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Is Osama Bin Laden Alive?
Published January 10, 2003


     Osama Bin Laden, "Wanted Dead Or Alive" vanished last summer from the media and President’s Bush’s masterful public relations campaign.  Even last fall’s surfacing  of an audio tape, reputedly recent
 and of his voice, didn’t long revitalize the topic.  One day it was front page news, and without follow-up information from the admin- istration and modest media comment, Osama's "resurrection" was brief, actually ephemeral.

     Yet, how strange it is that the greatest villain in recent history, guilty of destroying a major American landmark with thousands inside and threatening terrorism throughout the world, should disappear from the media spotlight in less than a year.  And then, when audio tape evidence he lives is later found, this is not even investigated or discussed more seriously or durably than an earthquake or an election in a major country.

     Again, there’s a disconnection between what we are told and what we feel.  Bin Laden, after all, was everyone’s daily topic - personal and governmental - from 9-11 through- out the winter and spring of 2002.  Osama Bin Laden had better name recognition than any other person on the globe last year, but like a UFO, he mysteriously vanished from everyone’s radar.

     It may be the world media couldn’t ferret out any information about Bin Laden following 9-11 and had to rely on government reports and the Arab TV station in Qatar that played videotapes of him.  It may also be true the literally hundreds of govern- ments searching for Bin Laden couldn’t find any information either.  Yet, it is bizarre that the U S government, in alliance with the British, both cut off its investigatory reporting about Bin Laden and didn’t publicize the inevitable conclusion that he was indeed killed in the Afghanistan cave bombing.  Instead, a new villain, Saddam Hussein, beginning in late August 2002, was suddenly hailed as the world’s great terrorist threat.

     This complete disappearance of Osama Bin Laden from the world’s news and anti- terrorism focus may be just the way the events played out.  On the other hand, as Hussein has taken Bin Laden’s place as Bush’s most hated terrorist, doesn’t our govern- ment owe us a definitive finding that Bin Laden is dead or alive?

      Consider these alternatives:

     1. Bin Laden is dead.  Without their leader, the Al Queada terrorist group and associated terrorist organizations had a greatly diminished ability to strike again in the U S.  This tremendously diffuses the threat from Saddam Hussein, as Bin Laden's death would isolate Iraq as the only viable terrorist threat, which lacks credibility by being unproven anyway.

     2.  The question of Bin Laden’s life is kept in doubt.  Then Hussein’s terrorist threat is linked to Bin Laden, giving additional support for an Iraq invasion without needing documentation of Iraq's having "terrorist" weapons of mass destruction.  In this alternative, the fall 2002 Osama Bin Laden audio tape could even have been faked to encourage our belief he's alive, although no proof for this conspiracy exists.

     Given Bush’s obsession with killing Saddam Hussein, and the absence of any proof of Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, it makes simple sense Bush would leave the Bin Laden "Dead Or Alive" question open to maintain the highest fear level of Hussein.  If Bin Laden is missing but presumed alive, then there are two monsters in the world, and this multi-villain scenario escalates public support for an Iraq invasion.  After all, isn’t the hidden monster more frightening for our imaginations?  (As an aside, with the question left open, aren't we more susceptible to unproven conspiracy theories, such as the above-mentioned possibility Bush faked the recent Bin Laden audio tape to maintain the illusion he still lives?  In feeding upon fear, conspiracy theorists only muddy the waters further and thereby harm our ability to find truth.)

     Shouldn’t the government tell the public the truth about Osama Bin Laden  so that we can have full information in choosing whether or not to support an Iraq invasion?

     This Forecast looks at Osama Bin Laden’s Vedic chart to determine whether or not the man still lives.  No, this isn’t definitive physical proof, but as the conclusion is well-founded in analysis of planetary symbolism, then authoritative information is provided filling the gap left purposely open by President Bush to advance his Iraq war agenda.

     Below are Osama Bin Laden’s Vedic chart and planetary cycles (Dasas). 

