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Vedic Astrology Points The Way
Published December 18, 2003

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Vedic Astrology Points The Way
     Constellation-based Vedic Astrology arose out of India's Vedas over 5,000 years ago, when soph- isticated societies blossomed in the Mediterranean and the nearby East.  Ancient India's Seers gradually formulated Hinduism's vast studies of cosmic consciousness, which centered upon the basic concepts of karma, reincarnation and the soul's consequent growth toward the (eventual) goal of enlightenment -- complete detachment and full union with God and all knowledge.  Unlike others, India's indigenous culture survived through the millennia, and this rare craft is thus available to the modern world.
     Vedic Astrology, resting upon Hinduism's spiritual authority, interprets the celestial patterns to illuminate the karmic paths of individuals and societies (collective karma).  
     Jyotish, as it is known colloquially in India, is known as the
Eye Of the Vedas, for its unique service as a guide to all who avail themselves of its uncanny predictive accuracy.  Vedic Astrology thereby points the way in unveiling fate, but it is vital to know that these celestial karmas are complimented by initiative karmas, or free will -- again, for both individuals and societies.  That is, individuals and groups are not just held to the inexorable wheel of determinative karma but also possess the ability to change their fates.  Therefore, when we understand how and in what direction the wheel of karma turns, we can harness its energy by employing our initiative karma to advance on the path toward liberation of the soul, or enlightenment.
     It was only in the 1980s that Vedic Astrology, in tandem with its revitalization in India, has come to the West.  A distant cousin to our familiar Western, or tropical astrology, Vedic Astrology can truly
point the way for individuals and societies.  Then, empowered with the knowledge of worthwhile goals, obstacles (attachment karmas), as well as opportunities to free ourselves of these karmas, allow individuals and societies to advance beyond current conditions.  This is the dual concept of personal responsibility and spiritual citizenship, explored in the July 3, 2003 Forecast, Of Philosophy, Politics & Astrology and in the October 15, 2003 Forecast Gandhi, Martin Luther King & today's Democracy Dilemma.


American Has Lost Its Way
     These Vedic Astrology Forecasts have
pointed the way by repeatedly explaining that Bush's "evil" presidency is destined to be brought down by his great misadventure in Iraq (See the October 24, 2003 Forecast, The Bush Presidency -- Profile And Prediction.)  Clearly, for many, and the numbers grow daily, there's an understanding that America has lost its way in believing and following Bush's lies.  We've allowed George Bush and his neo-conservative cronies to enslave us to twin evils -- his hate-filled religious fundamentalism plus inflamed and exaggerated terrorism fear-mongering.  And we, the nation of passionate individualism and freedom, have surrendered our free will, both individually and collectively, to Bush's imperialism -- like sheep herded into a coral in fear of phantom wolves.   

     The June 15, 2003 Forecast, Future Chronicle -- The President's Downfall, Part 2 - The Summer And Fall In Disgrace, predicted Bush would suffer approval loss and be disgraced by the November 8 lunar eclipse.  Four hotspots were identified, and these signaled accurately the losses Bush experienced this summer and fall, excepting of course, his actual fall.  Vedic Astrology indeed pointed the way for Bush's decline, as his Iraq misadventure, exclusionary policies and economic stagnation brought growing public resistance.


We Missed An Opportunity To Throw Bush Out

     However, it has been the failure of the majority of American people to object and rebel that has allow- ed Bush to remain in power.  Vedic Astrology pointed the way to a period when Bush was vulnerable, but the public missed the opportunity to oust him.  
     There are a few characteristics about Vedic predictions that apply specifically to world forecasting a.  First, 70%
event accuracy is a fair goal, and second, this degree of insight is adequate for reliable trend forecasting.  This was explained in the June 15, 2003 Forecast, Future Chronicle - The President's Downfall - Part 1 - Forecasting Progress Report

     For mile-markers (predicted events), the goal is 70% accuracy, as there always remains mystery in how the karmas actualize.  (Consider here that predicting specific events from a world of uncountable possibilities is not coin-toss odds.  The odds of predicting a single world event are high, and the odds of predicting 70% of many events is astronomical.)  70% event prediction is also sufficient to define trends, the signposts leading to the destination.  

     Thus, Bush's downfall is not in question, only when it will occur.
extending the predictive effort beyond fated influences, to include the people's collective free will, unnecessarily and inappropriately gives fate the upper hand.  That is, if I had predicted that Bush would only suffer loss of support during the summer and fall, then readers would not have exerted their complete initiative karma to oust him.  I predicted his demise in November because this was a probable event in a definitive trend, and I hoped for the result at the earliest likely time.  It was my personal responsibility, my spiritual citizen obligation, to reasonably, fairly and optimistically promote Bush's downfall.
     Fourth, social change often comes from just one person.  Gandhi for India's independence and Martin Luther King for the civil rights movement are wonderful examples here.  While many have challenged Bush, to date, no such leader has caught the public' attention.  Had such a leader arisen this past summer, Bush would already have retired to Crawford by now.  (As an aside, I have predicted that such a strong leader will emerge from the ranks of the democratic presidential candidates during the last half of this month, and as this occurs, Bush's downfall will be further assured.)


