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Log entries from May 10 to May 30


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May 30

     Today, the waxing Moon passes through the Lunar Mansion of Chitra, summary below.  Mid afternoon today, the Moon moves into Libra.  This combination of Chitra and Libra supports holiday social activities and beautifying the home.  The ravens are quiet this morning.


Ruled by Mars

     Chitra translates from Sanskrit as bright.  It’s symbol is a shining jewel, and those whose Moon falls within it enjoy wearing variegated clothes and flowers, and have attractive eyes and limbs.  Chitra is associated with people’s fascination with the dazzle and value of precious stones, and it denotes elegance, charisma and charm.  Anything bright, colorful, new or unusual characterizes. 
     Chitra people, seeking to stand out in life, are anything but inconspicuous.  They are voluble and convincing in organized conversation, like Mahatma Gandhi, who brought his inexhaustible and unbeatable energy to India’s freedom from the British.  Other character- istics include serious and profound studies of the world, private exuberance and sexiness the world hardly ever sees.  There is a creative nature that organizes in an artistically pleasing and orderly fashion.  Cognitive balance and good analytical skills give strong business skills, especially for entrepreneurs.
     Regarding profession, Chitra makes for versatile
e genius, with success in commerce.  All the arts are favored, along with imaginative and unusual writing.   Healing knowledge, particularly of herbs and esoteric substances is also given, along with anything to do with constructing physical objects.


     It's wonderful to have a break from the turbulence and discord in national and international affairs.
Even the most spirited (Sadie Thorndike) need a vacation from the stress of public advocacy -- even as the caldron continues to bubble.  William Whitlow's editorial in today's Washington Post,
The Price Of Giving Bad Advice  suggests natural consequences of previous actions that will begin to unfold when Kala Sarpa Yoga is first activated June 1. 




May 29

     Here's the lunar house, the lunar Nakshatra, through which the Moon passes today and this evening.  Because the twenty-seven lunar Nakshatras relate to individual stars or stars clusters within the constel- lations, they reveal deeper and more specific information from the universe.


Ruled by the Moon  

     Hasta, which means the hand and symbolizes a grasping nature.  Hasta is the five stars (fingers) in Corvus, the crow. This is an excellent Nakshatra for achievement, as it suggests both skilled activities and the ability to grasp or hold a great variety of things - material, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. 
     Skilled hands and palmistry  are predicted.  The orientation is toward daily repetitive work rather than leadership.  Jesting and merriment is also given; the laugh can be infectious. 
     The closed fist symbolizes determination and a desire to control, giving Hasta a sometimes pliable conscience with regard to means applied.  Hasta’s deity is the Sun, giving illuminating intelligence, especially for counseling and advising, and Solar power. 
     Professions include advisors, authors, counselors and priests, artisans, humorous performers, astrologers and other occultists. 


     Hasta is good for holiday weekend festivities in its jesting signification.  However, Hasta's grasp can bring stress in control issues.  This speaks to Corvus, the crow, known for its raucous avarice, being
Hasta's star cluster.  Sedona's ravens have been particularly noisy this morning.


May 28

    The planetary energies seem to be winding down.  Following the Mars/Saturn conjunction of last weekend, the planets calmed, and over the last two days, the waxing Moon passing Jupiter stimulated affirmative actions.  I received endless e-mails yesterday.  


     Now, however, the perceptional Moon is beyond Jupiter and enters Virgo later this morning.  The Moon is weak in Virgo (although it may stimulate cognitive functions), which suggests that holiday weekend through Sunday will be less stressful.  Perhaps too, people are simply exhausted from the previous week.  Keep in mind, however, that Venus (vehicles) continues to be very weak, and with Mars/Saturn remaining close in Gemini, care should be taken during traveling.  If you're driving, check your car before your trip, and when on the road, pay attention to any mechanical issues and traffic dangers.  Use care too in athletic activities -- avoid risks and restrain impulse.


     Emotions will tend to be sensitive and elevated beginning Monday through the full Moon on Wednesday.


     Personally, I'm focused on getting caught up on all the tasks set aside during the last couple of weeks.  Yet, I also recognize the benefit to unchaining myself from the computer and enjoying the weekend.


     Following are Subscriber comments on the new ten page Forecast, #52 The Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction  -- A New Twenty Year Era,


     Read your VERY impressive double decade Jupiter/Saturn conjunction...  Do you have equal, or enough emphasis, on the individual karmic revelation in your analysis? How does a reader grasp the reality at his/her doorstep?... So I repeat, this is not to fault your great exhaustive, impressive production, but to only nudge you to scale even greater heights!!!   J.C.  Sedona, AZ.

     This is awesome information and really appreciate all the hard work you are putting into it.  $20 a quarter just doesn't seem enough to me for all the invaluable and in depth infor- mation you are assembling..... D.W.  Fullterton, CA.




May 27

     The unveiling of secreted information was predicted  for Tuesday.  Right on schedule, the media reported the Chalabi Iran connection, more widespread prison abuse and the Battle Ready by General Zinni and Tom Clancy was released.  Also, the severe weather was forecasted for this weekend's Mars/Saturn conjunction has occurred. 


     Kala Sarpa Yoga begins June 1, signaling the predestined reaping of previously planted (accumulated) karmas.  Kala Sarpa is active June 1 to 13, and this half month schedule will continue through October.   Expect the Bush administration to be barraged with objections and dissent, over which it will be powerless to defend or refute.  Certainly, Al Gore's powerfully inspiring and damming speech yesterday rang an early bell for Kala Sarpa's opening round during the first two weeks of June. 


     Regarding yesterday's vague but serious terrorist alert, yes, there are planetary influences for inciting terrorist acts this summer, which has been previously predicted.  An issue, however, is after the administration has failed to be truthful and forthcoming to the public for years, and is currently so distracted with Iraq, it is difficult to believe them now.  The boy who cried wolf comes to mind, with the honest worry that this loss of confidence can only make US counter-terrorism efforts ineffectual, or even counterproductive.  