Osama Bin Laden 
Birthchart & Planetary Cycles

July 30, 1957
5:30 AM
Jiddah, Saudia Arabia


     This birth data was offered by a member of the Yahoo Vedic Group and matches known characteristics: a very tall egocentric and violent man of family wealth, large beautiful eyes, missionary zeal, leadership and organization skills, tremendous communications abilities that distort the truth, and a criminal, stubborn mind with an "alternative" career.  Further tendencies are feeling isolated and misunderstood, an irritable temperament, a big ego concealing a lack of confidence and desire for ruling power.

     As concerns the Dasas, quoting from the referenced Sept/Oct 2001 Forecast:  "While it's a fitting chart, what struck me is that his 18 year Rahu Dasa (cycle) ends October 1, and this head of a snake (in Hindu mythology) always gives a bite at the end of his cycle.  Since birthchart Rahu is in his 4th house of the home and transit Rahu is in the 12th of confinement, the indication is for disruption in his home that imprisons him.  Rahu is foreigners, suggesting foreigners grab him.  Jupiter in this chart rules the 6th house of foreigners and is a danger to Bin Laden in its current transit through the 12th house with Rahu."

     That foreigners would "grab" Bin Laden, is in retrospect, an intriguing concept, suggesting the CIA captured him in his home (the Moon) during the Rahu/Mars/Moon cycle that ran from August 30, 2001 until October 1.  It is certainly possible Bush carried out this plot (keeping Bin Laden incommunicado or killing him) to maintain the illusion the monster remained free to increase public fear of Hussein and thereby justifying a later invasion of Iraq.  Yet, this finding is only one reasonable possibility and is therefore conjecture, the realm of conspiracy theorists, not of this astrologer.

     What is, however, karmically potent is that Bin Laden died in his Tora Bora cave home on December 8, 2001, caused the U S bombing attack thereOn this date, Osama's cycles were Jupiter/Jupiter/Jupiter/Sun.  Jupiter is a weak benefic planet for this chart,  capable of bringing harm from foreign enemies and disease.  Jupiter was then transiting through the 12th house (the end of life) with toxic Rahu.  The Sun (the body) was transiting Scorpio (death and secrets) and had been eclipsed (blocked) in a total solar eclipse in Scorpio on December 4.  This eclipse was doubly injurious for Saturn (death and secrets) being placed in birthchart Scorpio.  (Note: eclipse effects begin and endure a couple of weeks around the actual eclipse date)  

     These influences represent a powerful confluence of death- inflicting planetary effects.  The manner of death was most probably infection of an injury to the head, midsection or legs, which means the blow would have been struck on or around the solar eclipse.  That December 8 was Saturday, the day belonging to Saturn indicates death came slowly and painfully.

     We do have indirect evidence to support Bin Laden's death in December 2001.  The previous month saw the final Bin Laden video tape, and this very public and vocal dramatist could never remain quiet for long.  Silence is not in Bin Laden's Vedic chart.  Following Tora Bora, Bin Laden stopped communicating with the world, and the fall 2002 audio tape was both untypical and easily fabricated by his supporters.

     In summary, Bin Laden's Vedic chart is conclusive in confirming his death, and that there is indeed only one monster now in Saddam Hussein.  Without proof of Hussein having weapons of mass destruction, we should each protest an Iraq invasion and pray for peace.  Although the karma for violent calamity beginning January 27 is dominant and controlling, in reality there is no such thing as a fixed karma* in the world of human affairs. 

     (*Fixed karmas only occur in the physical universe, such as earthquakes and weather, over which mankind has no measurable influence.)

     (Note: At this time, predictive work for the upcoming probable warfare in the Mideast is completed.  A planned future Forecast, entitled "After The War" will examine opportunities for gain and achievement as the fundamentally sound economy rebounds.  Technological advances stimulating economic recovery and enhancing the quality of life are a primary area of tremendous potential.  Readers should know, however, that their own individual Vedic charts and accompanying cycles will determine if, how and when each may benefit.

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