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Mars! Mars! And We Ain't Talkin Candy Bars
Published October 9, 2003




Mars' Feeding Frenzy
The August 23, Mars Summer Subtlety, It's For The Planets?, described how Mars' historically close approach was astronomical hype and astrological overstatement.  That is, when Mars was closest to the Earth this summer, it was also retrograde (apparent backward motion), which weakened the planet of wars' outward aggression and directed it potently inward. This gave Mars a strong influence for spiritual achievement.  The retrograde ran from July 29 to September 27.

     Recall that because of this retrograde, transit Mars has an extended stay in Saturn's constellation (sign) of Aquarius for 6 months, from June 3 to December 6; and the longer a planet remains in a constellation, the stronger and more enduring its effects become.  Since Mars signifies cooking, consider this 3 times normal stay in Aquarius like a frying pan on a fire for 3 times longer than the shrimp scampi recipe calls for.  The shrimp would be so overcooked that not even the cat would touch them, though they would be great as miniature hockey pucks.

     This transit Mars retrograde ran from July 29 to September 27, and while the world experienced some Mars uproars then, its energy was relatively calm compared to Mars' forward motion from June 3 to July 28.  Since September 28 when forward motion began again, Mars has roared back with even greater ferocity due to the accumulation of Martian heat in Aquarius during the last 4 months.  We should therefore expect Mars' aggression, discord and violence to escalate from September 28 until December 6, and recent tiger attacks are confirming.

Tiger Bites
Mars' most severe signification is carnivores, and tigers, for their size and ferocity, are ultimate pred- ators.  On October 1, a 400 pound Siberian-Bengal  tiger bit its owner, Antoine Yates, on the arm in Bronx, NY.  Days later on October 4, a 600 pound white tiger bit Las Vegas magician Roy Horn on the neck.  Yesterday, a tiger at the Keepers of the Wild animal sanctuary in Arizona bit a female handler's leg. To understand how unusual tiger bites are, there were only 4 tiger bites at this refuge in its 14 year history.  (Note: There are also reports a mountain lion bit a person in Jerome, Arizona, and a grisly bear killed two in Alaska.)
     These Mars-inspired attacks are reminiscent of the wave of summer 2001 shark attacks (the other ultimate predator).  That year, Mars' retrograde kept it mainly in watery Scorpio, and when it returned to forward motion July 18, sharks began attacking. 

A massive Bengal Tiger running in the jungle

     What was only anecdotal information of Mars' carnivorous excess in 2001, is empirically confirmed by these 3 tiger attacks in the US - immediately following Mars regaining forward motion in Aquarius this fall.    

     But so much for sharks and tigers attacking a few folks when Mars is most vicious.  Are there other Mars-inspired predations precipitated by this newly ferocious Mars energy, and what should we expect of Mars during the next 2 months ending December 6?

    First, we should put Mars into perspective. Mars is just 1 of 9 Vedic planets, and it is only during these occasional retrograde-to-forward periods that it can become a dominant influence.  This fall 2003 transit Mars is more troublesome, however, in its being in a constellation owned by restrictive Saturn, which holds back impatient Mars from expressing its energy.  The result is continuous tension and then huge releases of violence, like a volcano.  In fact, when Mars was in Scorpio in 2001, it was opposite Saturn in earthy Taurus, and numerous volcanoes erupted in both South America and the Far East.  It is also revealing to look at which of the 27 lunar houses this transit Mars is passing through.  (Lunar houses, called Nakshatras, divide the zodiac into 27 sections, each representing a day in the Moon's orbit around the Earth.)  Currently, Mars is in Shatabhisha, ruled by Rahu, which brings business reversals and relates to advanced forms of energy, like electricity and nuclear power.  Look then for more electric grid and nuclear weapons problems until November 15, when Mars leaves Shatabhisha.  Mars then enters Purva Bhadrapada, good in being ruled by beneficent Jupiter, but troublesome for its deity, Rudra, the storm god of destruction that brings searing pains and falls. 
     This, then, is a difficult Mars during a challenging time on planet Earth.  Yet, bear in mind, from challenge comes change and growth.


