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Published December 13, 2003

(Note:  Titles in maroon and underlined are links to previous Forecasts)

Following are some short takes on karmic influences my radar has picked up.  There is no particular order to the vignettes, nor a theme, though I recite year-end results of some earlier predictions.  They are intended to inform and entertain; 2003 has been a challenging year, and the holiday season is simply too pressing for reading new ideas and observations.  One self-promotion here:  A Vedic Astrology consul- tation, in plotting out future planetary karmas, makes a holiday gift that lasts the lifetime.

I  An Ominous Tuesday -- Mars Transit Into Pisces
     The Monday, December 8 Forecast, Mars Transits As The Eclipse Season Ends, predicted an Omi- nous Tuesday for Mars transit into Pisces.  This transit did indeed stimulate an inordinate number of violent events, although these were not assembled as such in the media.  A suicide bomber in Iraq injured 58 US soldiers, and 6 people were killed in another such Mars-impulsive event in Moscow.  Again in Iraq, a helicopter was hit and forced to land and 2 US soldiers died in separate incidents.  
     Of course, the unusual earthquake in Richmond, that rattled windows in DC, was an obvious signal of instability in the capital.  Of even greater gravity to world politics, President Bush caved into the Chinese Premier by repudiating Taiwan's upcoming referendum expanding independence.  In a second adversarial move, the US ban on Iraq contracts for countries that did not support the Iraq war also stimulated angry response.  
     Because impulsive Mars struggles against immovable Saturn during this transit through Pisces that continues until January 24, it appears the resulting tension and discord that began on Tuesday is tending to continue.  Also, the consciousness change and earth disruptions that Sedona psychics and clairvoyants began to perceive at the Harmonic Concordance (from a Vedic view, the November 8 lunar eclipse), seems to relate to this continued bottling-up of Mars energy, which would be released in late February.  (See section IX, below.) 


II  Objective And Subjective Realities

     Following is an e-mail I recently sent to a former student beset by an apparently impossible karmic bind brought by a Rahu cycle.  (Note:  Rahu is one of the eclipse points, and symbolizes worldly cravings and desires, and Jyotish is the Indian colloquialism for its astrology.)


Dear friend,
     One of the basic concepts of Vedic Astrology is that it "sees" the unfolding fate in events and circumstances.  What is often missed in this event-oriented objective view is that Vedic Astrology also unveils the psychological subjective life of the person.  If you think about it, however, you'll understand that the person's psychology is just another circumstance.
     As you proceed along on Rahu's wild ride, it may give you some solace, and bring some of the true wisdom of Jyotish, to step back and view the world through the twin lenses of objectivity and subjectivity -- for a true perspective of the depth of your experiences.


III  Is Michael Jackson Guilty??
     Michael's birth time is not documented, but the chart to the right, is most frequently used and fits his characteristics.
     Notably, Venus placed in the 3rd of desires and the arts, makes him a gifted performer but also gives an overly sexual temperament.  That Mars, the planet of sex, aspects Venus, turbo-charges his passion, and this quality is further amplified because Mars rules the 12th of bed pleasures.  That Venus sits in the feminine Moon's house of Cancer, and is also influ- enced by masculine Mars, brings the androgynous nature, and because Mars governs surgery, Michael Jackson used plastic surgery to refine, or redefine, his sexual aura.     
    We look at the 7th house to determine sexual orientation.  Mars rules this house and is placed in the 12th of loss. Thus,

Michael "loses" his heterosexuality.  Lowly Saturn placed in the 7th house degrades sexuality, bringing immoral sex and perversions.  That Mars throws an aspect to the 7th house and Saturn makes his sexual unions criminal.  The penchant for young boys in Neverland arises from Mercury (youth) ruling his 5th house of children and being placed in his 4th house of the emotions and home.

     Michael has been running his long Mercury cycle since 1989, and the first child molestation charge was made just 2 years later.  Currently, his subcycle planet is his degraded Saturn.  He is guilty.



IV  A Rapid E-mail Exchange With An Awakening Client
     I've been mystified for some time as to why a spiritually oriented client, and indeed her 3 sisters as well (all clients), haven't subscribed to these Forecasts.  Here, then, is a recent e-mail exchange in response to her receipt of Me and My Swami:  (Note: Before Sadie Thorndike christened me Swami, I was affect- ionately known as Darth Vedic to many.)


Subject: Me and My Swami
     Thanks for lightening up my day and for the inspiration.  In spite of my republican- military-friendly ways... I too worry about the state of things these days and have a strong distrust for Sir Bush.  Sadie sounds like my kind of gal!
     Hope all is well with you. 
     Peace baby!

