Tornado Season For Bush
April 25, 2004 



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     Forecast #49, A Celestial Tumult, described planetary influences eliciting from the fourteen astronomical events taking place from early April through mid July of this year.  Those delineations were meticulously detailed to give Subscribers practical information in planning activities and to lay a solid foundation for discerning political, social and economic trends.  One of my editors suggested these Forecasts have turned into a political newsletter, to which I reflexively replied, well, that's what is happening, and when it's over, I can refocus emerging social and economic issues with uplifting qualities.  

     This 50th Forecast describes those astronomical influences upon George W. Bush, his protagonists and antagonists.  The next Forecast, #51, weighs these astronomical events against the presidential candidates, including their Astrocartography for insight into the election.  

     The final Forecast in this series of four, #52, suggests globalization as the societal focus for the twenty year cycle begun at the May, 2000 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in warrior Aries.  These four Forecasts are in a way, a mini-series within Forecast Series III - The Journey to Regain Liberty.

     Although the current Mercury retrograde works against integrating these complex planetary signif- ications within a confusing world, and Mercury retrograde also serves to inhibit readers' comprehension, every effort has been made to present the information in a candid, organized and sequential manner.  Please stay with me through Forecast #52.  We're in an era of political, religious and philosophical change -- that's what is happening.


Tornado Season For Bush?

      As stated in A Celestial Tumult, Individually, these astronomical events are not significant, but given existing world stresses, together with their tight sequence and mental emphasis, they pile up, like the final straws laid on the camel's back?  It is expected, then, that by the time these fourteen astronomical events fully transpire on July 10, that the Iraq war will have indeed proven to be Bush's great misadventure (See the January 19, 2003 Forecast, The Certainty Of Invading Iraq, and the December 13, 2003 Forecast, Vedic Vignettes.)

     Some are concerned that despite the escalating Iraq insurrection,  9-11 Commission hearings broad- casts, Richard Clarke's expose book and Bob Woodward's factually damning one, Bush has recently risen in the polls by about 10% points.  Although John Kerry's unfortunate penchant to equivocate on just about everything plays into Bush's popularity-gaining, faith-based (absolute) leadership positions, this rise in the polls must be temporary.  See the April 5, 2004 Forecast, President Bush Approval/Disapproval, which demonstrated that during his term, Bush's popularly continuously slides down, only to spike upward when national security is threatened, and that each upward spike is smaller and of shorter duration than the last.

     Again referencing President Bush Approval/Disapproval, I built the foundation for the tornadoes assailing Bush this spring and summer.  It's worthwhile repeating here, 

     As stated in the March 24, 2004 Forecast, The Amoral TrioBush was elected under a powerful Saturn with Rahu planetary cycle.  Now under Saturn with  Jupiter (optimism and expansion), his aspirations have grown, but powerful enemies reveal Bush's lies, and a loss of personal power bars his usual vengeance against them.
This Saturn/Jupiter planetary cycle is modified by a third level planet, which is Saturn from March 4 until July 28.  Bush's planetary cycles now are therefore Saturn/Jupiter/Saturn.  This additional Saturn restriction inexorably drags down Bush's approval percentage and increases his disapproval percentage.  These planetary cycles, called Dasas, are the underlying karmas, like the current of a river upon which Bush travels in his little boat.  
     Transits, which are like weather on this river, and are used together with the Dasas to make predictions. As transit Saturn continues to close-in on his Sun in the 12th house of loss, and Mars moves into Bush's 12th house at the end of April, he must suffer greatly in May and June, dragging down his ratings to dang- erous levels, just like his father nearly a dozen years ago.  
     Two other facets of these planetary dispositions are Bush's increasing
poverty of speech, a growing inability to articulate, and obvious physical aging, partic- ularly in his face.  It should also be noted that these planetary karmas are also unfavorable for Bush's cardiac system, although this is not a prediction of fulfilling the twenty year curse upon U S Presidents.



Bush Through the Celestial Tumult


     The April 6 Blue Tuesday Iraq insurrection,  the ongoing Mercury retrograde and April 19 partial Solar Eclipse have stimulated a continuing Iraq revolt, terrorist violence in several other countries and a too-quick attempt to have the UN choose Iraq's transition government.  As the Sun indicates government, we can readily see the astronomical eclipse event as harming, even negating, government action worldwide.

     The May 1 Sun transit across Rahu (when Mars will also transit into Gemini to be with Saturn) and the May 4 total Lunar Eclipse in Libra stimulate for further political instability, violence and a fearful vengeful response from Bush in Iraq.  

