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The November 23 Solar Eclipse

Published November 22, 2003


The Astronomical Event
     Sunday, November 23 completes this fall's eclipse season with a total eclipse of the Sun, beginning at 3:46 PM, EST and ending 5 hours later.  The location is 7 degrees and 15 minutes in secretive Scorpio.  The eclipse will not visible in either the US or Europe, so I've placed a stylish photograph of a previous solar eclipse at the end of this Forecast.

The November 8 Lunar Eclipse
     Lunar eclipses are about perception, life and life's benefits, and solar eclipses are about the self (the ego and the soul, or Atman), as well as government, the heart and the father.  Both types
block and reveal.
     The November 8 Lunar Eclipse Forecast predicted "passionate discord" and "emotional tension," which manifested in escalated Mideast violence.  Because lunar eclipses stimulate events relating to the public and social trends, which then unfold during the lunar cycle ending at the next full Moon (December 8),
Some Observations, is worthwhile keeping in mind.  Certainly, President Bush's reputation has suffered as foretold, and the big 7.2% third quarter economic gain is being revealed as the predicted blip.

A Scorpio Eclipse
     As stated, this is a total eclipse of the Sun in Scorpio.  The complete obscuration of the Sun's light increases the eclipse's influence to block and reveal, and the location in Scorpio suggests unveiling secrets and otherwise hidden information.  Scorpio is ruled by Mars, bringing a militaristic tone, as stated yes- terday in the English newspaper, The Guardian.  The article,
George Bush In London -- The Universal Soldier, stated,

Perhaps the greatest disconnection between Whitehall words and real-world actions was evident in Mr. Bush's ideas about multilateralism, exercised via the UN and other insti- tutions, which in theory he supports.  In practice, as all the world knows, his admin- istration continues to subvert or bypass collective decision-making whenever that suits its purpose.  No amount of sugar coats this bitter pill. No amount of folderol, flummery or flattery makes it easier to swallow.

     The full text can be found at,3604,1088898,00.html  It's fascinating how the public picks up expressions I used first in Forecasts; last January's Face-off Bush/ Hussein Forecast coined the phrase, "...the disconnection between the reality we feel and the reality we're told."  You may recall The November 8 Lunar Eclipse Forecast noted that and Senator Robert Byrd both copied my earlier choice of terms in describing the UN resolution and Congress' $87 billion Iraq spending bill as "pyrrhic victories."
     The solar eclipse, with a similar schedule of effects beginning 2 weeks before and ending 1 week after the astronomical event, has already stimulated further violence and protests in England and Miami.  Also, Congress' attempt to pass the energy and Medicare bills is eerily similar in process to the muddled tax cut bill passed during last spring's lunar eclipse.  One would think that someone on Capital Hill would have dissuaded Congress from attempting to write major law during the eclipse season!  
     We would also expect that the revealing quality of the eclipse will bring protests against Congress' energy and Medicare legislation as the true attributes of these bills, and how they were unilaterally com- posed, become known. 
     I repeat the observation made in the lunar eclipse Forecast that Arnold Schwarzenegger is eclipsed be- cause this solar eclipse is almost exactly atop his 7 degrees and 25 minutes  Ketu in his 6th house of the daily job and enemies.  Ketu, is one of the eclipse points, and it is symbolized by a devious and other- worldly tail of a dragon.  Since this is a Ketu eclipse, Arnold's Sun is doubly blocked -- by both transit and birthchart Ketu.  As the Sun symbolizes government and his ability to fulfill desires, his proposal to solve California's budget shortfall through a $50 billion bond issue will not fly.

The Eclipse's Lunar Nakshatra
     To grasp the deeper meanings of the solar eclipse, we look to the Lunar Nakshatra (lunar house) in which the eclipse occurs. (Note: Lunar Nakshatras were explained in The November 8 Lunar Eclipse Forecast.)

Ruled by Saturn

     Anuradha’s symbol is the triumphal gateway, indicating success, triumph and concentrated power.  It’s deity is Mitra, governing friendships and partnerships.  
Family, friendships, leadership, organization and forming cooperative alliances support goal attainment.
     Anuradha favors wealth, enjoyment of material benefits and a deep spiritual nature. Traveling, moving from place to place and residence in foreign countries is also given.
     Robust physical health and appetite, excellent opportunities, poor luck in gambling 
and adeptness with numbers are also given.
     Because the Moon is fallen in this placement, an outward buoyant and fun-loving nature may balance jealousy and depression. This is because energetic Mars rules this
 sign of Scorpio and restrictive Saturn governs this Nakshatra.

     While this Nakshatra can be favorable in a person's birth chart, it should be understood here within the context of an eclipse, which, by definition, is a negation.  Thus, all Anuradha's characteristics are com- promised in the world arena.  And because during an eclipse the sky darkens to reveal the stars, they also bring information.  Again, for Bush, this solar eclipse occurs in his 5th house of government and leadership, suggesting tribulations in these areas as he loses power and the true intent behind is actions is unveiled.

The Eclipse On Your Birthchart
     If you have a birth chart planet within a few degrees of the 7 degrees and 15 minutes Scorpio eclipse location, you may find that planet's significations negated or compromised.  For example, my Sun is at 3 degrees and 50 minutes Scorpio in the 2nd house, and because it's an income planet in my chart, client fees have been withheld.  Clients who have contacted me for updates haven't called, but they will later next week, when the eclipse effects fall away.  Further as the Sun is the self, my November 19 birthday was not recognized by some and celebrated late by others.  Sometimes the way the karma plays out can actually be humorous, for the 2nd house is also clothing, and I tore out both knees of favorite jeans yesterday in moving furniture.
     As described above, a solar eclipse blocks the Sun's ego, soul, heart, government and father.  Confi- dence is compromised, but this also enables spirituality.  While contemplation and meditation were impor- tant for the lunar eclipse, these activities are even more valuable during the solar eclipse on Sunday -- the Sun's day of the week.  People with heart conditions should use care during the solar eclipse, and if one's father is ill or otherwise experiencing challenge, it's a good idea to give him support.

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