    Venus is Sandhi today through month's end, which means it is very weak at the edge of the house/sign of Gemini/Taurus.  This infirmity is increased by Venus in retrograde motion. Although the planets are other- wise relatively benign until June 8, take care with regard to Venus' significations.  Seeing the world through Vedic eyes can be helpful, although this will not necessarily resolve problems.  It may only clarify karmic attachments and weaknesses which need to be addressed.  I've been struggling with the Venus woman in my life, trying to help her finish moving into a new very Venusian home.  Because Venus is difficult in my chart, patience here is a personal issue.  This example points out that because Venus signifies happiness and contentment, frustration and impatience are further issues.  Take ten seconds and think, is a good byword here.  Yet, this influence can also be used to motivate us to finish tasks and take care of other responsibilities that this relatively calm interlude permits. 


     For Subscribers, my latest in-depth Forecast, The Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction  -- A New Twenty Year Era was finally published yesterday.  This ten page project was challenging, but I believe I was able to penetrate the major karmic influences for this double-decade cycle ending in 2020.  Subscriber comments are invited.


May 26

      This Vedic Astrologer has long predicted that Iraq would be President Bush's great misadventure, bringing his fated downfall.  Events this spring are proving out that prediction, and today yet another bomb- shell explodes in the administration's face.  Tire as we may of these distasteful and often horrifying news reports, it is our duty, our spiritual citizenship, to follow the trail.


     This morning, published an amazing story about Ahmad Chalabi, the exiled Iraqi who has been a favorite of the Bush administration but whose staff is now accused of spying for the Iranians.  Journalist William Rivers Pitt concludes in the article that Chalabi's duplicity allowed Iran to steer the US into invading Iraq and removing Saddam Hussein -- it's great enemy since the long and bloody Iraq/Iran war in the eighties.  Here's the link and below is a summary: 


     George W. Bush and his people delivered this boon to Iran on a 
silver platter. Let us recap:
  • The Bush administration, enamored of Chalabi, threw the American intelligence services under the bus, leaving us blind, deaf and dumb;
  • The Bush administration barnstormed us into a catastrophic war in Iraq on the word of Chalabi, giving Osama bin Laden the kind of rallying point he had previously only fantasized about;
  • Because the Bush administration trusted Chalabi so completely, he was able to give our national security secrets to Iran, while simultaneously feeding Bush's people disinformation about Iraq, which they were all too ready to hear and act upon;

  • Because Chalabi was working for Iran, and because he has coughed up the deep national security secrets he gained via access provided by the Bush administration, there are more than 130,000 American soldiers in Iraq whose lives are in far greater danger than anyone previously imagined;
  • The Bush administration paid Chalabi $340,000 a month to do this, over and above whatever he earned from Iranian intelligence for selling us down the river.


     Referenced in the Truthout article is a NY Times article, The Times and Iraq, somewhat hidden on the International page, admitting it too was duped.  While the Times article fell short of admitting Iran steered us into invading Iraq through its spy Chalabi planting lies, it did admit to being mislead by Chalabi and other exiles.  Again, here's the link and below are two telling excerpts: 


     The problematic articles varied in authorship and subject matter, but many shared a common feature. They depended at least in part on information from a circle of Iraqi informants, defectors and exiles bent on "regime change" in Iraq, people whose credibility has come under increasing public debate in recent weeks. (The most prominent of the anti-Saddam campaigners, Ahmad Chalabi, has been named as an occasional source in Times articles since at least 1991, and has introduced reporters to other exiles. He became a favorite of hard-liners within the Bush administration and a paid broker of information from Iraqi exiles, until his payments were cut off last week.) Complicating matters for journalists, the accounts of these exiles were often eagerly confirmed by United States officials convinced of the need to intervene in Iraq. Administration officials now acknowledge that they sometimes fell for misinformation from these exile sources. So did many news organizations — in particular, this one.

     We consider the story of Iraq's weapons, and of the pattern of misinformation, to be unfinished business. And we fully intend to continue aggressive reporting aimed at setting the record straight.


     Let's hope, and encourage, Congress to similarly pursue the truth in its investigations, exercising its oversight authority without the partisanship that has for so long violated the separation of powers funda- mental in our Constitution.  And if the legislative branch declines it's duty, then the judicial branch must step in to enforce the Constitution on a wayward executive branch and irresponsible legislative one.


     In closing this morning, retired General Anthony Zinnia, with spy author Tom Clancy, have written a new book, Battle Ready, that 60 Minutes summarizes by stating, Zinni has handed up a scathing indictment of the Pentagon and its conduct of the war in Iraq.  Here's the link,  This latest expose book is to be published today.  Watch for news reports.


May 25

     At last evening's speech, Bush indeed looked and sounded hard, tense and commanding.  It hard not to have some empathy for the fellow, but he did put build this neoconservative funhouse of mirrors.  Being powerless to find his way out is the natural consequence of his own distortions.  Bush didn't use once his previously often repeated ideological but empty platitude that he is changing the world.  


     I've noticed that fewer and fewer commentators propose successful solutions to Iraq, for there simply aren't any.  They, the media and the public are gradually concluding the nation was led mislead into a quagmire.  This sobering reality will continue to morph into honestly blaming Bush and his amoral cohorts for their dishonesties, which continue.  In turn, administration officials are personally powerless to rescue themselves with further distortions -- for Saturn's reality and accountability significations are irresistible.  The specifics and timing for these troubles upon the already exhausted and apprehensive president were detailed in the April 25 Forecast, #50 Tornado Season For BushSubscribers may wish to refresh their understanding here -- use the archives link to access that Forecast.


     Although Bush continues his protective and self-serving distortion that only a handful of soldiers were involved with the prisoner abuses, the public simply must recognize the continuing smoke and mirrors trick of two generals taking the fall to shield civilian officials to whom they report.  The top man in Iraq, General Sanchez, is being replaced, and yesterday, the Army suspended Gen. Janis L. Karpinski from her command of the 800th Military Police Brigade.  To staunch the blood flow, enlisted personnel being stripped of their stripes yields to tarnishing generals' stars -- can the stains on the civilian suits be hidden forever? 


     Enough of the political disparaging.  We all have our personal and professional lives to attend to, and as stated in yesterday's log entries, we have a breather intense planetary karmas until about June 8.  Take advantage of the opportunity, for although the stretch of road directly ahead is not entirely smooth, diligent effort will advance your journey and put you to advantage as the challenges of June and July ensue.  Venus is particularly weak now, which suggests attention to issues regarding: compassion, spending, vehicles, daughters, wives (for men), relationship and the reproductive system.




