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October 1- 15 , 2004


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October 14

     Yesterday's solar eclipse did appear to block George Bush, and an enthusiastic e-mail from Subscriber S.J from California is an interesting take on this final presidential debate,


     Doug: You did it! Twenty-six minutes into the third debate, I see that  Bush is pink-faced, blinking and borderline inarticulate; doing his worst. He looks dumb struck. Kerry is relaxed, open, honest, and comes across wonderfully; it his best presentation of the three debates.  I already knew this going in because I read THE CELESTIAL WHEEL!
Thank you!

     The solar eclipse is also a good opportunity to explain the mystery between the difference in the Moon's orbit around the earth (through the 12 constellations of the Zodiac) and the Moon's solar-driven illumination cycle.  Why does the Moon circle the earth every 27 1/2 days, but the Moon's solar cycle from new to full and back to new is 29 1/2 days?  A solar eclipse can only occur when the Moon is between the Sun and the earth, at which time its solar-illuminated side is opposite the earth.  At a solar eclipse, then, the Moon is dark, or new

     Last evening's new Moon solar eclipse was at 27:11 Virgo.  The Moon will complete its earth orbit and return to 27:11 Virgo on the morning of November 10 -- 27 1/2 days later.  We measure the Moon's earth orbit by the constellations (signs) because these 12 celestial segments of the zodiac encircle the earth.

     However, on the morning of November 10, the Moon will not yet be completely dark, or new.  At that time, the Moon will still be waning and will be at 14% illumination.  This occurs because during the 27 1/2 days it will take the Moon to transit the constellations in its complete earth orbit, the Sun too will be moving, advancing one constellation.  It will thereby take the Moon another 2 days to catch up with the Sun and become new again.  New Moon to new Moon, then, is 29 1/2 days.

     Vedic Astrology pays attention to both measurements.  The lunar houses (Nakshatras) are the 27 positions through which the Moon travels in its earth orbit within the 12 houses of the zodiac.  These lunar Nakshatras have their own mythical meanings and are unique to Vedic Astrology.  The Moon's solar-driven illumination cycle is the second measurement.   This shows how much of the Moon's disc is illuminated by the Sun.  The Moon is the primary planet in Vedic astrology in its symbolizing both perception and the benefits in life.  A brighter Moon brings fuller perception/emotions and more worldly gains/enjoyments.  Also, a waxing Moon is more favorable than a waning Moon due to the direction the illumination changes -- like the incoming tide brings nourishment from the sea to coastal waters, and an outgoing tide takes the nourishment away.


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October 13
Keep in mind there's a partial solar eclipse today.  It begin s at 9 PM, EDT, simultaneously with the start of the presidential debate in Arizona.  See a full discussion of this, and the October 27 total lunar eclipse the September 25 Celestial Wheel.

     As a reminder on your personal Vedic Astrology charts, today's solar eclipse will be at 27:11 Virgo, and the October 27 lunar eclipse will occur at 11:04 Aries.  Check to see if either of these eclipses occur within two degrees or so of any of your planets.  If so, the effects of that planet or planets will be blocked by the eclipse.  Yet, as eclipses block the light of the Sun and the Moon, they darken the sky, revealing the stars to bring insight.

     Here again is my prediction for today's debate -- from the September 26 Forecast, #56 The Race To November 2.

  October 13 in Phoenix, Arizona   This the day Bush is eclipsed, and he may actually appear diminished both in his ability to project energy and his physical self.  Kerry, the counter-puncher, will be able to press the advantage and close the debate series with a solid victory.

     Here's a grin from the irrepressible Sadie Thorndike, from the wilds of New Hampshire, 

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October 12
While the presidential candidates and the media have almost exclusively focused public interest upon the November 2 election, there is an upcoming sensitive period in mid November.  This is Mars conjoining Ketu  on November 13.

    Whenever Mars conjoins with Ketu (the mystical and dissolving tail-of-a-dragon eclipse point), a reflexive energy release is stimulated.  This is because the energies of these pitta (fiery) planets are so dissonant.  Mars, of course, is worldly aggression.  Ketu is spiritual fire.  They combine for seething anger.