Subject: conservative Saturn
     I always knew you were a closet conservative, which can conflict with being a spiritual person, for this by definition tends to more liberal leanings.  Religion and spirituality do not mean the same thing, though they are not mutually exclusive either, of course.
     It's that exalted Saturn of yours -- traditional, conservative, doesn't take to rapid change, skeptical, suspicious sometimes but also tough minded, humble and detached and very honorable.
     So, I'm glad that Sadie Thorndike  stimulated some thoughts here.  Of course, if you had believed my The Bush Presidency - Profile and Prediction from 10/02, you would have caught on to what kind of administration this fellow has been running.

     PS  Now that I'm an unofficial Swami, I can get away with being more blunt -- or I can at least try?

Subject: Re: conservative Saturn
     Oh I'm a believer. He is going to fall for sure. I just want some resolution in the Mideast so that the world becomes a better place for all. I do get turned off by the flaming liberals who seem awfully paranoid sometimes -- imagining everything to be a nasty republican game. After watching my Dad's involvement with politics in the 60s and 70s and seeing some of the dirty deals the demos were pulling, it was clear to me that politics in general is a beastly profession. And neither side is clean. My theory is that there are good people on both sides. 
     After having taken some philosophy courses at the local college (just for fun!?) I found that the writings of Plato and Socrates and Machiavelli get one thinking about the nature of politics and the fact that in order to run a government well, there is often a requirement for deception. Scary thought. blah blah blah. So, I am a study in contrasts, as always. The blond playboy bunny at heart who feels sexy with no makeup on and sporting short shorts and hiking boots. 
     I am planning to do some work for the political candidate who emerges as the cleanest and most presidential, which will probably be a democrat.  Integrity seems to be missing these days.
film at eleven.

Subject: Re: conservative Saturn
Thanks for your thoughts, Miss Integrity.
     I agree the Greek philosophers, or at least our Western application of their concepts, are not completely clean.  From my view (astrology) this is because the Sun is primary, and that symbolizes the ego and absolute free will, among other things. So, there's built-in self aggrandizement.
     Take a look my Forecast/commentary Gandhi, Martin Luther King & Today's Democracy Dilemma, which presents the Eastern view.  I hope you enjoy it.  Again from my view, the Indians find the Moon primary, for this symbolizes perception, cooperation, mass consciousness, nurturing, growth, common sense, motherhood, memory.... Perhaps, then, we have something to learn and gain from this more ancient and humanistic phil- osophy, and Gandhi is its finest modern proponent.
     Your devoted Darth Vedic



V  Do Saddam Hussein And Osama Bin Laden Still Live?
     The deaths of these demonic and charismatic leaders was previously predicted, and the lack of hard news or video of either of these very public men is persuasive for their being dead.  A few audio tapes and ambiguous video clips do not prove either Hussein or Bin Laden still haunt the earth. 
     I previously predicted each being killed.  In the section,
VI Timetable For Battle, of the January 2, 2003 Forecast, Face-off 2003 Bush/Hussein, I stated, "


     Beginning on April 16, Bush moves into a self-centered and righteous Sun cycle that promises (to him) major achievement.  This means the U S overwhelms Iraq, that Saddam is killed.

     In the January 10, 2003 Forecast ,  Is Osama Bin Laden Alive?, I stated,


     It is certainly possible Bush carried out this plot (keeping Bin Laden incommunicado or killing him) to maintain the illusion the monster remained free to increase public fear of Hussein and thereby justifying a later invasion of Iraq.  Yet, this finding is only one reasonable possibility and is therefore conjecture, the realm of conspiracy theorists, not of this astrologer.
     What is, however, karmically potent is that Bin Laden died in his Tora Bora cave home on December 8, 2001, caused by the U S bombing attack there


VI  Carol Moseley-Braun
The democratic presidential candidates are on my short list, but for now I'll quote from the October 28, 2003 Forecast, Bush Traveled Into Hypocrisy


And A Strong Democratic Candidate Too
     That July 18 Forecast also predicted, "A strong leader will emerge from the Democratic candidates before year's end."  The reasons for the prediction include, of course, Jupiter's and Saturn's influences by aspect upon the 9th house of philosophy.  There is not only justice in this combination, but also great power and thus is a formula for leadership.  Further, Jupiter is transiting Sun-ruled Leo (government), and the Sun itself will be transiting Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (the 9th house) from mid December.  This Sun/Jupiter combination signifies spiritual leadership and the ability to balance viewpoints, both necessary to inspire and lead effectively.  Lastly, as of December 6, Mars will move out of Aquarius, from which position it has been harming Jupiter's wisdom and philosophy with a particularly malicious aspect.