     Look for the US occupation military attempting to quell the discord through massive use of force, which can only backfire into more widespread resentment and resistance.  (Note: lucky for Bush, neither eclipse hits any of his birth planets, but they must influence other leaders.)

     May 5 herald's expansive and religious Jupiter resuming forward motion after three months of limiting retrograde, and this will further incite Jihad, perhaps not just in Iraq but also Israel and other hotspots.  For Bush, this stronger Jupiter will add punch to his growing aspirations, his big plans, to which he's commit- ted since beginning his Saturn/Jupiter planetary cycle November 1, 2003.  


     Jupiter rules Bush's 9th house of religion but also his 6th house of enemies/fighting, and being placed in his 3rd house of desires with Bush's Moon, he has an overriding desire to impose his belief system, through violence as necessary and regardless of  facts.  Jupiter resuming forward amplifies these aspirations, even though other planetary karmas work against them.  We can see the nature of Bush's goals through his five- time repeated statement during his April 13 press conference that he is changing the world, delivered with his trademark charming insincerity.  This plays to patriotism and democracy advocates, but it also alarms for revealing that Bush's 3rd house ambition is grandiose and dangerous in being based upon belief, not facts..  He really believes that he can, indeed must, terraform the entire world in the his image of right- eous democracy.

     The May 18 Venus (compassion) retrograde can only harden Bush's cold heart, and by that date, warr- ior Mars will be within three degrees of Saturn in Bush's 12th house of final liberation, stimulating escalating violence by Bush and toward the US.  Recent concern for terrorist attacks here in the US are bona fide, albeit perhaps premature.  May 22 may be the most difficult day, but the entire four day period from May 21 to 24 signals tension that erupts.  These planetary dispositions are also harmful to Bush's daughters, who will be at risk another round of alcohol problems and confinement, either in a jail or hospital.   

     While such messianic ambition (as yet countered by anyone, group or institution) by a President who describes himself as a wartime president  who will change the world, is alarming, Bush will simultan- eously be blocked by transit Saturn inexorably approaching his birthchart Sun.  (On May 22, Saturn will be just three degrees away from his Sun.)  For Bush, the Sun signifies government and power, ability to defeat enemies, speech and his body, notably the heart, eyes and head.  An assassination attempt is possible.  His father may also fall ill.  So, as his ambition escalates, Bush will be increasingly unable to influence and exert power, making him frustrated and encouraging a god-inspired vengeance.  His planetary cycles May 20 - 27 of Saturn/Jupiter/Saturn/Sun bring an underlying potent karma to this Saturn transit.  (Note: Saturn approached, but did not reach, Bush's Sun in late October, 2003, when I had previously predicted he would be disgraced, although he did take continued heavy hits in the approval polls until Saddam Hussein was captured in mid December.

     Transit Saturn will be crossing Bush's Sun within one degree from Jun 10 to 29, and during this interval, his planetary cycles will be Saturn/Jupiter/Saturn/Mars, and toxic Rahu will replace Mars on June 17.  This promises to be a period of reckoning. 

George W. Bush
7/6/46 at 7:26 AM in New Haven, Ct

     Kala Sarpa Yoga begins May 25, accent- uating fate over free will, and because this is the combination in Bush's chart that brought his rise to the presidency, to be followed by a fall, there's an additional influence for political impotence.  
     The triple combination July 7 - 10 of Sun/Saturn, Mercury/Mars and Moon/ Rahu signals disruption of government authority (From A Celestial Tumult).  
     This will not only escalate Bush's Iraq great misadventure in the new government there disintegrating, but it brings again a power loss and threat to his body.  Hospitalization is indicated.


Saturn's Lunar Nakshatra - Ardra
     Particularly valuable insight can be gained by considering the Moon's House through which transit Saturn passes, Since June 8, 2003 to June 16 this year.  The beginning date corresponds well to problems following the invasion of Iraq.  Sometimes called Lunar Mansions (Nakshatras in Sanskrit), this 27 division of the zodiac references individual stars or star clusters and thereby reveals information from deep within the universe.  Ardra is a very difficult Nakshatra, as described in the synopsis below, and its star, Betelgeuse, is a unique astronomical object with a provocative Arab name.

