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The November 8 Lunar Eclipse 

Published November 5, 2003


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The Astronomy
    The fall total eclipse of the (full) Moon will occur this Saturday, November 8.  The table below, courtesy of NASA Science News, shows the eclipse schedule for all US times zones.  For the full article, go to  NASA's astronomy 
is  reliable; if you see reports showing somewhat different times, disregard them.  Lunar eclipses are breathtaking astronomical events.  Witnessing one is a natural meditation, and we don't always have the good fortune this eclipse offers to enjoy it.


Moon enters
Earth's shadow



Moon exits
Earth's shadow

Universal Time


01:06 (Nov. 9)

 01:31 (Nov. 9)

  03:04 (Nov. 9)
Eastern Time

06:32 p.m.

08:06 p.m.

08:31 p.m.

10:04 p.m.

Central Time

05:32 p.m.

07:06 p.m.

07:31 p.m.

9:04 p.m.

Mountain Time

04:32 p.m.

06:06 p.m.

06:31 p.m.

8:04 p.m.

Pacific Time

03:32 p.m.

05:06 p.m.

05:31 p.m.

7:04 p.m.

Alaska Time

02:32 p.m.

04:06 p.m.

04:31 p.m.

6:04 p.m.

Hawaii Time

01:32 p.m.

03:06 p.m.

03:31 p.m.

5:04 p.m.

Times printed in light gray denote events that happen before local moonrise, which 
on Nov. 8th will be between 4:45 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. for most observers. So, e.g.
almost none of the eclipse will be visible from Hawaii; all of it will be visible from the 
Eastern time zone.

The Harmonic Concordance
This lunar eclipse coincides exactly with the Harmonic Concordance, a Western Astrology conceived event of trines and sextiles (angles between planets) that combine to form a six-pointed star.  The config- uration is given additional credence by being a theme in the novel, The DaVinci Code.  However, coin- cidence can be mistaken for a causal connection.   
     Sedona's Four Corners Magazine reports that, "This energy pattern creates a subtle but powerful vortex, and the vortex in turn opens a portal."  Since the concurrently occurring lunar eclipse effects would be ascribed to the Concordance, it is impossible to know whether the Concordance carries any effects by itself.  Further, Concordance advocates point to the lunar eclipse as amplifying its energy.  Yet, multitudes of people praying and meditating during the lunar eclipse can only bring positive results for humanity.  

The Vedic Lunar Nakshatra
     Vedic Astrology does not recognize the Harmonic Concordance but does give great weight to lunar eclipses.  The eclipsed Moon will be in the active constellation (sign) of Aries at 22:42 degrees, and if you have a planet in your birthchart close by, you may experience an intense eclipse (blocking) effect upon that planet and the signs it rules in your chart.
     If you do not have your Vedic chart, please forward me your birth information, and I will e-mail it to you at no charge.
     The more profound meanings of the lunar eclipse are found in the lunar "house" (Nakshatra in Sanskrit) where the Moon is placed in its 27 day orbit around the Earth.  Each day, the Moon travels through one Nakshatra, and these 27 Nakshatras refer to individual stars or star groups.  As stars exist far beyond our solar system, the Nakshatras carry information from deep within the universe.  This lunar eclipse is in the Lunar Nakshatra of Bharani (pronounced "Barny"), and below is a synopsis of its symbolism:

Ruled by Venus

     Bharani is symbolized by the vulva, and its deity is Yama, the god of death and of Dharma, or life purpose.  Venus rules this Nakshatra. Bharani is successful in work, capable, truthful and free of diseases and grief.
     Bharani’ s womb symbolism indicates changes that occur within, that mature gradually and then suddenly manifest.  These personal breakthroughs are pre- ceded by struggle, and they must be supported and nourished by self-control and willpower.  The womb thereby indicates the struggle and triumph of birth.  Ideal- ism, moralistic change and social transformations are indicated, as is the ultimate expression of purity through saintliness or a utopian social order.
     The menstrual cycle’s self-purification is the metaphor here.  Perseverance assures success over great odds, but jealousy, by Bharani or others, can interfere, and forgiveness is an issue.
     As the womb signifies early dependence and after birth, independence, Bharani indicates subordinates or those in power.  The birth symbol witnesses maternal love, food and hospitality and governs growth and increase.  The womb combined with the god of death makes every birth a death, and every death a birth.  When these complement, gentle progressive change results; but when they are at odds, discord and frictions occur before success is gained.

     As described, this is a rather tempestuous Nakshatra.  Although ruled by receptive-energy Venus, the sign location is projective-energy Mars' ruled Aries.  Passionate discord is indicated.  That this is an intensifying Rahu (head of a snake in Hindu mythology) eclipse, suggests further emotional tension.  (If this were a Ketu, tail of the dragon eclipse, it would be less tangible and more subtle but weird in its effects.)