    Further, when Mars conjoins Ketu, it also aspects Rahu, the head of the dragon.  This combination stimulates great desire that can express itself in violent abuse.  As Rahu signifies science and aircraft, Mars/Rahu can involve airplanes or spacecraft.  Mars/Ketu seething anger and Mars/Rahu violent abuse was most notably seen in the World Trade Center attack of September 11, 2001.

    To anticipate what untoward event may occur,  we can revisit the last four Mars/Ketu conjunctions.  Charts for these are shown to the right.


     First is the February 6, 1998 Mars/Ketu conjunction in Saturn-ruled Capricorn.  As Saturn is form and structure and materials under the earth, it represents the earth's tectonic plate structure. 

     Mars' aspect to Rahu was to the fiery sign of Leo, indicating the hot magma under the earth's crust stimulated the earthquake.

     Since Afghanistan's time zone is nearly a full day ahead of the West's, this killer earthquake occurred just one day before Mars reached Ketu.  When a planet approaches another, energy builds up, stimulating an event.  

February 6, 1998
( Feb. 4  Afghan earthquake kills 5,000+)



     This next chart is provocative, for Mars reached Ketu exactly to the hour when the Mars polar landing craft descended into Mars' atmosphere and was lost forever.

     Here we have Mars/Ketu in Capricorn, an air (atmosphere) sign ruled by technical Saturn.

     Mars' aspect to Rahu was to Cancer, the fourth house of the natural zodiac, which symbolizes fixed assets, including vehicles.  Rahu in Cancer is flying scientific vehicles.

December 3, 1999
(Dec 3  Mars polar landing craft lost)




     Here is the World Trade Center attack chart.  Mars/Ketu are in fiery Sagittarius in an applying aspect.

     Mars aspected Rahu in mental Gemini.  There also, were religious and wealthy Jupiter and the Moon, which signifies the home  -- property. 

    These combined for religious retribution destroying great real estate wealth.

September 11, 2001
(Sept 11   World Trade Center Attack)


     The February 1, 2003 space shuttle Columbia explosion occurred a few days following Mars' conjoining with Ketu.

     Here, Mars/Ketu were in Scorpio, the eighth house of the natural zodiac, which signifies hidden disaster.  The suggestion for this catastrophe is that the damage to the space shuttle, which occurred on lift-off, could not be discovered during the flight.  The Columbia was doomed when it later attempted to land.

     Mars' aspect to Rahu was to Taurus, an earth sign signifying wealth.  Saturn's placement in Taurus with Rahu indicated the advanced technical nature of the expensive space shuttle.

January 27, 2003
(Feb. 1  Space Shuttle Columbia Explodes)

     Coming up to the November 13, 2004 conjunction of Mars and Ketu, this will take place in Libra, an air sign signifying commerce and ruled by wealthy Venus.

     The fiery Sun, indicator of government, also being in Libra, suggests violence against government.

     Here, Mars' aspect to Rahu will be in fiery Aries, ruled by Mars, giving a double-signification for explosive violence.

     Most disturbing about this date is that Venus, the Sun and the Moon will all be weak in their fallen signs.  Venus's wealth, the Sun's government and the Moon's home will thereby all be at risk.

November 13, 2004

     With Mount St. Helens now active, its exploding on or about November 13 is a possibility.  An eruption of violence in Iraq or a major terrorist attack destabilizing another foreign government are alternatives. 


October 10

     George Bush is obviously pushing as hard as he can to justify his positions and discredit John Kerry.  Grimaces have replaced smiles in his appearances. The upcoming solar eclipse on Wednesday, October 13, exactly when the final debate is scheduled, will eclipse Bush, as discussed.  However, as eclipse effects begin about two weeks in advance of the astronomical event and continue for about a week following, we can see this blocking influence in recent disclosures -- the final Iraq weapons report and the weak September employment report...  While the debate itself is the obvious arena for Bush being further discredited, the next ten days or so will be telling.

