fruitful debating of issues.

     The economy is expected to make significant yet cautious progress during September 
and October, and stock prices will accordingly march steadily, though cautiously, upward.  Silver continues to be an excellent hedge, and real estate will also benefit. Despite Presi- dent Bushs’ power loss, and perhaps even because of it, diplomatic efforts in the volatile mideast and east will advance with a more balanced international consensus.  It is even possible the Israeli/Palestinian conflict will be perceived by the combatants as unaccept- able, stimulating agreements for peace.  A key factor here is the likely emergence of potent leaders both overseas and within the U S with effective, humanitarian-oriented philosophies to fill the White House leadership void.  Look for such consensus building to come from both the west and east, and U S congressional campaigns bring a great opportunity for candidates to feel the public pulse in promoting platforms responsive to the entire electorate over more narrow business interests.

     It should be noted that against this backdrop of a favorable celestial map this fall, the upcoming 9-11 anniversary must dampen optimism during September and thus curtail any ambitious efforts at conflict resolution and economic growth.  October, then, will be the month of gain.  Yet, there is a silver lining here as this sobering interval will promote healthy caution.

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