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December 1 -- 15, 2004


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December 15

     In The United States Through Its Planetary Cycles Forecast, I explained the ultimate theocratic goal of the alliance between the Fundamentalists and conservative Republicans,

     This alliance used its power to turn back the clock on the tide of  reviled social liberalism --  initiated in the Progressive Movement (notably Teddy Roosevelt), greatly advanced under Franklin Roosevelt and expanded under the John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson administrations. 

     Ask staunch moneyed Evangelicals, and they'll tell you, with fury in their voices, they could never forgive these liberals for ruining their Ann Rand, laissez faire capitalism and making a moral Christian nation into pagans.  They especially detested the Roosevelt cousins, whom they viewed as turncoats to their upper class families.

     Yesterday's New York Times directly addressed this same issue in its article, What's New in the Legal World? A Growing Campaign to Undo the New Deal.  It's kind of eerie to see this Forecast conclusion confirmed just days after publication.  Also, the article also gives proof to the overriding importance of judicial appointments.


     The New Deal made an unexpected appearance at the Supreme Court recently - in the form of a 1942 case about wheat. Some prominent states' rights conservatives were asking the court to overturn Wickard v. Filburn, a landmark ruling that laid out an expansive view of Congress's power to legislate in the public interest.

    We take for granted today the idea that Congress can adopt a national minimum wage or require safety standards in factories. That's because the Supreme Court, in modern times, has always held that it can.

     But the court once had a far more limited view of Congress's power. In the early 1900's, justices routinely struck down laws protecting workers and discouraging child labor. The court reversed itself starting in 1937, in cases that led to Wickard, and began upholding these same laws.

     States' rights conservatives have always been nostalgic for the pre-1937 doctrines, which they have lately taken to calling the Constitution-in-Exile. They argue - at conferences like "Rolling Back the New Deal" and in papers like "Was the New Deal Constitutional?" - that Congress lacks the power to do things like forcing employers to participate in Social Security. Given how entrenched New Deal programs have become in more than half a century, these plans for reversing history have always seemed more than a bit quixotic.

     In pre-1937 America, workers were exploited, factories were free to pollute, and old people were generally poor when they retired. This is not an agenda the public would be likely to sign onto today if it were debated in an election. But conservatives, who like to complain about activist liberal judges, could achieve their anti-New Deal agenda through judicial activism on the right. Judges could use the so-called Constitution-in-Exile to declare laws on workplace safety, environmental protection and civil rights unconstitutional.

     The court will not return to the pre-1937 Constitution in a single case, but it seems likely to keep whittling away Congressional power and federally protected rights. If it does, what President Franklin Roosevelt declared in 1936 - after two key New Deal programs were struck down - will again be true: "It was not the wage earners who cheered when these laws were declared invalid."

     In my research for that Forecast, a historian concluded that Franklin Roosevelt, ...attacked economic royalists of plundering the working classes.

     Unless you're in seclusion, you know well that scandals involving the Iraq war (including prisoner abuse) and election are hitting the headlines.  While I believe it is premature to predict how and when these may overturn or hobble the Bush administration, it is worthwhile nothing that Bush's planetary cycles are Saturn/Jupiter/Ketu from December 6, 2004 to January 29 of next year.  Recall in The United States Through Its Planetary Cycles how mystical Ketu behaved during its cycles, particularly the second one from 1966 through 1972.  I summed that up as Counterculture.  The U.S. chart is also running some Ketu in its current cycle of Moon/Mercury/Ketu from December 12 to January 12, 2005. 

     The situation is obviously complex, especially as it plays out in the greater arena of the May 2000 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction's globalization from 2000 to 2020 that breaks down nation states.  That process is the ultimate challenger to America's neoconservative imperialist theocracy.  After Mercury regains forward motion December 20, I'll attempt to integrate these domestic and international factors to put forward a prediction.

     In revisiting my October 30, 2004 Forecast, The Election Via The United States Chart, I noted the final two sections predicted the election would be disputed.  It's provocative this not only occurred in November but that the issue refuses to subside.  The U.S. chart's running Ketu in its planetary cycles certainly fits here.

     I hope you value your Forecast Subscription benefits as much as I value your patronage that enables my doing this work.  I do encourage Subscribers judiciously forwarding these forecasting efforts to those who would benefit from the information, and who also then may subscribe.  This is basic ethics, for circumventing the subscription system by broadcasting the Celestial Wheel and in-depth Forecasts to your mailing list dishonors the work. It also ultimately restricts the funding needed for the research and composition.

    I've done my best to limit forecasting distribution to you subscribers, which is why the Forecast Archives are password protected.  One subscriber in Sedona has violated this common sense principle repeatedly and extensively, however, for his New Age group.  His non-subscriber followers have frequently told me how much they enjoy the forecasting, but since they receive the work for free, they won't subscribe.  You'll recall in the U.S. planetary cycles Forecast how mysticism is a deep and dark current through U.S.culture.  In my experience, New Agers have money issues and erroneously believe everything on the Internet is free.  I have terminated that subscription and will be changing passwords next week, after you have had sufficient time to access this U.S. chart Forecast.


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December 13

     With Venus now away from Mars and Ketu, holiday season joy is finally coming in.  I've noticed already people have some spring in their steps and vibrancy in their voices.   Just keep in mind that Mercury's retrograde until December 20 can foul up celebrations and bank accounts, as well as equipment and cars.  I bought new car tires and ended up with front end repairs and a new battery!  Because news reports continue reporting weak retail sales, previously predicted, it really looks like stores will offer bargains after December 20.

