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The Bush Presidency - Profile & Prediction
October 24, 20002

     Mundane (world) forecasting describes the celestial map, the planets’ placements in the zodiac constellations.  World leaders' Vedic charts impact within this broad context, per- haps like a meteor shower.  At this juncture, Bush's predestined Presidency is the linchpin for civilization's progress or decline.  This Forecast interprets Bush's Vedic chart, delving deeply into his lifelong and cyclical  karmas.

I  Background - The Predestined President

     The annual Forecast for August 02-July 03 predicts Bush’s downfall or irreparable damage to his reputation.  Concern is expressed about a calamity, such as an Iraq invasion in 2003.  January 7 to February 23 is the sensitive period, with January 27 spotlighted.  The two-month Sept.-Oct. 02 Forecast speaks to Bush’s fated Presidency, predestined to fall from favor.  

     The Sept. - Oct. 02 Forecast indicated the planets to be in favorable positions, but that actual political and economic gains would be delayed until October.  However, beginning in late August, President Bush’s Christian moral imperative spawned his preemptive strike policy to justify regime change in Iraq and to attack any country he believes threatens the U S.  The Bush "meteor shower" consequently negated the planets' auspicious placements.  An already tense world responded with increased terrorism abroad and turmoil in securities markets.

     It is not this author's intention to politicize.  Yet, as the Bush Presidency has trans- formed the  U S into a preemptive-strike superpower, a naturally critical eye colors this Vedic interpretation.  Seemingly blunt or negative astrological statements are not intended to antagonize Bush’s supporters, nor to further inflame his detractors. 

     The summary below provides a brief overview.  Bush’s Vedic birthchart and attendant planetary cycles are included at the end of this narrative for reference.  

     These Forecasts are done as a public service, and readers are invited to forward this timely and meaningful Vedic Astrology interpretation to friends and acquaintances.  Comments are welcome, and the author's contact information is found at the end of this essay.  Finally, this Forecast interpretation may be reprinted in any media, in whole or in part, with permission of the author.

II  Summary Statements On Bush’s Vedic Chart

      Bush’s acts to gain his father’s long withheld approval.

      Bush implements his father’s goals through the father’s powerful associates, who
           are his dedicated advisors.     

      The First Lady can be a stabilizing and grounding influence upon the President.

      President Bush is fearful, suspicious, violent and cold hearted, especially about
           foreigners, and he uses moralistic Christian beliefs to justify his actions.   

      Bush’s mind is further disturbed by limitation on judgment and ethics, lack of
           common sense, a changeable nature, deception and self-deception.

      The President’s charm and "poverty of speech" elevate his appeal and disguise
           his true feelings.  When the President "blurts something out," he often reveals his
           true beliefs.

      Bush’s rise to power and his misuse of that power cause an equivalent fall.
           This is the unalterable fate in his life.

      Since December 2000 and until November 2003, Bush is both tremendously
           motivated and empowered to gain power through whatever action required, and
           this brings out his long dormant violence.

      Bush’s predestined fall may be precipitated by calamity on or about Jan. 27,  03.


III  Influence Of Father, Friends/Advisors And First Lady

Bush’s acts to gain his father’s long withheld approval

     The 3 paternal influences for the President are powerful but mixedThe 9th house indicates Bush Jr.'s benefits from his father, as well as his father's fortune.  Here, the combination of aspects (glances) from Jupiter, the Moon and Mars combine to bring Bush Jr. tremendous paternal advantages.  These influences also describe Bush Sr. as an "ambassador of war for a cause" - a role his son follows.  Warriors tend to bear warrior sons.  The two other paternal influences, the Sun and the 10th house, are severe.

     The Sun is placed in the 12th house of loss, indicating that George Bush Sr. was somehow absent from the President’s life and therefore was not a positive and supportive role model.

     The relationship with the father is found in the 10th house.  Here restrictive and separative Saturn aspects badly its fallen sign of Aries, governed by military Mars.  This further denied Bush Jr. a warm and supportive paternal bond and brought tension between father and son.  These challenges were most notable and truly formative during Bush Jr.'s  Mars planetary cycle from birth to age 6.

