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The Presidential Candidates -- An Early Look
Published January 18, 2004


Uncertain Birth Times
     Birth times are a defining issue here, for while place and date data are documented, birth times given by astrological websites, such as Astrodatabank and Starcats, are derived from verbal reports.  In some cases, only one person claims a birth time that was told to him/her by the candidate, a family member or even a friend.  For other candidates, these birth times are confirmed by further reports, but those are not necessarily independent -- they can issue from the same source.   Thus, the resulting charts may be incorrect, either flawed by an error of a few minutes or completely wrong if off by hours..  
     As an example, for Dennis Kucinich, Astrodatabank uses 10/8/46 at 5:53 PM in Cleveland, Ohio.  But the resulting chart holds so much turmoil that it's a challenge to believe.  Astrodatabank's Source Notes state, PT has birth certificate in hand. Original entry gave source as Gauquelin Book of American Charts and Contemporary American Horoscopes and noted that C. Ficociello gave 5:53 AM in MH Ext 4/1979.  When the 5:53 AM chart is used, it appears to be more suitable, calling the 5:53 PM chart into question, but close examination of the chart, planetary cycles and transits reveals that the PM time could work.  Fortunately, this extreme type of conflict appears limited to Kucinich  for this presidential race.
     It is typical for birth times of political figures to be uncertain.  They don't often show birth certificates to astrologers, and sometimes more than one birth time is "floated around," accidentally or not, to prevent widely published astrological reports from discrediting them or revealing their secrets.  For an unknown cause, there is no birth time information at all for John Edwards.

Displayed Charts
     The charts shown here have been culled from reputable websites, and in most cases, they have already withstood intense analysis; that is, they have been verified by comparison with known characteristics and events (rectified).  However, there's yet another caveat.  These rectifications are almost exclusively done by Western Astrologers, who use the Tropical Zodiac, which is advanced 24 degrees beyond celestial positions.  
     Due to this disconnect from the celestial map, Western Astrology has a basic flaw, and this is aggra- vated by these astrologers' natural devotion to their own culture's astrology.  Because of this measurement problem, Western Astrology uses the angles between the planets (conjunction, opposition, trine...) as a primary analytical tool, and this focuses interpretations upon psychological tendencies.  While interesting and often useful, the psychological yardstick simply can't accurately measure definitive qualities, such as physical characteristics, nor how the chart matches up against events in the person's life.  These are the realm of celestial-based Vedic Astrology, and it is hoped that the rectification work done before composing this Forecast validates these charts.  Yet, it is also true that birth times for political candidates and other public figures change over time as they become better known and more fully investigated by the astrological community.  Consider this Forecast, then, an initial effort which may evolve during the long race to the presidency.
     Given all of these concerns, following are highlights of the major candidates' Vedic charts, Dasas (planetary cycles) and transits.  Because of the large amount of information, I've condensed the narratives by citing technical significations in the charts.  Please don't allow these planetary references to confuse or distract from the plain English findings and conclusions.  
     Finally, this Forecast is published the day of the Iowa Caucus to meet the deadline of an initial analysis before the first primary, not to predict its singular outcome. The charts are listed alphabetically to avoid the unintended emphasis that comes with being listed either first or last: 
Clark, Dean, Gephardt, Kerry, Kucinich and Lieberman.  A comparative summary at the end of this Forecast suggests how well or badly the candidates will perform in relation to each other, political issues and, of course, President Bush.

