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Bush Traveled Into Hypocrisy
Published October 28, 2003

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At The Library
     At the urging of my most erudite editor (which is no mean achievement), I recently attended two docu- mentary films presented by the Sedona Public Library on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  This editor seems to feel my education is inadequate or that I suffer from a paucity of Forecast ideas!  Obviously keyboard-provoked calluses elicit no mercy-from this veteran spiritual warrior.
     The first film was produced by Palestinians, and it drew a full house, presumably for the rare opportunity to learn an unheard side of the story.  Abruptly switching from jerky video of violence-inspired theocracy to steady shots of hopeful pleadings for secular democracy, the film was riveting.  A provocative question and answer period followed, but the Jewish contingent, seeing the film as an attack upon Israel, staunchly de- fended Zionism.  And, the smaller Palestinian audience seemed to pretend they were only victims and never religious-inspired victimizers as well.
     The next week, a Jewish produced documentary was offered, and although I felt this would be much like a TV network production, I obediently attended.  Again, I saw tremendous suffering. 
     There was plenty of room this time, enabling my sitting in the second row, an ominous omen that I would speak on a subject about which I had been blissfully mainstream America.  
     I freely admit here to implanted holocaust guilt memories which stifle any criticism I may have of Jews and Israel; although I've watched in great dismay Israel's violent reprisals, which appear more like Old Testament wrath-of-God vengeance than the conduct of a moderate democracy.  And although the Israeli government professes secular democracy, and is certainly not a theocracy dictated by rabbis, national policy is purely Jewish, protecting themselves from the Arab hordes.  Hence, there is no separation of church and state in Israel either.  For this film's question and answer period, the Zionist views drowned out the Palestinians entirely.  So, I felt I had to explain that religious politics was the cause for so much human suffering for so long on both sides.

Daring To Assail The Unassailable
     So, I said something like this,  "This is way outside my area of expertise, but as a Vedic Astrologer, I endorse Hinduism's offering an inclusive philosophy, compared with the exclusivity demanded by other relig- ions.  This follows that Hindus are tolerant of other religions in their quest for detachment leading to enlight- enment, not intolerant as many Christians, Jews and Muslims are.  After watching these two films, I can't help but believe that religious exclusivity and intolerance are the root causes of the unending conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  This really brings home the importance of the separation of church and state, the absolute requirement to keep religion out of government."  Wishing to avoid being booed off the podium, I hastened to drop my current events precision guided bomb and added, "Aren't all of us in this room more comfortable that the Ten Commandments have been removed from the steps of the Alabama Supreme Courthouse?"  
     If there were ever such a thing as a thunderous silence, this was it.  The audience could not disagree with the United States' compartmentalizing religion and government, which helped guaranteed their freedoms, including that of religion.  But attending Palestinians and Jews were caught by the trap of hypocrisy in simul- taneously supporting religious dominated governments in their ancestral homelands.  So, what could they say?  
    I made a swift exit to my second row seat and awaited what I felt must be swift and murderous retaliation for criticizing both the Jewish and Palestinian positions.  Amazingly, no repercussions resulted, nor did any- one acknowledge the double standard.  This is how the combatants answered my unanswerable statement.  They immediately resumed their religiously dominated partisan positions - understandable, I guess, in a battle joined at the inception of civilization 4000 years ago.  Well, maybe, I thought, I planted a seed of awareness that could grow in time.