     As the President’s life turned to politics a decade ago at the onset of his 19 year Saturn cycle (responsibility and leadership), Bush Jr. had to deal with his father issues.  However, his father’s absence and the tense relationship between them left Bush Jr. with a perceived lack of approval -  feeling inadequate and unworthy.  This is further aggravated by Bush Sr.’s achievements paving the way for his son.  Also consider the President’s Mercury/Venus lightness of mind (discussed in Section IV Inside The President’s Mind) in delaying maturity until his early forties, resulted in a lightweight intellect.  The President seeks to live up to the paternal model to earn his father’s long withheld approval.  He, the uninformed playboy son, therefore must look to his father’s superior experience and intellectual capability.

     Bush became President to finally gain the attention and recognition lacking since his developmental years, but even this is not enough.  By attacking Saddam Hussein, his father’s worst enemy, Bush Jr. seeks to finally gain his father’s respect and approval.  Bush Sr.’s hands-off position is untrue, for his controlling influence upon son was firmly established a half century ago.  This is an alarming situation.  The President works on his father’s behalf rather than for the country.

Bush implements his father’s goals through the father’s powerful associates, who are his dedicated advisors.

     Friends and goals are seen from the Venus ruled 11th house, and Venus is placed in the President’s 1st house of the self.  As Venus is love: his friends truly love him.  Mercury, being conjunct Venus in the 1st house, makes him a loving and gracious friend.  Saturn, also in the 1st house, endears him as a responsible and dutiful friend.  In Venus’s ruling the 4th house of the heart and mother, his friends are close to his heart, as is his mother.  Thus, the President’s friends are intimately bound to him and dedicated to his success.

     Rahu, (a powerful eclipse point and head of a dragon in Vedic Astrology) is placed in Bush’s 11th house, where it is exalted and brings truly powerful and creative friends, some of whom are "foreign" to him, like Tony Blair and Colin Powell, the latter foreign for his different race.  That Jupiter (the teacher), rules the 9th house of the father, and aspects the 11th of friends, Bush’s friends come from his father, teaching him his father’s goals.  Inevitably, his father’s friends become his top officials.  We can see, then, how the President is not his own man but a servant to the father.

The First Lady can be a stabilizing and grounding influence upon the President.

     Saturn rules Bush’s 7th house of relationship and is placed in his 1st house of the self, thereby bonding Bush closely with his wife and identifying with her needs.  Because Venus is the planet of the wife and also of Bush’s emotional mind, and Venus is in the 1st house of the self with Saturn bonding them together, the relationship is dutiful, stable and durable.  He may even sometimes "obey" her out of duty and fear of making her unhappy.  The First Lady also has some power and wisdom, although she’s not likely to be influential beyond her hus- band.  It appears, then, the First Lady is the keel under Bush’s boat. and her behind-the- scenes influence upon the President is of the utmost importance in the unfolding of this Pres- idency.  This leads to the suggestion that she be lobbied to promote peace.

IV  Inside The President’s Mind

President Bush is fearful, suspicious, violent and cold hearted, especially about foreigners, and uses moralistic Christian beliefs to justify his actions.

     As stated above, Bush has been running his 19 year Saturn cycle since he entered politics, and its significations consequently dominate his mind and his Presidency.  During previous planetary cycles, Bush was attuned to fun, business and money, and the reptilian quality was not evident.  Malefic Saturn is a cold planet, a separative and destructive influence.  In Bush’s Vedic chart, Saturn is even more malevolent by its ruling the evil 8th house of death, destruction, violence and assassination.  Saturn also rules the 7th house of relationships (business and marriage), bringing problems there as well.  (Note: the marriage is so closely bonded, however, that it endures.)  As Saturn is placed in the first house of the self, Saturn is fundamental to Bush's character during its cycle.  Bush fears death, is suspicious of others and uses violence to protect himself.  He chooses some 7th house partnerships (advisors from his father) who are of inferior status or morals who use 8th house violence to protect him.  This also results in other unwelcome 7th house associations with immoral men.

     Saturn aspects (glances) upon Jupiter, the ruler of the 6th house of foreigners, enemies and war. (Note, this is a second influence for violence, making it more determinative.)  Bush directs his suspicions against immoral foreigners with whom he is drawn into 7th house associations.  He is remorseless and relentless in his fear-based Saturnian violence against them.  Bush has likely become selectively paranoid as President.