     The prediction for the second presidential debate on October 8 included the statement, Look for Bush to both repeat his moral leadership claims and voice some new anti-Kerry slogans as he attempts to divert attention from his failed policies.  During the debate, Bush he certainly did for former and also unveiled his newest slogan,  He can run but he can't hide.

     As discussed previously, the difficult Sun/Mars/Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo ends October 11, tomorrow.  Then, Mercury will escape into Libra, freeing the intellect to express itself with overdue and welcome objectivity.  As explained in the October 6 Celestial Wheel,  It's been a rough road since the middle of August, when Sun/Mercury/Mars began their mad and furious dance that has upset the world and inevitably impacting us personally as well.  This Mercury transit has been like a marathon runner, exhausted at the end of the race, but relieved as well of the stress.  Give yourself a couple of days to re-balance and reorient your mental faculties.   Mercury's freedom will also free the public's perception, especially during the debate.  There is one caveat, although it is also a benefit  -- Mercury in Libra will be with Ketu, making the mind sensitive but also bringing insight. 


October 9

     Saturn is the planet of restriction, and in this role, it is plain, simple, rough-hewn, even crude.  Saturn too, is the planet of destruction and death.  In George Bush's chart, Venus and Mercury are placed in the all-important Ascendant (self, body, character...), making him good looking, charming and bright.  But Saturn too is placed there, influencing for insincere charm, a stubborn mind, fixed views, a vengeful nature and a rough, rather than refined, presentation.  Bush isn't Venusian-graceful, he tough-guy swaggers.  In his home, Saturn is the Texas chainsaw wielding Bush; in office, Saturn is the unforgiving and simplistic enforcer Bush, the moralistic bully, the Iraq invader.

     In the November 2 Forecast, #56 The Race To November 2, I discussed this Saturn influence regarding its effect upon Mercury, the planet of communications,

     ...Saturn's placement with Mercury blocks the intellect, making him stubborn and unable to correct his failing policies.  That Saturn transited into his first house Sept- ember 5 brings again a doubled Saturn influence -- harming Mercury further and also inhibiting Bush's ability to project.  All Bush can do now is promote his leadership ability by staying the course and endlessly claim his policies are working, despite the demonstrable facts that they are failing in Iraq and at home.


    Here again is Bush's chart, and you can see the Saturn/Venus/Mercury combination in the first house.  Transit Saturn is also now in the first house, doubling its influence, as described above.

     There is a further Saturn restriction, for Saturn aspects (glances) three houses away -- to the third house of desire, where his powerful Jupiter/Moon combination give Bush his public charisma, superb acting ability and thirst for power.

    Because transit Jupiter (expansion) is also in the third house now, Bush's desire nature is inflamed, but his ability to project power and achieve his goals is twice constrained by the doubled Saturn influence.  This also, however, also makes him even more stubborn and fixed-minded.

     Yesterday's debate demonstrated these planetary influences, and John Kerry was brilliant in emphasizing intelligent and sensitive reasoning with a refined and polite delivery.  He describes a complex world requiring sophisticated leadership, as opposed to Bush's attempts to impose his simplistic moral philosophy.   Over the next several days, the public will digest this contretemps between the two candidates to Kerry's advantage.



October 7

     In the October 3, 2003 Forecast, #28 Tag-Along Tony Blair, I predicted both career and health problems for Blair arising early in 2004,

     We can predict when it is most likely Blair will be either tossed out or be forced to resign by selecting the Saturn/Ketu/Sun planetary cycle, which runs from January 30, 2004 until February 19.  This Sun (heart) subcycle is difficult with restrictive Saturn and is eclipsing with Ketu.  Further, Rahu in transit will be crossing the birthchart Sun during this interval, and transit Sun will be crossing transit Ketu.  This, then is a triple eclipse effect, and the karma must thereby be undeniable.

     It is also possible during this interval that emotionally volatile Blair will suffer medically, and the sensitive areas here are the nervous system and the heart

     Blair barely survived a major challenge in Parliament last February over Iraq, and from news reports, he's been experiencing irregular heartbeat problems for over a year.  A article, Blair Haunted By His Health Problems, on October 1, 2004 states, TONY Blair last night broke the best-kept secret in British politics, revealing that the heart condition that will hospitalize him today has been hanging over him and his premiership for months.   The article also explains that in October 2003, Blair had electroshock treatment for his heart, and on October 1 of this year, a catheter was inserted into the heart to correct an electrical short circuit in the cardiac nervous system.