Ruled by Rahu

        Ardra resides within Gemini, the twins, ruled by intellectual Mercury.  Ardra's star
 is Betelgeuse in Orion, 
  Adra’s symbol is the teardrop and literally means wet or moist, bringing an association with flowing of liquids.  The teardrop implies loss or disappoin- tments, confirmed by this Nakshatra’s deity, Rudra, the god of storms and destruction.  Both weeping and howling sounds are given. 
     The teardrop is described as fresh, soft, wet and also thereby denotes the clarity following a Rudra rain storm. 
     Other influences are for diplomacy, and seemingly opposite, lack of gratitude and a critical/crafty nature.  Diplomacy is needed for dealing with losses, but material cravings can bring complaining and deception.  Notable is a deeply emotional nature and feelings that can overwhelm.  Yet, Ardra fundamentally indicates that loss leads to rejuvenation. Ardra's tears give life to new growth.
     Rudra is Lord Shiva by another name.  Shiva is both the destroyer and the creator.  
He takes away that which is no longer useful to make room for the new.  Shiva can also be understood as the “remover of misery.”  Although the process is difficult for its pain and losses, Ardra persons gain personal pride in enduring trials and tribulations that clear the path for fulfillment.
Intelligence and communication skills promote writing and teaching.  Ardra’s pain and suffering encourages “helping” professions such as social services and hospice work.  Ardra’s shadow side is materialism, deception and misuse of power.  Again, there is the duality of efforts to alleviate suffering and actions that bring pain.   

Betelgeuse, a red super giant, is 630 times larger and 60,000 times brighter than our Sun.  Nearing the end of its life, Betelgeuse will go supernova soon.  This image by Hubble is the first to resolve a star's point of light as a sphere. 
Betelgeuse is the right shoulder of Orion, the hunter.  The name Betelgeuse is a corruption of the Arabic "yad al jauza," which may be translated as "The hand of the central one."  A mysterious woman is another translation.  Betelgeuse is also known as the Martial Star.     


     Bush's Vedic chart, planetary cycles, these accumulating astronomical events and the Lunar Nakshatra of Ardra combine to stifle his overreaching ambition.  The period May 21 through July 10 must bring Bush a tornado disaster, a tornado season of many storms -  and we're not talking about TopJob, The White Tornado, Mr. Bush envisions himself to be.

     To gain further insight into how the planetary karmas may unfold, we look to the protagonists, his advisors and primary ally Tony Blair, and then his antagonists, those who work against him.  Consider, first, however, that Venus rules Bush's 11th house of friends, and Venus is featured in the astronomical events.  Venus begins a weakening retrograde beginning May 18, and its June 8 passage across the hot Sun must burn (harm or restrict) his friends, who are also his advisors.


     Following are brief comments upon dominant and relevant planetary karmas affecting Bush's primary advisor and ally:  Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice and Tony Blair.  John Kerry will be reviewed in the next Forecast, #51, The Presidential Campaign


Dick Cheney
1/30/41 at 7:30 Pm in Lincoln, NE

     The second member of The Amoral Trio entered his paranoid Venus/Saturn cycle in May of 2001, and his greatest suspicions were satisfied on 9-11.  Then, due to Saturn being in its fallen sign of Aries, the brilliant mind turned from judicious service and authoritative counsel- ing to a fixation on foreign enemies, notably his old foe, Saddam Hussein.  Litigations arise from Cheney's Saturn-inspired secret maneuverings.  One can better understand how difficult this Saturn is for its affliction to Jupiter (children), resulting in a lesbian daughter.
     There is also greed involved, for Iraq is fund- amentally about oil and power, the neo-conserv- ative agenda.  Cheney loses friends due to his hawkish mindset. 
    On July 5, 2004, Cheney will change cycles to Venus/Mercury, stimulating charming and creative schemes.  Cheney may push to hard to protect himself and Bush.  This is the advisor to watch this summer and fall.


Donald Rumsfeld
7/9/32 at 5 40 PM in Chicago, IL

     The third member of The Amoral Trio is now a year and half into his 17 year Mercury cycle.  This stimulates for diabolical plans against enemies, ruthless use of his war machine and cutting remarks.  However, Rumsfeld bravado and charm are now failing to cover his lies and plots.  Rumsfeld is steadily losing power as Saturn transits toward his Sun, like Bush.  Saturn is also wrecking his relationships in government.  The Celestial Tumult harms him.
     During Mercury/Mercury/Jupiter cycle from May 18 to September 12, Rumsfeld will be criticized for bizarre policies.  He could have an incapacitating illness (heart attack?) around June 10 or so.  Rumsfeld may become a liability for Bush.


