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    Below are samples of two each In-depth Forecasts and  Celestial Wheels.  In-Depth Forecasts are published periodically each month to track the predominate karma patterns -- a big picture viewpoint.  The Celestial Wheel is a log, commenting about twice weekly upon current karmic influences and events.



(An In-depth Forecast)


Winter/Spring Shifts Of The Major Planets

January 4, 2005


     The March 30, 2004 Forecast, #46 The Times They Are A Changin, identified thirteen bunched-up astronomical events, promising to shake up the world later this spring and summer.  That listing was then applied in later Forecasts to track world events and also suggest periods of change in your personal charts.


     This winter and spring brings another interval of karmic intensity with shifts of the major planets -- Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, listed and described below.  A Mercury retrograde, smack in the middle of these shifting planetary heavyweights, is included.  Again, we'll use this information in future forecasting  -- both in in-depth Forecasts such as this, and in the daily Celestial Wheel.

     During the process of writing and publishing this forecasting library since July 2002, I've assembled over twenty charts of leaders and celebrities and half a dozen charts for nations.  These supplement and add detail to the World Chart, which uses the natural zodiac beginning with Aries.  (Note: without a birth time and place for the planet, this chart can only measure general trends and lacks the predictive Dasas  -- planetary cycles.  However, by displaying the relative planetary dispositions in transit, the World Chart also provides some insight into our personal charts.)  While having all these charts certainly expands available information, this blizzard of data needs to be selected, condensed and integrated in order to sketch a meaningful and understandable drawing of the karmic ebbs and flows.

     For this Forecast, I chose a macro to micro approach, selecting charts for: the World, the U.S., Iraq and G.W. Bush.  I offer summary comments for the next month or so.


Saturn Retrograde  November 8, 2004 to March 22, 2005

     Retrogrades back into Gemini January 13

     Turns forward March 22 at 26:27 Gemini

     Reenters Cancer May 25

Jupiter Retrograde  February 2 to June 5

     All in Virgo

Rahu and Ketu change signs on February 22

     Rahu shifts from Aries to Pisces

     Ketu shifts from Libra to Virgo

Mercury retrograde March 20 to April 12

     (all in Pisces, its fallen sign)

World Chart -- January 4, 2005     

     Saturn's retrograde easing of restrictions typically brings economic and securities markets growth.  Since the retrograde began November 8, this has proven true.  Expansive Jupiter's upcoming four month retrograde February 2 must dampen economic expansion, however.

     Saturn is currently very weak at less than one degree in Cancer, a water sign symbolizing the home.  Because Saturn is structure and things under the earth, its fragility brought the Indonesian tsunami.  I had expected Mount St. Helenes would erupt in November due to the Mars/Ketu conjunction and this weak Saturn in Cancer.  That has not yet occurred.  Look for continuing earth crust events -  earthquakes and volcanoes, through the spring.

World Chart -- January 4, 2005


     Saturn's current weakness is also negative for organization and duty, both worldwide and personally.  Adding to this focusing difficulty is the ongoing conjunction of Venus and Mercury, which I described in the December 29 Celestial Wheel, Venus conjoined Mercury in Scorpio at Christmas, and they continue in tandem until about January 20, when Mercury finally begins to pull away from Venus in Sagittarius.  ...Venus's creativity and sensitivity with Mercury's light and variable intellect and communications stimulates for charm, fun, creativity and playfulness.  However, the mind is not serious enough, its difficult to plan ahead and people dodge duty and responsibility.  Further, Saturn in Cancer, the sign of emotions, is depressing and stimulates for feeling powerless.  This not only negative for spiritual citizenship but also stimulates escapism via Mercury/Venus enjoyments.

     So, if you've had a difficult time jump-starting 2005, you're not alone.  However, the latter part of January will see a rejuvenation in motivated responsibility as Venus and Mercury separate and Saturn gains some strength in the third house of desires.

United States

     As stated in the December 16 Celestial Wheel, The astrological reasoning behind my advocating reactivating your public interest and action relates to both Bush and the U.S. chart running Ketu in their cycles now.  Further, the U.S. chart is also running eighth house (turmoil) Moon and Mercury cycles. Recall that Ketu stimulates "Counter-Culture."

