Vedic Astrology is about time.  It is not just about knowing the life.  Vedic Astrology is about planning the life



Vedic Chart Interpretations


Vedic Astrology is not just about Dharma, wealth, health, career, relationship...   As we all struggle with the Millennium Contraction, Doug integrates into your Vedic Consultation his business and real estate expertise to offer strategies for successfully transforming your life -- fitting your old square pegs into new rounds holes -- to regain security in a turbulent world.  Doug's world forecasting web site, The Celestial Wheel, has offered effective forecasting since 2002 identifying trends and upcoming events.


New Client Services

Life Consultation is a basic interpretation of lifelong planetary influences and planetary cycles (Dasas) which guide your experiences and define your evolving Dharma --  life purpose.  1 hour $150


Life Consultation with Astrocartography and Remedies integrates Vedic Astrology's time with Astrocartography's space via planetary maps -- illuminating karmas multi-dimensionally.  Examining your Vedic influences and your geographical planetary lines enables planning when and where fulfillment is best achieved.  Vedic Remedies uplifting weak and afflicted planets completes interpretation of  Vedic Astrology fundamentals.  A three month Subscription to The Celestial Wheel, is included.  2 hours $240 


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New Client Consultation Arrangements 


Arranging your initial Vedic Consultation is easy.  Just follow these steps, and get ready to hear all about yourself!


Choose a Life or Life with Astrocartograhy and Remedies.  You'll find user-friendly informative essays on these at, Vedic Life, Astrocartography and Vedic Remedies


Decide whether this will be a telephone consultation, or an in-person meeting.  The call is yours to make, as your location determines long distance charges.

Find your exact birth data -- place, date and time -- for this distinguishes you from others.  If your birth data is uncertain or unknown, it may be rectified by comparing life events with Vedic planetary cycles.  Birth time rectification costs $100 to $150.


Lord Krishna -- symbol of absorption into the divine.  Here, he charms ladies with his flue.



Make Your Consultation Request


     Provide your personal information using this secure form, Client Information


     Select from the below PayPal payment buttons,


Consultation $150

Life Consultation with Astrocartography and Remedies 


(PayPal accepts bankcards, even if you haven't set up a PayPal account.  You can

alternatively send a check, payable to Doug Riemer.  PO Box 1273, Venice FL 34284) 


     E-mail a photograph to help Doug Riemer connect.  


E-mail Doug or call at (928) 203-4347 if you have questions


Upon receipt of your Client Information form, payment and picture, Doug will calculate your chart and review your request.  Upon success with these, he will e-mail you a pre-consultation packet -- your Vedic chart and planetary cycles, an information essay and, as applicable, Astrocartography maps with an essay on Remedies and Astrocartography. 

Please print out these documents, review them and have them available for your consultation.  These materials can optionally be land-mailed for $30 if you do not have internet access.  Your appointment date and time may then be set. 


Consultations are generally available within a week's notice.  Appointment times are daily, including weekends -- from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time.  Please be prompt.  Appointments are held for only 15 minutes.  If you have to reschedule, kindly give at least 48 hour notice.  These policies result from Vedic Astrology's detailed advance preparation.  All consultations are digitally recorded. 

After your consultation, a post-consultation packet will be emailed to you -- MP3 audio files and documents generated during the consultation.  Again, materials can be mailed if you do not have internet access, and  the above $30 mailing fee includes these materials.


Continuing Clients' Services

maps planetary lines showing where birth chart planets are strong.  It displays on maps the planetary energetics where you live now -- and for relocation.  This mapping system also shows you dynamic planetary influences for locations you visit and people you know by virtue of their locations.  For more information, see Astrocartography.  You will be emailed maps of the U.S. and the world in advance.  During the consultation, maps for areas of interest will be generated.  After the consultation, you'll be emailed a post-consultation packet with the an audio file and maps generated.  $100 1 hr.


Remedies is a selection of techniques, custom-designed for you, to uplift weak and afflicted planets in your Vedic chart:  Planetary Mantras -- sound therapy.  Ayurveda -- lifestyle techniques.  Vedic Gemstones -- color therapy.  For more information, see Vedic Remedies.  After the consultation, you'll receive nd emailed post- consultation packet with audio files and documents empowering your remedial program's use.  $100 1 hr.


Auspicious Time Selection (Muhurta)  guides clients to initiate activities when the celestial map is best supportive.  First putting on Vedic quality gemstones, marriage, moving into a new home and beginning a business are common life events that greatly benefit from optimizing karma for success and fulfillment.  A special chart, called a Muhurta, is drawn for the place, date and time of the event and emailed to you.  $50




 Ganesh removes obstacles 
and inspires.
He's a favorite of astrologers


Chart Updates are suggested twice annually.  Any topic can be covered, included relationship issues.  Also, continuing challenges are often supported by several consecutive Updates.  This work may be done by telephone or e-mail.  $100 1 hr.


Chart-Check is a quick and thrifty way to find information for a single question, or two.  Again, this work may be done by telephone or e-mail.  $50 1/4 hr.


Children is an overview of a child's lifelong planetary karmas and path ahead through adulthood.  You do not need to be a Continuing Client for this service.  This is a uniquely useful planning-ahead tool for parents, and grandparents too.  Both the Vedic chart and Astrocartography are considered.   A pre-consultation and post-consultation are e-mailed.  $125 1 hr.


Other is for any service/fee not listed above. Use this PayPal button and choose the amount.


Cancellation/Refund Policy

Should you cancel before the service you've ordered is completed, or the service is not completed for any other reason, you will be charged for Doug Riemer's time incurred for this service at the rate of $75 hourly.  "Time" here means: order processing, chart calculations, pre-consultation email packet, research, any correspondence by email and/or telephone and chart interpretation time.  You will be refunded any balance that may result.



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