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The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck
June 30, 2004


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     This, Part II of The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck  follows Part 1, Ancient And Enduring Karmas.  If you have come to this Forecast without first reading Part 1, please go to #53 Part I -- The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Ancient And Enduring Karmas

     Part II considers nation charts for current major players in today's Mideast --  Israel, Iraq (old and new), Saudi Arabia and Iran.  Iran's chart was not originally selected;  its addition reflects Iran's model for an Islamic fundamentalist government.  In the ever-changing Mideast, charts for other countries, such as Pakistan or Turkey, could be additional future choices.  However, because some nation charts are not available, and several hours is needed to calculate and interpret each chart, it is impractical to consider every alternative.  

     Each nation chart is presented in its own Forecast section because the file for all of Part II is too large for e-mailing and printing.  There's no particular reading order for the nation chart sections on Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia -- but the Iraq section should be read last as it containing conclusions for the entire Forecast.   Because the nation chart analyses are highly compressed interpretations to provide specifics on the thesis in Part I, the Synopsis Of Key Points is omitted. 

     Birth data for these nation charts was primarily taken from Mundane Horoscopes of Nations http://www. dominantstar.com/tra_nationspage.htm  This website references the Book of World Horoscopes for authenticity.


Israel's Vedic Chart 
     Israel's chart has very specific birth data.  The exact time is pinned down by Ben Gurian's radio announcement of the nation's birth.    

 Fundamental Influences
     Israel's commitment to its homeland is the fundamental influence in this chart, for Saturn rules the fourth house of the home, along with the fifth house of past life credit - what is owed Israel in this life from past life efforts.  Because the fifth house is also children, it is to the children of Israel the home is given.  As the Moon is the home, and it is strongly placed in the tenth house of career in it's own house of Cancer (home), its conjunction with Saturn puts overriding focuses upon the homeland.  Saturn and the Moon both aspect the fourth house cementing the karma, notably through gaining ancestral property.  Since Saturn is a fixed influence, the Jews will never give up Israel.  A final signification for this Saturn/Moon influence upon the fourth and tenth houses is matriarchy, suggesting better results from a woman prime minister.

     Other Saturn/Moon influences are self-promotion, the ability to please and gaining sympathy from others.  These have brought support from the West.  Also, the mind is profoundly serious, optimism is curtailed and viewpoints are fixed (stubbornness)  These latter qualities must harm diplomacy, accounting for Israel's not completing a settlement with the resident Arabs it displaced.  The Saturn/Moon combination is excellent for construction, needed to build a modern country.  It seems uncanny that Israel was born under planetary cycles for Saturn and the Moon, as shown above, and that Israel has a Moon Astrocartography line, below, just one hundred miles from Jerusalem.  These additional influences confirm absolute dedication to the country.  Yet, during the Saturn planetary cycle, under which the country was born, was a tremendous struggle, and because Saturn acts to delay, support from the West was slow in coming.

May 14, 1948 4:37 PM Tel Aviv

birth:  Saturn/Moon/Saturn/Moon

Planetary Cycles & Sadi Sati
     During the seventeen year Mercury cycle from 1955 to 1972, money from the West came in, for Mercury is placed in the eighth house of inheritances and gifts.  These resources not only helped build the country but also stimulated economic growth, for Mercury is associated with wealthy Venus in the ninth house of fortune, which is aspected by Jupiter (wealth).  Mercury with the Sun (government) in the eighth house of turmoil stimulates for fear of death [especially by male (Sun-type) leaders], war and changes in government.  However, the Saturn/Moon tenth house of government is so solid, the parliamentary democracy doesn't fail.  This Sun/Mercury combination also causes cutting and deeply hurtful remarks (like Donald Rumsfeld, who has Mercury in the eighth house), and this must have harmed diplomatic efforts.  The 1956 Sinai Campaign and the preemptive 1967 Six-Day War reflected these eighth house influences, notably male leaders stimulated by a fear of death (for the country) and unable to negotiate peace.  

     Israel's seven year Ketu cycle from 1972 to 1999 was a period of worldly weakness and instability, making progress of any kind laborious.  Only the country's indomitable dedication gave it the strength to persevere.  As Ketu is always linked to Rahu (foreigners), and as the latter is placed in the seventh house of relationships, Israel's chronic struggles with Arab neighbors were a focus.

     Golda Meir was prime minister from 1969 to 1974, her time straddling the end of the Mercury cycle and the beginning of Ketu.  According to Colliers Encyclopedia, Meir's major problem was the land Israel expanded into during the 1967 war. Upset brought by the 1973 Yom Kipper war finally ended Meir's long stint as prime minister. This certainly fits with Israel's chart, reflecting the Mercury cycle's eighth house turmoil and the Ketu cycle's worldly weakness.  However, having a woman prime minister for five years also displays the country's matriarchal quality.  If Israel were not so adversely affected by its planetary cycles, motherly Meir may have succeeded in resolving the land expansion issues from the 1967 war that are fundamental to peace and which the male-aggressive leaders have thus far failed to resolve. 

