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November 1 -- 15, 2004


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November 15

     Mars has passed Ketu, bringing some relief from last week's stresses in the world and in our personal lives.  Remember, however, Ketu is devious.  So maintain awareness of your surroundings and in your associations for secret upsets coming to light and consequences to actions that occurred last week. 

     The Sun transits (changes signs) today, from its fallen position in Libra to Scorpio, where the Sun will be comfortably strong and self-assured.  There is a drop in solar power, however, during this shift.  As Venus is similarly transiting from its fallen sign of Virgo to Libra on Wednesday, there is a temporary energy void until the weekend.  These transits, together with Mars/Ketu event consequences, create an environment in which everything is in flux this week.

     Media lock-down reports on election coverage continue to surface, and the buzz about election fraud accumulates almost as quickly as violence builds in Iraq.  (See the article, I Smell A Rat in respected polling company Zogby International.)  Against this backdrop, Bush is purging his administration (the cabinet and CIA to start) in preparation for launching his legislative agenda --   aggressive notwithstanding his promises for cooperation.  This contretemps sets up a conflict between government domestic and international policies and the rest of us.

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November 14

     Bloggers and conspiracy web sites have been debunked by the mainstream press -- as noted in the November 12 Celestial Wheel -- New York Times article, Voter Fraud Theories, Spread By Blogs, Are Quickly Buried.  Curiously, now that there will be a recount in Ohio, the New York Times is softening its view.  See today's editorial, About Those Election Results.'s today article, The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy, gives a powerful rebuttal to the debunking of bloggers' claims, stating, Professor Steven Freeman, a statistician at the University of Pennsylvania, offers a disturbing answer.  Looking at the exit polls and announced results in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, he concludes that the odds against such an accidental discrep- ancy in all three states together was 250 million to one.  Professor Freeman's complete analysis is reprinted in this article.  Take a look.  Just click on the title, above.

     As also stated in the November 12, Celestial Wheel, the planets will be improving beginning Tuesday and Wednesday,  ...the Sun and Venus are weak and harmful in their fallen signs.  The Sun will transit into Scorpio November 16, Venus will transit into Libra the next day.  These signs are positive and powerful for both planets, boosting solar power and confidence and venusian happiness and contentment.  Relationship, however, will remain problematical, for Venus will be afflicted by both Ketu and Mars.

     These favorable transits suggest progress in resolving election results.  Since Venus will be both strong in Libra, the house of relationships (symbolized in Vedic Astrology by weighing scales), and afflicted by Mars and Ketu, there's tremendous energy to upset election results -- as final election results weigh voters' choices.  Also, as Venus signifies math, look for further calculations challenging and undermining stated election results.

     Keep in mind too the Mars/Ketu inspired Fallujah invasion incited civil war. reprints today a Washington Post article by Wesley Clark, The Real Battle -- Winning in Fallujah Is Just the Beginning, laying bare U.S. policy errors in Iraq.  Other Mars/Ketu upsets, which at least include the consequences of Arafat's death, turmoil in the CIA, a falling dollar and Cheney's illness, are further influences weakening Bush.  Cheney, by the way, faces cardiac sensitivity since September 5, when Saturn transited into his twelfth house of hospitalization, from which it aspects his Sun, an indicator of the heart.  Further, Cheney's previous heart attacks came in 1978 and 1988, when he ran Mercury in his planetary cycles, as he is doing now.  Mercury, as the nervous system, relates to heart attacks.  Cheney, then, has a dual influence -- Saturn and Mercury -- for cardiac problems. (Note: media statements today that Cheney just has a bad cold may not be true.  That he is quoted as saying, I feel fine, indicates a miraculously fast recovery.)  Finally, while Mars has passed Ketu, they continue conjunct in Libra, and Bin Laden hasn't yet fulfilled his promise.

     While the Celestial Wheels since November 3 have consistently suggested the final election result could change, the underlying premise is to bring forward bonafide hope, to rebalance the national proclivity for hasty decisions resulting from toxic thinking.  This term describes mental Mercury with Rahu in the eighth house of turmoil in the U.S. chart. 

     Also, I stated in the October 30 in-depth Forecast, #57 The Election Via the United States Chart, On November 1, Mars will transit into the eleventh house with the Sun, and because this is a combin- ation for fighting between eleventh house goals and groups, election day must be tumultuous and ultimately negative for the governmentThis statement tracks well the election so far, especially with the final results subject to recount and investigations.  Subscriber S.J. from California said it best on November 5,   Doug: I do not know that your prediction about Kerry was wrong, rather I will watch and wait and I believe we will see it fulfilled maybe in a totally unexpected way.  At least we know for sure that the Iraq war will be Bush's undoing.

     As Iraq, the election and other arenas of conflict develop further, I'll be looking at the charts for Bush, Kerry, the U.S., Iraq and other yet identified players.

Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer


November 13

     The New York Times November 12 article about the Fallujah battle, Black Flags Are Deadly Signals as Cornered Rebels Fight Back, is intriguing.

     Sgt. Sam Williams said, "I wish I could see down the street."

