A Celestial Tumult
April 22, 2004 



     The March 30 Forecast, The Times They Are A Changin, listed and briefly discussed the numerous astronomical events promising to shake up the world later this spring and summerApril's intensity is testimony to this Celestial Tumult.

     Below is that listing, to which I have added April 6, discussed in the April 4 Forecast, A Blue Tuesday & Condoleeza Rice, which correctly predicted violence, 

Tuesday will also likely bring further escalation in the Jihad (religious war) that began in Iraq during Mars' transit through Aries and has gradually intensified since then.  Certainly recent brutality in Iraq, Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Spain has been of the same Muslim extremist cloth

     The purpose of this Forecast is to explore how these astronomical events may influence your personal planetary karmas.  

     For mundane (world) astrology, we rely on the astronomy of the planets' transits and unusual combin- ations with known effects -- such as eclipses.  In seeking to apply these astronomical events to your per- sonal karmas (experiences), it is necessary to understand that your birthchart describes your lifelong karmas.  For predictive work, your Dasas (planetary cycles) detail karmas emerging via the birthchart, and astronomical events overlay these foundational Dasas.  This is how I explain Dasas and transits in my essay to clients, Information For Your Vedic Life Reading,

Dasas are like the river, determining which section of the river of life you are curr- ently traveling.  Thus, Dasas are the underlying “soul-level” influences.  Transits are like weather upon the river, bringing temporary and more worldly impacts.  When Dasa planets influence concurrently with transiting planets, event likelihood is greatly increased.

     Depending upon your birthchart and planetary cycles (and, of course, your free will efforts to conquer challenging karmas), astronomical events can pass by unnoticed, ruffle your feathers or strike you hard.  Yet, as we all live within an interconnected society that is increasingly global, no one can completely escape this celestial tumult.  At least some people with whom we associate must be affected by these astronomical events, thereby coloring our lives.  

     A final factor, momentum, must additionally be incorporated.  As described in A Blue Tuesday & Condoleeza Rice, The accuracy of any Vedic prediction rests in part upon the momentum achiev- ed in a situationIndividually, these astronomical events are not significant, but given the existing world stresses, together with their tight sequence and mental emphasis, they pile up, like the final straws laid on the camel's back?

     Given these considerations, let's look into the current and emerging celestial tumult.


     First, here again is the listing of astronomical events.     

1.   April 6            Blue Tuesday
2.   April 7-30      Mercury retrograde
April 19         Partial Solar Eclipse at 5:50 degrees Aries
April 23-25   The Moon passes Mars and Saturn
May 1           The Sun transits Rahu
May 4           Total Lunar Eclipse at 19:46 Libra
May 5           Jupiter ends 5 month retrograde
May 18         Venus turns retrograde until June 30
May 21-24    Mars conjunct Saturn and Mercury conjunct Rahu
May 25         Kala Sarpa Yoga begins and continues until October 18
June 8           Venus crosses directly in front of the Sun
June 17         Mars transits at strength into its fallen sign of Cancer
June 26         Mercury conjunct Saturn
July 7-10      3 conjunctions: Sun/Saturn, Mercury/Mars, Moon/Rahu


1.  April 6, Blue Tuesday, indeed kicked off the spring season with the insurgency revolt in several Iraqi cities.

2.  Mercury's semiannual  retrograde, starting the following day, has brought even more confusion and cloudy irrational thinking than usual, in part because the other planets have been badly disposed, as spe- cifically discussed in the Blue Tuesday Forecast.  Further, Mercury in Mars' ruled Aries conjunct Rahu  (the head of the dragon), results in flustered and blurred communications.  Yet, some mental clarity was maintained until Mercury retrograded back to meet the Sun becoming combust) beginning April 15.  Since then, everything seems contradictory, and consistent lucidity is absolutely elusive.  

3.  The April 19 solar eclipse alone was not terribly impactive for its being a partial covering of the Sun's orb, but the sudden change from an exalted Sun in Aries to being partially blocked by Rahu harmed self confidence and stimulated accidents and discord for some.  At the same time, Mercury retrograde was approaching Pisces, its fallen (weak) sign, muddling the intellectual waters further.  

