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Radio Show & the California Recall
Published September 10, 2003



Radio Show

     In late July, this astrologer was invited to do a weekly call-in spot on KZSC, the 10,000 watts FM station at 88.1 for the University of California at Santa Cruz.  David Anton Savage is the radio host for this 3 to 6 PM Tuesday afternoon "silk road music for the soul" program.  David is a Vedic Astrology aficionado who created "Stars of India," which interviewed top-rated Vedic Astrologers from around the world..  David had been receiving my Forecasts since last January, and his interest in this use of Vedic Astrology eventually prompted an invitation for my weekly radio spot.

     The call-in time is now fixed at 5:45 pm PDT each Tuesday, and during this 15 minute live conversation, we discuss mundane (world) astrology topics..  These provide a wonderful opportunity to informally explore current events, which sometimes end up being the subjects of my formal Forecasts.  Last week, I was hooked by the lure of this political circus and took the bait to predict the outcome of the October 7 California governor recall election, the topic of this Forecast.

     Those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area are invited to tune into KZSC 88.1 FM on Tuesdays at 5:45 PM. Pacific Time.  If you're outside the radio station range, you can hear the show on webstreaming through your Windows Media Player.  Go to  for audio access and instruct- ions.  It's easy and actually works!


The California Recall Election

     This ultimate political weirdness was not predicted, but it appears to be an extreme local reaction to the failed neo-conservative policies of the Bush Administration.  California has been hit hardest by the national economic stagnation and the neo-conservative's pervasive anti tax philosophy that hobbles all state and local governments.  The linchpin for California may be energy concerns, which began in 2002 with power short- ages and price gauging and has been exacerbated by higher gas prices associated with the Iraq war, which is understood to be about controlling the oil supply anyway.  That Californian's are also environmentalists and have often lead the nation in using and advocating alternative energy sources, is the spark that set off this conflagration. The recall election is really more about rebellion against Bush's failed policies than Governor Davis' inability to correct them.

     Arnold Schwarzenegger's birth data is well documented, but with Cruz Bustamante's birth time not known (only the date and place are published), an election prediction for October 7 seemed impossible.  However, news reports about California's Lieutenant Governor stressed how consistently lucky the man has been throughout a laborious career, which inspired a birth time rectification of his chart to place Jupiter where it would bring such great jupiterian beneficence. 


Arnold Schwarzenegger
July 30, 1947 at 4:10 AM
Graz, Austria




Arnold Schwarzenegger  

     Arnold's chart is persuasive for his great business, bodybuilding acting successes.  Jupiter in his 5th house of speculations brings investment success.  However, this Jupiter also makes him want to be a king, not a servant of  the people.  The Sun (body) rules the 3rd house of the performing arts and is strongly placed with Venus (the arts) and Saturn (violence and death) in his 2nd house of income.  Thus, during his 7 year Sun Dasa (planetary period) from 1969 to 1974, Arnold Schwarzenegger won the Mr. Olympia title 5 times.  With his Moon (the public) in his 7th house of relationships, he gained acting fame for incredibly violent roles during its 10 year Dasa. from 1975 to 1985.  Since then, however, his movies have flopped or been unremarkable, with the exception of the 1991 Terminator 2, which was released during a Moon Bhukti - subperiod Dasa..  
     Arnold's 7 year Mars Dasa followed the Moon from 1985 to 1992, and he has been in his 18 year Rahu Dasa since then.  With Rahu (the head of a serpent in Hindu mythology and a symbol of worldly cravings) in his 12th house of loss with a very libidinous Mars, Arnold is driven by tremendous desire that brought him fame throughout his life until he ran the Dasas for Mars and Rahu beginning in 1985.  Since then, of course, he's be able to maintain his wealth and even continue investment gains, but only through desire-driven ruthlessness.     
     That same desire in the 12th house of bed pleasures guarantees Arnold is a much bigger goat than President Clinton ever dreamed of being.  Further, Mars' and Saturn's placement in the 12th house of seclusion indicates indulging in hidden perversions, often with rough, low-class women.  Yes, all the stories are truth, and there's more to come, for Arnold's 11th house of friends is ruled by a vicious Mars placed in the 12th of loss with a very malefic Rahu.  The suggestion here is for "friends" to betray him.
     Arnold began his candidacy in the middle of August, just when 3rd and 4th subperiods of Mercury and Jupiter both fired his ambition and brought the opportunity, even though his major Dasa was Rahu and his secondary Bhukti was dissolving Ketu, the tail of the dragon.
     What makes the election prediction difficult, however, is Arnold switching out malefic Ketu for benefic Venus, which rules in his chart the 5th house of government and past life credit.  As shown, Rahu/Venus began August 31, and this coincides nicely with his successes this month and suggests he will do well in the election.  That his 4th subperiod planet is the Sun beginning October 1, indicates he will outshine his opponents at the October 7 election date (the Sun illuminates Venus' artistry).  Arnold's transits are also auspicious at this time, excepting restrictive Saturn transiting his 1st house of the self, which is his reception in the world.  
     Considering Arnold continues to run his rapacious and loss-causing Rahu Dasa and that Saturn blankets his public presence, his campaign must be become tainted.  As suggested above, this will involve friends betraying him by revealing his scandalous past.
     Yet, Arnold could win, for these are mixed planetary significations and planetary cycles.  Ultimately, his success or failure at the polls will pivot how strong his opponent is. 