     But these marines did see a black flag pop up all at once above a water tower about 100 yards away, then a second flag somewhere in the gloaming above a rooftop.  And the shots began, in a wave this time, as men bobbed and weaved through alleyways and sprinted across the street.   "He's in the road, he's in the road, shoot him!" Sergeant Brown shouted.   "Black shirt!" someone else yelled.   "Due south!"

     The flags are the insurgents' answer to two-way radios, their way of massing the troops and -- in a tactic that goes back at least as far as Napoleon -- concentrating fire on an enemy.  Set against radio waves, the flags have one distinct advantage: they are terrifying.

     Ketu is symbolized by a flag, suggesting the Fallujah battle is a prime consequence of the Mars (warfare) Ketu seething anger.   (Note: flag can be used both as a noun describing that type of banner, and a verb, to draw attention.)  The insurgents are flagging attention to the Fallujah battle in order to win the war against the U.S. occupation.  The Fallujah flag may be a call to battle throughout Iraq, the long-feared civil war-- flagging the U.S. as having failed in Iraq.  Asian Times published today a provocative article, Resistance Blueprint, discussing Iraq as the emerging center for international terrorism.

    Because halves of a demon Rahu and Ketu are eclipse points, they are called shadow planets, which describes the difficulty in locating and pinning down the insurgents.  Further, as Ketu is a spiritual dissolving influence, it is also known as smoke, even more unsubstantial than Rahu and impossible to hold or pin down.  Finally, Ketu is the headless trunk of the demon (snake) Rahu, indicating another quality of the insurgents -- their government was decapitated by the U.S. invasion of Iraq, but they live on, and fight on.  Ketu is indeed terrifying.

     The July 4, 2003 Forecast, #21 Commentary -- Of Philosophy, Politics & Astrology, I stated in the Conclusions,

     Millennia ago, Iraq was the Garden Of Eden, and ironically, President Bush's deceitful Iraq invasion, ostensibly to restore the Garden, must cause his fated downfall.  Bush has bitten the snake's apple of greed and will be cast out of the White House, including its symbolic rose garden, for his actions.

     In the Friday, November 5 Celestial Wheel, I stated,  ...I'm coming to believe that the November 2 election is not over.   The emerging civil war in Iraq must discredit Bush, and the vote recount in Ohio supports that prediction. The recount results could, of course, stimulate legal actions to overturn the election.


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer


November 12

     Although news events and reporting were dampened by yesterday's holiday, Mars/Ketu inspired energy is evident in the world.  (Yasser Arafat's passing appears to be coincidental here, but its consequences may not be.)  The election fraud issue at home and escalating violence in Iraq are just two issues that have already surfaced.  

     The Green Party web site states, David Cobb and Michael Badnarik, the 2004 presidential candidates for the Green and Libertarian parties, today announced their intentions to file a formal demand for a recount of the presidential ballots cast in Ohio.  John Kerry, the counter-puncher, is finally weighing in by sending campaign lawyers to Ohio on a fact finding mission with a list of thirty questions, as reported by News Channel 5 in Cleveland.

     My concern is that the mainstream media is not doing its job to protect the public by reporting the truth.  First, the media ignored voter fraud claims, until objections of a media lock-down forced them to cover the issue. Second, when the media responded, it did so with a closed mind by debasing them as conspiracy theories and debunking their data.  See today's New York Times article, Voter Fraud Theories, Spread By Blogs, Are Quickly Buried

     Third, the national news media even fails to challenge election experts they interview.  These experts fall on their own logic.  They debunk voter fraud claims in this election while simultaneously claiming the flawed U.S. election system must be fixed to prevent its manipulation in a later election.  TV interviewers and newspaper reporters aren't confronting these forked-tongue experts with questions to uncover the truth: why wouldn't fraud have occurred in this election, and why aren't these experts demanding fraud investigations in the areas of vulnerability they are worried about?   Consider, Kerry has thirty questions about Ohio alone, and election experts have no questions about the entire country?

     It's well known that Bush uses his powerful eleventh house of friends and groups to have others do his dirty work, as in the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth attack on John Kerry.  We've also recently learned that evangelical churches were in the voter registration business, and again, these claim to be independent of Bush.  Couldn't voter fraud just be more of the same?  It would only have taken a few Ohio Republican election officials, acting under direction from Bush, or even on their own, to apply policies and/or manipulate vote totals to steal the election.

     While some hold out hope to have the election results reversed, all of us deserve to know the truth.  The internet has evolved into a national town meeting holding institutions (including the press) and the government accountable.  This evolution to mass consciousness may be the technological advance I have predicted last fall.

    I've suggested Truthout as an alternative domestic newspaper.  For a global view, Asia Times, published in Hong Kong is excellent, as the the International Herald Tribune, the original english language newspaper for ex patriot Americans.

     On a personal level, predicted problems with vehicles has translated into continued erratic driving.  Use care on the road and delay extensive driving until after the weekend. Keep in mind too the astrological symbolism discussed in the November 18 Celestial Wheel.  Also on a personal level, the house in your chart where Mars/Ketu are placed alert you to harmed areas of life.  For example, for Virgo Ascendants, Mars/Ketu are in the second house, which can bring harsh speech and headaches.  For Scorpio rising charts, Mars/Ketu are in the twelfth house, affecting sleep.