     The emotions and the heart are symbolized by the 4th house of the emotions, the perceptional Moon and to a lesser degree, the Sun.  Bush's warm and compassionate Venus rules the 4th house of the heart and is placed in the first house of the self with icy Saturn, freeze-drying the emotional mind.  Saturn also aspects the emotional Moon, with a similar depressive impact, adding to the mental frigidity and rigidity.  Lastly, the Sun, also an indi- cator of the heart, is in the 12th house of loss - Bush's heart is literally lost.

     Bush’s Christian morality arises from the conjunction (joining) of religious Jupiter with the perceptional Moon in the 3rd house of desires.  Jupiter/Moon brings devotion to God, but because religious Jupiter rules the 6th house of enemies, conflict and foreigners, his religious morality is directed violently against them.

     These influences combine into a nice tidy bundle of fear, suspicion, violence, immoral advisors, immoral foreign enemies and self-righteousness.  The perceptional Moon in the 3rd house of desires brings an intoxication with power, focused by Jupiter against foreigners and driven to foreign wars by Saturn’s aspect to this house.  That Mars, Jupiter and the Moon join in aspecting the 9th house of philosophy, adds a "misplaced missionary zeal," confirming Bush's mind-set.

     Mars, the planet of war, adds further confirmation in forging Bush into a modern warlord during his Saturn cycle.  Mars is his career planet, and placed in his 2nd house of communications and income, he prevailed in business using aggression.  Now as President, he imposes his morality using aggression.  Also, Mars aspects Ketu (the spiritual "tail of the dragon" in Vedic Astrology).  It is this virulent combination of angry Mars with god-inspired Ketu that brings "seething anger" to this mental menu of death to the enemies of U S Christianity.  (Note, Mars conjunct Ketu in the world transit chart is the combination that catalyzed the 9-11 events.)  Further, this Ketu/Mars combination occurs in Bush’s 5th house of creative intelligence and government, which makes him highly sensitive to criticism, disturbs the mind with wrath and fuels his violent Presidential vengefulness.  Mars/Ketu makes Bush literally slightly crazed.  Notice how Bush’s hyper-sensitivity to criticism stimulates a paranoid reaction that anyone who doesn’t agree with him is anti-American.  Bush, then, tends to act by reflex, like an animal predator.

     Another confirming influence is from Mercury, also the intellect, which brings loss through emotional impulse.  Mutable Mercury acts this way because it rules the 3rd house of desires and the 12th house of loss.  Further, because of Mercury’s conjunction with Saturn, the planet of death, Bush is Saturnian fixed, stubborn, narrow-minded and violent.  He shoots first and talks later.

     During the Saturn cycle, Bush truly only heeds the inner voice craving parental approval as articulated by his advisors and as fueled by his own fear, vicious nature and suspicion of foreigners.

Bush’s mind is further disturbed by limitation on judgment and ethics, lack of common sense, a changeable nature, deception and self-deception.

     With Bush’s intellectual and emotional influences greatly compromised, one would look to Jupiter’s judgment and ethics and the Moon’s common sense to balance the mentality.  This Jupiter is indeed wise and wealthy in its ruling the 9th house of higher knowledge and being conjunct the perceptional Moon.  However, as mentioned above, restrictive Saturn aspects Jupiter, stifling wisdom and its output, which is judgment.  The Moon similarly is compromised by Saturn, blocking common sense, and thereby wisdom.

     But, it is the house and sign position of these two fundamental mental influences that is really injurious.  Jupiter and the Moon are both placed in the 3rd house of desires, which harms both planets but tremendously energizes the 3rd house.  As mentioned above, the Moon in the 3rd house of desires gives an intoxication with power, and in Jupiter’s expanding this dangerous influence, Bush’s acquisition and use of power are paramount to his nature, but at the cost of good judgment.  Bush's ambition is unlimited, and it is not ethically restrained 

     The third house for this chart is the constellation Virgo, and neither the Moon nor Jupiter do well in this sign of perfectionists. These planets’ broad higher mental qualities are boxed-in by 3rd house desires and Virgo’s picky purity.  There is too in this Virgo placement a confirming influence for believing in Christianity’s superiority over repugnant Islam, or indeed any foreign religion, culture, economic system or governing method.  There is literally no end to foreign invasions under Bush's preemptive strike policy against any country not mimicking the U S in all ways.  Considering that Bush’s ideas and philosophies come from his father via his presidential advisors, in the absence of having clear judgment, Bush even more readily adopts them.