Last Spring's Lunar Eclipse
     The Moon signifies the creation and growth of life through the reflected light of the Sun, and it is thereby Vedic Astrology's primary planet.  In symbolizing both perception and the benefits in life, the full Moon can set off major events, which unfold during the lunar cycle.  The Iraq invasion began on the March 18 full Moon and played out through the May 15 partial lunar eclipse in secretive and destructive Scorpio.  This was described in the Forecast entitled, May 30 Annular Solar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse Review
     The challenging May 15 full Moon eclipse in Scorpio brought turmoil as predicted, from the beginning of the month until a week following the eclipse, or May 22. 
      The May 12 quadruple terrorism in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,  5 sets of suicide bombers in Israel May 16 and 17 and the quadruple Casablanca terrorism May 17 are highlights of the intense emotional reactions this eclipse brought.  The first blocked the Israeli/Palestine "road map" to peace and the latter two revealed growing polarization  between Arab governments and Islam.  Additionally, Iraq was increasingly revealed to be in economic chaos and political fragmentation.  These events signal Arab instability instigated by the Iraq war and thereby failure of Bush's aggressive policies.

     In the US, the Senate passed a completely muddled tax cut bill during the eclipse event, and while some herald this as a Republican victory, it's less than half Bush's demands and is a poison pill that can only harm the economy.  Thus on a domestic level too, Bush suffers loss, and his high approval rating is just as vulnerable and ephemeral as his father's a decade ago.

The almost fully eclipsed May 15 
Moon about to swallow a star -- to its left.

     There were other eclipse events of more personal importance.  Forecast subscribers suffered accidents, family illness, romantic drama and friendship breaks.
     Even the world of NBA Basketball was eclipsed.  Just 15 minutes into the eclipse, the world champion Los Angeles Lakers deflated, falling behind the San Antonio Spurs 20 points in less than 5 minutes to lose the playoff series.  Watching that ballgame with an eye on the clock for the eclipse, was a truly amazing experience.

More On The Lunar Eclipse
     As with all eclipses, both lunar and solar, the blocking of one of the luminaries stimulates unease, but as an eclipse darkens the sky to unveil the stars, contemplation can yield insights from the universe.  Eclipses are not good for initiating worldly activities; they make actions taken both less lunar-sensible and less vigorous, impeding favorable results.  
     Consider where the word "loony" comes from, how crimes and other emotionally intense actions peak at the full Moon, and the impact of a total lunar eclipse (which by definition occurs at the full Moon) can be better understood.  Further, after an eclipse, the Moon begins to wane, decreasing energy.  A waning Moon is for ending a task, not beginning one.  This suggests that lunar eclipse insights often stimulate finishing something, or even abandoning it but that one should not concurrently launch a new endeavor. A key attribute of eclipses is that their effects begin about 2 weeks before the astronomical event and continue for a week afterward.
     As explained above, a lunar eclipse, and the accompanying lunar cycle to new and then to full again, often signifies an important event and how that event proceeds, like last spring's Iraq invasion.  This can be confusing, for the other planets continue to influence, both on mundane level and within individual charts.  If one can understand the Moon as a dominant worldly influence for life, and that its eclipse is spiritual through teaching lessons promoting growth, then it becomes easier to grasp its eclipse.
Some Observations
     Following observations may be seen to relate directly to the eclipse and the following waning and waxing lunar cycle: 

     1.  This lunar eclipse marks President Bush's final of 4 hotspots, and it's influence on his 10th house of career and status have been predicted to be definitive in his disgrace. We have already seen precursors here in the October 23 hypocritical criticism of the Malaysian Prime Minister and the November 2 helicopter crash killing 15 American soldiers. 

     2.  The beginning of Arnold Schwarzenegger's troubles may be found in the California wildfires, adding another $2 billion to the state's debt.  Perhaps Cruz Bustamante truly was the lucky candidate in that election after all?

     3.  The 3rd quarter (July - September) 7.2% economic growth will be seen as a blip. Saturn's retrograde, that began on October 26, allowed expansive Jupiter to regain subjective optimism, but this unburdening effect also overweighed objective realism.  Also, Mars' continuing influence upon Jupiter wastes wealth.  The stock markets remain too high in relation to the current and future economy.

     4.  The September 30, A Technological Breakthrough predicted such an advance early in 2004, and increasing technology interest and advancements encourage that finding.

     5.  Eclipse effects will reveal the impacts of last week's 2 tremendous solar flares.

     6.  The eclipse is close to Dick Cheney's Jupiter and Saturn, indicating he may make more paranoid and untruthful statements that will further discredit him.

     7.  The October 19 Trouble For President Bush Forecast stated that, " is important to understand that Bush's successes with the UN resolution, and Congress's agreement to pass the $87 billion military budget bill, may be just pyrrhic victories.  Last week, made the same statement, and yesterday's Washington Post quoted Senator Robert Byrd about the Iraq spending bill, "...and the policy which is supports, unfortunately may prove to be a Pyrrhic victory for the Bush Administration."  The lunar eclipse is revealing the true nature of Bush's apparent victories, and I wonder who is leaking my predictions to these folks?

     8.  The October 28 Bush Traveled Into Hypocrisy Forecast criticized all sectarian governments for mixing religion with government and noted that following this chastisement at the Sedona Library, the combatants, "...immediately resumed their religiously dominated partisan positions...."  Subscribers from both sides admonished me for criticizing their positions, completely missing my point that church and state must be separated as a precondition for peace.  The lunar eclipse is revealing that this is indeed the fundamental problem.

The November 23 Total Solar Eclipse
   This fall solar eclipse will begin at 3:46 PM EST and will be located at 7:15 degrees in Scorpio.  While this eclipse will be discussed in later Forecast efforts, it is notable in Arnold Schwarzenegger's chart for being on top of his 7:25 degree Ketu in his 6th house of the daily job and enemies -- suggesting problems in these areas. 

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