    Finally, recall that the Sun and Venus are weak and harmful in their fallen signs.  The Sun will transit into Scorpio November 16, Venus will transit into Libra the next day.  These signs are positive and powerful for both planets, boosting solar power and confidence and venusian happiness and contentment.  Relationship, however, will remain problematical, for Venus will be afflicted by both Ketu and Mars.


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer



November 11


     At least some people are feeling better now.  It's natural that post-election tensions are easing off.  And today is Jupiter Thursday, bringing optimism.

     Also, as shown in the chart on the right for this morning, the Moon has passed by Mars and Ketu. Thus, the emotional angst the Moon brought as it approach- ed Mars/Ketu has fallen off.

     Yet, as also shown in this chart, Mars and Ketu continue to approach each other and are now less than two degrees apart.

     So, don't let your guard down, yet.  Ketu is the ultimate trickster.

     I'm still not jumping on the conspiracy train, but it's important to follow through on post election invest- igations and report on the operating planetary karmas.

     Claims of vote irregularities have moved into the mainstream media.  Keith Olbermann's MSNBC show, Countdown, broke the story on cable, as discussed in yesterday's Celestial Wheel.  Yasser Arafat's death preempted Olbermann last evening, and here's the link to his MSNBC blog discussing his yesterday show,  Last evening, Aaron Brown's CNN program discussed the story.  Today's Washington Post has a front page article, entitled, Latest Conspiracy Theory -- Kerry Won -- Hits the Ether just now sent me an e-mail asking for endorsement of a petition, Congress uust investigate the integrity of the voting process in the 2004 election,

     Sadie Thorndike (from an undisclosed location in Michigan) has relaunched her blog, Brainspinning,   With her exalted Jupiter (wisdom) and potent eighth house (research), this is a brilliant and acutely incisive blog.

     In the November 5 Celestial Wheel, I noted, The Mars/Ketu conjunction gets hot November 9 and continues through November 14.  On November 15, Bush changes planetary cycles with more restrictive Saturn.  This suggests Bush will begin feeling the heat mid month.  The timing fits nicely with escalating calls for voter fraud investigations and recounts.  Also, as shown in the April 29, 2004 Forecast, #51 The Presidential Campaign, Bush has a conservatively religious and controlling Saturn line at the western border of Ohio.  This influenced for him to control western Ohio evangelicals.  However, now that Saturn is weakly retrograde, there's an opposing influence for Bush to lose control in that area.  Below is Bush's Astrocartography map.


     That Forecast also showed a Saturn line bisecting Ohio for John Kerry, which is decidedly inauspicious for him.  So, there's a countervailing influence. His Astrocartography map may be incorrect, however, since Kerry's birthtime has yet to be agreed upon.

Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer


November 10

     My Mars/Ketu Tuesday started out with a car in the Walgreen parking lot playing bumper cars with mine.  Fortunately, being aware, I dodged.  Then, a client cancelled after I had done all the prep work, rebooked when she realized a full refund wasn't coming, cancelled again, and finally issued a full refund demand.  The interesting thing here is that she's an astrologer, but one who obviously ignores the planets.

     Here's some more confusion, this from a client, whom I advised would have some relationship bumps,

Yes – one HUGE bump is that Mr. famous sexy musician won’t let go.  He keeps calling me and is asking me out again.  It’s hard because I REALLY don’t want the confusion of 2 guys – but, then again, it IS Mr. famous sexy musician we’re talking about…

     Below on the left is the now familiar 2004 presidential election map.  On the right is a 1961 civil war map.  Clearly, social/religious groups are unchanged in 140 plus years.  While this is worthwhile exploring, it also raises the question as to how the Bushies can transform Iraq from three regional tribes into one national modern democracy?

     Another consideration is when the moral values issues upon which Bush won are analyzed, they are all sex issues  -- abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research...  Other moral issues, such as war, prisoner abuse, poverty, illness, the environment... were superceded by these modern-day puritans.  Bush's Vedic chart does show a religious nature, but it's saturnian in nature  -- conservative, cruel and sanitizing.  Because Bush has both transit and birthchart Saturn in his Ascendant now, his moral agenda makes sense.  However, when there is too much Saturn, the person gets stuck -- denied success..  This doubled Saturn was a primary reason I predicted Bush would lose the election.

     I heard on NPR this morning that New York City's chances for hosting the 2012 olympics have vanished with election results because Bush is hated overseas.  The rejection comes despite the fact that he'll be long out of office before 2012.  This alerts us to foreign resistance to the U.S. neoconservatives being both real and of inevitable consequence.

Campaign For America's Future states,

     "Show your friends and neighbors and your community, that IT'S NOT OVER -- that the fight for America's future continues.

     We know that 48 percent of Americans voted for change. And lots of the people who voted for George W. Bush are opposed to the very policies the President is now claiming a mandate to pursue -- like privatizing Social Security and prolonging the war in Iraq.

So keeping up the fight on specific issues will not only make us feel good -- it's the best way to win over a new progressive majority -- while setting up the issues for the next election."

Take Back America |

     It's certainly heartening to see groups recovering, and I encourage your supporting those which you feel do worthwhile work.  I'm personally supporting Truthout for their fine reporting,

     Although there is some sort of media lock-down on election disputes, movement continues in the alternative press and with the bloggersThe only national media exception, so far, is Keith Olbermann's MSNBC show, Countdown,  Truthout reprint's the Ohio Democratic Party Communication Director's full commitment to overseeing all vote counting, including elimination of errors.