Wesley Clark
     This is, of course, a man of great mental prowess.  The Moon in the 5th house of creative intelligence in mutual aspect with wise Jupiter brings intellectual power and a philosophical bent, as well as success in all undertakings and wealth.  Morality is also favored.  However, the Sun both illuminates and burns analytical Mercury in the 2nd house of learning and speech, promoting mental brilliance but also bringing tunnel vision and blind spots.  Yet, because the Sun is afflicted by Ketu, the ego is subdued or somehow repressed, and a highly spiritual nature is given.  Influences to the 2nd house from Saturn's aspect and Ketu's positioning there further harm Mercury and can distort the truth.  Thus, Clark is duplicitous, through he doesn't intend to be.  Mars' influence in the 1st house of the self aggravates Mercury's analytical failings by making him willful, obstinate and fixed.  He has the capability of being his own worst enemy.
     Restrictive Saturn with Rahu in the 8th house of turmoil is difficult, assuring calamity, even downfall and often frustrating the tremendous expansiveness given by the Jupiter/Moon combination.  Clark is "running" his 7 year Mars cycle with a Jupiter subcycle that begin in October 2003 (see Dasas, below), just about when he launched his candidacy.  That aggressive Mars and Jupiter the teacher both aspect the 7th house of relationships is great for leadership, and Jupiter's transit through the 10th house of career in Leo (government) launched his effort with great success, so far.
     The limiting factor is that Saturn is transiting through the 8th house until September 5th of this year, which threatens upset, perhaps due to secrets being revealed.  There's also stress on Clark's cardiac system during this transit.
     During the early primaries through February, Clark is running Mars/Jupiter/Mercury, suggesting that impulsiveness or unveiled secrets can cause him problems.  That Clark is also lascivious is another possi- bility for his undoing.  With transit Mars and Rahu coming together in his 6th house of enemies from January 25 to March 11, disputes are a certainty.
     Yet, overall, this a man who can confront President Bush and present a convincing platform.  He has the appearance and disposition of an eagle.  Clark could become the Democratic Party's nominee this summer.
     The latter part of the campaign will be tougher for Clark because his planetary cycles change to Mars/Saturn beginning September 15, and this continues through the November election date.  However, he will also experience a powerfully advantageous Jupiter return when transit Jupiter moves into his 11th house of gains August 23.


Wesley Clark



Howard Dean
     Dean, of course, arose as the frontrunner during the latter half of December, as previously predicted someone would come forward to be seen as a strong leader.  An interesting but practically meaningless fact is that Dean was born on November 17, 1948, just 2 days before this astrologer.
     Dean also has mental brilliance in Mercury being placed in the 5th house of creative intelligence.  Like Clark, however, harms come from an aspect by Saturn and Ketu positioned with Mercury.  The mind is incredibly fast and highly intuitive due to Ketu, and deeply focused by a philosophical Saturn.  The problem with these dual malefic influences on Dean (and Clark too) is that the mind sometimes fragments.
     Dean's Moon is full and exalted in Taurus giving him a tremendous emotional quality which shines upon the entire chart, but the 12th house position causes him to sometimes lose the truth in speeches and debates.  Like Clark, however, this is not intentional.
     The Jupiter/Mars combination in 7th house of relationships is again great for leadership and being very social, but this is a difficult Mars in ruling bad houses and being weak in its posting at the very edge of the house.  This Mars brings anger, the bulldog appearance and the brash statements that have characterized his campaign.
     Venus, symbolizing the wife, is in its fallen sign of Virgo, but this weakness is offset by being in the powerful 4th house and exchanging signs with Mercury  (Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and Libra is ruled by Venus.)  This Venusian weakness manifests in Dean's wife being reclusive or otherwise unwilling to participate in his campaign.  This could turn out to be a real liability as the race continues and her presence is missed, for even though the First Lady is typically not determinative to a presidency, the US has a long cultural history of her being by the President's side.
     Dean has a very powerful Rahu in the 11th house of goals and friends, and since September, Rahu has been transiting the 11th house as well.  When Mars transits into the 11th house January 25 to March 11, expect some fireworks from Dean, confrontations but also support from friends and groups.
     Dean is running is 19 year Saturn cycle, and his subcycle since February, 2001 has been Venus.  These are not auspicious Dasa planets for a presidential campaign, although Bush has also been running his Saturn Dasa. Because Saturn represents the common man, it does aid in connecting with the masses however.
     Dean's recent slowdown has been caused by transit Saturn crossing his Ascendant (self) since Decem- ber 19.  This restriction is easing off now, but it will recur in early May, after transit Saturn ends its retrograde and crosses his Ascendant again..  Birthchart Saturn in the 3rd house of desires is good for detachment, and this balances the Mars' inspired fury.  That is, Dean tends to appear more angry than he actually is.
     During the early primaries, his planetary cycles are Saturn/Venus/Mercury (8/28/02 - 2/8/04) and after February 8, Saturn/Venus/Ketu.  The former is good for creativity, but the latter must harm the 5th house, which is also government.  Yet, Dean has done well so far in the campaign in being the spokesperson for protesting Bush, and the Saturn/Sun cycle beginning April 15 should give him a lift.  This cycle continues through calendar 2004, although Saturn/Sun/Saturn, from September 27 through the November election, will truly test Dean's will and power.
     Again like Clark, Dean can confront Bush and could become the democratic nominee, if only by sheer force of will and intellect to inspire the electorate.
     It's interesting that upon delineating Clark's and Dean's charts, that they share several stellar qualities and weaknesses.


