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Of Philosophy, Politics & Astrology
(Spiritual Citizenship and Vedic Predictions)
July 4, 2003


Today, our country is poised at a historic crossroads.  The millennium belief in a raising of consciousness, of advancing spiritually to world peace and prosperity, have been dashed by the inevitable turning of the wheel of karma.  The illusion of ever-increasing wealth has been crushed by greed. the democratic process is sub- verted by republican imperialism, intolerant warfare supercedes multiculturalism and our very culture is attacked all over a world torn anew by war, disease, hunger and hate.  
     Where to we go from here?  How may we harness the essential goodness of mankind to reverse-course from violent destruction to peaceful construction?
     This Commentary proposes integrating spiritual values and the political process using the concept of the karma of personal responsibility.  It is a step-by-step logical progression culminating in a suggestion for empathetic spiritual citizenship.  Hopefully the compact narrative will capture your early interest to carry you through its several pages. 
     Yes, there's a roll here for India's Vedic Astrology.  This is, after all, the writer's profession, and as explained below, this form of divination is integral to the  Vedas' (Hindu) pristine and timeless spiritual knowledge and awareness.  Vedic Astrology perceives truths in the events and circumstances of the past, present and future and thereby offers insight to guide humanistic action in an increasingly inhumane world.

     Philosophy is a dry and cold word, no juice in images of abstract constructs written too long ago by dusty gray-bearded scholars.  Just reading the dictionary definition is sleep-provoking, "Pursuit of wisdom,"  "a discipline comprising logic: aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology," and my favorite desert- ification of enthusiasm, "a search for truth through logical reasoning rather than factual observation."  But spirituality, now there's a motivational word to stir the emotional mind, to stimulate hope and joy.  Spirituality even references, ecstasy - as wet and hot as philosophy is dry and cold.
     Yet, one builds upon the other; they intertwine.  Fundamentally, all philosophy seeks to demonstrate the truth and dispel falsehoods.  Spirituality, at least the Hindu sort, instructs that the realization of truth for the self brings the joy of detachment and union with the cosmos (God).  This is a transition from disharmony to harmony as the fog of Maya (illusion) yields to self-realization.  Hindus believe that the ancient seers of India were divinely inspired with spiritual knowledge (the four Vedas, epic poems), and comprised their philosophy by deciphering the Vedas (the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads...).  Yes, some of this spiritual philosophy is given in meaty chunks too heavy for the light-seeking vegetarian spiritualist.  Examples, "Solitude is the price of greatness" and "Some pain is inevitable, suffering is optional" don't play to big crowds, but there are plenty of more easily digestible teachings.  So, for this commentary, let's replace philosophy with spirituality, and at least readers won't be prone to dozing off.


     Now here's another word just laced with negative connotations.  In the West, Astrologers synthesize compelling New Age beliefs with a  multitude of techniques.  Consistency and diffused  psychological descriptions are issues.  Scientific minds reject western astrology because it uses the seasonal tropical zodiac, which is 24 degrees ahead of the celestial positions.  (Of course, there are those few Western Astrologers who are adept, and there are good but complex reasons they persevere.)

     The East's lunar-based Vedic Astrology is by contrast scientific, "knowledge attained through study and pract- ice."  Using the celestial sidereal zodiac, resting upon Hinduism's spiritual foundation and applying extensive technical analysis, Jyotish as it is called in India, is a true predictive science.  Indians even call their astrologers, travelers in time.  Vedic Astrology is described as the "Eye of the Vedas" for its unique illumination of future karmic ebbs and flows that pro- mote spiritual growth and harmony.  However, Vedic Astrology is apparently too fate-oriented, or controlling, for the free will loving western mind. 
     American colonists drove out their English masters to gain independence and have denied outside control, and by association fate, ever since.
  Because astrological predictions must be founded upon a fated future, it is

 irrational for Americans to believe in astrology.  Yet, most read newspaper horoscopes and many have astrology readings, done in hope of discovering divine order in the cosmos guiding their lives.  The term Vedic predictions, in referencing the spiritually respectable Vedas and applying American hope for an order, not chaos, in the cosmos, replaces the term astrology in this commentary.  Using Vedic predictions, we have an acceptable tool to plan for the future that avoids Western astrology's predictive limitations and rectifies Vedic Astrology's objectionable fate.