     The miniature people found to have lived 18,000 years ago on an Indonesian island is a fascinating discovery.  See today's New York Times article, Miniature People Add Extra Pieces to Evolutionary Puzzle  It also gives some support to the thesis in the June 18 Forecast, #53 The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck - Ancient Karmas,

     Current anthropological theory, confirmed by DNA research, proves successive migrations out of Africa spreading humanity throughout the world during the past 200,000 years, or more.  Science has traced the genetic beginnings of all humanity to ancient Africa, and science has further identified humanity's primary route out of Africa to be through the eighty mile narrow isthmus between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea -- where the Suez Canal is now.  In tribal bands, successive adaptations of ancient man traveled out of modern-day Egypt through the Mideast funnel to spread west, east and north for Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. 


    Each migration wave, to pass through this area, first confronted residents from the previous migrations.  This geographical bottleneck has thereby been contested since before the dawn of history.  Further, as each new migration was the future of humanity, and indigenous Mideast residents the past, each migratory clash mixed the past with the future.  The blended result still consisted of tribes, albeit tempered and enriched by confrontation, which integrated spread outward to populate the world.  From tribal units eventually came the national identity integral to today's nation states.  While migrations through the Mideast is also the model for later human expansions (from the empires of antiquity to those of the recent colonial period) and is thereby a universal trait rooted in our common DNA, it began in the Mideast, where the history of global humanity was first forged.

     As the discord from these recurring ancient clashes touched everyone, it became a pervasive and deeply ingrained aggressive karma within humanity's nature --  an instinctual  but protective memory, like fear of heights, not a cultural dictate passed on such dress and diet.  (Note: It is provocative to consider astrology's interpretation of karma as the knowledge construct that preceded modern scientific DNA, especially as the accompanying concepts of reincarnation and evolution of the soul also describe what we now call evolution.)  


     That Forecast also postulates oil brings conflict focus back to the Mideast.  Because Bush is integral to this process, which may peak out next summer, perhaps he needed to stay in office for part of his term?


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer



November 9


NASA reports a solar flare on November 7, followed by a second flare today.  See

  Solar flares create auroras, as shown in this beautiful image from Utah on November 7.  Solar flares also disrupt electronics, power grids and our own
electric systems.

     This geomagnetic energy adds to this week's planetary disruptions.


     Today, Tuesday, is Mars' day of the week.  So, expect continued fighting in Fallujah and discord both in the world and your personal life.  While Thursday will also be tough with the Moon conjoining Mars/Ketu, keep in mind that the entire week brings challenge.  However, through challenge comes change, and while everyone's balloon is deflated from last week's election, this week brings an opportunity to balance the scales. published a provocative article yesterday, entitled, Media Blackout On Voter Fraud Allegations,  This appears to be absolutely true.

     Sadie Thorndike did find, however, some articles on vote irregularities and legal actions, included here to demonstrate there is action in this area unreported by the national media,

     Saturn turns retrograde today, weakening its worldly restrictions and stimulating inward (spiritual) focus.  While retrograde Saturn is usually good for the economy and stock markets, it's impossible at this time to anticipate how this will play against other economic negatives.  This retrograde continues until March 22.

Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer


November 8

     This is the week that Mars and Ketu conjoin in Libra, the sign of relationships.  Today through Sunday, November 14, is the sensitive period.

     Keep in mind that with Mars signifying worldly anger and violence, and Ketu being a spiritual and otherworldly dissolving influence, the seething anger they bring is religious, as in 9-11.  Also, because this infuriated Mars also aspects worldly Rahu at the same time, there's a concurrent influence for violent abuse.  This aggravates Mars/Ketu events, but also, since Rahu is aircraft, these conjunctions also bring destruction there, as in the 2003 Columbia space shuttle explosion. 

     Currently, Mars and Ketu are just under four degrees apart.  Although in Vedic Astrology a conjunction occurs regardless of how close planets are together (a light turned on anywhere in the room illuminates the entire room), events triggered by transits tend to occur as the planets approach each other within one degree.  Yet, violence can also occur after the conjunction, and again using the Columbia disaster, Mars/Ketu conjoined on January 27, but the shuttle exploded February 1.  In this case, the delay resulted from the space shuttle attempting to land on that date, suggesting the damage was done earlier as Mars/Ketu approached conjunction.  In that case, the Mars/Ketu damage was hidden, reflecting Ketu's deviousness.  Another Ketu example is a client who finished a Ketu planetary cycle at the end of July.  She then relaxed, only to find out five days later that a law firm had garnished her bank account for $3,000 on July 30!

     Individuals and investigative reporters have pulled together quite a lot of information on voting irregular-ities, a natural focus for Mars/Ketu.  William Rivers Pitt's excellent Truthout article, Worse Than 2000: Tuesday's Electoral Disaster is a comprehensive and integrative review of information gleaned since the election, is my favorite alternative media -- excellent articles and almost immediate updates for subscribers.   If you have time, also take a look at:

     The Brad Blog,,

     Common Dreams Newsletter,

     The Miami Herald article, 

     You may notice the irony of using the word mars in the Miami Herald title.  (A thank you to Sadie Thorndike's new incarnation for these articles, researching from her undisclosed location in Michigan.  The original Sadie Thorndike is headed for Canada in a canoe.)