     Look for major battles in Congress over Bush's audacious neoconservative agenda with popular protests peaking at the end of the Ketu cycle January 12.  

     Objections will then begin building again toward the end of January, when transit Saturn begins to exert influence in the seventh house of relationships, breaking partnerships. 

United States

Moon/Mercury/Ketu 12/12/04 - 1/12/05

Moon/Mercury/Venus 1/12 - 4/18

     We saw this separative Saturn influence begin in August, 2002, when Saturn first entered the seventh house, and Bush pushed away allies to invade Iraq.

     While the Venus cycle may appear to be beneficial, keep in mind that the U.S. Through Its Planetary Cycles Forecast demonstrated this Venus is destructive for ruling the sixth house of enemies and being conjunct a vicious Mars.  (The second Venus cycle, 1972 -- 1992 displayed its good intentions but often failed results.)

     Whether the neoconservative/fundamentalist alliance can maintain its stranglehold on America in this, its second Gilded Age, is the big question, of course.  The 1886 Haymarket Square Labor Riot naturally occurred during the Moon/Ketu cycle, and the U.S. enters its second Moon/Ketu cycle March 1, 2006.  However, Saturn was similarly transiting through the seventh house in the mid 1880's as it has been the past few years, and continues still.  So, the influence for separative protest, which could be more effective than 120 years ago, operates now and can only increase.

Iraq Independence     

     In the December 22 Celestial Wheel, I updated Iraq's chart, stating, On October 8, 2004 Iraq changed cycles from Rahu/Ketu to Rahu/Venus. Rahu continues its bizarre and greedy violence bringing loss. Venus, however, is very well placed, stimulating a heart-driven love for the country from the depths of its rich past and fulfillment of its dreams.

    This Venus subcycle is the reason the Interim Government and the general populace are so devoted to the January 30 election and hopeful for a positive outcome.  However, this same mind set influences the insurgents, who believe their violent efforts will also be successful in restoring Iraq.

     The U.S. is caught the middle between these opposing forces as the distrusted and controlling enemy/friend. 

Iraq Independence -- June 28, 2004

Rahu/Venus/Venus 10/8/04 - 4/8/05


     Saturn transits back into Iraq's eleventh house of friends and groups beginning January 13.  As the eleventh is the the U.S. friend, Saturn's influence there must stimulate separation from the U.S. occupation, even as the U.S. attempts to control Iraq.  Because the eleventh is also groups, transit Saturn there will also separate and pits Iraqi groups against each other.  If the election does occur, it will only further polarize Iraqi groups, both against each other and against the U.S.

G.W. Bush    

     As stated in the March 24, 2004 Forecast, #45 The Amoral Trio, Bush was elected under a powerful Saturn with Rahu planetary cycle.  Now under Saturn with Jupiter, his aspirations have grown, but powerful enemies reveal Bush's lies...

   While these influences bringing Bush's big plans continue and actually expand, his enemies are also persistent.  Further, Bush's apparent election victory exaggerates his confidence but not necessarily the capability to execute his big plans.

     The Ketu subcycle has already proven harmful to Bush, and its continuation until month's end extends that influence.  Saturn's concurrent retrograde also weakens his power to influence through fear and intimidation  -- his claim of a crisis in Social Security to promote his privatizing it has little lift and much drag.

G.W. Bush

Saturn/Jupiter/Ketu 12/6/04 - 1/29/05

Saturn Jupiter/Venus 1/29 - 7/2


     As Saturn transits back into Bush's twelfth house of loss beginning January 13, he will be again confronted with setbacks, as he was in the fall of 2003 and spring of 2004.

     This sets a difficult stage this month as the new Congress convenes.  It will immediately addresses the election controversy, confirmation of Mr. Torture Gonzales, federal judge appointments, Iraq (with the impending election) and Bush's campaign platform disassembling the New Deal programs.

     I believe that Bush is a manifestation of a movement, not the movement itself, which is why he stole the election a second time.  It was this new Gilded Age, not Bush, that persevered.  Yet, as the flag bearer, his failures must also be those of the neoconservative movement.  This then, is a time to renew our commitments as spiritual citizens.  Taking advantage of Bush's vulnerabilities this January can begin to reverse the tide.



