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Tag-Along Tony Blair
Published October 3, 2003


Tony Blair's Dilemma

     Growing opposition to Tony Blair's alliance with the US in Iraq now threatens his position as British Prime Minister.  Blair appears to have overreached by tagging along with his friend, President Bush, in an attempt to increase his fame and stature.

     The question naturally arises whether Tony will survive this misadventure, which is the purpose of this Forecast.  Blair's Vedic chart and Dasa cycles to 3 levels are shown below, and following are some snapshots of key attributes:


Key Attributes

Blair's Ascendant (self) is in Taurus, which is Bush's 11 house of friends, bringing these two leaders

together, Blair being a liberal and Bush a conservative.

The Ascendant is ravenous for having a willful and destructive Jupiter conjunct an aggressive  Mars sitting in Venus's sign of Taurus.  This is good for leadership but it also brings also self-righteousness and misplaced missionary idealism that directs Blair's desire for power.

Because Jupiter and Mars each rule "evil" houses, they create a reverse Yoga (special combination)
called a Viparita, which brings a sudden rise.  Blair's Viparita Yoga was activated in 1994, when he ran his Jupiter/Mars planetary cycle (not shown below), and he became Prime Minister just two years later.  Bush has this same Yoga, and it
also brought his fated rise to power.  In the Viparita Yoga, however, a sudden fall follows the rise.

Blair's Venus is tremendous in its being exalted in his 11th house of opportunities and friends.  This Venus is also stationary direct (stopped in the sky at birth), turbo-charging its influence.  However, an exalted Venus almost always brings excess desires for worldly gains, which is a fixed karma in this chart.  Venus also gives Blair charisma, but cold Saturn' influence make Blair both ruthless and charming when it suits his purpose.  Bush has the same combination in his chart.


Tony Blair
May 6, 1953
6:10 AM
Edinburgh, Scotland


Dasas (Planetary Cycles)

Blair's desire-laden Moon is conjunct Rahu, the head of a dragon symbolizing worldly aspirations, in the 9th house of philosophy.  This makes Blair vulnerable to bizarre philosophies and stimulates false imaginings.  He is easily carried away by unrealistic mass trends.  Because Blair is also given to charity (and is thus of the Labor party), he was truly  sympathetic to the plight of Iraqis under Hussein.

An exalted Sun (self and government) in the 12th house of loss with Mercury gives quick thinking and a facile speech, but this combination ties a big ego to his mind, blinding him to alternative views.  This Sun also detaches Blair from society's standards and gives him the perception of always being able to overcome losses.  Mercury, an indicator of truth and morality in this chart is, doubly injured by the inflated ego and 12th house of loss.  Blair would have excelled in the Crusades.

     These summary statements set the stage for Tony Blair's fall from power, and the timing for this is found in his Dasa cycles, along with the transits of Rahu and Ketu, the Moon's Nodes.


Tony's Unfolding Cycles

     As shown above, Blair is in his Saturn (restriction) cycle, which began in 1998.  The subcycle of Mercury began in February 2001.  Saturn does gives career advancement in this chart, but it also chills his compassion giving him a charming ruthlessness, as stated above.  Provocatively, Bush also has Venus with Saturn in his chart.  Mercury, as discussed, is both immoral and untruthful for Blair.  Together, Saturn and Mercury give tremendous focus but also deception, even self-deception.  The Saturn/Mercury planetary cycle, then, set the stage for Blair to be drawn into Bush's web to invade Iraq following 9/11.

     From June 26, 2002 to August 22, Blair's third level Dasa planet was warrior Mars, particulary aggressive in this chart.  This was the period that Blair and Bush began to meet about invading Iraq.  The third level Dasa planet, that of Rahu, followed until January 17, 2003, stimulating Blair to buy into Bush's Iraq invasion policy, and he was powerless to resist the Rahu's illusionary influence.  During this interval, Rahu in transit (in the sky at that time) was in Blair's 1st house, giving power and charisma, but also increasing Blair's susceptibility to the unrealistic Bush-inspired mass trend of invading Iraq.

     The third level Dasa of Jupiter came next, lasting until May 28 of this year, and, as discussed, this is a willful and destructive Jupiter.  Yet, Jupiter is also luck and fortune, and the British side of the Iraq invasion was therefore very successful.

     Saturn/Mercury/Saturn came next, and this ends October 30, 2003.  This combination has magnified Blair's deceptiveness, and self-deception, and responsible Saturn, the planet of reality (wisdom experienced) began to turn its relentless screws.  That Saturn sits in the 5th house of government indicates it punishes him for being irresponsible, and events have clearly shown the Iraq adventure began to sour during this period.

     On August 28, head of the dragon Rahu in transit left Blair's 1st house to enter his 12th house of loss, which must bring him problems.  Since Rahu is an eclipse point of the Sun and the Moon, and it is now transiting across his Sun (power, self and government), Blair is figuratively and literally eclipsed.  His power evaporates.  Because Ketu, the tail of the dragon, is always opposite Rahu (the two dragon halves are never completely separated), Ketu on August 28 transited into Blair's 6th house of enemies and competitors.  In this position, Ketu gives difficulties with subordinates and co-workers, which is already occurring.

     On October 30, Blair's Dasa cycles change to Saturn/Mercury/Ketu, bringing more challenges within his staff, the Labor Party and the public.  With his current and growing problems, along with the now negative association with Bush, Blair could be forced out at any time after October 30.  However, this is a pretty tough and convincing fellow, certainly as glib as they get.  He will likely persevere for a few months.


A Downfall Prediction

     We can predict when it is most likely Blair will be either tossed out or be forced to resign by selecting the Saturn/Ketu/Sun planetary cycle, which runs from January 30, 2004 until February 19.  This Sun subcycle is difficult with restrictive Saturn and is eclipsing with Ketu.  Further, Rahu in transit will be crossing the birthchart Sun during this interval, and transit Sun will be crossing transit Ketu.  This, then is a triple eclipse effect, and the karma must thereby be undeniable.

     The wheel chart to the right illustrates the planetary positions on January 30.  The birthchart is the inner wheel and the transiting planets the outer wheel.

     It is also possible during this interval that emotionally volatile Blair will suffer medically, and the sensitive areas here are the nervous system and the heart.


An Astrocartography Insight

     To the left is Tony Blair's Astro- cartography map for the Washington DC area.  
     The Sun is the yellow dotted line on the left side of the map.  This "birth line" has an orb of influence of 700 miles and is powerful in being only 70 miles from Washington.
     The Sun, which is not just the self but government as well,  indicates both Blair's initial success with Bush and his eventual downfall from that association.

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