The California Recall Election

     The prediction for Cruz Bustamante's win was incorrect, for this astrologer underestimated Arnold Schwarzenegger's compelling carnivorous appeal to an angry electorate in California.  This was an animal instinct election: people wanted revenge, and they got it by choosing the ultimate entertainment predator over the staid, experienced and capable Bustamante.
     The September 10, Radio Show & The California Recall Forecast also stipulated that, "this ultimate political weirdness was not predicted, but it appears to be an extreme local reaction to the failed neo- conservative policies of the Bush administration." and , "The recall election is really more about rebellion against Bush's failed policies than Governor Davis' inability to correct them."  With the US news media waxing ebullience and ecstasy about Schwarzenegger as a new political force in America, deserving even of a constitutional amendment allowing naturalized citizens to become President, it is obvious the entire country is temporarily spellbound by Mars' aggressive grasp.  Media in Europe and the East, however, view Arnold as representing the worst of America's indulgent excesses.  As Mars is a sprinter, Schwarzenegger is a short-term phenomena, like drunken lust on a pick-up date.  We'll all wake up soon and feel ashamed, yet relieved at the return to sanity, for in protesting Bush's elitist and imperial policies that discredited a weak California governor, voters there embraced just another villain.  After all, Arnold has been Bush Sr.'s friend and ally since before the first Gulf War, and Arnold views himself, not as a servant of the masses, but rather as a king, emboldened by a huge ego.
     This is what a California city clerk e-mailed me yesterday:   

     The polls were unbelievable!  Since I was in the last part of the
alphabet, I went right in; however there were at least 50-75 people in
front of me and that was 7:45 pm.  I believe most Californians wanted
Davis out and by association, Bustamante may not have had a chance.
Even though I didn't vote for Arnold, I believe he will do a good job
because his ego won't let him fail

     Like fallen Martha Stewart, Schwarzenegger is running Rahu in the 12th house of loss, and worse than Stewart, his Rahu is conjunct a very destructive Mars, which has already brought harm by enemies.  This abusive planetary combination must also result in friends damaging him as he proceeds along a doomed path to restore California's economy, balance the budget, not increase taxes and restore social services.  This contradictory policy combination makes even less sense than Bush's failing tax cut agenda.  By the middle of May, the inconsistencies integral within Schwarzenegger's campaign promises will prove a failure and discredit him.  


Two More Months Of Mars

     This Mars aggression has already also played out in the turbulent Mideast and will heat up Congressional debates about Bush's 87 billion dollar Iraq spending bill.  The administration's leaking the CIA agent identity investigation and last week's report by the lead US weapons inspector that no WMD have been found, will be further fodder for Bush's downfall.  There must be an echo in Great Britton, as Tag-Along-Tony suffers in tandem with Bush.  The budget deficit and still failing economy are more lead weights on Bush's reputation.  Earlier predictions for Bush's downfall, then, are coming true, right on schedule.

     Mars is not entirely a destructive influence, as each planet holds significations that are helpful and harmful.  Although Mars signifies anger, fighting, destruction, killing, infections, accidents and enemies, we need fiery Mars for, among other things: initiative, accomplishment, courage, logic, sports, coordination, sex, independence, military, police, fireman, landed property, farming and cooks.


Mar's Influence By Ascendant

     Each person is also affected by this Mars energy personally, and following are some general influences recited by Vedic Ascendant.  The Ascendant is the constellation (sign) coming up on the horizon at the time of birth and is the most definitive variable in Vedic Astrology, for it determines in which houses the planets fall.  If you have your Vedic chart, it is easy to identify the Ascendant constellation.  If you only have your Western chart, subtract 24 degrees from that tropical (seasonal) zodiac Ascendant to determine your Vedic Ascendant.

     Although each person's birthchart and Dasas (planetary cycles) are singular, Mars' potency this October and November must bring its influence into each of our lives, or at least the lives of people around us.  As Mars rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio, it acts differently for each Ascendant, and this energy is further tailored by the house Mars is transiting in this fall.

     Keep in mind, that while many of the significations discussed are difficult, advance knowledge of these gives the opportunity to avoid, or at least minimize, Mars' violent harms. 


For Aries rising, transit Mars is very well placed in the 11th house of goals and opportunities. It is a favorable planet in ruling the 1st house of the self but is tainted by also ruling the 8th house of turmoil.  Mars is good for power, courage, ambition, goal achievement and owning property.  Aries rising farmers tend to have good harvests.  Mars disturbs friendships and group associations, however, and the older brother suffers.  There is significant sensitivity in the calf muscles



   For Taurus Ascendant people, Mars is particularly harmful in ruling the 7th house of relationship and the 12th house of loss.  Yet, transit Mars does very well in the 10th house of career.  Career advancements are offset by any partnership ventures, for these bring losses.  Further, there's a sexual impulse here that can dissipate energy, and relationship brings financial loss.  The knees are sensitive.