Howard Dean




Dick Gephardt
     This is a nice fellow, well spoken for Mercury and Jupiter both aspecting his 2nd house of speech and gentle and emotional in Ascendant ruler the Moon being conjunct Ketu.
     Easygoing Venus in the 6th house of enemies makes Gephardt a natural diplomat with few enemies.  The mind is strong and focused with Mars posted in the 5th of creative intelligence, but while this may make him hot-tempered, Gephardt naturally shies away from confrontation, always preferring the compromise and accommodation that have brought him success in Congress.  Mercury (intellect) is poorly placed in the 8th house, for although this position can be good for respect and fame, mercurial Mercury vacillates too much in this powerfully destructive house, and a Mars aspect further disturbs the intellect.
     Gephardt is running is 10 year Moon cycle, and Ketu's influence there makes him oversensitive and weakens the mind.  He's had some recent success because his subcycle is Jupiter, but this yields to Saturn on March 4.  Saturn is very difficult for Gephardt because it is very weak in its fallen sign of Aries, and because this is the 10th house of career, the Saturn cycle will strongly influence for him to lose support and probably drop out of the race by the end of March.  Saturn in the 10th house can raise the person up, just to later drop him down, like former President Nixon.


Dick Gephardt



John Kerry
This is an interesting fellow, definitively a public servant in the Sun (government) ruling the 10th house of career in Leo (government) and placed in the 1st house of the self.
     Like Dean, Kerry has a tremendous emotional nature from his exalted and full Moon, and this is charged up by Mars in his 7th house of relationships.  This combination brings great initiative, bold actions, a wealthy wife and also courage, athletic ability and a gung ho attitude.
     Like Clark, his is a Scorpio rising chart, making Kerry both a warrior and sometimes his own worst enemy in Mars ruling both the 1st house of the self and the 6th of enemies.  However, because the 6th house is also service, Scorpio rising people are oriented to serve.
     Jupiter in the 10th house of career is stimulates sound judgment, wisdom and an excellent career, and an aspect from Mars stimulates leadership.  That transit Jupiter is also in the 10th house is a major bonus for luck and public receptiveness.  But again like Clark, Saturn in the 8th house is both burdensome and brings turmoil, especially since Saturn is also transiting there.  That Saturn is weak at the edge of the sign aggravates its restrictions and separative influence.
     As shown, Kerry entered his 17 year Mercury cycle in August, but this influence is not entirely in place, for Saturn is slow to let go.  That Kerry's career continued to prosper during the 19 year Saturn Dasa is a testament to the strength of his chart.  Mercury rules difficult houses for this chart, making it a destructive influence due to impulse and aggression.
     Kerry's had some focus issues in his campaign because birthchart and transit Saturn both aspect Mercury in the 2nd house of speech, and this blocking influence creates conflicts, confusion and difficulty in making decisions.  Kerry also tends to reverse himself.  Transit Mercury's recent retrograde in the 2nd house has aggravated these issues, but this will ease off when Mercury transits out of Sagittarius on February 2. 


John Kerry





Dennis Kucinich
     This is the candidate with the most suspect birth time as discussed above.  Yet, the preferred 5:53 PM birth time chart is consistent with Kicinich's difficult childhood, his remarkable rise and fall as Mayor of Cleveland, his interest in government and the quality of being a spiritual warrior
     With 3 planets posted in the 8th house of the metaphysics and catastrophe, and the ruler of the 5th house of government (the Moon) placed in the 12th house of final liberation, Kucinich is naturally concerned with peace, non-aggression and the welfare of humanity.  That Saturn represents the masses and the common man and is placed in the 5th house of government, adds to his populist views.
     Yet, Kucinich is a fighting public servant, for his Sun (government) rules the 6th house of enemies and service in Leo (government), and it is placed in the 7th house of relationships.  A focus area for Kucinich's public policy is health services, for his Sun (medical) rules the 6th of illness and is placed in Virgo, the sign of healing.
     As shown below, Kucinich is running his 20 year Venus cycle, which is disadvantageous in Venus ruling 2 houses of destruction and being harmed by Ketu. The current subcycle is Mars. which gives him lots of energy, passion, drive and leadership potency but which also causes reversals and is not supportive of public appeal.  Kuninich has fallen behind in fund raising and popularity, and his chart does not suggest he will gain the support needed to be a contender.