     Impulsive Mercury’s intellect with Venus’s sensitivity and creativity combine in Bush’s 1st house of the self to delaying maturity until his forties and for a flighty and changeable nature.  While sticking to his religious fundamentals beliefs, Bush makes inconsistent and contradictory statements without forethought. 

(Note: with 3 planets in the 1st house of the self, much of this interpretation responds to this emphasis on "self," bringing a naturally self-centered quality to the character.  Bush literally cannot "see" beyond his own limited self interests driven by his unending quest for achievement and parental approval.)  

     As Bush adopts his advisors’ views, he shoe-horns them into his vengeful self-centered religious belief system and tries to integrate these artificial constructs into the fabric of U S politics and international diplomacy.  Bush vacillates in the strategies and tactics of this modern Christian crusade against "infidels" because his underlying ethics don’t mesh with domestic or global values, and his flighty mind cannot stay on a strict ethical path.  Only his ever-present advisors shield Bush from his own confusion and clarify his administration’s positions.  They use public relations techniques to great effect.  Still, these increasingly obvious shifts create confusion, which breeds fear and distrust at home and abroad about the U S’s true intentions.  Bush is disconnected from the electorate and public opinion due to his own religious fanaticism and because his father’s friends do his thinking for him.

     Finally, there is deception and self-deception in Bush’s mentality.  Saturn is a natural blocking agent, and in it’s ruling the terrible 8th house, Saturn's influence upon mutable and impulsive Mercury (communications) is deception.  Bush deceives others using threats of violence and violence itself, and he even deceives himself into believing he’s right.  A further planetary influence that misleads is malefic Mars placed in his 2nd house of speech, where it compromises truthfulness.  Bush lies so naturally and convincingly he exudes sincerity.  That Bush believes his own dissembling only serves to enhance his credibility.


V  How Bush Operates

The President’s charm and "poverty of speech" elevate his appeal and disguise his true feelings. When the President "blurts something out," he often reveals his true beliefs.

     As discussed above, Mercury’s intellect enlivens creative Venus, bringing great charm.  There is also a light, fun-loving quality to the nature, as well as natural diplomacy, making Bush agreeable, adaptable and fun to be with.  One instinctively likes the fellow in his engaging ways.  He can be the finest salesman, especially in one-on-one situations where personal charisma is most effectively projected, enabling Bush to "engage" others.  Saturn focuses Mercury's communications when he lobbies individuals and small groups, giving power to persuade, apparent sincerity and great endurance, outlasting any opposing views.  Bush uses his seductiveness to make his moral agenda attractive, even beguiling.  His charm takes the bite out of his vacillations, his confusion and his ultimately violent, paranoid-fueled, adopted views.

     The Sun rules the 2nd house of speech and knowledge and is placed in the 12th house of loss.  Bush has literally lost his ability to speak.  He's at his limited best using short sentences and small words to engagingly describe his positions on a limited number of topics.  The complex and subtle thinking needed to grasp and articulate a sensitized foreign policy is simply absent. 

     It’s revealing to witness Bush speaking unrehearsed or impromptu, for he is bedeviled by being both inarticulate and confused.  However, Bush’s natural reticence also makes him a smaller target for detractors.  By never addressing any meaningful topics outside his simple and simplistic morality, critics have little fodder.  Yet, there’s a curious opposing influence for penetrating and logical speech in Bush's chart.  Aggressive Mars is placed in the 2nd house of speech, causing Bush to sometimes blurt things out.  Unfortunately, Mars’ influence here also causes lying to others, as well as failure to know what is true.  Therefore, unless Bush’s utterance is truly spontaneous, he may be lying.  But then he lies with such sincere devotion and charm, he serves his own deceitful and deceptive ends rather than the truth.


VI  Bush’s Predestined Rise And Fall

Bush’s rise to power and his misuse of that power cause an equivalent fall.  This is the unalterable fate in his life.