     The Ketu cycle also coincided almost exactly with Israel's first Sadi Sati, the 7 1/2 year period when transit Saturn crosses the Moon and transforms the life.  We can understand Sadi Sati via Saturn's deity, Lord Shiva, the creator and the destroyer.  Shiva destroys that which is no longer needed to make room for the new.  Because Israel's Sadi Sati is about the Moon as the home, Ketu (and Rahu) inspired war threatened the home.  Israel's victories destroyed Shiva-like that which was no longer needed -- Arab nations' intent to destroy Israel..  This made room for the new -- Arab recognition of Israel and economic achievement during the next planetary cycle, that of Venus.  

     (Note: I have previously written about Sadi Sati with regard to Condoleeza Rice and Richard Clark.  See Forecast #50 Tornado Season For Bush.  John Kerry also recently experienced Sadi Sati, and this transformed him from an unremarkable Senator to his presidential candidacy.)  

     Thus transformed by Sadi Sati, Israel's twenty year Venus cycle that followed until 1999 was its great period  -- money from others, wealth at home, an often blissful consciousness, smoothing relationships with third house neighbors -- this last due to Venus's aspect to the third house.  Notice that Venus is the only planetary cycle during which Israel was not engaged in full blown war. 

     The current six year Sun cycle has again brought eighth house turmoil -- the disruption and violence of the past several years by aggressive prime minister Ariel Sharon.  Because the male and governmental Sun is weakly placed in the eight house of death, this cycle is even worse than the seventeen year Mercury cycle.  The Sun's fear of death is a another influence stimulating violence against enemies.  Although not labeled as a war, the continuation of a high level of violence must make it one.  Fortunately, this Sun cycle will be mitigated by a Venus subcycle beginning August 9, less than two months away.

     Israel's good and protective ten year Moon cycle begins exactly one year later.  It is expected, then, that the Palestinian discord can begin to calm beginning in August and that Israel will begin solving the Palestinian problem after August 2005.  As the Moon is female and is placed in the tenth house of government (in feminine Cancer) with elder and serious Saturn, there is a potent influence for a another female prime minister, who would be older, humble and oriented to peace.  This contrasts with the male Sun governing indicator, which has stimulated for men prime ministers who have aggressively protected Israel's interests without bringing peace.

Sadi Sati Again
     There is, however, a wild card here, and that is Israel's experiencing its second Sadi Sati, which began in late July 2002.  The most transformational interval will occur when Saturn transits Cancer, beginning this fall on September 5 and ending November 1, 2006.  As Sadi Sati influences the home in this chart, there is again a Lord Shiva destruction of that which is no longer needed to make room for the new.  It app- ears that Sadi Sati influences for Israel to give up previously expanded lands as no longer needed.  This is already occurring, and it is a powerful witness to the intention of this Sadi Sati.  

     As Saturn will not be denied, it is essential that Israel pull out of Gaza and the West Bank, which is a positive and effective use of this transformational energy.   Resisting Sadi Sati can only cause problems, which we have seen for Condoleeza Rice, for her having fixed views and a stubborn mind.  Allowing, even welcoming Sadi Sati, which John Kerry and Richard Clarke have done to their benefit, will bring Israel  the new  -- the peace and security it has long sought and which the entire Mideast requires for stability.  

     Coming back to Rahu and Ketu, which Part I of this Forecast identified as the karmic influences that bring the current Mideast focus, these are returning upon each other in Israel's chart.  That is, transit Rahu is crossing birthchart Rahu in the seventh house of relationships, and transit Ketu is crossing birthchart Ketu in the first house of the self.  Rahu brings violence and Ketu harms self perception and reputation, both of which are currently existent.  Rahu and Ketu get out of the way at the end of February in 2005, clearing the way further for successful diplomacy.

     To recap the path ahead to peace:  1) Israel's planetary cycles begin to improve in August of this year and then become most favorable for diplomacy in August 2005,  2) Israel is being required by Sadi Sati to give up lands it had gained to pave the way for peace and 3) Rahu and Ketu will stop influencing for vio- lence in late February 2005.

Israel Astrocartography


Israel's Astrocartography
     Looking again at Israel's Astrocartography map, below, we can see the conflict-causing planetary lines of Saturn, Rahu, Mars and the Sun running through the Mideast.  It is provocative that there are no lines in Egypt, explaining why that country eventually took a leadership role in stopping Arab aggressions.  Saturn and Rahu intersect in Saudi Arabia's capital of Riyadh, making that country the epicenter of Israel's ene- mies.  These lines extend north into Iran, and with Rahu going straight through its capital of Tehran, that country is another deadly enemy.  This is reinforced by Sun and Mars lines in Iran, which, in intersecting near its southern border, suggests violence coming from that area, although perhaps this just indicates where anti-Israeli Iranian soldiers come from.   Note too the Saturn line goes through southern Iraq, making that country a potent enemy, although not as directly aggressive as Saudi Arabia and Iran. 

     Israel's Moon line goes through Jordan and Syria, which is auspicious for these two neighboring coun- tries' support for peace when Israel moves into its ten year Moon cycle in August  2005.  Not shown is Israel's Astrocartography map of the US, which has Moon line just sixty miles from Washington DC.  This confirms why the US has been a long and staunch ally to Israel and again is auspicious, this time for America's support for peace. 


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