May 24

     Previous Celestial Wheel log entries are now on a separate web page, as shown above.  This speeds up both e-mail copies sent to Subscribers and web access by the public.  Daily log entries will be moved to that archive once weekly.


     We're nearly through the intense challenges of the May 21 to 24 Mars/Saturn conjunction.  Yet, exer- cising care in activities for another couple of days.  Toxic thinking is caused by Mercury conjunct Rahu, the eclipse point symbolized by the head of a serpent, and this crossing is happening right now.  Basically, this makes people nervous, precipitating reflexive anxiety.  Mercury/Rahu also stimulates violence actions today.


     As predicted on May 22, Tuesday, May 25, will be significant for unveiling secret information and political posturing.  Expect more revelations about, not just prisoner abuse, but also concerning the overall effort to fight terrorism and the imposition of US will upon the world.  President Bush's speech this evening begins his effort to put a terrible situation in Iraq in a favorable light, and in the Mideast, Tuesday will have already begun.  Mars/Saturn and Mercury/Rahu conjunctions will detract from Bush's ability to be clear and convincing, and he will tend to be hard, tense and commanding.  Certainly his bicycle fall makes him the wounded warrior.


     Below is an excerpt from the March 30 Forecast, #46 The Times They Are A Changin, which lists astronomical events this spring and summer promising to shake up the world.  


April 7-30   Mercury retrograde
April 19   partial Solar Eclipse at 5:50 degrees Aries
April 23-25   the Moon passes Mars and Saturn
May 1   the Sun transits Rahu
May 4   total Lunar Eclipse at 19:46 Libra
May 5   Jupiter ends 5 month retrograde
May 18   Venus turns retrograde until June 30
May 21-24   Mars conjunct Saturn and Mercury conjunct Rahu
May 25   Kala Sarpa Yoga begins and continues until October 18
June 8   Venus crosses directly in front of the Sun
June 17  Mars transits at strength into its fallen sign of Cancer
June 26   Mercury conjunct Saturn
July 7-10   3 conjunctions: Sun/Saturn, Mercury/Mars, Moon/Rahu


     As shown, most of the planetary stresses have passed, and most of us will have a breather until about June 8.  At that time, Venus passes directly in front of the Sun, burning its significations for love, sensitivity, compassion, wealth and daughters.  Take advantage of this lull in planetary dissonance to get some rest and organize those areas of your life than have been disrupted since early April. 


     The May 25 to October 18 Kala Sarpa Yoga, when all the planets are on one side of Rahu and Ketu  (the eclipse points), doesn't signify planetary pressure but rather that fate is accentuated over free will.  Kala Sarpa is translated as time serpent, for head-of-the-snake Rahu is the future and tail-of-the-snake Ketu is the past.  Kala Sarpa is literally a time trap.  We can thereby understand it as the predestined reaping of previously planted (accumulated) karmas.  To be precise, Kala Sarpa is intermittent because the fast-moving Moon turns this Yoga (special combination) on and off as it passes by Rahu and Ketu.  Because of this, Kala Sarpa is technically not active until June 1.  This turned-on part of the cycle will continue until June 13.   Further, Vedic aficionados will note that the current planetary configuration is a derivative of Kala Sarpa, called Kala Amrita Yoga.  For more detailed information, see the Jay Weiss article at   President Bush has Kala Sarpa in his Vedic chart, which brought his fated rise to power and signifies too a fated fall.  Look, then, for Kala Sarpa to batter his administration with a harvest of fated karmas over the next several months as it works in concert with other destructive planetary karmas in his chart.




May 23

     A comment by Subscriber R.C in Encinitas, CA.  I had to contact you to let you know how I appreciated the following phrase on your May 22 report: " The truth may be difficult to perceive for the cacophony of cicadas and politicians."


     While there are plenty of political events resulting from the Mars/Saturn conjunction, physical harms are more tangible.  Here are some reported so far:

     1.  Possibly reflecting increasing climate instability are this weekend's violent weather in the US Midwest and the out-of-control California forest fire.

     2.  The Bangladesh passenger ferry capsizing and the Paris airport terminal collapse are international calamities.

     3.  The Washington Post reports, President Bush, always a bit star-crossed in his leisure pursuits, suffered a new misadventure in athleticism Saturday when he fell off a bicycle. The president was in mile 16 of a 17-mile course on his ranch in Crawford, Tex., when he fell from a mountain bike, suffering scrapes and scratches on his chin, upper lip, nose, right hand and both knees. But, true to form, Bush stayed the course: After getting cleaned up by the White House doctor, he completed his bike ride. 

     4.  I woke up this morning to find a blood vessel had burst last evening in my right eye.  The second house is the right eye, Mars rules this house in my chart, and its conjunction with Saturn brought this minor injury.  I'm glad I wasn't mountain biking with Bush!


     The weighty luxury sedans and muscle cars of the late sixties and early seventies yielded to fuel efficient models after the 1973 Arab oil embargo.  Today's equally heavy and fuel greedy SUVs will surely follow.  Automobile styles reflect fashion, just like clothing, films, TV shows, books and other socially driven activities.  The SUV fashion of fear -- terrorists can't get you in your personal armored vehicle -- is already yielding to a new fashion of expensive gasoline and rejecting the neoconservative's culture of violent imperialism.  For those of you considering a new vehicle, this is a good time to do so -- before SUV trade-in prices drop and interest rates rise further. 



May 22

     The news yesterday seems even more bizarre than expected for these challenging four days from May 22 through 24.  Tuesday, May 25, will be significant for unveiling secret information and political posturing.  Again, spiritual practices are helpful now, and objective discrimination of the world and ones immediate environment can mitigate difficult situations.  The truth may be difficult to perceive for the cacophony of cicadas and politicians.  The prisoner abuse scandal must be the big story  -- other topics are only distractions.


     My May, 2000 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction Forecast is nearly complete but delayed a day or two --  several distracting responsibilities..