     This is a fated life, and thereby a fated Presidency, and the fate must cut both ways - up and down.  Bush’s creativity, lack of ethics, aggressive nature and his engaging personality brought him business success before he was forty.  Bush ran his expansive Jupiter cycle from age 24 to 40, coinciding with his business success.  In 1987, Bush entered his political 19 year Saturn cycle, and when he ran his Mercury subcycle from 1990 to 1993, Bush had a "sudden rise" to governor of Texas.

     This unexpected elevation in Bush’s life occurred because the Saturn/Mercury cycle activated a long dormant Yoga (special planetary combination) that Saturn and Mercury form in the 1st house of the self.  Saturn and Mercury both rule "evil" houses, and when the rulers of two evil houses combine, they cause problems - the mental issues discussed above.  Conversely, this yoga also grants a great boon in the form of a "sudden rise."  The Yoga elevated him governor, placing Bush in front-line position for the Presidency.

     This Yoga is called a Viparita, which means reverse.  Bill Gates also has one.  It is the most potent and powerful of Yogas.  This is a fated influence, bringing outstanding results from little merit or effort.  Viparita Yoga is winning the lottery, and lottery winners often find their unearned riches ruin their lives.

     The other fated influence in Bush’s chart is his Kala Sarpa Yoga.  Kala Sarpa occurs when all of the planets fall into houses on one side of the Moon’s Nodes, Rahu and Ketu.  These are the astronomical points for eclipses of the Sun and Moon, and any "planet" that can block these sources of light and life must possess the greatest power.  In Hindu mythology, Rahu and Ketu are two severed parts of a snake or serpent.   Rahu, the head, symbolizes worldly cravings and desires.  Rahu is our karma for the future.  Ketu, the tail, is our karma from the past and is thereby otherworldly and of spiritual quality.  These serpent halves are thus the karmas of time, and in trapping all the other planets on one side, they bring fate into the forefront in the most comprehensive fashion.  Kala Sarpa literally means "time serpent," and it predestines the life to karmic control "moment by moment," thus curtailing free will.  Often, there are two halves to the life, like Nelson Mandella, a prisoner for 30 years and later President of South Africa.  The reverse also occurs, when the person rises to a great height and later falls to a commensurate great depth.  In Bush’s chart, the Kala Sarpa Yoga places Rahu is in the 11th house of goals and friends and Ketu in the 5th house of intelligence and government, indicating where the fate will play out when the Yoga is activated.  Because warrior Mars aspects Ketu, the Kala Sarpa Yoga brings his seething violence for unbridled warfare.  This sounds curiously like Saddam Hussein, whose chart may be next interpreted.

     Bush’s planetary cycles were Saturn and Rahu beginning in late December, 2000.  With Rahu active in his planetary cycles, Bush’s Kala Sarpa Yoga was turned on.  Saturn, as discussed above, drives Bush to defeat his enemies.  Rahu pushes him to do so with the help of powerful 11th house goals and friends.  The Kala Sarpa Yoga predestines him to prevail.  Thus, Bush became President, not because he actually won the election, but because he was fated to do so.

Since December 2000 and until November 2003, Bush is both tremendously motivated and empowered to gain power through whatever action required, and this brings out his long dormant violence.

     This is the combination of Saturn with Rahu in Bush’s planetary cycles explained above.  Rahu intensifies Saturn’s duty and responsibilities.  Rahu’s influence is exaggerated because it is exalted in Bush’s 11th house of goals and was stopped in the sky at birth, further empowering it.  Also, as Rahu is 11 houses away from Saturn, this distance indicating goals, it turbo-charges his drive.  Bush’s goals have been discussed in detail above, and it is during this 3 year period that he suddenly and unexpectedly becomes President.  Just as abruptly, 9-11 propelled him into international warfare against terrorism, a challenge his advisors and his Christian righteousness were poised to respond to.  Always the charming warrior in business, he now became karmically ordained warrior exporting Americanized Christian value to gain his father’s approval.