     Yet, there are other arenas in which seething anger and violent abuse can occur, as already seen in the Ivory Coast upheaval, the dollar weakening against the euro and Mount St. Helens becoming active again.  Iraq, of course, is the main suspect here, for it continues to be Bush's great misadventure, cemented by his apparent reelection.  Violence there has also already escalated.  Yet too, Bin Laden did not make his pre-election video threat without purpose.  With the Sun (the body) continuing in its fallen (weak) sign of Libra, and Libra ruler Venus fallen in Virgo, expect Mars/Ketu to injure health, as we've already seen with Yassar Arafat and William Reqnuist, the Supreme Court Chief Justice, both of whom will suffer further.

     While not all Mars/Ketu events involve Bush's election victory, some do and will, and these are karmic reflections of his manipulating religion, not the reality of his horrific track record.  The man is an effective campaigner and an ineffective politician.  In this regard, Bush's activated third house of desires and stubborn Saturn contributed to his win by accentuating the messianic quality.  However, when Bush is faced with Mars/Ketu violence harming his reputation and stifling his big plans, he will respond in kind, with stubborn resistance and destructive revenge against events challenging his omnipotence.  Because Mars/Ketu are transiting his fourth house of his religious faith and emotions, Bush will react reflexively with a wrath of God temper-trantrum.  In other words, Bush can only magnify Mars/Ketu harms by his own actions.

     Because Mars/Ketu conjoin in Libra, events it stimulates break relationships, which we've already seen in the Ivory Coast and Europe's coolness toward Bush's victory, with its concomitant unwillingness to prop up the dollar.  Iraq's declaring martial law is another failed relationship, that of the government losing control. Venus rules Libra and signifies vehicles, suggesting another area of concern.

     For further insight into this conjunction's nature, we can look at the Lunar Nakshatra (Moon's house) in which they conjoin.  This is Swati, as described below,


Ruled by Rahu

6:40 – 20:00 Libra

     Swati influences for a mild and quiet nature, of sweet speech and charity, a forgiving nature, control of passions and desires and skilled in trade.  Yet, independence is emphasized, for Swati means “the sword.”   Travel, philosophy and spirituality are also indicated.  Its star is Arcturus, the bright star in Bootis.

     Swati’s symbol is the young sprout pushing upward and quivering in the breeze, and its deity is Vayu, the wind.   Swati suggests new beginnings, the growth that results and adaptability.  Despite, or perhaps, in spite of, the young plant’s delicacy, it strives hard to survive and grow.  Swati individuals are thoughtful and spiritual in a developing way, meaning time is needed to develop personal understanding.  An association with Saraswaiti, the goddess of learning, is supportive, particularly for literature and music.

     Swati also symbolizes the process of purification, which involves restlessness and the sprout’s instability in swaying back and forth in the wind.  Vayu’s wind confirms restlessness and a roaming nature.  Self-centeredness for personal gain is an issue.

     Professions for Swati people involve anything to do with buying and selling, independent business people and spiritualists engaged in strong devotional practices involving profound subjects.

     Readers can interpret Swati's symbolism, but I will note that Swati is ruled by Rahu, the head of the dragon, whose bite intensifies Mars/Ketu violence.  Also, Rahu is in the Nakshatra of Ashwini, which is ruled by devious Ketu.  As additional information, here's Ashini's symbolism,


Ruled by Ketu

00 – 13:20 Aries

     Ashwini is symbolized by a horse’s head.  It consists of three stars in the head of the Ram. This symbolism suggests a fine appearance, amiable manners, intelligence, elegance, extravagance, and equine interests.  Both Jackie Onassis and Prince Charles have their Moon in Ashwini, and they share not only a love of horses but also Ashwini’s well bred qualities.  The horse’s power, stamina and a headstrong nature are given.

     Ashwini’s deity is the Aswin twins, born of the Sun god Surya and his wife making love when both manifesting as horses.  In the Sun’s indicating medicine, these horse-headed twins are physicians to the gods who perform medical miracles.  Thus, miraculous, even heroic, activities are indicated.

     The horse symbol also indicates all means of transportation, and Ashwini people are often thus employed.  In fact, this lunar mansion is called the star of transport.  There is also a suggestion for a great deal of movement and speed, which indicates quickness, acquisition, motivation and the power to initiate activities.  Speed can indicate grace and beauty but waste can also arise from hasty action.  A dauntless spirit, playfulness, courage, exploration and a headstrong nature are also given.


     While world events are a natural focus for Mars/Ketu, its influence plays out in our personal lives as well.  Accidents are an expected result (especially involving vehicles) but our relationships, notably romantic and business, are also subject to disruption.  For me, Mars relates to the face and machine.  I've cut myself shaving the last two days, and as indicated, had mysterious computer problems on Saturday.

     It is important for personal safety and relationships with others to accept Mars/Ketu effects, for they are unexpected and uncontrollable, but we do have a choice in how we respond -- whether with emotion-driven fury or detachment.  Consider that enlightened people are not immune to untoward events that come from residual past life karmas, but worldly harms do not disrupt their tranquility, nor their ability to see the truth.