     Politics has long been America's salvation and its curse.  The democratic system preserves freedom, but the accompanying political process is rife with lies and disharmony, even as the system is self-correcting in finding truth through debate and elections.  Thus, politics is antagonistic to spirituality's goals of truth and harmony.  Politics is equally at odds with Vedic predictions, for the accuracy therein challenges politicians' truth-twisting and exposes their selfish actions.  In Vedic spirituality, public service is pure and selfless. 
     Americans thus have a love/hate relationship with democracy.  We love selfless leaders and abhor selfish politicians.  Unfortunately, at any given time, half of us disagree with the other half about who are the leaders and who are the politicians.  So, the word politics is offensive.  Citizenship, however, coheres well with spirituality and Vedic predictions because citizenship is simply defined as, "the quality of an individual's response to membership in a community."  Citizenship requires a spiritual approach to politics.  Good citizens follow the qualities of honesty and morality contained within Vedic predictions.
     Stringing these positively denotative and connotative terms together, we have an essay entitled Spiritual Citizenship and Vedic Predictions.  Let's see how these concepts may be applied to the current reality of the George W. Bush presidency.


The Bhagavad Gita & the Bush Agenda
     The Bhagavad Gita, mentioned above, is a spiritual guide set at the onset of a terrible internecine war for the throne.  It is the discourse on which Gandhi based his political philosophy and activism.  In the Gita, Lord Krishna explains to the leading charioteer, Arjuna, that doing the right thing, seeing and acting upon the truth, is the essence of living, of one's dharma.  This is the basis of spiritual life.  The timeless Gita’s context of a split family on the eve of combat is compelling.  It relates well today to our American split family, in which the Republican imper- ial class misuses power through well-funded charismatic demagoguery intended to permanently impoverish and disenfranchise the working classes - the rest of us.
      The Bush administration’s lies and accompanying misuse of power inevitably impact us all, an alarming karmic flood that cannot be ignored without peril or meditated away.  It is increasingly difficult for spiritual citizens to sit on the sidelines and work only with those of a peaceful, non-confrontational bent seeking self-realization.  Spiritual citizenship requires right action for truth in the public arena to fulfill one's dharma of duty to self and community.  The law of karma is undeniable.  Failure to perform ones dharma will reflexively spring- board back to harmful karma, personally and collectively.  

Vedic Predictions for the Bush's Downfall
This Vedic predictor devotes the majority of his time to mundane (world) forecasting, and paid Forecast Subscriptions support this work.  Fate guides the effort, understood through study of his own Vedic chart, for forecasting flows with the karmic tide of his dharmic duty as a spiritual citizen.  This focus was launched incidentally, even though karma governs all incidents, by predicting on September 7, 2001, "There may also be some religious fanaticism, aggravating the situation -Mideast stuff?  I see 9/10 to 9/14 as being really bizarre."  National recognition encouraged the addition of forecasting to bread-and-butter chart consultations.
     A series of now 21 Forecasts was initiated in July 2002 alerting the public to President Bush's: fated rise and fall, his lying, ruthlessness and violence and his great misadventure of invading Iraq that initiates his disgrace. 
     As these Forecasts anticipated the ill-fated path ahead for our country, they have provided an opportunity for spiritual citizens to combat and contain Bush's negative karma, to stop the drowning flood at its source.

[Present day Iraq locates the biblical Garden Of Eden.  A karmic implication is that Bush's current cycle of Rahu (an astronomical eclipse point and insanely greedy head of a snake in Hindu mythology) brings him to the serpent.  God (truth) then casts Bush out of his paradise of tainted power.]

The Time For Truth Has Arrived
More recent Vedic predictions maintain that Bush is already beginning to reap the predicted karmas from manipulating the truth to justify his invasion of Iraq.
     Overseas, resistant influences against US policies include: people and terrorist groups in Arab and other Islamic countries, the people and governments in most western democracies, rogue govern- ments worldwide, even Russia and China.
     At home, there’s resurgence of spiritual citizenship protesting the Bush imperialist flood, accompanied by gradual but inevitable agree- ment from pundits, scholars and politicians that Bush lied about Iraq.  Although widespread spiritual citizenship activism opposing the inva- sion of Iraq failed, and many remain disappointed and depressed into inaction, the movement is rapidly regrouping, for the truth will not be denied.  
    Spiritual citizenship is using technology in creating an effective grass-roots  democratic platform opposing Bush’s deceptive strategic philosophy and misleading tactical policies.  Astrologically, Mars (machines), Saturn (technical) and Rahu (science) are currently prominent in the natural zodiac.  They stimulate communications and media tech- nology - primarily the internet, but als
o expanding cable/satellite coverage, cell phones... that truly empower spiritual citizenship.
     Even in the mainstream media, long spoon-fed Bush’s inventions 
of immanent attacks by terrorist groups and rogue governments to justify his imperialism and divert attention from the failing economy, is questioning  Bush because of pressure from spiritual citizenship.
Reflexively, politicians on both sides of the aisle are covering their positions by researching whet
her Bush lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.  Perhaps a real leader will even emerge from this process.
Provocatively, Nixon’s nearly 1 1/2 year time-line to his resignation (Nixon lied about Watergate cover-up April 1973 and the resignation occurred in August 1974) is comparable to Bush’s emerging time-line of lies to disgrace.  Bush began manipulating intelligence information about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction in August 2002 and is predicted to resign or be impeached in November of this year, 1 1/3 years.  Given accelerated change enabled by expansion and speed of communications since the early 70’s, Bush’s time-line could be further compressed from Nixon’s.

