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 Tonight's Full Moon Alert
Published August 11, 2003



     Just after midnight tonight (Eastern Daylight Time) the Moon will be full in Capricorn, which although a Saturnian-serious position emotionally, is not by itself difficult.  The Moon's placement in the Lunar Mansion Dhanishtha (one of the Moon's 27 houses, or Nakshatras in Sanskrit) is generally auspicious, for Dhaneshtha indicates goodness and wealth.  Yet, it also gives marital discord.  

     The chart to the right shows the planetary positions within the constell- ations for this August 12 full Moon at 48 minutes after mid- night. 
     Concern arises tomorrow morning, when at 9:30 am, the Moon moves into Saturn ruled Aquar- ius to be conjunct Mars. Tuesday is Mars' day of the week, further stimu- lating its signification for discord.  
     Mars will charge up the Moon's emo- tional fullness, mak- ing one agitated and easily provoked.    

     Lunar common and peace of mind will be particularly challenged.  (In fact, this effect seems to be creeping up on us today, as the full Moon nears.)  Sensitive areas on a personal level will be friends, mother and relationship.  Accidents in the home and on the road will be more likely 

     Magnifying these issues is Venus (contentment) being close to the hot Sun and thereby combust, or burnt.  Further, Mars aspects (glance) Jupiter and Mercury.  Jupiter's optimism and Mercury's commun- ications are thereby both injured. 

     With the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury all afflicted, tomorrow will be a delicate day.  Thankfully Mars is retrograde now, which blunts its outward expression but may conversely deepen emotional angst.

     While Tuesday is the toughest day, Wednesday will also be challenging, until the Moon passes by Mars in the late morning.

     Beyond personal issues, the stock markets will be volatile tomorrow and Wednesday, as will political and military actions.

     Some positive and counteracting actions we can take to mitigate these influences are:


        Avoid conflict situations

        Stay away from alcohol

        Participate in group healing ceremonies with music if possible

        Support family and friends

        Spend time around water

        Burn sandalwood incense

        Enjoy nature, especially the Perseid meteor show Tuesday evening

        Be kind to astrologers


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