Dennis Kucinich



Joe Lieberman
     This is the third Mars' ruled chart (Scorpio Ascendant), along with Clark's and Kerry's, which proves that in this field of 6 candidates, political warriors have come forward to battle President Bush.  (Dean should not be excluded here, for his fighting Jupiter/Mars combination aspects the first house of the self.)  
      A key factor for all 3 Scorpio Ascendant charts is restrictive Saturn transiting through the 8th house of turmoil, although this is balanced to some degree by auspicious Jupiter transiting the 10th house of career and the public.  For Lieberman, Saturn is a difficult planet.  Saturn is very weak in its fallen sign of Aries, which makes its transit effects similarly onerous and burdensome.  Cautious Saturn debilitated in the 6th house of enemies makes him suspicious, perhaps even paranoid, which is why he supports the Iraq war and is similarly hawkish on fighting terrorism and protecting Israel.  (Note Vice President Cheney has an even more difficult fallen Saturn, explaining his seeing terrorist villains everywhere.)  This violent side to Lieberman is camouflaged by his Venus/Mercury charm (explained below), but in siding with Bush, the militancy narrows the appeal of his candidacy. 
     Again, there is a potent influence for leadership in the Jupiter/Mars combination, and this is enhanced by the Moon, giving a superior public presence and sincere concern for the masses.  A government career is insured by the Sun (government) aspecting its own house of Leo, where Rahu is potently placed for a big career serving the public.  Again like Clark, the Sun is conjunct Ketu, stimulating spirituality and subduing the ego.
     What sets Lieberman apart and truly makes him a unique candidate is the Mercury/Venus combination in the 3rd house of desires.  Both of these planets were stationary (stopped in the sky) within days of his birth, which tremendously empowers them.  (It was John F. Kennedy's stationary Mercury that made him so intellectual and charismatic.)  There's great creativity, originality and the ability to charm, as well as a pleasant refinement not found in the other candidates.  Lieberman is a born actor.  Yet, these planets in the 3rd house of desires are over-stimulated, making Lieberman impulsive and too quick to judge, which relates to his supporting Bush in the Iraq war.
     Newly in his 17 year Mercury Dasa, it is not yet at full strength.  Mercury gains that status when Lieberman enters his Mercury/Ketu cycle on or about February  19.  Mercury will thereby increase Lieberman's impetuousness, and Ketu being conjunct his Sun, will reduce his power to influence.  
     Lieberman's prospects for success are thereby dimmed, and he will likely not recover his former strength in the polls.


Joe Lieberman



Comparative Summary
     It appears that Gephardt, Kucinich and Lieberman will not survive the winter primary season.  John Edwards is an unknown for his unknown birth time.  This leaves, Clark, Dean and Kerry, which should be no surprise to anyone.
     Clark and Kerry are heavyweights, in their abilities, power and experience.  They also both suffer from the difficult Saturn transits through their 8th houses of turmoil and catastrophe, although Clark's8th house is more afflicted than Kerry's.  Clark's Dasa cycles of Mars/Jupiter are superior to Kerry's vacillating Mercury/Mercury, but Kerry appears to have grounded himself to his advantage recently. 
     Either of these candidates could  persevere in primaries and the election in November.  Howard Dean is the wild card, as he has been since the beginning of his campaign almost a year ago.  Dean's pugnacious criticism of Bush's terrorism and domestic policies have caught the ear of many Americans, but he is also flagrant with inconsistencies and often shoots himself in the foot.  Also, his planetary cycles of Saturn with Venus are inauspicious, which suggests that when the voters compare him with Clark and Kerry, as opposed to just being against Bush, Dean will not persevere.
     Yet, with Forecast predictions for Bush this winter and spring negative, Dean could use his lightening quick and hard-hitting criticism of Bush to gain public favor, but Clark and Kerry would use the same strategy.  On balance, Dean is less likely than Clark or Kerry to prevail in the primaries, and Clark could be discredited.  At this time then, Kerry appears to be favored, although when 3 powerhouses like these compete, predicting the winner 9 months from the November election is more gambling than judgment.


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