    This is another challenging Ascendant for the current Mars transit, for Mars rules the 11th of goals and the 6th of enemies and acute illness.  In transit through the 9th house, luck and fortune are harmed, especially by excessive desire.  The father also suffers, and there can be arguments with authority figures.  Yet, enemies and competitors may be vanquished, especially if the Gemini rising person is moderate in his/her actions.  Long journeys are interrupted by mechanical difficulties and discord at lodging facilities. Thigh muscles and hips are sensitive..


For Cancer rising, Mars is an excellent planet in ruling the good 5th house and powerful 10th house of career.  For these, Mars is a Raja Yoga Karaka, or kinship indicator.  There is great power here that Mars can effectively marshal for achievement.  The flip side is that transit Mars is in the 8th, bringing accidents, fevers, infections, falls and reproductive system problems.  Discord with children is another challenge.  Benefits are curiosity and success in the occult and receiving other people's money - inheritance, insurance proceeds and wealth from the spouse.  Use Mars wisely with constraint to avoid the negatives.


This is another good Ascendant with a difficult Mars transit position.  Here Mars is beneficial and powerful in ruling the strong 4th house and excellent 9th house, again making it a Raja Yoga Karaka.  Strong spirit and energy can bring much accomplishment, but transit Mars placement in the 7th house of relationship stimulates for strife in all relationships and immoral sexuality.  Truthfulness can be an issue here.  The abdomen is sensitive, as are the face and teeth.


Virgo is probably the worst of all Ascendants for Mars in its ruling the 3rd house of desires and the 8th of turmoil.  Impulsiveness can bring catastrophe.  Its 6th house transit position is bad for health, especially in the intestinal area and the blood, and enemies are troublesome. Daily job issues are particularly difficult, tenants cause problems, neighbors may be argumentative and younger siblings suffer, especially brothers.  Watch for legal issues in all these areas.



   Mars rules the 2nd of income, domestic harmony and writing and the 7th of relationship for Libra rising folks.  In its transiting through the 5th, there can be great intensity in love affairs, a rash temperament and financial conflicts with the lover or mate..  These may bring stomach distress.  Pregnant women should use care. Yet, writing and sports are favored, and the intellect may be very sharp.  Discord with children and the government is possible.  Use care in athletic activities, especially with the mate.


Mars here rules the 1st of the self, which is advantages, albeit impatient, and the 6th house of enemies.  For Scorpio Ascendants, people can be there own worst enemies, and the arena here is transit Mars' 4th house position.  As the fourth is the emotions and the mother, there is fire in both.  Be nice to mom, if you can.  Real estate work, or work on your home, is favored, but there tend to be breakdowns in 4th house fixed assets, notably the home, vehicles, computers.  Be careful with repairmen, as these could overcharge or do poor work.  The heart is sensitive for those already at risk here, suggesting emotional situations be avoided.



Sagittarius is a mixed bag for Mars ruling the good 5th house and 12th house of loss.  Yet, transit Mars does well in the 3rd house of desires.  Creativity of all types is favored: acting, painting, sculpture and writing short articles.  Great adventures and passionate love affairs and sports are also all favored.  Use care, however, in gambling and speculations.  There is some physical tension in the body, and the arms and hands are sensitive.  Those with arthritis and muscle problems may feel this transit.


Mars for this Ascendant rules the 4th and the 11th, giving great desire for property and other fixed assets, and friends are close to the person's heart.  The 2nd house transit Mars position can bring wealth and also a protective instinct toward family members.  Yet, domestic harmony is elusive, chiefly because inordinate and impatient desires can stimulate discord.  Accidents and pitta type infections are possible, and there could be ailments in the face and mouth.

For Aquarius rising, gusty Mars stimulates career desires in its ruling the 3rd of desires and the 10th of career, but it also brings impatience with the public and authority figures.  Mars' transit placement in the 1st house of the self is negative for self acceptance but gives great drive which can be helpful if channeled  properly.  Accidents and infections are troublesome areas.  Sexual desire may be excessive.


Mars for this Ascendant is quite fortunate in ruling the excellent 9th house of wealth and higher knowledge and the 2nd of income and knowledge.  Mars can bring great wealth if its energies are used judicially.  However, transit Mars' 12th house position can bring loss, especially from impetuousness, and debts can increase.  Mars is good in the 12th for spiritual growth through learning, and Pisces rising people may be motivated to go on spiritual retreats to distant lands.  The left eye, left ear and feet are sensitive.



Note:  As is occasionally offered when a Vedic planetary disposition is widely felt, this Forecast is also published to the public.

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