     I'll try to find the time, and energy, to analyze further the U.S. chart, as well as others relating to the current situation.  I do, however, have private client work to complete, for although this world forecasting is my Dharma of spiritual citizenship during this historic period, subscription fees remain secondary.

     This Celestial Wheel is a lot to digest  -- so read it at your leisure.  Printing this out will also make the information convenient for reference during the week.

     In closing, many Subscribers have offered wonderful insights.  I'm posted these on the Forecasts page of my website


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer



November 6

     The Washington Post's article, 3 Days Late, Bush Is Awarded Iowa, discusses voting problems, citing the Ohio Franklin County over count for Bush and 4500 North Carolina votes lost by computer error.  The article concludes with this request for an investigation.

     Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), the ranking minority member of the House Judiciary Committee, yesterday asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate these and other irregularities and to suggest improvements.

     "The essence of democracy is the confidence of the electorate in the accuracy of voting methods and the fairness of voting procedures," Conyers wrote to the GAO in a letter also signed by Reps. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) and Robert Wexler (D-Fla). "In 2000, that confidence suffered terribly, and we fear that such a blow to our democracy may have occurred in 2004."

     Another area of karmic retribution for Bush are the consequences of the record budget and trade deficits.  I mention this because the din of domestic politics and the Iraq war drown out voices warning of  an economic disaster.  Again from the Washington Post, in an article, Dollar Hits Low Against Euro,


     ...the dollar is headed lower, possibly sharply so, because of longer-term factors, in particular the budget and trade deficits. The United States has been borrowing heavily from foreigners to cover both gaps -- the first between government spending and government revenue, the second between imports and exports. ...overseas investors might become concerned about America's ability to repay what it owes and unload their holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds and other securities.

     ...a report issued yesterday by James McCormick, the London-based head of currency strategy for Lehman Brothers. "The administration's first term oversaw the largest fiscal deterioration since World War II. . . . The dollar-negative policies that have been in place for most of the past four years remain."

     ...a steady tumble in the dollar prompting foreign investors to dump massive quantities of U.S. stocks and bonds could lead to a financial crisis and ultimately to recession. Among those sounding alarms recently are Lawrence H. Summers, the former U.S. Treasury secretary who is president of Harvard University, and Kenneth S. Rogoff, a Harvard professor and former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund. The pessimists do not claim to know when, if ever, the markets might lose faith in the dollar.

     As previously predicted in the Celestial Wheel, Ralph Nader was not a factor in this election.  He re-ceived less than one percent of the vote.

     Israel's chart is better now.  Arafat's demise removes his perennial blockage to real progress for peace.

I had previously predicted improvement for Israel in the June 30, 2004 Forecast, #53 The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Israel,


     To recap the path ahead to peace:  1) Israel's planetary cycles begin to improve in August of this year and then become most favorable for diplomacy in August 2005,  2) Israel is being required by Sadi Sati to give up lands it had gained to pave the way for peace and 3) Rahu and Ketu will stop influencing for violence in late February 2005.


     Mount St. Helens is becoming active again and may erupt during the Mars/Ketu conjunction interval, as previously predicted.  This could be understood as an omen, especially if blue moons result for the ash.


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer



November 5

     I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist.  As a Libra Ascendant, conservative Saturn rules my fifth house of creative intelligence and government and is placed in my eleventh house in Leo, the sign of government.  So, I'm not outfitted with a chem-trail hat to shield me from poisons dropped by airliners over Sedona.  I prefer to believe the high airline traffic results from Sedona being on the flight path to Las Vegas.

     That said, I'm coming to believe that the November 2 election is not over.  There was a suggestion for this in yesterday's Celestial Wheel, in which I stated, Bin Laden's October 29 video message had a promise of destructive action should America chose Bush again, and his may be the final and determining vote dooming this election's results as Mars conjoins with Ketu from November 9 to 13.  Attacking oil infrastructure -- a refinery in Texas for example -- fits the terrorists' agenda, for the terrorist has always been about Mideast oil.  Here's a link to the full text of Bin Laden's video, released too late on November 1, that lays out his attack intentions. http://english. 22-98FB-4A1C-B21F-2BC36E87F61F.htm 

     The pending 30,000 troop strong invasion of Fallujah is another possibility for injuring election results.  Insurgents there are dug in.  This is a crucial stand for them as well, like the Alamo, in which the victors lost the war by creating martyrs.

     However reasonable these two scenarios are for their being documented, voter fraud accusations from conspiracy oriented web sites and investigating bloggers are also being effectively argued with hard facts.  This drama is unfolding by the minute, as only the internet can do.  The below information from this morning has likely been already superceded by new revelations.

     At this point, it appears two basic voter fraud arguments are being made.  First, exit poll variations from actual voting resulted only when electronic voting machines were used. See  Truthout added credibility yesterday by reprinting the article /docs_04/110504V.shtml

     Second, bloggers have uncovered voting a major voting discrepancy in just one Ohio precinct and are investigating for more.  See the Daily Kos  Below is the actual data,

Franklin County, OH: Gahanna 1-B Precinct

US Senator:
Fingerhut (D) - 167 votes
Voinovich (R) - 300 votes

US President:
Kerry (D) - 260 votes
Bush (R) - 4,258 votes


     This morning's Yahoo News article, Machine Error Gives Bush Extra Ohio Votes, reprinted an Associated Press articles on the Ohio issue.  Keep in mind that Ohio used punch card ballots, which can   be recounted, but like Florida in 2000, achieving a reliable tally is problematical.  Alternet's article, Exit  Polls Right, Tallies Wrong? expands on these dual accusations.