     Below is an excerpt from the December 12, 2004 In-depth Forecast, #58 The United States Through It's Planetary Cycles.  (Note: Implicit here, but explicit in the Forecast's full text, is that the United States' first Moon cycle brought the first Gilded Age.  This second Moon cycle thereby brings the second Gilded Age.)


Comparison With The Moon's First Cycle -- 1879 --1888
     Consider first how the events and trends identified in the first Moon Cycle narrative fit with contemporary times.  Following is a synopsis of events and trends from 1879 through 1888.  These all fit well, amazingly well in fact, with what has been happening in America since 1999.  

     The powerful grab what they choose, with no governmental regulation restraining their running roughshod over the populace

     Monopolies, price fixing and worsening living conditions

     Government corruption, the wealthy elite buying off politicians

     Pork-barrel spending but also cutting public service spending

     Presidential election mudslinging and personal attacks

     Victorian Era asceticism, church attendance, hard work, extreme moral purity   

     Theocracy via a purity crusade resulting in Blue Laws

     Public obedience in work, accepting Blue Laws and not objecting to a class system

     The inception of public protests 

     While there is no need to restate the obvious by reciting comparable contemporary events and trends, the election results mystery should be addressed.  As discussed in the December 10 Celestial Wheel, the polling companies and astrologers all agreed Kerry would win.  His chart was simply more favorable than Bush's.  In this case, both Dasas and transits were analyzed, but the conclusion was wrong.  It shouldn't have been, and we may learn, soon or some months from now, that Bush again stole the election.

     American history summaries spotlight the election of 1884 (during the first Moon cycle) because it completely abandoned fairness and civility for dirty tricks and low blows.  Regardless of whether Grover Cleveland stole the election by voter fraud, his tactics, and those of his supporters, were so despicable that historians agree the campaign was an unfair contest.  This repeated in the 2000 and 2004 elections.  Recall the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth attack on John Kerry, which although proven to be all lies and distor- tions, cast sufficient doubt on his hero's war record to cost him substantial support.  That Kerry lost the election by rejecting getting down in the mud to effectively refute the personal attack, is not true, how- ever.  During the Moon's cycle, The theocratic partnership between conservative Republican businessmen and puritanical Christians is so potent that it overpowers both the public and democratic checks and bal- ances.  Further, it takes unfair advantage of the cultural glue that binds together the nation's democracy -- as described in the first Jupiter cycle narrative, This powerful inclination for consensus-building and and firmly bonded partnerships is the mainstay of cooperative and conformist U.S. culture.

     These twin influences of the rapacious Moon cycle and a cooperative culture combine to have allowed Bush to steal the elections in 2000 and 2004. 

     Further, this combination of power manipulating cooperation explains why Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and other neoconservatives have been able to weather storms which would have broken administrations during other planetary cycles.  Recall that in the November 3 Celestial Wheel I stated, Pat Robertson recently told Paula Zahn on CNN (paraphrased), "Bush is blessed by God.  His mistakes don't matter."  What that statement actually means is that those folks are so powerful during the Moon cycle, the natural consequences of their actions don't operate.  Just considering the prisoner abuse scandal, which con- tinues, they brush it off as though it didn't matter.  They even appointed the author of the absolutely illegal and immoral policy, Alberto Gonzales, to the post of Attorney General  -- the nation's highest law enforcement officer.  Is anyone but me incredulous at this gall?  Clearly, many are, but also clearly, no group or institution (Congress or the courts) is willing, or has been thus far able, to rebuff that audacity.


The Celestial Wheel

A daily log of Vedic insights

March 1 -- 15,  2005


Doug Riemer 
[email protected]

(928) 203-4347 

March 14

     Mars' March 5, 10 and 13 violence and discord have been obvious, most dramatically in the Atlanta courtroom and Milwaukee church slayings.  Although the media doesn't describe these as mass murders or massacres, that's what they are.  As these, and other challenges, relate to the difficult planetary cycles in the U.S. chart, domestic events tend to be more devastating than elsewhere.  Yet, today's Washington Post reports another huge protest in Lebanon, this opposing Syrian influence.  I really should have issued a caution for the full first two weeks of March, for the world and many individuals have experienced strife. 