     A comment about Tiger Woods, the young champion golfer who has been losing tournaments recently.  Tiger changed Vedic planetary cycles (Dashas) from the skillful combination of Venus/Mercury to the difficult Venus/Ketu on April 14 of this year.  Ketu does, however, stimulate Tiger's intuition, which explains why he sometimes makes remarkable shots.  This is a classic case demonstrating the value and potency of Vedic planetary cycles.  It also demonstrates that No tree grows to the sky




May 21

     The March 30 Forecast, #46 The Times They Are A Changin, described how a series of astronomical events this spring and summer portend major changes in the world.  As Vedic Astrology uses a true celestial zodiac, we can actually look up and witness these configurations -- to actually see order in the universe and thereby be assured we're not alone.


     Tonight, we can see the crescent Moon, having just passed Venus, moving on toward Mars and Saturn in the constellation of Gemini.

     This is the astronomical configuration that has caused so much concern in the astrological community. It peaks today through Monday, May 24.  See the May 12 log entries.  

     Tuesday, May 25, is also sensitive. as this is Mars' day of the week.  However, Tuesday will tend to be a verbal culmination of unfortunate weekend events.  Look for intense government and media messages.

     Earthshine will also be visible tonight.  This occurs when sunlight is reflected from the Earth onto the crescent Moon's dark disk.  As pretty as the heavens will be tonight, and for the next few evenings as well, they unfortunately do portend challenging times.


     The eastern US papers have been discussing for weeks the upcoming emergence of ten trillion cicadas following their seventeen-year slumber.  Cicadas are, of course, locusts, and there is an avoidable comparison to ancient and modern plagues of these noisy and ugly insects.  Whether the cicada invasion is truly an evil omen is not my judgment to make, however.  Perhaps the cicada awakening is a reminder we humans truly are just visitors in an immense natural world over which our control is illusion.  Humility, then, may be the cicada's message, and their irritating cacophony should not be ignored.


     An April 25 editorial in the New York Times by Richard Cohen, America's Ayatollah , has been simmering in my favorites folder awaiting the right time for incorporation into The Celestial Wheel.  The title is self explanatory.  Here's the link 


     An invitation to subscribe.  Beginning in July, 2002, I began focusing on world forecasting and have since published fifty-one in depth Forecasts about what has indeed turned out to be a truly historical period for the US and the entire world.  These efforts have been made possible by paid Subscribers since January, 2003, donated services by my three editors and personal economies.  I invite your Forecast Subscription to enable these predictive efforts to continue.  You will receive about three in-depth Forecasts monthly plus a daily e-mail of The Celestial Wheel.  Additional benefits are a 10% discount on my Vedic Astrology services and quest- ions promptly answered.  The subscriber fee is $20 for three months, and the Forecasts page of this website includes easy and safe credit/debit card payment via an encrypted (secure) link.


Note for Subscribers:  On May 11, I advised of the upcoming publication of another major Forecast effort, that of the twenty year cycle initiated by the May, 2000 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.  This analysis is nearly complete and runs about ten pages.  It promises to be a unique and valuable tool for long-term personal planning.  Look for this Forecast in your inbox within the next day.




May 20

     This Alternet story, Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of 2003-2004 is revealing for claims that are turning out to hold more truth than perhaps even their suspicious creators hoped for in their favorite nightmares!!!  Sedona is replete with such theorists and their theories.  I recall one young fellow, trust fund baby, who claimed he couldn't get a job because he had to spend all his time tracking conspiracies on the internet!  


     Yet, as with psychics, there is always a kernel of truth, sometimes more, about which they often wrap grandiose beliefs that someone is out to get them.  The problem is that, as with accomplished liars, these seeds of truth give credibility to even the most outlandish claims.  My father, a country doctor whose duties included screening people for the local mental hospital, often characterized these folks as having delusions of gran- deur.  


     The message here is to discriminate.  Consider at all the information, evaluate whether some of this explains your own failures and shortcomings --  then make a balanced judgment as to what is real and what is not.  Is that bright orb on the horizon after sunset a spaceship chasing you or Venus?  (see the May 21 entry about this.)  Personal responsibility is integral here, for if you fall into the mindset of the young fellow who can't get a job, then you only dodge your duty to use your skills to uplift humanity.  After all, we're in the same boat, currently charting dangerous waters, and everyone has to do his/her job for all to prosper, even survive. 


     The above log entry is made today because tomorrow begins the challenging four day period from, May 21 to 24.  With the world and individuals on edge, prudence should be the byword, and overreaction can only bring malaise.  So, be your own spaceship -- choose objective reality over subjective reality.


     In an aside, I find that my Burmese mix Siamese cat Vayu  (the wind in Sanskrit) is often my best barometer of planetary energies, and she has been even more inscrutable than usual.  However, as some believe that cats can perceive other realities, which is why they often chase unseen prey, Vayu's moods and behaviors can be illuminating.


     One area that seems must break loose over the next few days is the prisoner abuse issue.  Today's New York Times article, Sergeant Says Intelligence Directed Abuse, is representative of secrets being unveiled.  See   Although we may be repelled and overwhelmed by this scandal, it promises to be a truly historical turning point.  In this regard, my Forecasts are divided into three series: 


Forecast Series I - On Bush And The Iraq War
July 2002 - June 2003

Forecast Series II - History Unfolds
July - December 2003

Forecast Series III - The Journey To Regain Liberty
January - November 2004


     In closing, spiritual practices are of utmost importance now to remain grounded, or in some cases, to regain grounding.  See the May 14 log entry.



May 19
Another e-mail exchange with Subscriber K.Z.

Message from K.Z.
Subject: excellent overview of Abu Ghraib 
The Newsweek article is worth a read, it seems. Bush had two proposals on his desk one from Gonzales, the other from Colin Powell. Gonzales says that Geneva Conventions are obsolete and "quaint" and Powell says stick with Geneva Conventions. Good for Powell.
     A quote, emphasis mine:
This program, Hersh reports, was approved by the CIA, the National Security Agency, and the National Security Council. President Bush was "informed" of it.  Hersh also notes that its harsh techniques yielded results; terrorists were rounded up as a result.  So, last spring, after Saddam's regime fell in Iraq and
Rumsfeld grew frustrated over the failure to find weapons of mass destruction or to learn anything about the insurgents who continued to resist the U.S.-led occupation, he put the same program in motion in Iraq.