From Microcosm to Macrocosm
     This Forecast is another such seed, hopefully sewn in more fertile ground.
     The last Forecast, Trouble For President Bush, predicted Bush's Far East trip endeavors, "...tend to 
be unsuccessful."  I also expressed concern there about his physical safety, particularly on Tuesday in Indonesia, and the press reported "extraordinary security precautions" during his Bali, Indonesia visit.   (Gosh, maybe this administration does use astrologers after all!)
     Keeping in mind the Far East is 1/2 day earlier than US time, Bush indeed got himself in serious trouble Tuesday, as reported in both the Washington Post and the New York Times.  To summarize, The hypoc- risy of criticizing Malaysia's Prime minister Mahathir Mohamad for anti-Semitism while Bush's own General "Jerry" Boykin
railed against Islam with Christian wrath, has polarized the world against Bush's religious doctrine of fear-inspired retribution for 9-11.  Condensed versions of both editorials are at the end of this Forecast.  (Incidentally, that Mahathir Mohamad retires this week renders Bush's criticism useless in influencing Malaysia, leaving him with only the consequences of his hypocrisy.) 
     This event takes my Sedona Library microcosmic tale of religious/political hypocrisy to the globe- spanning macrocosm of the same duplicity; but the macrocosm suggests something more than antagonism against Mr. Bush's personal theocracy.  The United States today is the lightening rod for world conflict in its own Christian God revenge against Islamic "infidels."  In turn, the autocratic rogue nations and boundary-less pirate fundamentalist groups are God- inspired to forever resist this second Christian Crusade.  Bush's own religious fanaticism only attracts more religious terrorists.
     The inevitable conclusion is that until all nations embrace non-oppressive secular government and thwart religious dictates, the world will not experience peace, political freedom, or religious freedom
.  A second point is that this break must and can only be made first in the US via its self-correcting democracy, for the rogues and pirates are incapable of distinguishing religion from government.  Since they haven't learned in the last four millennia how to make this cultural amendment, they shouldn't be expected to suddenly do so.
     I believe the law of karma brings us what we deserve.  During the Clinton presidency, his moral failings and lying were expressed in the greedy corporate fraud that ended the 90's stock run-up and economic expansion.  We're still digging out from that period of excess but have hopefully largely purged our society 
of this karmic weakness.  In a very real way, the nation took Clinton's failings as permission to act with a similar lack of personal responsibility.  Now, during Bush's term, his extreme religious fundamentalism strictly dictates harmful actions, and again the country suffers (this time directly from the chief executive's Achilles' heel), and again we have a karmic weakness being painfully purged by the karmic consequences of that failing.

The Astrology
     Even as these Forecasts wade deeper into the waters of political philosophy, they retain their Vedic Astrology foundation.  (Most notable are Commentary - Of Philosophy, Politics & Astrology and  Gandhi, Martin Luther King & Today's Democracy Dilemma.)  The underlying spiritual philosophy is Vedic, in the sense that the Vedas are spiritual roots  of universal knowledge from which the tree of Hinduism and its astrology branch have grown.  As Vedic Astrology examines the movements of the planets within the constellations to unveil the karmic forest, it provides unique insight for understanding the past and present and forecasting the future within this spiritual philosophical context.
     As stated in many previous Forecasts, Iraq is President Bush's great misadventure, which inevitably brings his downfall and disgrace.  The culmination of this work was identifying 4 hotspots signaling Bush's process of decline in the June 15, Future Chronicle - Bush's Downfall, Part 2, The Summer And Fall In Disgrace.  This past week was smack in the middle of his October 15 to 30 third hotspot.  The astrological influences for this hotspot are dominated by the ending of a Rahu (head of a snake in Hindu mythology) cycle.  The snake inevitably bites when his cycle ends, obliterating worldly benefits gained during the middle of its cycle in an abrupt, intense, uncontrollable and toxic way.
     As an eclipse point of the Sun and the Moon, Rahu is the most potent and dangerous of all planets, for none other can block the light of the luminaries.  Further with the November 9 Rahu Lunar eclipse in Bush's 10th house of career already being felt, this Rahu hypocrisy literally eclipses his status and position.  This suggests that Bush's hypocritical criticism of the Malaysian Prime Minister was an impetuous gaff that will reverberate into calamity, a lynchpin for his presidency.
     The Rahu cycle's ending devastation is applicable only to Bush's chart.  The other part of the astrological analysis is that ethics is again a world focus, for philosophical Jupiter (law) and structured responsible Saturn (order) both now aspect (glance) upon the 9th house of higher knowledge.  This inspires the following: justice, law and order for the common man, ethically civilized requirements for equality, political freedom, responsible economic sovereignty and religious tolerance.  
      This resurgence of ethical concerns was discussed in the July 18, Trends For 2nd Half 2003, which stated, "Ethical issues, particularly in government, will replace blind patriotism and exclusionary religion." 