    For Bush, Mars/Ketu (seething anger) conjoin in his fourth house of the home, and Mars aspects Bush's tenth house of career, where Rahu is placed.  Mars/Rahu is violent abuse.  That Saturn also aspects Bush's tenth house brings all the malefic planets to bear there.  These planetary influences suggest Bush's White House home and career will be harmed -- by terrorism, voting fraud and/or Iraq violence.

     For the United States chart, it's planetary cycles change tomorrow from exclusively Moon and Mercury mental intensity to include first Mars and then Rahu beginning November 10.  These malefic planets will stir up public rebellion.   Also, with Saturn turning retrograde on November 8, it will begin to move away from Mercury, ending Saturn's influence to deceive.  Thus, the truth can become known.

      The Mars/Ketu conjunction gets hot November 9 and continues through November 14.  On November 15, Bush changes planetary cycles with more restrictive Saturn.  This suggests Bush will begin feeling the heat mid month.

    Although terrorist attacks and Iraq violence are well publicized, voter fraud issues are still the provenance of the internet.  To stimulate research and findings on voter fraud, I am posting Celestial Wheels (since the election) on my web site as complimentary samples.  Please feel free to share this information with your acquaintances.  Here's the link,



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November 4

     Below is a comment from the first Subscriber who suggested I look at John Kerry's chart as the likely nominee for the Democratic Party.  Her thoughts resonate with my November 3 Celestial Wheel obser- vations.


     I'll add one more concept. Yesterday, I wrote about Forecast #52 The Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction -- A New Twenty Year Era, noting that the period from 1980 to 2000 came to be known as the information age.  This spurred societal change within the U.S. and brought the inception of a global community.  The former is uncomfortable to traditional (mostly religious) Americans, and the latter has naturally resulted in cultural/religious clashes, most obviously expressed in terrorism.  Globalization is an arduous multigener- ational process reshaping consciousness by broadening awareness.

     When I read in this morning's Washington Post article, GOP Won With Accent On Rural And Traditional, that Bush even won over Ohio's Amish, capturing Holmes County in the heart of Amish country with 76 percent of the total, I suddenly realized that Bush's is a reactionary movement  -- backward to the American mythology expressed in The Waltons and Happy Days.  Perhaps, though, we need to turn the clock back even further, to Father Knows Best and Ozzie And Harriet.  These were the 1950s black and white TV programs mirroring the real-to-life culture of 1950s Midland Texas, where and when Laura and George Bush grew up.  [I would guess, however, that Georgie preferred Howdie Doodie (for the laughs) and the Lone Ranger (for the good/evil crusader).]  I mention these TV programs because I too grew up in that conservative black and white world before color TV opened a wider perception and the sixties liberalized me.  I was in French class in junior high school when Kennedy was assassinated.

     The 2000 to 2020 Jupiter/Saturn twenty year era, set with the warrior Aries energy of that planetary conjunction's position, like 1940, has begun with a world war.  That conflict purged humanity of nationalistic fascism, and the current conflict promises another necessary purge of that same fear-based human weakness, this time under the guise of religion.  This worldwide conflict, however, is not like the World War II fascists against good guy democracy, or even Cold War communism against democracy, but is something entirely different.  Bush's win signals the continuation and increase of the U.S. fundamentalist crusade against Islamic fundamentalist resistance. 

     I don't know what TV programs young Osama Bin Laden watched in the fifties, but if he had seen The Lone Ranger, he would have wished to free Tonto and unmask his oppressor.  This election was never John Kerry's to win, for Jupiter and Saturn, the planets of social evolution, stipulate the religious battle between Bush and Bin Laden be fought first -- just as Saturn's deity, Lord Shiva, destroys that which is no longer needed to make room for the new.  Bin Laden's October 29 video message had a promise of destruct- ive action should America chose Bush again, and his may be the final and determining vote dooming this election's results as Mars conjoins with Ketu from November 9 to 13.


Subscriber Comment

    Well.....I have to admit to some mixed feelings about the election for exactly the point that you make.  The situation is ruinous and I want to see the administration have to deal with just what they have created.   It would have been a nearly impossible situation for Kerry to successfully pull us out of both the international turmoil and the results of the last 4 years economic policy -- which are about to come down around our necks.  


     There was an editorial on the front of the business section of the Wash. Post today that said, Hey Look Guys, whoever is the president in the next 4 years is going to have to radically change policies to try and fix what has been wrought in the last 4 years.  Neither party platform has faced up to the massive problems that are looming between the falling dollar, the price of oil and the devil-may-care economics of the Bush admin- istration.

     As you also point out, it is impossible to figure out the long range trend from the microcosm of the pre- sent.  We really don't know the path of global evolution and what might be necessary to move us forward.  This election may be the perfect thing to help mobilize some other vital part of our evolution.  Our earthly perspective is too limited to see the long view.