     Although I didn't couldn't find media reports about other cardiac treatments, during Tony Blair's political challenge last February about the Iraq war, I clearly recall reports about Blair then being hospitalized.  The reason given was stress.  Because his cardiac illness was kept secret, it seems obvious that the February 2004 hospital stay was actually cardiac related, matching my prediction.   Look for more media reports about that hospitalization stay and perhaps other secreted cardiac problems and treatments. The linkage between career stress and Blair's cardiac problems is clear.

     This cardiac illness has been occurring during his Saturn/Ketu planetary cycle, which began October 30, 2003 and ends December 8, 2004.  Then, Blair changes cycles to Saturn/Venus, which will protect him physically and is also auspicious for his reelection in the spring of 2005.

     The natural question is, how will Tony Blair fair from now until he finishes the difficult Saturn/Ketu planetary cycle December 8?  As Blair's and Bush's futures are both intertwined and tied to the disintegration in Iraq, the increasing discord about Iraq, the U.S. campaign and the election November 2 must challenge Blair.  Look for Bush's predicted loss to both harm Blair's reputation and bring a recurrence of stress-related cardiac illness.  Also, look for Blair's Iraq problems (such as the report he will pull one third of the main British force out of Iraq this month) to influence Bush.  Finally, since Blair's difficult Saturn/Ketu cycle wraps up December 8, and the end of this cycle portends difficulties, look for Blair to suffer after the U.S. election.


October 6
The vice-presidential debate  pretty well followed predictions made in the October 3 Celestial Wheel.  Two statements there are fundamental.  The first, ...he'll also hammer Cheney with effective criticisms, was on target, especially about Iraq, which continues to be the lynchpin of this presidential race.  Second,  ...the contrast between Edwards' bright optimism and Cheney's doom and gloom must give Edwards a further edgeLook for poll results over the next several days to reflect Edwards' success here, especially among women.

     The October 4 Celestial Wheel suggested the Rahu/Saturn/Mars energetic combination that stimulated activity at Mount St. Helens is easing off.  Today, National Public Radio reports that geologists now believe that volcano may not have a major eruption after all.

    Keep in mind that the strife-laden Sun/Mars/Mercury combination in Virgo, which began September 24, will soon end on October 11, when Mercury transits into Libra.  The planetary energies will ease further after October 16, when the Sun also escapes Mars by moving into Libra.  It's been a rough road since the middle of August, when Sun/Mercury/Mars began their mad and furious dance that has upset the world and inevitably impacting us personally as well. 


October 4

     Yesterday, I searched the web for Vedic Astrology predictions on the election.  I didn't find much, just summary comments by Tom Hopke, David Goldstein and Joni Patri.  These offered mixed predictions without compelling rationale nor absolutely certain findings.  I'm sure, however, there's a plethora of Western Astrology predictions, but as this is a different celestial language, these do not relate.

     It appears the Florida hurricane season, at least for major storms, is over.  The violent energy bringing the four big hurricanes dropped off with the hot Sun passing by violent Mars September 18.  The activity at Mount St. Helens elicits from another planetary configuration, that of Mars and Saturn both aspecting Rahu in Aries.  Mars' aspect was exact on September 28, and now that it has passed Rahu, the influence for violence is easing off.  Still, as Mars continues to afflict Rahu until the end of this month, there will be continued destructive pressure manifesting in volcanoes, severe weather events, terrorist violence and strife in the presidential race.

    SpaceShipOne's successful second flight this morning may signal the technological advance I predicted in the September 30, 2003 Forecast, #27 A Technological Breakthrough.  As with other major advances, as shown below in a listing from that Forecast, the invention/achievement is not immediately recognized and usually takes years before it begins to change the world. 