     However, the astrological ration- ale for this claim was not explained.
     On the right is a chart for the current period using the natural zodiac beginning with Aries.  The Jupiter and Saturn aspects to the 9th house are included.  Jupiter's aspect is solid, for it rules Sagittarius and thereby functions well there.
     An additional influence for an ethical focus is that Saturn went into retrograde motion yesterday (for the next several months), which lessens its worldly restrictions and turns its influence inward for spiritual gain.
     This means that Jupiter's expansion can overcome Saturn's restriction to some degree, which enhances law's influence over order. This suggests a greater backlash from George Bush's hypocrisy in Malaysia

And A Strong Democratic Candidate Too
     That July 18 Forecast also predicted, "A strong leader will emerge from the Democratic candidates before year's end."  The reasons for the prediction include, of course, Jupiter's and Saturn's influences by aspect upon the 9th house of philosophy.  There is not only justice in this combination, but also great power and thus is a formula for leadership.  Further, Jupiter is transiting Sun-ruled Leo (government), and the Sun itself will be transiting Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (the 9th house) from mid December.  This Sun/Jupiter com- bination signifies spiritual leadership and the ability to balance viewpoints, both necessary to inspire and lead effectively.  Lastly, as of December 6, Mars will move out of Aquarius, from which position it has been harming Jupiter's wisdom and philosophy with a particularly malicious aspect.
     There are too many Democratic Presidential candidates to predict yet who may capitalize on Bush's disgrace.  Yet, one could break Bush's spell of fear mongering by motivating the public to courageous action, to awaken the karma of personal responsibility.  The only thing we truly have to fear is fear itself.


The Washington Post

Wrong and Divisive
Tuesday, October 21, 2003  

PRESIDENT BUSH rightly took issue yesterday with the anti-Semitic comments of Malaysia's prime minister. Mr. Bush took Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad aside during the economic summit in Bangkok "and told him that what he said was 'wrong and divisive,'" "It stands squarely against what I believe in,"  Mr. Mahathir had told an Islamic conference last week that "the Jews rule the world by proxy" and urged Islamic nations to unite against being "defeated by a few million Jews." He received a standing ovation from his colleagues -- making Mr. Bush's expression of disapproval all the more necessary.

Would that Mr. Bush's sense of outrage at religiously inflammatory remarks was so finely tuned when it comes to members of his own administration. Thus far he has found nothing to criticize in remarks disparaging of Islam by Lt. Gen. William G. "Jerry" Boykin, his deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence. In videotapes of appearances before church groups -- first described on NBC and in the Los Angeles Times -- Gen. Boykin, in Army uniform, describes the United States as a "Christian nation" and says he knew he would capture a Somali warlord because "I knew that my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol."  "Satan wants to destroy this nation, he wants to destroy us as a nation, and he wants to destroy us as a Christian army."

Gen. Boykin's comments have already become political fodder -- for those who push the belief that the United States is waging war on Islam, not on terrorism, and for those who would excuse other forms of religious intolerance. Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher, said, "We hope that those who condemned Mahathir's speech lend more attention to the words of the American general . . . who demonstrated hostility toward Islam and Muslims."

The president ought to be forthright about comments that are wrong and divisive -- whether they're uttered by a foreign leader or by one of his own generals.


The New York Times

Listening to Mahathir
October 21, 2003

The Europeans killed 6 million Jews out of 12 million. But today the Jews rule this world by proxy: They get others to fight and die for them." So said Mahathir Mohamad, the prime minister of Malaysia, at an Islamic summit meeting last week. The White House promptly denounced his "hate-filled remarks."

It's worth reading the rest of last week's speech, beyond the offensive 28 words. Most of it is criticism directed at other Muslims, clerics in particular. Mr. Mahathir castigates "interpreters of Islam who taught that acquisition of knowledge by Muslims meant only the study of Islamic theology." Thanks to these interpreters, "the study of science, medicine, etc. was discour- aged. Intellectually the Muslims began to regress." 

...his strident rhetoric was actually part of a delicate balancing act aimed at domestic politics. Malaysia has a Muslim, ethnically Malay, majority, but its business drive comes mainly from an ethnic Chinese minority. To keep the economy growing, Mr. Mahathir must allow the Chinese minority to prosper, but to ward off ethnic tensions he must throw favors, real and rhetorical, to the Malays.

...Mr. Mahathir thinks that to cover his domestic flank, he must insert hateful words into a speech mainly about Muslim reform. That tells you, more accurately than any poll, just how strong the rising tide of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism among Muslims in Southeast Asia has become. Thanks to its war in Iraq and its unconditional support for Ariel Sharon, Washington has squandered post-9/11 sympathy and brought relations with the Muslim world to a new low.

And bear in mind that Mr. Mahathir's remarks were written before the world learned about the views of Lt. Gen. William "My God Is Bigger Than Yours" Boykin. 

The war on terror didn't have to be perceived as a war on Islam, but we seem to be doing our best to make it look that way.


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