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Trends For 2nd Half 2003

Published July 18, 2003



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Forecast Series - History Unfolds

    The Bush administration's Iraq misadventure was comprehensively (exhaustively?) analyzed and detailed in the 20 Forecasts composed since last July.  This effort is now entitled, Forecast Series On Bush And The Iraq War. 

     The July 4 Forecast, Commentary - Of Philosophy, Politics & Astrology, began a second series, entitled,  Forecast Series - History Unfolds.  See Forecast Archives(Note: Mental similarities in the charts of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld stimulate an upcoming Forecast, The Amoral Trio, which logically should be included in the first series.)

     With Bush's karmic consequences unfolding as predicted (see next section), the time had arrived to integrate Vedic Astrology and Vedic philosophy with our democratic system by bringing a call to action - the spiritual citizenship concept.  The goal was encouraging appropriate and timely support of the people's grass roots movement to accelerate return to democratic values and thus shorten the period of suffering which must both cause and precede Bush's disgrace.



Bush's Downfall Has Begun

     The June 15, Future Chronicle - The President's Downfall Part 2 - The Summer And Fall In Disgrace identified 4 hotspots as mile-markers to Bush's downfall.  The first was:


 July 16 to August 10.  .  The economy and stock markets decline.  George W. Bush experiences growing policy opposition at home and abroad as a widening credibility gap opens about Iraq's WMD and his failed tax cut.  Bush uses increasingly forceful rhetoric, (demagoguery), and his lying escalates, especially as he often "blurts things out."  Bush experiences angry frustration and falls back on his religious fundamentalist message against "evildoers."  Bush is vulnerable to accidents and assault.  

     Tuesday, July 15, heralded the inception of this hotspot (one day early) with startlingly damning articles in The Washington Post.  Now, we're all getting supersaturated with this topic, but these two articles bear reading for their historical value in documenting the pattern of dissembling that characterizes Bush's imperial presidency. 


"Fleischer's Final Briefing Is Not Quite a Grand Slam" 


"President Defends Allegation On Iraq"  



Specific Predictions For The Last Half Of 2003

     The May 28  Summer 2003 Major Transits Forecast described a shift planetary energies in from relative harmony to dissonance as Mars, Jupiter and the Moon's Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) transit into unfavorable constellations (signs).  

     The Forecast explained that, "The planets have been generally well located since late July 2002..." and, "Excepting the drawn-out international controversy over Iraq, and the inevitable spring invasion of that country, the world has generally been temperate."  Check your personal experiences since last August, and in most cases, you'll find that there simply wasn't an inordinate amount of struggle and adversity in your life and in the lives of those around you.

   What these transits mean for Bush, of course, is increasing problems and resistance that bring his downfall in November, if not sooner.  What these transits mean for us individually is the purpose of this Forecast, and it is vital to understand that planetary dissonance stimulates us to move through adversity and grow.  Highlights of these challenging and growth-stimulating effects follows:



1.  The bloom will be off real estate as of July 30, when Jupiter transits out of its exalted sign.  Acquiring other fixed assets, such as vehicles and appliances, will also level off and then decline.  


2.  Family and college education will be issues.


3.  The stock market will settle with the Dow Jones trading in the 7500 range.


4.  The economy will continue to sputter, and unemployment will increase.


5.  Religious demagogues will be vocal with missionary zeal.


6.  Political instability and "brushfire" wars will plague the third world.



1.  There will be (actually occurring already) a resurgence in metaphysics.


2.  Healers, therapists and astrologers will see an upsurge in demand as people seek to meet challenges.


3.  Ethical issues, particularly in government will replace blind patriotism and exclusionary religion.


4.  America will begin reclaiming its open and compassionate relationship within the global community.. 


5.  Advances in technology will be a bright spot for the economy and may again lead the country to economic expansion beginning in early 2004.


6.  Children will become an increasing focus of concern, as well as a personal and national priority.


7.  A strong leader will emerge from the Democratic candidates before year's end.


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