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The Planetary Winds Have Shifted
Published January 10, 2004

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Confusing Angst
Optimistic news reports since mid November about a growing economy and US successes abroad have stimulated a confusing angst.  There's relief for economic growth and progress in the terrorism war, distress that President Bush survived (even triumphed) over summer and fall challenges and downright terror at media reports he will be easily reelected.  This turn-around has been remarkable for both a one-sided abruptness and media shortsightedness.  In early November, the economy, Iraq and international relation- ships appeared to be all doomed, but a series of events I labeled as pyrrhic victories led the media to proclaim the world had turned on a dime to regain prosperity and peace.  

Mental Obscuration
     Part of the problem has been the mental obscuration brought by Mercury's (communications) retrograde motion from December 12, 2003 to January 7, 2004 while being under close aspect by restrictive Saturn.  The most notable event that befuddled was the December 13 capture of Saddam Hussein -- no one knew what this out-of-the blue event meant, or didn't mean?  Imagine my distress when I heard that news at 6 AM that morning, when just the night before I had hastily published Vedic Vignettes, which reiterated my January 2002 prediction that Hussein would be killed in April 2002!  That the remainder of this Forecast has proven accurate hasn't yet dispelled my personal angst.

The Mental Fog Has Dissipated
     Right on schedule Wednesday, January 7, the mental fog dissipated with Mercury regaining forward motion.  And because this mental clearing closely followed the January 4 retrograde of Jupiter, which reduces its optimism, wealth and fortune, the world already appears in a different light today.  (This Jupiter retrograde rips the petals of good fortune off Bush's blooming yellow Texas rose.)  Reiterating all the recent negative and gloomy news reports isn't necessary nor appropriate, but it is worthwhile noting here the chimera of economic recovery is being disproven, and I spotlight today's Reuters article, Bush Planned Iraqi Invasion Before Sept. 11.  The article opens with, "Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill charges in a new book that President Bush entered office in January 2001 intent on invading Iraq and was in search of a way to go about it."  This excerpts a 60 Minutes interview with O-Neil tomorrow, Sunday.  Don't miss it at 8 PM, EST, 6 PM MST.

Clarity And Understanding
    With Mercury's mental clarity restored, and Jupiter's optimism reined in, this new year can now be approached and understood with balance and realism.  We begin to grasp now that corporate profits gained by exporting jobs have been the engine driving up stock prices.  The destructiveness of huge and continuing deficits is finally being seen.  The natural consequences of Bush's Iraq lies are being revealed...

     Finally, I had predicted several times that a strong leader would emerge by year-end from the Demo- cratic contenders, and this appears to be Howard Dean.  Yes, there's is still a large group of 9 presi- dential hopefuls, and each has much to offer, but in 
the restored mental clarity, Dean emerges as singularly capable of standing up against Bush.     
     On the right is Dean's chart, and what is most significant is the intellectual brilliance and wonderful quickness.  
     For this Gemini rising chart, the Ascendant ruler, Mercury, gives a superlative mind in the 5th house of creative intelligence.  The mind is quickened and made intuitive by being conjunct Ketu  (Ketu is one of the eclipse points and is the fiery tail of a dragon in Hindu mythology.)  

     This is not a prediction yet for Dean's nomination and election in November, for much will occur over the next 9 months.  Yet, he brings a freshening breath of intelligent, clean and honest air to replace the stifling repugnance of Bush's blunt mind and lies.  
     We'll see how the karmas unfold, but in the meantime, we can take heart in the reemergence of hope for resolving our democracy dilemma.


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