     What does all this have to do with Carol Moseley-Braun?  Not much.  She may be a viable candidate, or even a possible running mate, but what interests here is that Moseley-Braun is yet one more public figure to mimic terms used presciently in these Forecasts.  Prediction can be much more than identifying events; the flavors of upcoming planetary dispositions come through in choosing terms matching those flavors.  In a recent debate, Moseley-Brown declared that the Iraq war is Bush's misadventure.  In the January 19, 2003 Forecast, The Certainty Of Invading Iraq, I stated, 


     Bush is fated to fall in the military misadventure against Hussein.  It is Bush's destiny for disgrace to follow his rise.  Hussein too has a fated fall, and his death is predicted in the Face-off Forecast to occur as early as April.


     I repeated the use of misadventure to describe the Iraq war in other Forecasts and somewhere even wrote, Bush's great  misadventure.  I continue to predict that its consequences are bringing Bush to disgrace.  The process is just taking a little longer than hoped.

     So, great misadventure joins the ranks of later popularized terms such as, the classic the disconnection between the reality we feel and the reality we're told, the pithy pyrrhic victories and the old adage The means never justify an end.



VII  The Economy And The Stock Market
     In the section,
Some Observations, of the November 5, 2003 Forecast, The November 8 Lunar Eclipse, I stated, 


3.  The 3rd quarter (July - September) 7.2% economic growth will be seen as a blip. Saturn's retrograde, that began on October 26, allowed expansive Jupiter to regain subjective optimism, but this unburdening effect also overweighed objective realism.  
Also, Mars' continuing influence upon Jupiter wastes wealth.  The stock markets remain too high in relation to the current and future economy.


     I maintain the prediction that the economy remains uncertain.. That the media mouthpieces rosy govern- ment reports, makes it difficult to find, weigh and prioritize objectified news.  And even these glowing pronouncements are spotty, like an drought-breaking thunderstorm in Arizona that wets a few hundred acres in the statewide desert.  Further, the public feels the undercurrents of economic instability, warning signs impossible to ignore: the $500,000,000,000 (lots of zeros here!) federal budget deficit,  worsening violence in Iraq and deteriorating international relations globally.  "No man is an island" applies to nations as well.
     The temporary economic optimism, and accompanying exaggerated growth reports, will fade shortly after New Years, as Jupiter enters a 4 month retrograde on January 4, 2004.  This does not preclude economic growth but rather suggests a slow, even sluggish and spotty recovery.  When restrictive Saturn regains forward motion March 8, even more realism will enter the economy and securities markets.



VIII  The Upcoming Holiday Season
The last holiday season was tremendously challenging, both personally and for retail sales.  See the December 9, 2002 Holiday Season Forecast.  This year is an improvement, for as noted, Saturn's retro- grade has taken the pressure off of Jupiter's wealth, and Mars has finally transited away from its aspect to Jupiter. Venus -- luxuries, presents and celebrations -- is in a good position this year, although its transit position in Capricorn beginning December 16 brings practicality and prudence to holiday purchases and activities.
     Because 2002 holiday season sales were depressed, one should use care in evaluating reports of sales gains compared with last year.  
     Also important is the Mercury will do its semiannual retrograde from December 18 to January 7, which will result in its typical  retrograde mental confusion.  That mutable Mercury will be directly opposite restrictive Saturn twice during the holidays, obscures truth, causes mental conflicts and headaches  and brings deception, especially in business dealings.  This opposition began yesterday (December 12) and continues until December 23.  However, this combination also encourages conservative spending.
     Combining the positions of Venus and Mercury, along with the uncertain economy, consumers are cautious this year, although they will spend money on small-ticket items.  The parking lot at Walgreens drugstore has been full recently, and Sedona art galleries report slow sales.


IX  Jihad In Late February?

     In the October 15 Forecast, Gandhi, Martin Luther King & Today's Democracy Dilemma, I stated,


     Timing is important here, for from January 25 until March 11, transit Mars will cross Aries, where poisonous Rahu (an eclipse point and head of a dragon in Hindu mythology) is currently transiting.  This combination brings intense desire expressing itself in bitter antagonism, meanness, spite and violent abuse, and religious Jupiter's aspect adds a vengeful god(s) to the recipe for violent disaster.  
     In other words, an unstable and frustrated occupied Iraq will be the most likely location for Jihad to begin, for the long suppressed volcano to erupt.  While the close conjunction of Mars and Rahu, from February 22nd to the 25th, will be the most volatile, the entire transit will stimulate Mars to release its pent up energy. 


     Another influence for violence is the point of the November 8 lunar eclipse, which was 22 degrees and 42 minutes.  Mars will be within 1 degree of  this point on February 28.  The last week in February bodes ill for the Mideast and concomitantly President Bush's reputation.


X  And finally, Something Mischievously Brilliant
(from Vedic Astrologer "David Hawthorne" [email protected])

Cat ball

What happens when you have: 
1) nothing to do 
2) a sharp knife 
3) a large lime 
4) a patient cat 
5) too much tequila 
6) and it's football season? 






Nite nite, Sadie Thorndike 

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