Reply to K.Z
Subject:  Excellent overview on Abu Ghraib
Good article, K.Z.  Yet anyone who has read my Forecasts knew Bush's downfall was coming. 

Reply from K.Z. 
Subject:  Excellent overview on Abu Ghraib
Hurrah for you - although I must admit that in November, I was a little frustrated that it didn't appear to be happening.  But its a good lesson to remember that appearances are deceiving and that the overall cycle is more important than the individual events.
     That Kaplan article on Slate sums up SO MUCH of what you've been saying, its almost like he read your forecasts, even the stuff about Powell breaking rank and speaking out.  It was hard to decide what to highlight to send to you. :-)
     Hey, look on the page of the previous link (re: Timken plant closing) and scroll up to find this little tidbit:
     MR. BUSH'S CHECKERED PAST:  President Bush has a poor track record when it comes to following international conventions on human rights.  As governor of Texas, Bush flouted the Vienna Convention, which states that if a foreign national is arrested for murder, a consul from that country must be notified.  (The United States signed the Vienna Convention in 1969.)  NPR reported on 12/9/98 that when Gov.  Bush faced international outrage that Texas had executed a Mexican national without even informing Mexico of his arrest, his administration claimed since the state of Texas hadn't signed the Convention (the Federal government ratifies international law), it didn't have to abide by it.
It's within this portion:
    All this has me thinking about Bush's days in TX, when he executed more people than any other governor ever and laughed about it privately.  Saturn is the great teacher, right? And when you learn your lessons, it rewards you. When you don't learn your lessons, it brings forth negative experiences.  I only hope that Bush's negative experience is weighted properly against his atrocities.


May 18

     India's election upset, putting the secular Congress Party in control of its parliament, has been followed by the party's leader, Sonia Gandhi, suddenly refusing to serve as Prime Minister.  She fears assassination.  While these political intrigues are mysterious to westerners, they are of obvious importance for world stability; India, the world's largest democracy, is sandwiched between the volatile Mideast, Pakistan and communist China.  Further, these events bear testimony to the building tensions in the celestial map that have been exhaustively described in this astrologer's Forecasts.  Whether Sonia Gandhi employs her country's astrology is unknown.   However, it seems impossible she was not apprised of her chart significations and therefore would not have led her party to victory unless her chart was well disposed.  Sonia's concern, then, must be for the greater karmas influencing her country, region and indeed, the entire world.  Sonia's precipitous withdrawal, then, is a wake-up call for all to pay attention and use caution during these turbulent times.


     Escalating violence in Israel/Palestine and in Iraq is further testimony to a world churned up by the frustrated violence primarily signified by the Mars/Saturn conjunction.  Whether this churning results in sweet butter or soured cream is as yet unknown, but Vedic philosophy brings some comfort in the concept that only challenge stimulates change and thereby promotes growth.  Giving in to fear, however, can jeopardize opportunities.  This is a time for resolute courage to embrace and effect positive change.


     The New York Times reports today that Hummer sales have dropped off.  Although this news advises there have been eight straight months of declining Hummer sales, it's interesting that the report comes on the day that Venus (vehicles) begins is weak retrograde period.  (Other giant SUV's didn't see sales decreases until April.)  Perhaps this is some good news -- consumers finally abandoning the fashion allure of these personal armored vehicles to the reality of higher gas prices and disenchantment with the warfare Hummer's symbolize.  Instead of saluting their Hummers in patriotic support of America's military imperialism, declining sales of these monsters reflects growing social awareness.  This is an excellent example of how a loss of worldly benefits can result in societal benefits.  As the wheel of karma inevitably turns, so must the wheels in Detroit.


     The September 30, 2003 Forecast, A Technological Breakthrough*, predicted a major technological advance as early as January of this year.  Other astrologers and the press have reported similar findings,  although it is too early to appreciate the value of recent advances.  No one understood, for example, the tremendous importance of the 1947 invention of the transistor until its applications began to change the world.  I remember buying a transistor radio in about 1957 and being enthralled by this scientific marvel.  The point here is that a technological breakthrough could both stimulate the US and world economies and enable independence from foreign oil and polluting from fossil fuels.  Aware investors can benefit here.  So again, some hope.  (*This and the other 52 in-depth Forecasts are available only to Subscribers, who can access these from the private archives web address they have been given.)               



May 17

     For Subscribers, who are sent this log daily by e-mail, if your computer is removing formatting, making the images attachments or otherwise fouling up the presentation, you can go right to the Celestial Wheel page at       


     Tomorrow, May 18, Venus begins it's retrograde motion.  See the May 12 log entries, below, for a full discussion of Venus and the gathering energies relating to Mars approaching Saturn in Gemini, which peaks from May 21 to 24.  Saturday, the 22nd will be the most difficult.  It's not a good period for a weekend trip or other activities that may expose you to the angst and frustration everyone will feel.


     Because Saturday is Saturn's day, one can propitiate Saturn to reduce its harms by performing charity, especially for the elderly, chronically ill and the poor.


     Since this period falls over the weekend, news releases from governments will tend to bunch up on Friday and again on Monday.  Look for an attempt at damage control by The US government on Friday, but then after more Iraq violence, prisoner abuse revelations and reactions and  likely terrorist attacks, the Bush administration will be hard pressed on Monday to defend itself.   


    I stand by the May 13 log entries about the extent of the prisoner abuse issue.  This had truly mushroomed since then, and as mushrooms are grown in the dark, it is a fitting analogy to the government's dirty secrets coming to light.


     Here are some provocative articles presenting a wider view than the US corporate media:,6903,1217973,00.html,0,2804533.story?coll=bal-news-nation  (Note: this is a recent speech by Fidel Castro in which he talks about Guantánamo and Latin America countries, which, with their Spanish heritage, resonate with Spain's recent elections and pull-out from Iraq .)



May 16

     May 13 Celestial Wheel entries (the e-mail exchanges with Subscriber K.Z.), included the statement that It seems there is a larger plot that is being hidden behind the administration's smokescreens of indignant righteousness, but the planets portend that by the end of May, the smoke yields to truth.  Breaking headlines yesterday unveiled amazingly consistent information with this position, and it would be difficult not to be aware of these.  

