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Full Moon Excesses Continue?
Published August 23, 2003



     Last week's thorny full Moon was certainly unnerving for us, and this week accelerates a trend in which the horrifying, bizarre and peculiar establish a new norm.

     A quick-n-scary peek at just Friday's national media stories is disturbing for both their number and extremist quality:  Texas Senators hiding out in Albuquerque, two tons of Ten Commandments turmoil in Alabama, the SoBig Virus, the Vancouver nursing homes SARS scare, the Charleston serial sniper....  Can Elvis sightings in floating New Orleans' caskets be far behind?  When we look abroad at Tuesday's (Mars' day) horrific front page violence in Iraq and Israel/Palestine, and consider too that the scarcely reported murder and maiming in crumbling Afghanistan ratchets up Mideast retributions, it seems undeniable that the world balance is tilted.  (Note: I avoid comment on the California craziness out of simple good taste, as well as a desire to avoid being terminated by otherwise loyal subscribers.)

     My first Vedic teacher was also my neighbor and daily beachgoer on Longboat Key, Florida, and the association gave me the opportunity to witness how he truly viewed the world through Vedic eyes.  A cut bled more when the Moon was full than new; Tuesday (Mars' day) was bad for sand spurs cutting bike tires but good for barbequing; and garage sales were best on Mercury retrograde, when people would find things they had forgotten.  So, I try to pay attention to world and personal experiences to detect ruffles and ridges in the planetary energies that inspire forecasts, affect clients and influence my own life - all to be better attuned to the celestial map, to dance with the stars, or at least not stumble over the same ones repeatedly.

     Yes, It's For Planets?, as the August 6 was entitled.  That Forecast suggested, by the way, that "Viewing Mars retrograde in this more subtle way means that Mars' vital nature stimulates a tightly focused and deeply penetrating search for truth during the current retrograde - July 30 - September 28.  Well, that life area too is certainly elevated as the nation's own democratic system experiences blackouts, while we and the entire world attempt to determine whether and how democracy can work in the Mideast   Also, gay priests and gay marriage are current religious topics relating well to Mars' sex signification. 

     So, let' look up to see what the planets are doing to spin the world into increasing disarray.  The May 28, 2003 Summer 2003 Major Transits Forecast described the planets as being generally well located since late July 2002, excepting for the winter and Bush's Iraq invasion, and suggested 3 major transits this summer would be disruptive.  (This commotion, however, paves the way for President Bush's downfall as well as personal growth as we confront challenge.)  The first transit was Mars' long 6 month journey (forward and retrograde) through Aquarius; the second was Jupiter's annual constellation (sign) change, this time into Leo July 28; and the third will be the Moon's Nodes *Rahu and Ketu) changing constellations August 28.

   Well, Mars cert- ainly has stirred up the world since early June, and even though Mars is more inward seeking in its current retrograde, the planet of war's continuing presence in Aquarius increases daily the pressures for discord and oppression.  Since the beginning of this transit (June 3), President Bush has experienced his first hotspot (July 16 to August 10) which unveiled his lying about Iraq's weap- ons of mass destruct- ion and initiated criticism of his handling postwar Iraq and the US economy.  (Note: the following section on Jupiter's transit contributes to pres- idential problems.)  

Below is a chart for August 28 showing the planetary placements discussed.  "R" following a planet means retrograde

     Expansive Jupiter's departure from its exalted and unafflicted position in Cancer (home) on July 28 signaled the end to the real estate boom in building and refinancing that had been the economy's primary fuel for a year.  Mortgage rates have already moved up a full point to over 6%.  Now in Leo, wealthy, religious and philosophical Jupiter is blasted by malefic (harmful) aspects from both Mars in Aquarius and Saturn in Gemini.  Jupiter's injury harms the economy but also focuses interest upon religion and ethical topics, including democracy, here and abroad.  Reported signs of economic recovery and the recently strong stock market are more wishful thinking by the rich than the reality of the shrinking middle class and growing poor.  The economy suffers and will continue to do so, which has the sole advantage of discrediting Bush.

     Coming up in just a few days is the Moon's Nodes' August 28 constellation change from their exalted positions.  While Rahu and Ketu are difficult to grasp energies, they are truly karmically dominant in Rahu symbolizing world desires and Ketu being a worldly dissolving spiritual influence.  As head of the snake, Rahu is the future, and Ketu, the tail, is the past, and when these shadowy planets transit, a period of instability is ushered in.  This is already occurring, for the shifty shifting snake always gives a few ferocious bites at the end and beginning of a transit.

     It seems that last week's Mars-charged full Moon signaled or initiated this Nodal instability (lasting until mid September).  This transit is particularly difficult for Rahu and Ketu move from their exalted constellations  (where they generally do well) to constellations difficult because their planetary rulers don't blend well with the Nodes.  Rahu slithers from Taurus' (Venus ruled) material greed to Aries' (Mars ruled) intense antagonistic desire with religious, political and poverty overtones.  Ketu shape-shifts from Scorpio (Mars ruled) invasions, scandals and disease to Libra (Venus ruled) breaks in alliances and partnerships and feelings of deception and betrayal.  

     These influences, together with the transit impacts of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, bring the world to a state of bewildered turmoil.  Distraction is an apt word here.  Looking through Vedic eyes, this is seen in the above listed world events and personally witnessed in clients being so preoccupied that every appointment has been fouled one way or the other.  Within the past week, a client decided to take a power nap in the middle of a consultation, and another arrived a half hour late, only to then use another 15 minutes of the hour long appointment to devour a huge sandwich.  I'm considering putting out towels, in case clients want to shower before or after sleeping and eating and charging rest stop fees!  And, of course, the conspiracy theorists are having a field day - a bumper crop of new fear-inspiring plots to tantalize and scandalize.

     As for President Bush, his second hotspot runs from August 27 to September 20, and this relates in part to the previously discussed dispositions of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Rahu/Ketu constellation change.  Also, the Sun will be opposite Mars August 28 inciting obstinate conflicts, and this may be a kickoff influence for the second hotspot.  Predicted are escalating religious violence, breaks in international relations and "Bush's lies are uncovered and assailed, and together with his imperial attitude, a backlash of rejection slashes him."  Thus, the media's portrayal of Bush having put behind him his first hotspot issues is wrong, and even before Bush remerges from his month-long Texas hideout vacation, he will be challenged.  
     What will further inflame this Bush hotspot, however, will be the confusion and miscommunications of Mercury retrograde from August 29 to September 20.  (Recall Mercury was last retrograde during the Iraq invasion, and both news reports and the military changed their positions so often they confused even themselves.)  Bush will experience further speaking problems, and his inability to articulate smoothly, clearly and convincingly must disallow effective defense against potent and often unexpected attacks.  You may recall, this poverty of speech issue disappeared in August 2002 when Bush's chart was most powerful, and he began having speech problems again this past July, as his chart weakened.
     In closing, the planets are moving quickly into alignments to wake up the world to injustice and concomitantly challenge the US President the second time thus summer.  This second hotspot will be followed by two more in October and November, as the planetary messengers signal karmic retribution from the cosmos.  Further while
It's For Planets?
explained the exaggeration about Mars' close approach to Earth, and this Forecast details the real astrology behind upcoming changes, you may still find comfort in viewing the red planet at its most resplendent as a beacon for truth.

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