A Blue Tuesday & Condoleeza Rice
April 4, 2004



A Blue Tuesday 

     In the recent Forecasts, I suggested that the planetary energies ease in April and then intensify again toward the end of the month, making this month a good time to rest and recoup your energies.

     The impetuous for this suggestion comes from elevated discord during Mars' January 25 to March 11 transit through Aries and ...several impending astronomical events promising to shake up the world later this spring and summerDates for these events were listed in The Times They Are A Changin.  While there is relative calm in April, like any interval, there are sensitive days. 
     Below is the Vedic chart for this coming Tuesday, April 6, which promises to be difficult, perhaps in the extreme.  Shown in red are aspects to Jupiter from three malefics (harmful planets) Mars, Rahu and Saturn.  If you look at the degrees of each, you'll see they are close to Jupiter's 16'12", and considering that Rahu moves backwards, it is actually approaching Jupiter.  Thereby, this head of a serpent promises a lightening and toxic attack.  Jupiter's optimism, judgment, faith and good fortune are entirely spoiled by this triplicate barrage.  The other benefic planets are also oppressed:


Venus being close to Mars stimulates for passion in all things and no patience for or with anything.

The Moon conjunct Ketu tremendously sensitizes the emotions and creates false imaginings.

Mercury is slowing down for its retrograde beginning April 7 and s conjunct Rahu, making communications both flustered and blurred.


Finally, recall that Tuesday is Mars' day of the week, which further stimulates Mars' violence and discord.

     Tuesday, then, is a day to use care in your activities and not begin or engage in efforts or projects that may be stressful or are inherently antagonistic.  Tuesday will also likely bring further escalation in the Jihad (religious war) that began in Iraq during Mars' transit through Aries and has gradually intensified since then.  Certainly recent brutality in Iraq, Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Spain has all been of the same Muslim extremist cloth.


Condolisa Rice
      On the right is Rice's chart with an uncon- firmed birth time of 11:30 AM.  However, preliminary analysis supports this chart.
     While this Tuesday will create challenge for many folks, Condoleeza Rice will be on the receiving end of this Tuesday turbulence during her Thursday testimony before the 9-11 Committee.  That is, further (perhaps even momentous) violence just before Rice testifies will stimulate tough questions from Committee members about the efficacy of this National Security Advisor's job performance before and after 9-11.  Given the planetary influences upon her chart, Rice will not be able to defend herself.  She will be a very nervous and fearful lady that day.  President Bush can only be harmed by this key official being discredited. 

     The accuracy of any Vedic prediction rests in part upon the momentum achieved in a situation.  It seems that sufficient momentum has been gained in the controversy over Bush's handling of 9-11, and his conse- quent invasion of Iraq, that Condoleeza Rice's testimony may be the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.
     As promised in The Times They Are A Changin, charts for the major players in this real life drama will be interpreted in upcoming Forecasts with regard to major astronomical events this spring that will challenge the Bush administration at the Iraq turnover date at the end of June.  Events this week will likely set the stage for that drama. 


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