       Mercury continues its retrograde motions in Pisces until April 30, influencing for heightened nervous- ness, indecisiveness and spacing-out.  But some mental tribulations must continue until forward moving Mercury leaves Pisces May 9.  Until that date, then, use care in executing any contracts and informal agreements, audit financial transactions carefully, stay away from get rich quick schemes and other possibly fraudulent opportunities and monitor your automobile and other equipment.  This last is a Mercury signif- ication, possibly because it signifies electricity, which is how the nervous system operates.

4.  As shown on the list, beginning tomorrow, April 23, until the 25th, may be particularly difficult in the Moon will then transiting across Mars and Saturn, first stirring up emotions and then bringing them down.  Whenever both the mental planets, Mercury and the Moon, are afflicted, the mind is troubled and unable 
to sort issues out effectively.

5.  Also, May 1 is difficult for the Sun being conjunct Rahu, again harming confidence, and although not listed, Mars will then be entering Gemini to 
be conjunct Saturn, a stressful combination that can bring violence, if only verbal.

6.     The May 4 total Lunar Eclipse will be at 19:46 Libra in the afternoon, and if you have any planets near this point, use care during the period -- about a week before the actual eclipse and several days following.  Again, this is a delicate mental period, for Mercury will still be in Pisces.  Mother, home and relationship are challenge areas.

 7.    A rush of optimism, abundance and wisdom will come into the heavens on May 5, when Jupiter ends its five month retrograde.  Further, because Mars will no longer be afflicting Jupiter by aspect (glance),  Jupiter will be able to breath a little in only being under Saturn's thumb.  Yet, wait a few days for the Solar Eclipse effects to pass and Mercury regains rationality in Aries before attempting to launch any ventures or investments.

 8.  On May 18, Venus will turn retrograde, dampening Jupiter's optimism and wealth and harming relationship.  You may want to discourage friends from getting married this spring, at least until Venus resumes forward motion June 30.


Given the momentum buildup through May 18 for mental turbulence and discord, the May 21-24 Mars conjunction with Saturn could bring political, military and economic havoc.  This is a combination of opposite malefics signaling tension that erupts.  At the same time, Mercury will cross Rahu, stimulating for toxic thinking, which can only fan the conflagration.  Saturday, May 22 could be depressing with the Moon also crossing Saturn.  This is a very difficult time.  Prudence and forgiveness are good watchwords. 

10.  On May 25, Kala Sarpa Yoga begins.  As stated in The Times They Are A Changin,

     A further concern can be seen in all the planets having moved to one side of Rahu and Ketu, which are the head and tail of a serpent in Vedic mythology.  Rahu is the head and indicates the future, while Ketu is the past.  The eclipse points, then, symbolize time.  When all the planets are on one side of the serpent's halves, it captures the planets in a Yoga (special combination) called Kala Sarpa in Sanskrit, which naturally translates into time serpent.  With the planets thus confined, fate is accentuated over free will.

    While Kala Sarpa does not signify events in your life and/or in the world, the increased fate reduces the ability to influence situations, and attempts at manipulation will tend to be fruitless.

     I'll run through the final four events quickly.  Following the challenges of late May, and considering too that Kala Sarpa's fate is everyone's back seat driver, These last events will be additive to the Spring's Celestial Tumult.  

11.  Venus's June 8 crossing directly in front of the Sun must harm wealth, harden hearts and stress relationship.

12.  Mars' move at strength into its fallen sign of Cancer on June 17  (and continuing until July 31) can bring spikes of excessive aggression and public fear.

13.  Mercury's conjunction with Saturn on June 26 will block communications and bring deception.

14.  The triple conjunction July 7 - 10 of Sun/Saturn, Mercury/Mars and Moon/Rahu signal disruption of government authority.


In Closing
     This is a lot of information, much of it technical, and I admit it may not be optimally integrated.  Even if my maligned Mercury permitted a cohesive and comprehendible Forecast, your retrograde Mercury may turn off, like a electric breaker flips when the circuit is overloaded. 

     My suggestion here is to print out this Forecast and keep it for easy reference to help you plan your life and best understand world events during this Celestial Tumult.  I'll be also referencing it in upcoming Forecasts.


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer


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