       1.  Transistor 1947

       2.  Integrated circuit 1958

       3.  Microprocessor 1971

       4.  Altair (micrcomputer) 1975

       5.  Apple II  1977

       6.  Cell phone 1979

       7.  IBM PC 1981

       8.  Microsoft Windows 1985

       9.  Digital cell phone 1988

       10. Internet 1990


     In that Forecast, I also stated that we're overdue for such an advance, noting, Scanning the list, it's amazing to see that the last big technological leap forward was 13 years ago with the invention of computer software creating the internet, which then fueled the enormous economic expansion of the 1990s.  In a period of such turmoil at home and abroad, it's important to both be alert for opportunities and have hope for the future.


October 3

     NASA announces a Blue Moon Alert in its newsletter, Mount St. Helens in Washington is spewing ash and steam, and scientists say a bigger eruption could happen soon.  This means sky watchers in western North America should be alert for blue moons in the weeks ahead.

     Here's a blue Moon photo from Texas on October 30, 2003, as the administration was beating the drums on invading Iraq -- coincidence or omen?   As discussed in earlier Celestial Wheels, continuing forest fires in the western U.S. and Alaska, could also stimulate the Moon and the Sun to change colors.

     While I do try to just read the planetary karmas, it's difficult, especially now, to be objective.  So, here's a web site that's truly hilarious -- don't forget to watch the eyes!  wordify

     The Cleveland vice-presidential debate is, of course, coming up fast on Tuesday, October 5.  In the September 26 Forecast, #56 The Race To November 2, I erred in giving this date to the second presidential debate -- actually scheduled for Friday, October 8.  I apologize for any resulting confusion and have corrected the The Race To November 2 in the below discussion.   October 5 is the date Mercury will be absolutely combust the Sun -- confounding communications.   Following are my observations:

     Vice-presidential debate October 5:   If I've rectified Edwards' chart correctly, he will be even more optimistic and personally magnetic than usual, but he'll also hammer Cheney with effective criticisms.  Edwards' glib and smooth delivery will offset the appearance of being argumentative.  He will also stubbornly rebut Cheney's doomsday claims and counter Cheney's attempts to dominate the stage.  Cheney will be even more dark and foreboding than usual, and if this were not a debate (just a regular speech), he would be convincing.  However, the contrast between Edwards' bright optimism and Cheney's doom and gloom must give Edwards a further edge.  Watch for Edwards to catch Cheney on impulsively nasty, sly and truth-twisting statements.  This will be a lively exchange. (Note:  Edward's Saturn is his career planet, and it will be closely blocked in the October 13 solar eclipse.  However, this incoming energy will not be strong enough on October 5 to reduce his effectiveness.)

     Second presidential debate October 8:  This is actually a much better day for Kerry because his Mercury will have passed beyond the Sun, allowing him to continue the sharp focus he achieved in the first debate.  Kerry's planetary cycles are also more mental and stimulate personal warmth.  Bush will, of course, attempt to dominate, to be the alpha male.  However, he will be too eager and impatient, even more so than the first debate, which will give Kerry more openings to counter and turn Bush's simplistic statements against him.  Look for Bush to both repeat his moral leadership claims and voice some new anti-Kerry slogans as he attempts to divert attention from his failed policies.  Bush must make every effort to restrain his temper, and this will conflict with his ability to project charm and confidence.


October 2

     Synastry, a chart comparison technique overlaying one chart upon another, reveals how people relate to each other.  (Note: This will be somewhat astrology-heavy, but you will be able to grasp the planetary symbolism.)   In the January 2, 2003 Forecast, #5 Face-off Bush/Hussein, section V The Hussein Thorn In Bush's Side, I addressed how the charts of George Bush and Saddam Hussein compare.  Below is that discussion:

     In Bush's chart, his 5th house of creative intelligence is in Mars' ruled sign of Scorpio, giving him a rash and hot-tempered nature.  That Bush's Mars is placed in the 2nd house of speech brings lying and alcohol, and from this position, Mars throws an aspect to the 5th house, giving a shifty audacity.  Ketu placed in the 5th house with this strong Mars influence makes Bush very sensitive, especially to criticism, to which he responds with "seething anger."  (Note: It was the Mars/Ketu conjunction on 9-11 that brought the terrorist's violence.)  Currently, Ketu is transiting Bush's 5th house, adding more energy to this volatile combination.  In the Bush analysis, he was described as being "slightly crazed" due to these planetary influences.


