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The Nature Of Your Vedic Interpretation

The Celestial Wheel of Karma
     Reincarnation is integral to Hinduism. Vedic Astrology's predictive quality arises from it's perception of the cosmic connection. At your birth, the celestial map symbolized your past life karmas to be played-out in this incarnation. As above, so below.

     The square Vedic chart mirrors your wheel of karma, and like a chess board, the simple visual conceals great complexities. Your chart contains all your past life karmas, both lifelong and cyclical. Indians thus call their astrologers Travelers in time.

     Lunar-primary Vedic Astrology can best be compared to Western Sun-sign astrology as a different lens. Similarities disguise the uniqueness of the Vedic view - the cosmic connection between karmic influences and growth toward liberation from the celestial wheel of karma.

The interpretation
     The Vedic Astrologer applies complex Vedic rules and numerous techniques to unveil the bits of karma that form into a life picture.  A Vedic interpretation is thereby similar to a fine oil portrait; many layers of color bring out the depth and richness of the individual.  The Astrologer analyst first delves into the pattern of your lifelong karmic influences. He then examines the ebbs and flows of your planetary cycles to discern your development, strengths, challenges and resulting growth opportunities. God is indeed in the details.

     Because karma means action, expressing free will creates new karmas, and these impact past-life karmas. Your consultation discussion reveals this complex interplay of energies and suggests paths ahead for attuning yourself to the universe, to dance with the stars.  Yet, the mix of free will and fated karmic influences will never be completely understood.  Perhaps an agreeable view can be found in India's Dr. Gouri Kapoor's statement that, Fate and free will are two blades of a scissor, and we still do not know which blade operates in cutting the paper.  The individual always retains the freedom to observe or not fate's lighted path and its forkings.  Yet scissors cut best with both blades.

     The amazing predictive quality of Vedic Astrology shows specific planetary influences, which create periods of opportunity and challenge. Typical examples of client interest are: a favorable relationship interval, a career shift, a season for pilgrimage and a health sensitivity cropping up.  Yet, it is the evolving Dharma (life purpose) breathing through the chart that is the astrologer's goal and the client's true treasure.

Vedic Astrology includes a wide range of remedies given by its Seers for uplifting karmically afflicted areas. Remedies thereby support free will expression and consciousness.  Vedic gemstones, lifestyle techniques relating to Ayurveda and planetary mantras are primary curatives in Indian life and can be easily applied here in the West.  (Note: Vedic Astrology associates to Ayurveda, the ancient medicine of the Hindus.) Your Vedic interpretation includes these remedies that can tilt the balance in the contest between unalterable fate and irrepressible free will.




                           Services & Fees

     Consultations are by appointment Monday through Friday and require prepayment. The birthtime and place are necessary. If the exact birth time  time is not known, it may be rectified by comparing life events with Vedic planetary cycles.


Life Reading  $150  (1  1/2 hours)
(Birthtime Rectification, if needed   $50 to $100.)

Life Reading Astrocartography* combination   $200 (2 hours)

Other services following Life Readings
Astrocartography*   $95   (45 minutes)
Quick Compatibility   $75   (45 minutes)
Auspicious time selection - muhurta   $50   
Chart update   $100   (1 hour)
Private lessons   $40 hourly   
Lectures & Classes

(*Locations where birth planets are strongest.  Vedic Astrology's time plus Astrocartography's space illuminates karmas multidimensionally.)


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Contact Information for Doug Riemer
edic Predictive Astrology  PO box 3127 
Sedona,  Arizona   86340
(928) 203-4347
  [email protected]


        Life Readings unveil lifelong karmic influences and Vedic cycles which indicate and influence the person's evolving Dharma - life purpose.  Vedic remedies - gemstones, mantras and Ayurvedic techniques - are included to empower free will.  Life Readings may be augmented with several specialized astrological services:

      Astrocartography shows locations where birth planets are strongest.  Vedic Astrology's time plus astrocartography's space illuminate karmas multidimensionally.  This new technique enables clients to choose geographical areas supporting their favorable planetary influences.

Quick Compatibility
measures relationship potentials to gain sensible information about prospective mates.  As romance is a tricky life arena, the old saying of Who happens to be standing next to you when lightening strikes makes this inexpensive summary approach a realistic inquiry.

     Auspicious Time Selection - (Muhurta) - guides clients to initiate activities when the celestial map is best supportive.  First putting on Vedic gemstones, marriage, moving into a new home and beginning a business or spiritual venture are common life events that greatly benefit from Vedic knowledge in maximizing karmas for success and fulfillment.  A special chart, called a Muhurta, is drawn for the place and time of the event.

        Chart Update is a follow-up review of clients' progress in applying strengths and overcoming challenges.  Annual Updates are suggested, for the unfolding of karmic influences forms a twisted and often confusing pathway greatly eased by periodic Vedic illumination.

       Private Lessons are available in person and by telephone/e-mail for students seeking to learn this ancient craft, which, for thousands of years, has been orally transmitted from teacher to student.

      Lectures are individually tailored for metaphysical and social groups curious about understanding life through the Vedic lens of the celestial wheel of karma.  Contact Doug for available dates, topics and fees.

     Classes are held periodically.  A spring 2002 weekly intermediate class is planned.


Doug Riemer's Background & Philosophy


     Doug Riemer was introduced to Vedic Astrology in Sarasota, Florida by James Braha, pioneer Vedic Astrology author.  Doug relocated to Arizona in 1997 for continued Vedic studies at the American Council of Vedic Astrology (ACVA).
  A full-time professional astrologer since 1999., Doug is certified by ACVA.

     Doug's own Vedic chart includes influences for the symbolic logic and intuition needed for Vedic Astrology.  He holds a BA from Bucknell University, completed his Master's studies at Cornell University and has broad business experience on corporate, entrepreneur and consulting levels.

     Doug serves the general market but finds clients with illness and business concerns often seek his predictive services.

     Doug practices traditional Vedic astrology as given by the sage Parashara, the most popular and generally considered most reliable of the many Vedic Astrology systems. 

Doug's Life Readings include suggested remedial measures, which, by supporting weak or afflicted life areas, empower free will.  That Vedic remedies target these areas of deficiency is a powerful argument against karma being unalterable.  Vedic gemstones prescriptions, planetary mantras tapes and Ayurvedic curatives of colors, herbs and spiritual practices are specifically provided.

     Most valuably, Doug's practice of Vedic Astrology rests upon the fundamental principle of hope, of finding in the chart a path for fulfillment, which the Indians believe defines happiness.  No matter how difficult the overall chart is, no matter how challenging a current or upcoming cycle is indicated to be, there is always a way to use the celestial energies in a productive way.  With Vedic Astrology, there is no need to suffer in this incarnation and have to repeat difficult lessons in the next incarnation.  A famous quote applies here, Some pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.

     Doug Riemer makes his home in Sedona, Arizona, where he has provides taped Vedic consultations in person to both residents and visitors to Sedona's legendary red rocks.  For out of town clients, consultations are by phone, and these are also taped for clients' later review.  E-mail readings may be arranged for overseas clients.


Periodically, Doug travels to Sarasota, Florida, to balance Sedona's spiritually charged desert lifestyle with the Gulf of Mexico's idyllic tropical environment and white sand beaches.  

     As his Florida guru once said, "We live on the most beautiful beach in the world without mountains."  And upon arriving in Sedona, Doug replied, "I found the most beautiful mountains in the world without a beach."

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