Cruz Bustamante
January 4, 1953
rectified to 9:37 PM
Dinuba, California



Cruz Bustamante     

     Now quietly comes Cruz Bustamante, unimpressive as Arnold is glamorous and wide at the waist as Arnold remains Mr. Olympia.  Bustamante is the tortoise, Schwarzenegger is the hare.
     Cruz's amazing luck in coming up from the bottom of society and patiently advancing step-by step up the political ladder comes from his fortunate Jupiter, which rules the 5th house of government and is placed in the 9th house of luck and fortune.  By canvassing the various hours of Cruz's birth date, the birth time was rectified when Jupiter was in this house position.  A political life  is confirmed for this chart in his Ascendant ruler (self) the Sun being placed in the 5th house of government with Mercury, giving mental brilliance, support from friends and a wonderfully sincere and warm speaking ability.
     A restriction and balance in this chart, which also makes him the tortoise, is Bustamante's exalted Saturn placed in his 3rd house of desires - good for motivated leadership (for the benefit of the masses unlike king-seeker Arnold) but restrictive in its aspect (glance) to the Sun (power) which also makes him humble.  Saturn also holds back Jupiter's luck in a second aspect to the 9th house.  Now, Jupiter and Saturn linked like this makes business, legal and political powerhouses, but an exalted Saturn is by definition so strong, that it must hold Bustamante back.
     There's a secret hidden in Bustamante's Jupiter that reveals the lifelong capability for Jupiter's expansion to overcome Saturn's restriction.  Jupiter is shown with an "R" indicating retrograde, but a look at the ephemeris reveals that Jupiter ended retrograde motion the day after his birth and was thereby stationary direct, or nearly motionless when he was born.  A stationary direct planet is absolutely powerful, like a spotlight sweeping the stage until it stops to illuminate the actor, and in this case, it will be Schwarzenegger in the shadow and Bustamante in the spotlight.  (Note:  JFK had Mercury stationary direct in his 8th house, which made him intellectual and sexually powerful but also brought 8th house chronic illness.)
     Amazingly, both candidates are running Rahu and Venus at election time.  But, unlike Arnold's harmful Rahu, Bustamante's Rahu is well placed in his 6th house of competitors, enabling him to overcome all their efforts against him. especially if they are foreigners. (Rahu and the 6th house both signify foreigners.)  Further, Rahu in transit is now in Cruz's 9th house, next to Jupiter, and because his Rahu is good for worldly achievement, it must intensify Jupiter's good fortune.  Venus, being the ruler of his 10 house of career, is well placed in his 7th of relationships, and the conjunction with a good Mars, adds heartfelt passion to his campaign efforts.  This is a tortoise with spunk.
     Noteworthy is that Bustamante's Dasa cycles change to Rahu/Venus/Rahu just before the election. Considering this double Rahu empowerment, which especially gives him victory over foreigners (who is more foreign to gentle Cruz than the fornicating terminator?), this signals Cruz's winning.

     The final piece of the karmic puzzle for Bustamante's victory is his incredibly powerful Jupiter transiting the 1st house of the self and recognition - completely opposite Schwarzenegger's restrictive Saturn transiting his 1st house of the self.

     One unanswered question is whether Governor Gray Davis might survive the recall.  He will not, and there are two solid reasons for this.  First, as discussed in the first part of this analysis, California is the spark setting off a political conflagration in America - the rebellion against Bush.  To defeat Gray's recall during this time of increasing dissatisfaction with neo-conservative policies would deny the peoples' voice in this largest population state in the Union.  Californian's won't wait for the 2004 election to throw Davis out for Bush's policies; they want to vote their feelings now against Davis as an anti Bush effort.  The summer season transits bringing discord and dissatisfaction insure this public resistance.  Second, Bustamante's Jupiter is an irresistible force that will make him Governor, and this alone insures Davis will be thrown out so that Cruz may luckily be on the ballet.
     It won't be the first time the tortoise beat the hare, and this tells you something about the value of fables.


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