Two More Intervals Of Opportunity
     Two more periods are coming up that will further discredit Bush and cripple his power, and these can alert the public as to when to apply the steadfast resistance needed to end his imperialistic presidency.
    First, in late January, violence will escalate tremendously in the Mideast, particularly, of course, in Iraq.  Following is an explanation of this potent karma, taken from Gandhi, Martin Luther King & Today's Democracy Dilemma,

     Timing is important here, for from January 25 until March 11, transit Mars will cross Aries, where poisonous Rahu (an eclipse point and head of a dragon in Hindu mythology) is currently transiting.  This combination brings intense desire expressing itself in bitter an- tagonism, meanness, spite and violent abuse, and religious Jupiter's aspect adds a vengeful god(s) to the recipe for violent disaster.  
     In other words, an unstable and frustrated occupied Iraq will be the most likely loca- tion for Jihad to begin, for the long suppressed volcano to erupt.  While the close conj- unction of Mars and Rahu, from February 22nd to the 25th, will be the most volatile, the entire transit will stimulate Mars to release its pent up energy. 

     In the December 13, 2003 Forecast, Vedic Vignettes, I confirmed this prediction by stating,

     Another influence for violence is the point of the November 8 lunar eclipse, which was 22 degrees and 42 minutes.  Mars will be within 1 degree of  this point on February 28.  The last week in February bodes ill for the Mideast and concomitantly President Bush's reputation.

     The second period is from early March through May, with an emphasis on May, when Bush will lose his power to influence.  This is due to two powerful planetary karmas in his chart.  The first is his planetary cycles.  As his 4th hotspot ended at the November 8 lunar eclipse, just about the same time, he changed Vedic planetary cycles from the challenging Saturn/Rahu/Mars to the auspicious Saturn/Jupiter/Jupiter, and this continues until March 4, 2004.  With expansive Jupiter's luck and fortune equalizing restrictive Saturn's contraction, Bush has experienced some apparent victories and windfalls (although I maintain these are a mix of pyrrhic victories more truth-twisting).  However, from March 4 to July 28, his planetary cycles change again, this time to Saturn/Jupiter/Saturn, which must greatly restrict him.  The second planetary karma is the transit of Saturn over his Sun (government, power and prestige) during the entire month of June.
     A plausible scenario, then, is for Mideast violence beginning in February will allow a new democratic challenger to discredit Bush definitively.  Then in June, Bush will be powerless to fight the rising tide of public protest and will be effectively disgraced.  Hopefully, he will be forced to either resign or be impeached.


So What To Do?
   Dr. Jayana Clerk, who has been my guide through the political philosophy of personal responsibility and spiritual citizenship, is truly qualified here.  I, after all, am only a Vedic Astrologer.  Jayana offers the following thoughts about what Americans, indeed the entire global community, can and must do this winter and spring to oust Bush:

     Collating politics and Vedic Astrology may not be a farfetched combination in the interconnected world that is marked for its interdisciplinary tendencies.  Inevitably the shrunken world demands fusion of human thought, knowledge, wisdom and insight.  And of all fields of human activity, politics needs it the most.  To shift the thought paradigm from hard core pursuit of profit and power to suit the new reality, one must redefine pragmatism. Politics and philosophy have to coalesce to create humanitarian citizenship, a new concept of global denizen-ship has to emerge.  This is what Vedic Astrologer Doug Riemer has termed personal reasonability and spiritual citizenship in his forecast work.

     The US is the most privileged country, and therefore the most responsible.  If it fails to live up to its role, it would be the greatest loser.  Our democratic principles, freedom, affluence, creativity, leisure, imagination, dynamism and accumulated power, if used correctly with wisdom would still keep us #1, not in the military industrial complex, but in humanitarian leadership.

     Most equipped are the enlightened Americans people who can change destructive political policies that have governed us for centuries.  The new millennium brings new face of the planet, new responsibilities, and new solutions.  Public opinion has changed political philosophies in the past in our country.  One has to only remember the civil rights move- ment, Vietnam, impeachment of Nixon -- just to mention a few of the radical changes initiated and accomplished by pressure from the people.  New awareness can accomplish wonders, if we converge politics with humanitarian philosophy, economics with compass- ion, and technology with our will to live together.  Then we will all survive and not be destroyed.

     The choice is clear, as 9/11 amply demonstrated.  We are vulnerable.  Our military superiority can be, and was, bypassed.  If we do not wake up, our future is bleak.

     In our frenzy, we went to war with Iraq only to save our face.  What’s proven when an elephant quashes a mosquito?  But when another bug called “terrorism” keeps boring into that elephant gnawing his vitals from within, the elephant has no clue where to begin. Knowledgeable, enlightened, aware, evolved Americans can be wise vets for the elephant. They can be instrumental in evolving new ideology for the planet in this new millennium.

     Welcoming the year 2000 all around the globe, the whole world watched people in different costumes, music, and dance.  The oneness of the globe could not have been better felt than through this virtual reality. 
     Let us bring in India's predictive astrology to better understand humanity's karmic les- sons the celestial map portends.  We can further use Jyotish for timing our collective efforts to restore humanitarian leadership in America and thereby pave the way toward truly global citizenship for all. 


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer

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