     I had mentioned in the February 26 Celestial Wheel concern for my daughters, and the younger one got a tough traffic citation and then sprained her ankle over the weekend.  Mars for her was transiting the twelfth house of hospitalization and the feet  -- so while she wasn't able to dodge all the karma, at least she didn't go to the emergency room.

     It's interesting that I described the February 22 sign changes of Rahu and Ketu in the world transit chart as bringing instability, for that's exactly what has occurred in the Mideast, where governments are challenged, even faltering.  Further, because worldly cravings Rahu is now in Pisces, the sign of final liberation, and mystical Ketu is with Jupiter, the planet of religion, political decisions and trends are intimately connected with religious beliefs.  This will continue through next fall, until Jupiter escapes Ketu in October.  I've predicted a karmic showdown in the Mideast this summer, and preliminary analysis indicates mid July to be a pivot point.

     Now that the Mars has quieted, the next week or so should be relatively calm.  Mercury retrograde beginning March 20 and Saturn returning to forward motion March 22 will issue in a problematic interval.  Governments may have a tough time, for Saturn will begin again to impose order and restrict protests, but Mercury retrograde confusion will act against comprehension and agreement.  Look too for economic weakness and currency concerns.

     This, then, is a good week for repairing or correcting problems Mars has brought this month.   This is also generally a good time to tie up any loose ends, especially those that entail financial risk.


March 9

     The February 21 In-depth Forecast, #61 Kama & Kendra -- Desire & Power, highlighted March 5, 10 and 13 as a trio of destructive Mars events.  Charts considered were: World Transit, United States, G.W. Bush and Iraq.  With the March 5 opposition of Mars with Saturn completed, and the two remaining Mars events upcoming, it's a good time to do a prediction check:

     World Transit:  political unrest, violence (especially terrorism), spikes in economic turbulence, earth-crust events and continued severe weather.  Mideast turmoil, oil rising to $55 per barrel and weather extremes have occurred.  Mount St. Helens is spewing a massive smoke cloud.

     United States: The purity crusade, government corruption, business deregulation and efforts to dismantle the New Deal are continuing.  However, domestic economic problems and challenges abroad can derail further and significant neoconservative gains.  The first three topics have inevitably progressed, but we've just seen Social Security privatization take a fall, and the budget deficit is causing great concern.  For the first time since Bush took office, there's discussion about tax increases being required, recalling his father's No new taxes pledge.

     G.W. Bush: ...stimulate reversals for Bush coming primarily from Iraq, but also from enemies at home.  Since Bush is increasingly pumped up with his God-given mandate, these setbacks will infuriate him.  His increasingly inarticulate responses will be viewed by many as excessive and unbalanced, which resistance will inflame his frustration further.  Bush appears to be effectively stymied in his primary domestic agenda (as noted above), and he's crowing about advancing democracy in the Mideast.  The latter is a mirage, reflecting only politicking by autocrats and threatens to destabilize these post-colonial countries.  As politicians and the media are now daring to talk about tax increases, there are emerging criticisms describing his democracy hypocrisy  -- the international democracy crusade compared with his Fascist version of democracy at home, what I've described as the second Gilded Age.

     Iraq: ...the U.S. both failing to control the insurgency and being unable to work with the new Iraqi leadership. Watch for tide-turning violence and rejection of U.S. power during Mars' three-punch combination March 5, 10 and 13.  Although the media has focused on other issues, the insurgency continues.  The January 30 elections resulted in fractious groups jostling for power, delaying the first Iraqi Assembly meeting until March 16.  A Shiite oriented government in Iraq could stimulate Shiite/Sunni showdown throughout the Mideast this summer.  

     I concluded the Kama & Kendra Forecast stating, Bush will be effectively hobbled and thereby less capable of harm.  However, he may become more dangerous for impetuous and foolish use of his presidential power.  Watch the next week for Bush to suffer the consequences of his overreaching Kama (desire) falling short of his Kendra (power).  There is now a growing glimmer of hope that the neocon revolution will fail.

     On a personal level, clients have reported experiences typical of Mars/Saturn suffering  -- divorce, legal problems and illness.  Although personal challenge is never enjoyable, it does bring growth.  Further, on a Mundane Astrology level, we're already seeing the harms brought to neocon Fascists, which ultimately benefits us personally.


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