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An Early Spring
March 16, 2004


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Staggering Off Toad's Ride
Mars' transit through Aries from January 25 to March 11 brought the predicted intense animosities in 
religious war (Jihad) among Moslem factions and fall of Haiti's government, the latter of which was not specifically anticipated.  Similarly forecasted, the Democratic candidates finished their heated contest, President Bush suffered further harm to his reputation, the economy sputtered, sexual issues were confronted and all are seen with increasing concern for social equity.

     The past few days have seen some continuation of strife, as Venus approached Rahu  (An eclipse point and head of a snake in Hindu mythology) and Mars again aspects Jupiter.  Venusian relationships, especially  unorthodox ones, suffer, and Venus's contentment and Jupiter's optimism have been compromised.  Considering the inevitable exhaustion many of us felt when Mars finally cleared out of Aries on March 11, these harms to Venus and Jupiter are particularly unwelcome.  Fortunately, Venus moves past Rahu today, suggesting the karmic waters will finally calm for a while.

     These influences mirror this astrologer's experiences, and I thank those Subscribers who politely reminded me recently that I hadn't composed a Forecast since February 14.

     The Spring Equinox this Saturday, March 20, will be favorable for spiritual work.  It's a good time for group healing and meditation ceremonies.  However, the Moon will be new that day, and while a waxing Moon is good for beginning new intentions and activities resulting from learning experiences during the Mars/Rahu transit, any real progress and benefits will not tend to bear fruit until the Moon becomes brighter (stronger) as it approaches its next full Moon on April 5. 


General Influences Through April 2004
     As the karmic waters calm for a while, enjoy the springtime to enhance the opportunity to rest and recoup your energies. The balance of March should be relatively calm, and with Mercury (intellect and communications) weak in its fallen sign of Pisces until March 25, endeavors in these areas are difficult anyway.  March 25 and 26 are exceptions here, as the Moon passes Mars, and both Mercury and Venus will be weak as they cross into new signs.  Use care both days.

     The first half of April will see a gradual energy buildup as Venus follows Mars in Taurus and Mercury approaches Rahu in Aries.  However, Mercury's retrograde from April 7 to May 1 will stimulate confusion as to planning and executing activities.

     During the last half of April, Mercury continues in its retrograde, and the Sun enters its exalted sign of Aries to conjoin Rahu.  There will be a partial Solar eclipse April 19.   These influences are unfavorable for confidence.  The key here is mental clarity and objectivity in judgments and decisions.  April 30 could be very dicey with the Sun conjunct (eclipsed by Rahu), and Mars reaching strength in Gemini conjunct Saturn.  

     Jupiter and Saturn must also be considered, as the big planets are always potent in a more comprehensive way than the faster moving inner planets.  With Saturn now in forward motion (which began March 8), its restrictions and realism must override expansive Jupiter's continuing retrograde (until May 5).  This, then, is further reason for caution, especially in money matters.


The Economy
The prediction in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is repeated below:

     Strong Growth  Saturn retrograde October 26 and Jupiter forward until January 4 
     Uncertain Growth  Jupiter retrograde January 4 and Saturn retrograde until March 8
     No Growth  Saturn forward March 8 and Jupiter retrograde until May 5
     Conservative Growth  Jupiter forward May 5 and Saturn continues forward motion


Bush Versus Kerry
     Also as previously discussed and predicted, President Bush drops further in the polls and loses more power to influence from March 4, as his Dasas (planetary cycles) are Saturn/Jupiter/Saturn and transit Saturn closes in on his birthchart Sun.

     John Kerry can use diplomacy to his advantage during his Mercury/Mercury/Venus planetary cycle from early February through late June, but he will have to contend with a difficult Mercury retrograde and inordinate passion during the last half of April.  Considering the longer term, Kerry is newly in his 17 year Mercury planetary cycle (since August 2003), and he greatly benefits by release from his laborious 19 year Saturn planetary cycle.  However, his Mercury is afflicted by both Saturn and Mars.  As Mercury is placed in his 2nd house of speech and truth, he has great difficulty in framing and articulating effective and consistent leadership policies.

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