    Two articles are, however, worth referencing here, as they delve deeply into just how amoral The Amoral Trio (the March 24 Forecast #45) truly is. See,  


The Seymor Hersh's May 15 The New Yorker article reprinted in 




Today's Washington Post Article, Knowledge Of Abusive Attacks May Go Higher 



     The May 13 Log entries further predicted: many secluded locations where prisoner abuse occurred, this degraded activity was originally and primarily to find WMD and civilian contractors are actually mercenaries.   Finally, I stated again that the Iraq invasion is Bush's great misadventure.  The planetary significator here is Saturn.  Although slow and deliberate in its action, Saturn is coldly glacial in its unrelenting enforcement of accountability upon those who violate this planet's duty, honesty, humility, selflessness and concern for the common man.  Saturn is the original enforcer


    Stay tuned - for The Times They Are A Changin.



May 15

     Mars/Saturn influences are not limited to limited to mundane (world) events, and personal experiences may be surprising.  One area that appears to be more pervasive than others is mechanical/technical.  For example, when a client visited yesterday, who has with a fallen (weak) Mars, my desk clock stopped ten minutes after she arrived.  A twist of the battery fixed the problem.  Later, I spilled coffee on my computer keyboard, and now whenever I hit the backspace key, the computer jumps to the Compaq Pressario website!


     Starting tomorrow, Sunday, the Moon will be with Rahu (the eclipse point signified by a serpent's head), which will sensitize emotions. The Moon will be new at midnight on Tuesday, which signals the completion of eclipse effects from the May 4 total Lunar Eclipse.  As the Moon then begins to wax, it is appropriate to use information gained during the eclipse season to begin initiating new activities.  Just like farmers plant crops on a waxing Moon, actions initiated when the Moon is waxing tend to grow with the brightening Moon.  However, it is also true that the brighter the Moon, the more it is able to support ones efforts.  Considering too the elevated planetary energies this spring, conservative action is probably the wisest course.



May 14

     It's interesting how the public opinion polls are reported to swing toward and away from Bush, and similarly for Kerry.  Sometimes major changes are reported in just a week or so.  Although these move- ments must reflect the dynamics of domestic and international stress, they also must respond to the gathering of dissonant planetary energies -- notably, again, Mars' closing in on Saturn in Gemini.  As the frustration, anger and debased actions resulting from this planetary conjunction impact the world in a dizzying roller coaster ride, these also influence individuals.  The suggestion here is to maintain objectivity and not indulge  in overreactions to current short term issues.  These may or may not be truly meaningful when measured against the larger canvas of the life.  It's not over until the fat lady sings.


    Current issues result, at least in part, from the unveiling of information during the just-completed eclipse season.  Recall the full Lunar Eclipse in Libra (relationships) just ten days ago on May 4.  Relationships include, not just personal and romantic associations, but also dealings among groups, including businesses and nations.  It takes the objectivity of time to integrate these inveilings so that we don't miss the forest for the trees.  Yet, we must also pay attention to the trees of events that must change the entire forest.  Yesterday's Celestial Wheel log entries are intended identify a primary current influence, not inflame emotions. 


     Another way of understanding the Lunar Eclipse is to consider it's Lunar Nakshatra, or Moon's house.  There are twenty-seven of these, and they therefore subdivide the zodiac with finer detail.


Ruled by Rahu

       Swati influences for a mild and quiet nature, of sweet speech and charity, a forgiving nature, control of passions and desires and skilled in trade.  Yet, independence is emphasized, for Swati means “the sword.”   Travel, philosophy and spirituality are also indicated.  It’s star is Arcturus, the bright star in Bootis.
     Swati’s symbol is the young sprout pushing upward and quivering in the breeze, and its deity is Vayu, the wind.   Swati suggests new beginnings, the growth that results and adaptability.  Despite, or perhaps, in spite of, the young plant’s delicacy, it strives hard to  survive and grow.  Swati individuals are thoughtful and spiritual in a developing way, meaning time is needed to develop personal understanding.  An association with Saraswaiti, the goddess of learning, is supportive, particularly for literature and music.
     Swati also symbolizes the process of purification, which involves restlessness and the sprout’s instability in swaying back and forth in the wind.  Vayu’s wind confirms restlessness and a roaming nature.  Self-centeredness for personal gain is an issue.
Professions for Swati people involve anything to do with buying and selling, independent business people and spiritualists engaged in strong devotional practices involving profound subjects.


     Compare this with the Lunar Nakshatra for the Mars/Saturn conjunction, which Subscribers will recall was recounted in the April 25 Forecast, Tornado Season For Bush.


Ruled by Rahu

        Ardra resides within Gemini, the twins, ruled by intellectual Mercury.  Adra’s symbol is the teardrop and literally means wet or moist, bringing an association with flowing of liquids.  The teardrop implies loss or disappointments, confirmed by this Nakshatra’s deity, Rudra, the god of storms and destruction.  Both weeping and howling sounds are given. 
     The teardrop is described as fresh, soft, wet and also thereby denotes the clarity following a Rudra rain storm. 
     Other influences are for diplomacy, and seemingly opposite, lack of gratitude and a critical/crafty nature.  Diplomacy is needed for dealing with losses, but material cravings can bring complaining and deception.  Notable is a deeply emotional nature and feelings that can overwhelm.  Yet, Ardra fundamentally indicates that loss leads to rejuvenation; its tears give life to new growth.
     Rudra is Lord Shiva by another name.  Shiva is both the destroyer and the creator.  He takes away that which is no longer useful to make room for the new.  Shiva can also be understood as the “remover of misery.”  Although the process is difficult for its pain and losses, Ardra persons gain personal pride in enduring trials and tribulations that clear the path for fulfillment.
     Intelligence and communication skills promote writing and teaching.  Ardra’s pain and suffering encourages “helping” professions such as social services and hospice work.  Ardra’s shadow side is materialism, deception and misuse of power.  Again, there is the duality of efforts to alleviate suffering and actions that bring pain.


     Spiritual practices can be grounding and encourage taking a longer-range and more objective view.  Understanding the symbolism in the Nakshatras that are driving our current realities can be very helpful.  Polarization is not just a political matter but also one in which we can become victims of our own minds.



