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Future Chronicle - Bush's Downfall
Part 2
The Summer And Fall In Disgrace
Published  June
15, 2003


The Chronicle Continues

     Four Bush hotspots have been identified, and specific dates accompany corresponding probable events.  These predictions ensue from planetary influences impacting globally and upon Bush's Vedic chart.  (For readability and peer review, only at the end of each hotspot are the astrological influences described, in contrasting blue.)  Determinative are: the multiple planetary influences operating during each hotspot, the momentum acquired by the accumulation of events and that democracy is self-correcting. 

     As explained in Part 1 - Forecasting Progress Report, "For mile-markers (predicted events), the goal is 70% accuracy, as there always remains mystery in how the karmas actualize.  (Consider here that predicting specific events from a world of uncountable possibilities is not coin-toss odds.  The odds of predicting a single world event are high, and the odds of predicting 70% of many events is astronomical.)  70% event prediction is also sufficient to define trends, the signposts leading to the destination."  

  Bush's Vedic birthchart and planetary cycles are included at the end of this Forecast for reference.

     As the 4 hotspots are discussed, the trend in Bush's public rejection is in an excerpt from Face-off 2003 Bush/Hussein, below.  That is, the karmic harvest (natural consequences) of Bush's actions will reveal the truth and thereby allow us to reconnect the reality we're told with the reality we feel.

At the inception of this second year of the new millennium, uncert- ainty hangs like an impenetrable fog blanketing a sailing ship.  The view ahead is obscured.  The captain's fair-sailing promises and favorable marine weather reports fail to dispel the crew's cold clamminess.  In this unfamiliar disconnection between personal reality and official statements,  the cold penetrates right to worried bones.

This fog-bound ship analogy to our nation's current dilemma doesn't suggest a prophetic 'Heart Of Darkness' voyage, nor a 'Brave New World' society view.  Yet, memories of these kinds of worrisome scenarios inevitably echo back from the disconnection  between the reality we feel and the reality we're told.


II  The 4 Hotspots

A)  July 16 to August 10.  .  The economy and stock markets decline.  Bush experiences growing policy opposition at home and abroad as a widening credibility gap opens about Iraq's WMD and his failed tax cut.  Bush uses increasingly forceful rhetoric (demagoguery), and his lying escalates, especially as he often "blurts things out."  Bush experiences angry frustration and falls back on his religious fundamentalist message against "evildoers."  Bush is vulnerable to accidents and assault.  

1)  Transit Mars is within 1 degree of exact opposition aspect to birthchart Mars, creating divisiveness and lying.  That transit Mars goes retrograde on July 29, keeps it within 1 degree of birthchart Mars from July 16 until August 10, stimulating violent events.  

2)  Transit Mars also aspects very harmfully (8 houses away) Bush's Moon and Jupiter, harming judgment and stimulating rash behavior.  

3)  On July 30, Jupiter transits into Leo, only to be blasted by birthchart Mars, transit Mars' opposition aspect and transit Saturn's aspect.  Jupiter's ethics and wealth are compromised.  In transit Jupiter's previous year Bush's 1st house, it had protected him politically and personally. 

 4)  Bush's planetary cycles are Saturn/Rahu/Moon from June 7 to September 1, unfavorable for his perception, emotions and public opinion.  (Note: Bush has already experienced mounting problems from the May 30 solar eclipse and transit Mars entrance into Aquarius on June 3.)

B)  August 27 to September 20.  Religious violence escalates, and the Mideast spins increasing out of control.  Bush attempts to rally the country behind him and threatens military action, but the nation is weary of constant warfare. International relationships break.   Bush's lies are uncovered and assailed, and together with his imperial attitude, a backlash of rejection slashes him.  Ticking time bomb of lying about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction is ready to explode.

1)  The eclipse points, Rahu and Ketu, transiting from one sign to another, stimulating instability and religious furor.  

2)  Mercury is retrograde August 29 to September 20, creating confusion and miscommunications.  

3)  Bush's Sun transits across his transit Mars.  

4)  Transit Saturn is closing in on his 12th house Sun within 2 1/2 degrees.  

5)  Bush's planetary cycles are Saturn/Rahu/Mars from September 1 to November 1, a violent and tension filled combination.

C)  October 15 to October 30.  Economy is mired in recession.  Federal and States deficits inflate.  Escalating problems in occupied Afghanistan and Iraq disturb the public and Congress.  Bush's health and safety are compromised, and his power evaporates.  He is discredited in Congress.  Bush's supporters draw away.

1)  Bush's planetary cycles change from Saturn/Rahu to Saturn/Jupiter on November 1.  This ends Bush's Kala Sarpa Yoga (discussed in detail in The Bush Presidency - Profile & Prediction, section 
VI  Bush’s Predestined Rise And Fall )  Kala Sarpa gives Bush a predestined rise to fame beginning December 25, 2000 and ending November 1, 2003, when an corresponding fall from fame occurs.  

2)  A second major impediment to Bush is transit Saturn turning retrograde October 25, just 1 1/3 degrees away from his Sun, signifying prestige, kingship and the body.  

3)  Transit Saturn will exactly aspect transit Jupiter, which harms judgment and relationships with foreigners.

D)  November 5 to November 9.  Bush faces censure or impeachment proceeding.  That Cheney may be included in the accusations creates a problem for succession. 

1)  Transit Mars will again be within 1 degree of Bush's birth Mars.  

2)  Transit Saturn remains close to (1 1/2 degrees) to birthchart Sun in the 12th house of loss.  

3)  The culminating influence is a total lunar eclipse at 22 degrees Aries, a sign of agitation and also Bush's 10th house of the public.  Thus, his presidency is eclipsed.  Considering that eclipse effects begin 2 weeks before the astronomical event and last a week following, the eclipse covers much of the previous October 5 to 30 hotspot.

George W. Bush

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