The Means Never Justify An End
     A seldom heard concept is that the means never justify the end.  (It is true, however, that journalists and politicians blindly use this justifi- cation, so patriotically  authoritative has
the President's influence been.)

A series of now 21 Forecasts began in July 2002 alerting the public to President Bush's: fated rise and fall, his lying, his ruthlessness and vio- lence and his great misadventure of invading Iraq that initiates his disgrace.

The July 22, 2002 Forecast August 02-July 03 cautioned, "There is one period this winter, however, that will threaten... Beginning January 7, 2003, Saturn will retrograde back into Taur- us, rejoining Rahu to precipitate more victimizing... ... suggesting downfall, or at least irreparable dam- age to his (Bush's) reputation.  Bush is the wild card here, injuring the recovery and stability through the fall but also possibly a war with Iraq..."

The October 24, 2002 The Bush Presidency - Profile & Prediction warned, "President Bush is fearful, suspicious, violent and cold-hearted, especially about foreigners, and he used moralistic Christian beliefs to justify his actions....  This unexpect- ed elevation in Bush's life occurred because his  Saturn/Mercury cycle activated a long dormant (Viparita) Yoga.... that grants... a 'sudden rise.'  The other fated influence in Bush's chart is his Kala Sarpa Yoga... and it predestines the life to karmic control ...Bush's rise to power and his misuse of that power cause an equivalent fall... This is the unalterable fate of his life....  Since December 2000 and until November 2003, Bush is both tremendously motivated and empow- ered to gain power... ... and this brings out his long dormant violence."

The January 2, Face-off 2003 Bush/Hussein cautioned about Bush's manipulative push to invade Iraq, "The captain’s fair-sailing prom- ises and favorable marine weather reports fail to dispel the crew’s cold clamminess.  In this unfamiliar dis- connection between personal reality and official statements, the cold penetrates right to worried bones... In Bush's chart, his 5th house of crea- tive intelligence is in Mars' ruled sign of Scorpio, giving him a rash and ill-tempered nature. That Bush's Mars is placed in the 2nd house of speech brings lying and alcohol... ..and a shifty audacity." 

The January 19, The Certainty Of Invading Iraq voiced concern, "The public and foreign governments are increasingly convinced that without proof of Hussein’s illegal armaments, the US must not invade Iraq, and common sense dictates it is impos- sible for Hussein to ‘prove a neg- ative,’ that he doesn’t have these weapons...  ...Mercury's retrograde motion is the culprit in this logic confusion..."

The March 25, The Iraq War Unfolds & Comments warned, "The continued and even escalating protests at home and abroad build a foundation for revolt against Bush’s new American imperialism, and these efforts are precious to democracy, self-
determination, international relations, peace and prosperity."

The June 6, Comments On the May 30 Solar Eclipse stated, "The ticking time bomb of the US failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has Tony Blair under attack for man- ipulating intelligence information.  The US is beginning to wake up to the absolute requirement for truth, assailing the unassailable President... 

More recent Vedic predictions maintain that Bush is already beginning to reap the predicted karmas from manipulating the truth to justify invading Iraq.

The May 28 Summer 2003 Major Transits described how move- ments of Mars, Jupiter and Rahu/ Ketu (the solar and lunar eclipse points) will bring political and religious antagonisms, scandal and economic decay during this last half of 2003.

The June 12 A Challenging Few Days announced the initial result of the first major summer transit, Mars early June move into Aquar- ius, "The past few days have seen significant violence and disruption in the world..."

The June 15 Future Chronicle - Bush’s Downfall  explained how the summer and fall planetary ener- gies signify a widespread backlash against Bush and also propel him to reflexive self- destructive lies and stonewalling that culminate in his downfall by the November lunar eclipse.

A lie is a lie, just as a "rose is a rose."  Stand-ins do not prevail.  Truth, as taught in the Bhagavad Gita and many other spiritual texts worldwide, is incontrovertible and inevitable.  
     No amount of government denial, posturing, misdirection and/or rationalizing the good result of invading  Iraq can undo the fact that Bush used dishonest means to justify his end.  As Bush’s lying means creates  inevitable karmic harms from his Iraq misadventure, there can be no good result, only his end.  A bulwark of spiritual citizenship can help protect the community against the flooding karma of hate and violence that will inundate his presidency.


