The Election Via The United States Chart
October 30, 2004




     The chart for the United States can bring insight into the upcoming election.  There are four applicable topics to investigate.  First, what is the current mood?  Second, will the government change?  (If this is shown, then Bush will lose.)  Third, will there be a clear cut winner?  Fourth, will the election be disputed?  Fifth, what will result from any election disputes?  For reference, below is the U.S. chart, with it's attendant planetary cycles.  There are, of course, several birthtime used by various astrologers, both Western and Vedic, for the U.S. chart.  This 6:17 PM chart comes from prominent Vedic Astrologers whom I trust, and I additionally spent some time verifying its accuracy.

     (Note:  Predictive accuracy is about 70%, reflecting the degree of fate compared with free will.  Of course, some events are firmly predetermined by the planetary karmas.  These results are certain.  For example, my prediction that Bush would invade Iraq was incontrovertible, and from Bush's chart, the invasion date would have been late January 2003.  However, other karmic influences delayed the war until mid March.  This Forecast builds upon a sequence of situations, all of which have strong planetary karmas.  But taken together, there's enough unknown fated karma (Bin Laden's video tape for example) and free will that the election process must diverge in some ways from individual predictions.  Yet, many of the specific predictions will come true, and the final outcome must be Bush's downfall.)


1. What Is The Current Mood?

     The U.S. has been running its ten year Moon (perception and life benefits) Dasa since the end of 1998.  For this Sagittarius Ascendant chart, the Moon rules the eighth house of hidden things, life and death and other people's money. 

    These qualities have all been amply dem- onstrated during Bush's secretive presidency in which violence is used to seek control over Iraq and thereby all Mideast oil wealth. There's also a profound emotionality in this Moon that brings absolute dedication to principles.  This is evident in the Bush admin- istration applying religious tenants and disregarding reality.

     This Moon is placed in the third house of desires (like George Bush), and because the Moon is such a powerfully worldly planet, that position gives an intoxication with power.  Jupiter's aspect to the Moon amplifies this signification, stimulating greed, inordinate religious belief and a desire to control.


U.S. Planetary Cycles (Dasas)

Moon/Mercury/Mercury/Moon  10/31 -- 11/5

Moon/Mercury/Mercury/Mars  11/6 -- 11/9

Moon/Mercury/Mercury/Rahu  11/10 - 11/20


     Current planetary cycles are for the Moon and Mercury, shown above.  As the Moon is the perceptional mind and Mercury the analytical mind, this is an intensely concentrated mental period for the U.S., and because of all the eighth house energy, it is perceived as tremendously dangerous.  Americans both believe Bush's claims he safeguards them and fears he endangers them by being too radical and immoderate. Although U.S.'s public Moon is adventuresome, conservative Saturn in the tenth house of the public brings a balancing reluctance for brash action and excess, especially foreign entanglements.  This is why the U.S. has a long history of reluctant involvement in foreign wars and is uncomfortable in occupying Iraq.

      Adding to this turbulent mental mix, transit Saturn is now sitting almost exactly on Mercury, bringing an alternating focus and mental blockage.  It is no wonder the public is befuddled.

     Going into the election on November 2, the U.S.'s Dasa planets will all be turbulently mental: Moon/Mercury/Mercury/Moon.  So don't look for any easing of the mental angst.


2.  Will The Government Change?

     In this chart, government is indicated by the fifth house, ruled by Mars. and the ninth house, ruled by the Sun.  Neither of these planets is active in the country's Dasas, but their transit positions are important.  Transit Sun continues to be weak in its fallen sign of Libra in the eleventh house of goals and groups.  This stimulates tremendous desires that canot be fulfilled and brings breaks with groups.  That mystical and dissolving Ketu is also transiting Libra, harms the Sun further and adds religious excess.  The suggestion here is the government is beset with frustrated desires and demands without success public support through God's will.  This is negative for the current Bush government.

     Rahu is transiting the Mars' ruled fifth house of government, bringing violence from foreigners who harm the government.  Mars is currently finishing its transit of the tenth house of the public, where birthchart Saturn is positioned.  Mars/Saturn is struggle for their opposing aggressive/regressive natures, and this aptly describes the campaign's last few weeks.  On November 1, Mars will transit into the eleventh house with the Sun, and because this is a combination for fighting between eleventh house goals and groups, election day must be tumultuous and ultimately negative for the government.

     The conclusion here is that the election must bring down the current government with a clear margin of victory in both the popular and electoral votes.  This is not, however, a prediction for a landslide, and more than one state will tally very close popular votes that swing the election.


3.  Will There Be A Clear cut Winner?

     As stated above, the election will not be a landslide for Kerry.  It is likely he will win by a couple percent- age points of the popular vote.

     It is nigh impossible to calculate the electoral vote totals, but as also mentioned above, the vote tallies in some states will be very close.  Moderate Americans will see this as a clear cut win for Kerry, but the immod- erate neoconservatives, especially Bush himself, will not accept a loss.


4.  Will The Election Be Disputed?

     The entire neoconservative government will reject defeat, for a losing this election will doom their goals of single-superpower domination over the world. 

     Bush will naturally follow this lead, and because of his absolute God-given faith in his destiny to reshape the world in the mold of his Texan God, he will be furious and vengeful. 

     Venus rules the sixth house of litigations and in transit is weak in its fallen sign of Virgo in the tenth house of the public.  A weak Venus lacks sensitivity and kindness and can be greedy.  This suggests many lawsuits will be filed to dispute voting, even in states in which casting out questionable votes will not swing the tally to Bush.


5.  What Will Result From Any Election Disputes?

     Mars transiting the eleventh house will keep the heat on election results, which will intensify as Mars approaches mystical Ketu for their conjoining November 13.  This was discussed and described in the October 12 Celestial Wheel,

Whenever Mars conjoins with Ketu (the mystical and dissolving tail-of-a-dragon eclipse point), a reflexive energy release is stimulated.  This is because the energies of these pitta (fiery) planets are so dissonant.  Mars, of course, is worldly aggression.  Ketu is spiritual fire.  They combine for seething anger.

    Further, when Mars conjoins Ketu, it also aspects Rahu, the head of the dragon.  This combination stimulates great desire that can express itself in violent abuse.  As Rahu signifies science and aircraft, Mars/Rahu can involve airplanes or spacecraft.  Mars/Ketu seething anger and Mars/Rahu violent abuse was most notably seen in the World Trade Center attack of September 11, 2001.

     I concluded that daily log entry by stating, With Mount St. Helens now active, its exploding on or about November 13 is a possibility.  An eruption of violence in Iraq or a major terrorist attack destabilizing another foreign government are alternatives

     For the U.S. chart, its Dasa planets will change from Moon/Mercury/Mercury/Moon on November 6 to Moon/Mercury/Mercury/Mars.  This Mars influence can only stimulate lawsuit filings and fighting.  On No-vember 10, Rahu replaces Mars, and this Moon/Mercury/Mercury/Rahu cycle continues until November 21. Rahu will fan the fires of litigation and stimulate terrorism in Iraq or even in the U.S.

     I thereby add to the October 12 Celestial Wheel prediction that the post-election lawsuits will reach a fevered peak of litigation at this upcoming Mars/Ketu conjunction but that mid November terrorism will shock the country into resolving election results.

     Given that the Sun will transit into the twelfth house of loss November 15, this would be a likely date for Bush's government to be lost.  However, Bush will continue to fight in court, even though the weight of voting, court decisions and public opinion stipulate he concede.

Copyright 1999-- 2004 Doug Riemer