May 13

     Following is an e-mail exchange with Subscriber K.Z. from Roscoe, Illinois.  This is pretty hot stuff, and it's fascinating how Vedic Astrology can sometimes pierce the smokescreen.


First message from K.Z

Subject: so this must be it??
I'm following the horrible stuff at Abu Ghraib - and it appears this is it? 
     This is what is doing Bush in? They can't recover from this.
     Everything they try just makes it worse. The photos that first came out were taken in November, when you said Bush would be getting his downfall. 
     And 12th house rules prisons, right?


My Reply

     Yes, K.Z.  Saturn and Mars are transiting Bush's twelfth house of loss, and this house signifies places of seclusion -- islands, caves, ashrams, hospitals and prisons, as well as far and distant places.  My Forecast efforts have focused on Bush's problems with foreigners, health issues, personal safety and loss of reputation that were a result of his great misadventure in invading Iraq.  Further, I had predicted Bush would be disgraced last November, but he managed to hang on through dropping polls.  We now know the prisoner abuses occurred then.  


     Of course you are absolutely correct, and this is a great example of a good prediction but not being able to see exactly how the karmas will actualize.  This example also suggests areas in which Bush may find himself embroiled.  For example, doesn't this suggest that the island prison in Guantanamo holds more horrible secrets?  Consider, Bush's Saturn rules the eighth house of secrets, and Saturn is the planet of death and degradation.  Perhaps prisoners were killed in Guantanamo, or in other secret island prisons, or even in a cave, perhaps in Afghanistan, where there are more caves than houses?


     I noticed that Senators and the press inquired to casually about what information the abuse was intended to wring out of the detainees.  They assume that the increasing Iraq violence last summer and fall spurred this inhumane pressure, for the US was desperate to find how who exactly was attacking.  Only on PBS was the statement made that abuse was used to find out about WMD.  This is not just provocative in itself, but it raises the likelihood that the administration, in its desperation to find WMD, decided by policy to torture the information out of the prisoners.  Further, if the questioning were about WMD, the prisoner abuse would have begun much earlier, last summer, and would have occurred at all Iraqi prisons, plus secret holding facilities on islands, in caves and perhaps even hospitals and ashrams?  And, aren't military ships places of seclusion in many ways?  These would all be locations the press should investigate.  Lastly, information about the civilian contractors has so far been scant, and nobody yet dares called these hired soldiers what they are, mercenaries It seems there is a larger plot that is being hidden behind the administration's smokescreens of indignant righteousness, but the planets portend that by the end of May, the smoke yields to truth


Second message from K.Z., (with my comments in maroon following her thoughts)
     Not sure if the policy of torture was specific to finding WMDs.  That would be an interesting way it would come full circle. But the evidence coming out definitely shows that this was a systemic and deliberate attempt to get information.
     They were absolutely desperate to get WMD info.
Isn't it interesting that we opted out of the international treaty on soldier's treatment a few years ago? Or how about that executive order Bush signed that basically exempted civilian contractors (mercenaries from both US and Iraqi) from military law before they went into Iraq? It's almost like they KNEW they would break all the rules going in.
     Yup.  This is an administration with a long term plan of forcing their imperialistic policies on us, and the rest of the world
     And Bush KNEW this was going on. Colin Powell is leaking information that shows they ALL knew about this months ago.
     Of course Bush knew.  Very interesting about Powell.  I wrote about Powell in the April 25 Forecast, Tornado Season For Bush.  If you hear anything more about this let me know.

Third message from K.Z

Subject:  Religious Right Involvement
My God Can Torture Your Idol
     As if the public relations debacle couldn't get any worse, it appears that Lt. Gen. William G. "Jerry" Boykin, the deputy undersecretary of Defense for intelligence, may have been involved in the recomend- dation to use questionable methods to soften up detainees for interrogation.  Boykin became controversial for his statements that in the war on terror the United States is a "Christian nation" fighting Satan, and for his considered opinion of the religious beliefs of a Muslim Somali warlord:  "I knew my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol."
     Boykin is free to believe whatever he likes. But the costs of putting him in such a position of responsibility have now been made apparent. There could be nothing worse for the United States than to have a top military official who publicly proclaims that this is a holy war enmeshed in a scandal involving the abuse and torture of Muslim detainees, -- the vast majority of whom appear to be innocent of any crime at all!


Fourth message from K.Z

Subject:  Bingo  - WMD

     More speculation, but the Time article here definitely puts the two together. Why else would Cambone be sitting next to Taguba yesterday?
     "Meeting last month at a sweltering U.S. base outside Doha, Qatar, with his top Iraq commanders, President Bush skipped quickly past the niceties and went straight to his chief political obsession: Where are the weapons of mass destruction?  Turning to his Baghdad proconsul, Paul Bremer, Bush asked, 'Are you in charge of finding WMD?'  Bremer said no, he was not.  Bush then put the same question to his military commander, General Tommy Franks.  But Franks said it wasn't his job either.  A little exasperated, Bush asked, 'So who is in charge of finding WMD?'  After aides conferred for a moment, someone volunteered the name of Stephen Cambone, a little-known deputy to Donald Rumsfeld, back in Washington.  Pause. 'Who?' Bush asked."
     This is pure speculation, but it is worth looking into what those interrogators were after in Abu Ghraib.  Cambone framed it yesterday as "trying to prevent attacks against American soldiers.," which, I suppose, you could interpret in a number of ways.  But, if the focus was finding the non-existent WMD, then you'd have to ask whether the man whose "chief political obsession" was finding them gave the order to take off the gloves.


Fifth message from K.Z

Subject:  Distilled Down

     Just amazed. Found these links right after I sent the original email.
     It WAS about WMD. You were 100% right on!
     That Cambone guy, the one sitting next to Taguba on Tuesday, was in charge of finding WMDs. And he ended up contradicting Taguba during his testimony.
     Here's that Time article mentioning Cambone was in charge of WMDs:
     Here's the New York Times article showing Cambone contradicting Taguba.
     The digbysblog link basically connects the two.