The Karma Of Personal Responsibility
     In this context, recall that the Bhagavad Gita is most essentially about the search for truth, for truthfulness is the bedrock upon which spirituality must rest.  It’s what it is, Vedic Astrology clients are often told, to support their understanding of and dealing with unpleasant events and circumstances in their lives.  Wishing these away or trying to ignore them cannot decrease suffering.  Untreated wounds only fester until the limb is cut away or the patient dies.  Detached perception to learn truth and responsible action to promote truth as spiritual citizens will improve our individual lives and thereby the plight of the country and the world as influenced by the US.  This essay, then, encourages the spiritual citizen to engage as a spiritual warrior for truth, to demand and deal with what it is in Bush’s deceptions.  Only then will disharmony begin yielding to harmony.
     The planetary karmas steer the world inevitably to Bush’s downfall in a very real and unrelenting way.  The wheel of karma doesn't stop rolling.  Momentum is being gained day-by-day in spiritual citizenship efforts to restore the people’s democracy at home and begin to undo to Bush’s ruinous actions abroad, where now nearly everyone hates or fears an imperial US.  This view, however, may incorrectly encourage avoiding our personal duty as described in the Gita.

      Yes, one may sit idly by, assuming others will correct Bush's unjust administration, using the adage his means justifying his ends as an excuse.   It is also true, however, that even just one person evading his duty retards the process of Bush’s inevitable downfall, and this inaction increases suffering in this country and throughout the world.  To quote another adage, each of us is just a drop in the bucket, but the bucket is filled by individual drops.  
     Consider, a social worker stands aside from the confrontation, and Bush remains in power just the few seconds more needed for that person’s financially strapped supervisor to lay him off.  Another represent- ative scenario is a retired woman failing to act, to put her drop in the bucket, and then the consequential miniscule extension of Bush’s power sinks the investments supporting her.  The deteriorating economic and political situation throughout the world is a natural consequence of Bush's karma touching us all, and if we all don't experience some loss today, then we inevitably will.  Tomorrow or the following day the karmic flood will over-wash the country, like a hurricane over an island.


Empathetic Spiritual Citizenship
     There is natural concern about how to carry out ones karma of personal responsibility.  Some people have affinity for letter writing to media and politicians.  Others attend organized protests.  Yet, many spiritual folks are unsurprisingly reticent, hesitant to become political combatants, for they are attuned to Venus's gentleness, sensitivity and compassion, not Mars' aggression and confrontation.  An accompanying activism barrier is the long road to the November 2004 national elections.  Dedicating ones energies to distasteful politicking for a year and half, after just being defeated in preventing war, is daunting.  Many conclude we must live with Bush until the elections, and even if they then act by voting, his political machine will persevere.  
     This view misses a vital and fundamental aspect of our technological society.  Via instant public opinion polls, Americans in reality vote daily through polling, and all politicians both follow  results and attempt to preserve or improve their ratings to gain reelection.  In politics, personal survival is the ultimate motivator.  Bush's father suffered a precipitous decline in the polls after the first Gulf War because of  recession, and failing to reverse the business decline, he lost the election to Clinton.  Similarly, George W. Bush will fall off the mountain of public acclaim, for although he understands well the lesson of his father's defeat, he is powerless to reverse the karmic consequences of his international and domestic policies.  
     Bush's decline in the polls this summer and fall will signal his defeat in the 2004 election, and his influence will decline concurrently.  Elected supporters in Congress and lower governmental levels will quickly distance themselves from Bush, and the democratic opposition will become emboldened to criticize Bush and his supporters, former and remaining.  Understanding the power of the polls, the temperate spiritual citizen may naturally fulfill his karma of personal responsibility simply by empathetically speaking his truth to family, friends, acquaintances and coworkers.  This truly peaceful grassroots approach will inexorably accelerate the poll shift away from Bush, render him powerless, and hopefully bring his resignation or impeachment.  After all, Congress moved to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about oral sex; Bush lied repeatedly, about taking the country to war and spins new falsehoods about this and other topics daily.


     The divisive planetary karmas described in Summer 2003 Major Transits are already bringing confron- tation, as described above, and their essential nature is motivating spiritual citizens to correct the injustice. Millennia ago, Iraq was the Garden Of Eden, and ironically, President Bush's deceitful Iraq invasion, osten- sibly to restore the Garden, must cause his fated downfall.  Bush has bitten the snake's apple of greed and will be cast out of the White House, including its symbolic rose garden, for his actions.
     The imminent danger to the US, and literally the entire world, is not Islamic-bred terrorism but Bush’s imperial terrorism.  Since it is always better to flow with the karma, not fight "what it is," this commentary encourages your earliest acknowledgement of your karma, your dharma, your spiritual citizenship to turn our country back to seeking our Garden Of Eden in this new millennium.  Just speak your truth.


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer

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