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The Shuttle Calamity* And The Future 

Published February 2, 2003

(*Calamity  1: a state of deep distress or misery caused by major misfortune or loss.  
2: an extraordinarily grave event marked by great loss and lasting distress and affliction.)

     This Forecast examines the shuttle crash and its influence upon the U S invasion
of Iraq.

     Yesterday's horrific crash of the space shuttle Columbia is the calamity this astrologer has repeatedly predicted since last July.  The July 22, 2002 August 02- July 03 Forecast states, "While the entire Mars transit through Scorpio (from January 7) until February 23 is threatening, January 27 can bring a violent calamity or even the beginning of the invasion of Iraq."

     Calamities are extraordinary - in both quality and rarity.  Because it is unfeasible to predict exactly when and how the planetary karmas will manifest, and the February 1 crash date is but a hairsbreadth away from the discordant energy peak of January 27, the prediction is validated.  Further, January 27th saw the beginning of the largest combat operation in Afghanistan in 12 months.  The ill-publicized battle took place near the Pakistan border and continues still.  The fighting consumed some of the Mars/Ketu* destructiveness, which then continued to build until it was unleashed in the shuttle crash.   

     Terrorists and Iraq avoided violence to deny Bush more grounds to invade Iraq, and this is another factor in bottling up the violent energies until February 1.  That Bush finalized his invasion commitment under Mars/Ketu is almost certain but unprovable at present, and his Scorpionic secretiveness further held back the violence.  Many of us have personally experienced Mars/Ketu unbalancing sensitivity and violence.

(*Mars/Ketu was explained in several past forecasts, but in a nutshell, Mars is the planet of war.  Ketu is a moving point showing the location of eclipses and is represented by the tail of a dragon in Hindu mythology.  This tail is understood to be a spiritual and otherworldly dissolving influence.)

     Provocatively, a Mars/Ketu conjunction marked the 9-11 calamity, another aeronautic event.  Remarkable is that the Mars/Ketu conjunction previous to 9-11 occurred on December 3, 1999, when the Mars Polar Landing Craft was lost entering the Martian atmosphere.  The only Vedic astrology reason for flying craft disasters occurring when Mars joins Ketu, is that the other half of the dragon, which is the head called Rahu, symbolizes airplanes - and the two halves of the dragon are never fully separate.  The implication here is that the upcoming U S Iraq invasion will be initiated by, and heavily weighted toward, air warfare.  However, this also suggests that Iraq to will use flying machines, which would be its air force and missiles, and Rahu's toxicity means chemical, biological and radioactive payloads.

     The charts below illustrate some interesting astrological influences at the time of the crash.  The chart on the left is for Washington, DC, the home of our country.  For Vedic Astrology enthusiasts, malefics  Mars (violence) and Saturn (death) both aspect (glance) upon the Ascendant (body).  Further, the warfare combination of Sat/Rahu continues, as does the "seething anger" Mars/Ketu conjunction.  Other influences for calamity can be seen upon investigation.

     On the right is the Astrocartography map at the time of the shuttle explosion, and this displays where the planets were at angles (strength) in the sky at the time of the explosion.  Ketu (shaped like the letter "U") is directly over Dallas, and Mars (the circle with and arrow) is close by.  Since it is Mars/Ketu energy that brought the shuttle down, this Astrocartography map specifies that the Columbia was exploded when it crossed this violent space.   (Note: This geographic application of Vedic Astrology demonstrates how this tool can reveal event catalyzing influences otherwise hidden.)  It is thereby possible to have predicted the crash and the location, but such insight is beyond this astrologer's skill at this time.

Saturday, February 1, 2003 9:00 AM
Washington, DC

Astrocartography Map Showing
The Planets At Angles (strength)


     We next consider how the shuttle crash influences the upcoming U S invasion of Iraq, for however tragic the crash is in both loss of life and in toppling another American icon, the grim future of upcoming war cannot be ignored.

     The rising tide of protest in the U S and abroad has thus far restrained President Bush's obsession with killing Hussein, and yesterday's explosion heightens awareness of the cost of violence.  Rather than a war-stimulating terrorist act, we are given the opposite, the sobering horrific destruction of the symbol of peaceful international discovery.  The suggestion here is to honor the peaceful exploration of space that the shuttle has so dramatically advanced - by being resolute for peace on earth.  All of us have vivid memories of shuttle astronauts photographing the earth and seeing a beautiful and peaceful blue/green ball sheltering life.  The loss of the Columbia is a wake-up call to promote peace at the very edge of war.

     A reasonable period of mourning is, of course, appropriate, even for warmongering Bush.  His secret invasion date must therefore be no earlier than mid February.
     The influence for a U S air attack against Iraq begins on Tuesday, February 18, when Mars and Saturn will be aspecting each other within one degree.  This combination for war continues until Saturday, February 22.  (Tuesday, by the way, is Mar's day of the week, and Saturday is Saturn's day of the week.  9-11 was a Tuesday and the Columbia crash was a Saturday.)

     February 18 to 22 is identified as the invasion's inception.  We can look more closely at influences during these 5 days:  Saturn has been weakened, or made latent, by its retrograde (backwards) motion since October.  Saturn goes direct (forward) on February 22, indicating the air war begins late in the week.  On the other hand, Bush's chart shows extreme volatility beginning on February 17, bringing weight to the war beginning early in the week.

     We now have a timetable for efforts to protest this violence.  For those of you of spiritual bent who feel unempowered, consider that everyone has the ability, and the humane duty, to express his/her views when war looms.  This can be done in manifold ways - from writing letters to the media, to contacting your legislators.....  If you're still at a loss, look back at your 10th grade "Social Studies Class," during which you learned about government.  Inside the cover of the 1963 Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, used for the above definition of "calamity," there is a boyhood note, "The pen is mightier than the sword."

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