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Mars Transits As The Eclipse Season Ends

Published December 8, 2003

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Mars' Transit 
     After a 6 month sojourn in Saturn ruled Aquarius, Mars finally transited into Pisces on Friday, December 5.  As Mars approached this constellation (sign) change, it became very weak, much like a boat at the edge of a river lacks current to carry it downstream.  The Sanskrit term is sandhi, meaning "dead."
     Ordinarily, this Martian energy
dilution would signal lethargy, but coming at the end of the eclipse season, as signaled by today's full Moon, there was a disharmonious energy mix.  The full Moon galvanized energy to complete eclipse-generated undertakings and trends, but simultaneously Mars' energy, coordination and initiative were at a lull.  Thus, people became a little frenzied in trying to finish tasks without sufficient Mars power.  That the Sun, which also signifies power, was also recently eclipsed, only heightened the differential between desire and results.  A textbook example of this is the California legislature turning down Arnold Schwarzenegger's $15 billion bond proposal last Friday, exactly as predicted in the Forecast, The November 23 Solar Eclipse.
     Some people experienced discord and accidents; others found themselves falling further and further be- hind schedule.  This Forecast should have been published several days ago, for example.  Today, with the full Moon over, a general feeling of deflation has set in.  Even my kitten, Vayu, who scampered about end- lessly in our new home, has collapsed today, snoozing still on the bed.  Pets, which function solely on
instinctual karma, can often reveal planetary influences that are hidden from us in our focus upon initiative karma, free will.   
     Mars in Pisces was explained in Gandhi, Martin Luther King & Today's Democracy Dilemma, "Aggres- sive Mars will next enter Pisces on December 6, from which it will aspect Saturn in Gemini.  In turn, restrict- ive Saturn will aspect Mars, linking these planets together.  The resulting heightened frustrating tensions will continue until the end of this transit on January 24.  However, as Saturn restricts Mars' energy, this combin- ation's frustrations will be largely withheld, like building pressure inside the volcano."  Still, frustration influ- ences, even if much of the Mars/Saturn push/pull energy is not released.


An Ominous Tuesday

     A planet is sandhi when it is within 2 degrees of the edge of a constellation, which has been the case with Mars since the beginning of December.  Today, Mars is at 1 1/2 degrees into Pisces.

     As shown in tomor- row's chart to the right for 11:20 AM EST, Mars attains the 2 degree mark, at which time it will regain its aggressive force.  In fact, because Mars is impatience personified, it's transit effects typ- ically occur as soon as it ends sandhi.  Then Mars eagerly pushes out from the river's edge into the main current.
     Tuesday is also Mars' day of the week, when violence and discord are empha- sized.  Further, newly energized Mars will aspect (glance upon) the very bright Moon, stimulating emotionally driven bold actions.

     We have for tomorrow, then, a number of astrological influences combining for frustrated violence: Mars is finished with sandhi, the day is Tuesday, Mars is in Saturn's grip and Mars aspects the Moon.  That the emotional Moon is conjunct depressing Saturn, the planet of death, only adds to the gravity of the situation.
     Tomorrow, December 9, particularly in the morning, is a time to keep ones head down and not under- take risky actions or initiate new activities.  Vayu the kitten still snoozes, recharging his batteries, and with this Forecast completed, I think I'll join him.



Note:  The news article by freelance writer Sadie Thorndike, entitled Me and My Swami (also published here as Forecast #34), has been well received.  However, articles are often picked up by the media without informing the writer.  If you see Me and My Swami reprinted anywhere, please let me know!  

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