     On March 1 of this year, transit Rahu (where it is in today’s skies) moved into Bush’s 11th house, where his birthchart Rahu is placed.  Recall Rahu is exalted here, which means it is most potent.  This is the constellation of Taurus, symbolizing wealth, and thereby indicating the underlying issue to be money.  At the same time, Ketu transited into Bush’s 5th house of investments and government, where birthchart Ketu is also placed.  Ketu symbolizes gas and oil.  With Bush’s planetary cycles continuing as Saturn with Rahu, the Kala Sarpa Yoga was activated even more powerfully in March, when transit Rahu/Ketu moved into the houses/signs holding birthchart Rahu/Ketu

     With Kala Sarpa Yoga at full output, like a fighter jet on afterburners, in March of this year, Bush's advisors began developing the preemptive strike policy to justify invading Iraq.  Bush didn’t launch the "war is inevitable" Iraq campaign until August 24, when his Saturn with Rahu planetary cycles were augmented by Ketu as a two month subcycle.  This boosted Kala Sarpa to an even higher intensity. The President became an irresistible force, and he made everyone roll over, including Congress.  This multiple confirmation of influences is quite remarkable, even amazing, for such repetition multiplies the Kala Sarpa Yoga’s effect by many times.  Bush’s moralistic motivation and drive have reached a peak that likely amazed everyone around him, even himself, and because Ketu is so active in his 5th house of intelligence, his mind is at a fever pitch.  "Slightly crazed" is now an understatement.

     Foreigners are the target of Bush’s misplaced missionary zeal, his ambassadorship of war for a cause.  Oil pays for and drives the effort.  But foreigners also bring Bush his greatest resistance and ultimately his downfall.  As of July 23 of this year, Saturn in transit moved into Bush’s 12th house of loss, or "final liberation."  From this position Saturn aspects Mars, a combination for warfare.  Saturn also aspects the 6th house of foreigners, enemies and conflict, again a warfare influence.  Consider that birthchart Saturn brings the paranoid violence against foreigners for a moral cause, and the repetition of influences here is now so overwhelming that to Bush, war truly is inevitable.  Consider also that the Kala Sarpa Yoga continues in force until August 2003, and the inevitability of war next year seems incontrovertible.

     Yet, Saddam Hussein is just one of many foreigners involved.  Bush must experience incredible resistance internationally, and this has already been seen inside and outside of the U N.  Even if Bush is bluffing to force Iraq to disarm, his is a most dangerous game that may result in: 1) the U S backing down rather than invade without international cooperation, thereby splitting allied efforts against international terrorism, 2) invade alone and inflame seething anger throughout the Mideast at deadly human costs on all sides.  Iraq will be the downfall of Bush’s Presidency.

Bush’s predestined fall may be precipitated by calamity on or about January 27, 03

     The annual Forecast for August 02- July 03 included the chart for the world at large on January 27, 2003, suggesting calamity then.  This is because malefic Saturn will have temporarily retrograded (gone backwards) into Taurus to be conjunct malefic Rahu, making him a remorseless, ruthless, victimizer.  At the same time, malefic Mars will be conjunct malefic Ketu in Scorpio, revisiting 9-11's seething anger.  From these positions, both pairs of malefics aspect each other.  Also that day, the benefic Moon, perception and life itself, will be sandwiched between Mars and Ketu, suggesting terrible destruction of life and home.  These four malefic planets in combination signaled the beginning of World War II in September 1939 and the January 1991 Gulf War.  With the world already hyped-up by terrorism, and the U S now a preemptive aggressor, this planetary combination signals violent calamity.

     Actually, the planets will be in the above described calamitous configuration from January 7 to February 23, 2003, making this entire interval volatile.  Still, the last week in January 2003 must be the most likely time for an Iraq invasion or other major disaster.

     Saturn will end its retrograde and return to Bush’s 12th house April 8, 2003.  This change signals the beginning of 12th house loss for Bush, the inception of his downfall.  Although Bush will strive mightily, especially around mid April, the result will ultimately be failure, causing loss of his reputation, possibly of his presidency.  However, the inception of Bush’s downfall will precede the actual fall by months, possibly years.

     During 2003, Bush's planetary cycles do not offer the confluence of influences that make his downfall at a specific time a "fixed Karma."  More specific timing for Bush’s reaping the fruits of his violent karmas will thereby be offered in future Forecasts.



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