M.L.  Annapolis, MD

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November 3    

     By fully embracing George Bush, the American electorate has chosen his religiously paternalistic moral absolutism over the political, economic, environmental and military realities of a complex and destabilized world.  The inclusivity of liberalism has been temporality replaced by the neoconservatives' exclusive evangelical hyper-nationalism.  Or, as Pat Robertson recently told Paula Zahn on CNN (paraphrased), Bush is blessed by God.  His mistakes don't matter.

     However, as I stated in the October 28, 2003 Forecast, #32 Bush Traveled Into Hypocrisy,

Daring To Assail The Unassailable a Vedic Astrologer, I endorse Hinduism's offering an inclusive philosophy, compared with the exclusivity demanded by other religions.  This follows that Hindus are tolerant of other religions in their quest for detachment leading to enlightenment, not intolerant as many Christians, Jews and Muslims are. 

    ...I can't help but believe that religious exclusivity and intolerance are the root causes of the unending conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  This really brings home the importance of the separation of church and state, the absolute requirement to keep religion out of government." 

    Wishing to avoid being booed off the podium, I hastened to drop my current events precision guided bomb and added, Aren't all of us in this room more comfortable that the Ten Commandments have been removed from the steps of the Alabama Supreme Courthouse?

     Buried under the campaign reporting blizzard, I noted that the Supreme Court has recently agreed to hear this Ten Commandments case.  This could very well be a bellwether for the commitment to Bush's radical religious dogma, rather than uniting the country as he promises.

     The May 26, 2004 Forecast, #52 The Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction -- A New Twenty Year Era, discussed the unfolding of this double-decade period which began May 28, 2000,

     The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction means different things  to people, and these must further vary with culture, geography, climate and country.  The US, as potent a driving force as it is now, is not the center of the world.  Only 5% of the population reside here.  Nor is the US dominant in all parts of the world.  Consider Tibet, for example, or even the entire African continent.  Further, the US role in the world changes over time, and its ability to influence shifts as inevitably as the planets inexorably move in the sky.  History is replete with world powers and empires growing, only to fade away.  Time is the arbiter of all things.

    In Vedic Astrology, this twenty year interval is measured, not by accident, through the conjunction of  Jupiter and Saturn.  These, the two big planets defining the scope of the solar system, signify the process of social evolution.

     The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction sets the canvas upon which the planetary karmas paint a design, and it is difficult to know early in the cycle what this design will be, what this new era will have brought the world by 2020.  IBM's personal computer in 1980 launched the information age, but it wasn't until the early nineties that we recognized and labeled this double-decade as the information age.  The current Jupiter/Saturn conjunction occurred May 28, 2000, and although much history has already unfolded in the last four frenetic years, the shape of the entire twenty year era is not yet established. the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction chart (of May 28, 2000)..., Saturn and Jupiter are also Sandhi (weak) at 28:50 degrees.  Like the 1940 conjunction, Saturn is in its fallen (debilitated) constellation of Aries, bringing war, death, punishment, degradation and paranoia.  That Saturn is Sandhi can only debase the planet of suffering further.  Saturn's debilitation and Sandhi weaknesses inflate suspicion to already seen paranoia on both sides of the war on terrorism...

     With the weak positions of Jupiter and Saturn and the dual Ascendants,  uncer- tainty and change must be bywords for the first twenty years of the new Millennium.  Although this era has been characterized so far by terrorism, invasions and a recession, the difficult beginning does not necessarily characterize the entire era.  In fact, the chart's complexity, power and adaptability increase free will and promote change.  The chart does not bind humanity to a twenty year violent struggle but rather empowers humanity to overcome the difficult circumstances in which we find ourselves.  A linchpin factor for the new millennium twenty year era is that a weak Saturn is disorganized and lacks structure, which indicates a breakdown of existing structures and the need to reorganize.

     Breakdown here does not mean societal ruin, like the Dark Ages following the fall of the Roman Empire.  Rather, the ongoing process of globalization is breaking down national borders and thereby the concept of nation states, upon which people identify and governments operate.


     The neoconservatives' inflexible agenda of hyper-nationalism swims against this underlying current of liberalized globalization requiring flexibility.  It simply cannot endure.  This election will be seen within the twenty year era as an initial step, ...the process of breakdown of existing structures and the need to reorganize   The Bush administration's second term must reap the bitter harvest of its first term actions.  Iraq, Bush's great misadventure, is the lynchpin here, but watch for the neoconservatives' other attempts to create their own reality fall to succeeding steps in the globalization process.

     In closing, keep in mind the upcoming conjunction of Mars with Ketu November 13.  This combination for seething anger and violent abuse can be the canary in the coal mine for Bush's cave-in.  However, whether the breakdown process begins on this incipient dramatic event, rather than a later longer process, John Kerry will understand he is better off not attempting to correct the ruinness situation Bush created.  This election allows the insurmountable karmic consequences of Bush's first term actions to doom his second term as the Jupiter/Saturn process of social evolution advances.

     There's a famous newsreel of Winston Churchill in the depths of World War II. At a podium surrounded by huge 1940's microphones, punctuating his words with a clenched cigar, Churchill said, Don't ever, ever, ever, ever give up.

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