Condoleeza Rice
11/14/54 at 11:30 AM in Birmingham, AL

     Rice is going through Sadi Sati, the 7 1/2 years when restrictive Saturn travels through the houses around the Moon.  As the Moon is the primary planet in Vedic Astrology, symbolizing percep- tion and the benefits in life, Sadi Sati transforms Rice by destroying the old and worthless to make room for the new.  Because Ketu is with the Moon, the emotions are acutely sensitive and delicate.  The May 4 Lunar  Eclipse at 19:46 Libra falls on her Saturn, additionally blocking Rice.  Saturn will cross Rice's Moon in late July.  (See Richard Clarke's chart, below.)
     Rice in a power vacuum, will likely be discred- ited and lose her job this summer.  She may also lose her mind for the stress.  


Colin Powell
4/5/37 at 5:27 PM in New York, NY

     Powell's birth time is unknown.  I rectified it and offer here cautious thoughts.
     Powell has tremendous desire, he fulfills far-reaching goals, is very bright and truly humble.  However, his fallen Jupiter brings poor judgment, and Powell is both deceived and mistreated.  This influence mix puts him in high ranking jobs wrong for him, and, as the humble servant, he doesn't resist those who act against him.  
     Powell ran his Saturn (the calm servant) planetary cycle from 1985 to April 2004, and all the above issues confronted him.  Now in his 17 Mercury cycle, Powell begins to understand his problems and fights back.  He will continue to resist Bush in his stoic fashion and gradually reveal the neo-conservatives' real agenda.


Tony Blair
5/6/53 at 6:10 AM in Edinburgh, Scotland

     The October, 2003 Forecast, Tag Along Tony Blair, predicted that in February 2003 he would suffer medically -- the nervous system or the heart, and he was hospitalized for those reasons.  The prediction he would be thrown out was narrowly missed in a Parliament confidence vote Blair barely won.
     Blair remains under increasing political pressure over Iraq, which begins to ease mid June.  Yet,, the Celestial Tumult will keep him on the defensive until mid summer, and  he remains at risk until December 2004.  Career and cardiac are continuing issues.  Blair won't be able to support Bush.

     In summary, Bush's protagonists, his advisors, are falling away or turning against him.  The impenetrable circle protecting Bush will be broken, open to effective assault.  Cheney and Powell facing off in a philosophical duel will confound Bush.


The Antagonists 

     While Bush has many enemies, the two primary antagonists must be Richard Clark and Osama Bin Laden.  John Kerry will be addressed in the next Forecast, #51, The Presidential Campaign.  This, then, is an illustrative but not definitive analysis of Bush's adversaries.



Richard Clarke
10/30/50 at 5:45 PM in Cambridge, MA

      Clarke is a dedicated public servant. Saturn is his career planet and is placed in his 5th house of government.  Ketu with Saturn breaks apart his plans, a chronic recurrence during his Saturn Dasa from 1981 to 2000.  He was never able to implement an effective counter-terrorism policy. 
     In 2000, Clarke changed to his 17 year Mercury Dasa, and in 2002 the subperiod of Ketu disrupted his efforts to deal with 9-11.  Sadi Sadi (see Condoleeze Rice, above) cost Clarke his job in the spring of 2003.  Mercury ruling his 5th house of authorship and placed in his 6th of enemies, brought his expose book and super- lative debating.  Now in Mercury/Venus, Clarke is tactful but unyielding in his quest for account- ability.
     Saturn/Ketu gives Clarke the ability to be perfectly still, which unnerves his opponents and underscores the gravity of his accusations.  Clarke will continue his crusade and may be most effective in the fall.


Osama Bin Laden
7/30/57 at 5:30 AM in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia

     See the January 10, 2003 Forecast, Is Osame Bin Laden Alive? predicting Bin Laden's death in a bombing raid on the Tora Bora caves December 8, 2001.  The Forecast also suggested the US denied his death to maintain fear of the vanished terrorist and focus attention on the visible Saddam Hussein.  If this is true, then finding Bin Laden now is imposs- ible, and Bush can't reveal his death over 2 years later.
     However, if Bin Laden escaped, then he remains a haunt to the war on terrorism.  Re- ports in February that the Pakistanis were closing in on Bin Laden have been cast off.
     Either way, Bin Laden remains Bush's ene- my, and the eventual revelation of his concealed death or continued survival must harm Bush's reputation.. 


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