     In Hussein's chart, Scorpio is his 6th house of enemies, where the combination of Mars, Moon and Rahu are placed that makes him violent and ruthless.  Thus, Saddam's words and actions, indeed even his mere existence, infuriate Bush.  In turn, Bush's seething anger toward Hussein stimulates the dictator's aggression against Bush and all that he represents, which means the entire country and the oil he covets.

     When we then look at Bush's chart compared with Kerry's, we can better understand the results of the September 30 debate, when they first faced-off in person.  Keep in mind Bush's sensitive-to-criticism fifth house of creative intelligence. 

George Bush

John Kerry

     For John Kerry, Scorpio is his powerful first house (Ascendant) of the self His Sun (government, career and personal power) is placed there, aspected by his aggressive Mars.  This Sun/Mars relationship makes Kerry a powerful warrior leader.  Kerry's Scorpio Ascendant is also aspected by his full and exalted Moon, adding wisdom, judgement and keen perception, and also bringing public persuasion.  Kerry's first house is thereby what makes him a true alpha male.

    As Hussein's violent and ruthless Moon/Mars/Rahu combination infuriates Bush by hitting Bush's sensitive fifth house of creative intelligence, Kerry's Sun/Mars/Moon combination similarly throws Bush off balance.  But here, Kerry's alpha male potency also overwhelms Bush's fifth house mind.  This is why Kerry dominated the first debate, indicating Kerry will dominate the upcoming debates as well.

    There are other planetary interractions between Bush's and Kerry's charts, but the Scorpio influences discussed here both explain and characterize Kerry's personal domination.  The October 1 Alternet,org article, Father Key vs. Boy George could not be more aptly titled. See



October 1

    The first presidential debate concluded specifically as predicted in the September 26 Forecast, #56 The Race To November 2This will be a test of who can keep cool and focused under stress.  Kerry should prevail.   More fundamentally for the presidential race, as stated in that Forecast's closing section, How The Public Will Perceive The Debates,

     The upcoming presidential debate series puts this most basic leadership issue front and center.  As Bush can only repeat his stay on course message, Kerry will have the opportunity to counter-punch holes in Bush's simplistic good and evil world view as being demonstrably untrue.  As Iraq is Bush's great misadventure, and Kerry has already refocused his campaign to attack on Iraq, during the debates Kerry can project the strong leadership persona needed to win by discrediting Bush.

     My personal reaction last evening was that following Bush's achievement of saying vociferous, he looked and sounded as if he just wanted to go home -- like because deer hunting season was opening in Texas.


    Regarding Florida's hurricanes, Subscribers M.P from Newark Delaware and M.M. from Sedona, AZ have asked about the meaning of three storm tracks closely intersecting.

   The location was Polk County, which voted for Bush in 2000.  I don't have anything to add, excepting to repeat that the crux of Bush's karma is the clash over Mideast oil  -- and oil use has fueled the global warming manifesting most tragically in these destructive storms.

     In the August 22 Celestial Wheel, I calculated that oil at $50 per barrel translates into a $2.80 per gallon gas price.  Hopefully, the next presidential debate will include questions about this topic, yet another instance of Bush having taken his eye off the ball.  With gasoline pump prices already again moving beyond $2.00 per gallon, affecting everyone's daily life, this issue must echo back to voters' decisions on November 2. 

     Congratulations to Subscriber H.K. in Worcester, MA for not just ordering a hybrid car but also being willing to go without a vehicle during the long waiting period.  His action demonstrates that individual sacrifice is required in order to reverse course and save ourselves from the neoconservatives.  As I stated September 29, None of us are bystanders.

     I'll send out subscrption renewal notices later today for those whose subscrptions ended September 30.  Thank you in advance for your continued support of this predictive work during this historic time.


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