May 12
As stated May 10,
The next few days are a relative calm, but anxiety and frustration will begin to build after May 14.  This is due primarily to to the struggles signified by Mars approaching Saturn, which will be maximized May 21 -- 24.  Subscribers can review this influence by rereading three recent Forecasts: #46 The Times They Are A Changing, #49 A Celestial Tumult and #50 Tornado Season For Bush.  These can be accessed from the archives page link on the bottom of each Forecast.


     Already, Subscribers are reporting Mars/Saturn inspired violent accidents, and my older daughter required a (violent) cesarean May 8.  For Ally, Mars/Saturn are transiting her fifth house of children.  And, of course, depraved violence in the Mideast is cranking up.   This combination of the aggressive planet of war (Mars) with the repressive planet of of loss and authority figures (Saturn) also brings criminal activity and victimizing.   Mars is currently 6 degrees away from Saturn, ordinarily too distant to have much effect, which speaks to the potency of this malevolence.  


     People should use care in all their activities and be especially aware that subjective anxiety and frustration will only amplify problems in the objective reality.  That is, how we react, or not, to challenges will impact their impacts upon our lives.  Moderation in action and expression are necessary, by individuals, groups and leadership.  Although everyone is affected in some way, two Ascendants are most difficult.  People with Aries Ascendants have this cosmic clash in their eighth house of accidents and catastrophes, and those with Cancer Ascendants find Mars/Saturn in their twelfth house of loss and hospitalization.


     Venus, the planet of love, grace, wealth and compassion, becomes a contributing factor to political, military and economic concerns beginning May 18, when it turns retrograde (weak).  (Venus' crossing directly in front of the Sun June 8 will be felt as that date approaches.)  As Venus is also the significator, relationship, vehicles and daughters, these will be sensitive areas.  Also, use care in luxury purchases.  In President Bush's chart, Venus signifies his friends and groups, and since his advisors are his friends, look to Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rice experiencing further problems.  Again, see Tornado Season For Bush.  Groups for Bush would be include the Republican Party, other political interest groups and Congress.


     NASA has pointed out that when Venus is very bright, as it is now, there are increased reports of UFOs, for Venus's low position in the sky can give the illusion on the highway of being followed.  I suggested to my clairvoyant friend, Jananda, who relates to space beings, that he title a lecture, Be Your Own Spaceship.  Humor is always a good tension breaker.


     The economic situation is becoming increasing bizarre -- huge trade and Federal Government deficits, a weak dollar and falling product prices have stimulated growth.  However, rising energy costs, escalating war and inevitable inflation work against prosperity.  There's also the hollow shell of employment statistics, which disguise workers' problems of lower wage jobs and unaffordable health care.   Look to the stock markets to really tell you what's happening, and these do continue to be either flat or falling slightly.  I was an economics major in college, and I refuse to believe that the old rules don't count.  As Shakespeare said, Never a bor- rower nor lender be.  Also, this housing boom, fueled by unrealistically low interest rates, not only can't last (housing is yet another ephemeral economic stimulus), but it is also pricing the middle class out of the mar- ket.  Keep in mind that homes, because real estate is fixed in location and is leveraged by mortgages, is always a local market with consequent major swings up and down.


     Earth changes and environmental degradation, which must be linked. are time bombs which affect every area of life in a truly global fashion.  These must be addressed by government as integral to the economy and quality of life issues.  The New York Times reports that with 80% of Glacier National Park's glaciers melt- ed, visitors are hard pressed to find an ice sheet.  When I visited the park in 1958, glaciers defined the landscape.  Environmental problems are yet another increasing debt which must be repaid down the road.



May 11

     This daily log was launched yesterday, and its easily accessible by the public via this new page on the website.  The wheel in the graphic is a photo of the sun wheel in the temple at Kararak, India. It associates with occultism and astrology.  The Celestial Wheel is also an added benefit to Forecast Subscribers, who are e-mailed this page daily.  Comments and suggestions about The Celestial Wheel are welcome!


     Martha Stewart's sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 17.  The issue is whether the judge will require jail time.  Although Martha's planetary cycles and transits are improved since her trial, Mercury, which rules her 12th house of confinement, is under siege that day by the hot Sun and Mars. As Mars is the significator of the courts in this chart, and the 17th is a Tuesday (Mars' day of the week,) some jail time seems unavoidable.   Martha will be hard pressed not to show her temper.


     Will Donald Rumsfeld lose his job?   Rumsfeld's planetary cycles are Mercury/Mercury/Rahu until May 18, suggesting he will face further criticism and be locked in a battle to save himself.  From May 18 to September 12, Rumsfeld will be running Mercury/Mercury/Jupiter, which will appear to alleviate the stress, but this will also influence for him to make judgments at odds with reality.  Since the Iraq insurgency is expected to become more virulent in late May, it seems impossible that Rumsfeld will be able to defend himself against the natural consequences of his egoism and mistakes.  Rumsfeld may be forced to step down in June.  Venus's transit across the Sun June 8 will be a pivot point.


     I posted the following on the April 29 Forecast, The Presidential Campaign, regarding John Kerry's birth time:

     John Kerry's birth time is May 9.   Note on John Kerry's sunrise 7:10 AM birth time.  An alternative time of 8:03 AM was recently posted on the Astrodatabank website.  This is very soft data -- an unconfirmed verbal report by Kerry's former sister-in-law from 1996.  The U S Naval Observatory data indeed shows sunrise at 7:10 AM Mountain Standard Time, but Wartime was used in 1943.  This advances the time to 8:10 AM.  Yet, the 7:10 AM chart better describes Kerry, especially his physical appearance.  The one hour variance does not, however, change this Forecast's conclusions.  The birth data for newly prominent public figures who have undocumented birth times evolves as they become better known.  Kerry's will undoubtedly be similarly refined. )


     Being composed now is another major Forecast effort, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.  This Forecast, for Subscribers only, investigates the twenty year cycle initiated on May 20, 2002, when these two planets of social evolution conjoined in Aries.  With the world in flux, his is a good time to do some long term personal planning to avoid pitfalls and insure economic security.


May 10 

     Mercury and Venus have been weak for the past three days, which has brought communications and relationship issues.  Artists have felt a creativity void.  Others have experienced focus and energy problems.

We can expect now greater personal clarity, and this influence extends to the Iraq prison issue.


     The next few days are a relative calm, but anxiety and frustration will begin to build after May 14. 


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer