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Vedic Remedies


Heaven and earth circles around Lunar Pearl

     A special and unique attribute of Vedic Astrology is Upayas, remedial measures to uplift weak and afflicted planets in your Vedic chart. There are literally thousands of Upayas in India. But gemstones, mantras and Ayurvedic techniques are fundamental. These are also complementary -- most effective when used in concert.

     Planetary Mantra is sound therapy. Sanskrit is a name and form language.  The Sanskrit sounds in each mantra symbolize the planet (by description) and actually are that planet’s vibration/energy.  As each planet represents a section of ones identity, chanting a planet’s mantra uplifts those parts of your life symbolized by that planet. 

     There is great power of sound in these mantras because they contain the shakti (the divine essence) of each planet's energy.  Your consultation includes a planetary mantras suggestion and both audio and written files to guide your learning the mantras. But, you can chant the mantra for any planet causing concern in your life.



Ayurveda is the Hindu medical system. There are some basic Ayurvedic lifestyle techniques Vedic Astrology employ to support planets. These include colors, herbs and lifestyle choices. Examples are wearing yellow clothing using sandalwood oil and spending time near water.

 Vedic Gemstones is color therapy. Each planet has a hue and matching gemstones.  As an example, for Mercury’s green, emerald and green tourmaline are Mercury gems.  Vedic quality gemstones must be a minimum of two carts, natural – untreated by heat or chemicals -- and highest quality.  

     Treated or flawed stones distort the gem’s capability to transmit the light energy and can actually harm, rather than help.  Commercial gem dealers universally sell treated gems because of the enhanced gem color and luster increase customer appeal.  Too, these may also be flawed in some way and the imperfection concealed.  An untreated yellow topaz, for example, appears pale, even dull, compared to the sparkling deep golden hue of a treated stone.

     Enhancement then, is a misnomer remedial gems.  Vedic gems are unique in actually strengthening planets.  Your consultation will include a Vedic gemstone prescription and a contact for a reliable Vedic gemstone dealer


A Solar Spinel and

Yellow Topaz for Jupiter

Remedies Summary  Mantras require daily effort and give ongoing stimulating influences that propitiate, or please, the planets.  Ayurvedic techniques are also karmically dynamic.


     Gemstones influence in a different way.  They actually strengthen planets, increasing both their good and negative effects. Thereby, only those stones should be worn that are prescribed in your Vedic consultation.

     Using mantra, Ayurvedic techniques and Vedic gemstones together results in a cumulative support that is greater than the sum of the three.

     Implementing an effective remedial program requires investment and effort, but as karma is influence, it takes action to change it.  Just as there is not such thing as manifestation, there is no magic remedy that will change your karma.


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