     A prominent Vedic Astrology in Sedona pointed out to me that Jupiter is now in the Moon's house of Hasta, giving abundance.  This adds to Venus' newly affirmative energy.  I hope he's correct,  Time will tell.

     There's a full Moon the day after Christmas, bringing a warm glow to the holiday.  Also, for those of you with newly set Vedic gemstones, this will be advantageous for first donning your jewelry.  I've already calculated a couple of Muhurtas -- special charts for first putting on the jewelry as the full Moon approaches.

     In case you missed it, the annual Geminid Meteor shower is underway now.  It's always uplifting to see a shooting star. 

     If you have any problems accessing the U.S. chart analysis I sent out last evening, let me know.  Too, your comments on this are welcome and stimulate ideas for further forecasting.  I understand it is a long read, though I overestimated the length totaling forty pages.  It's actually only thirty, and lots of images break up and shorten the text.


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December 10

     In my world forecasting and individual chart work, I often use a boat on a river analogy to explain how the Dasas and transits activate the planets' energies (karmas) and are used together to understand current conditions and make predictions. 

     Dasas, commonly called planetary cycles, last from six to twenty years.  They consist of a main planet and four sub-period planets, each of shorter length, to enable predictions ranging from many years to a day.  The Dasa system is based upon the Moon's position and is the uncanny predictive technique that has made this astrology from India famous.  Dasas are like the river's current, the underlying karmic influences carrying our boats along, drawing us toward the destinations called for in the current Dasa (in relation to the chart).  Dasa influences cover the entire range of human experiences and development -- physical, financial, relationship, child rearing, career, spiritual, emotional.. 

     Transits, where the planets are in today's skies, are like weather on the river.  Transits give more worldly effect, for good or ill -- such as a wage raise, an argument with a loved one or enjoying a concert.  Because the Dasa section of the river upon which your boat is traveling is primary, weather transits are second- ary.  Transits act like catalysts in chemistry, stimulating events called for in the Dasas.  

     If the river section is favorable (straight, deep with a steady and strong current), then the boat of life is pulled ahead favorably.  Good weather pushes the boat ahead faster, giving further advantage.  Given this arrangement of karmic influences, there are four basic combinations:  good Dasas with good weather; good Dasas with bad weather; bad Dasas with good weather; and bad Dasas with bad weather.

     The rationale for this little Vedic Astrology lesson is to put the current situation into this context of Dasas and transits to enable our understanding of why there is such pervasive gloom, that extends to feeling powerless.  There are a number of pieces to this puzzle.

     First, Mundane Astrology, applying the natural zodiac beginning with Aries, shows current transits as difficult  (There are no Dasas for this because there is no birth chart for the world).  This natural zodiac tells us about global conditions, and obviously much of the world is in turmoil.  This doesn't, however, fully account for why America and its citizens are suffering and believe themselves powerless to correct harmful government and business policies.  

     Second, these harmful transits affect us individually in a negative way.  If we're running good Dasas in our charts, then the bad transits spoil some promised beneficial results.  For those people running difficult Dasas, these bad transits combine to make life an ongoing struggle.  Yet, this too is inadequate to explain why life in America has soured, lost its sweetness, optimism and hope.  (Note that these first two approaches only analyze transits.)

     Third, the U.S. election results are a continuing mystery, for the polling companies and astrologers all agreed Kerry would win.  His chart was simply more favorable than Bush's.  In this case, both Dasas and transits were analyzed, but the conclusion was wrong.  It shouldn't have been, and we may learn, soon or some months from now, that Bush again stole the election.

     Fourth, the United States chart can be analyzed, which I did before the election in an admittedly quick way, reviewing both the Dasas and the transits.  This suggested government would change, meaning Kerry would win. 

     In mid November, I decided to solve this mystery by undertaking the monumental task of analyzing the U.S. chart through its cycles since the nation's birth in 1776.  As I indicated in the November 27 Celestial Wheel, The historical review of the nation's planetary cycles (Dasas) is complete to the Gilded Age's ten year Moon cycle, which cycle the U.S. is repeating now.  With the forty page draft completed and now at the editors, I can print the unequivocal conclusion that the Dasas and transits indicate, With four more years of the Moon cycle remaining, the natural conclusion is a continuing Fundamentalist influence upon government, more reverse distribution of income and power concentrated in business and government elites.

     However, we have free will, and basic to the American character is the capability and proclivity to cast off oppression, which is a clear exercise of will over fate.  The U.S. chart Forecast documents this, citing six historical examples of, Imbalances and inequality among groups stimulate conflicts to reintegrate the culture along shared democratic values.  No one is going to save us but ourselves.  Further, we are not the uneducated and powerless masses of the 1880s Gilded Age, the abuses of which continued until the Progressive Age under Teddy Roosevelt beginning in 1901. 

     We do, however, risk repeating this cycle of inequality, and if it persists for another decade or so, it's our own fault.  Recall the July 4, 2003 Forecast,  Commentary -- Of Philosophy, Politics & Astrology, in which I discussed the karma of personal responsibility and advocated empathetic spiritual citizenship.  Spirituality is not being meek for feeling powerless or being complacent.  Spirituality is doing what is right for humanity.  (Note that Mars, the planet of war, can be a truly empowering and ennobling spiritual influence in a chart.)   It's worthwhile rereading that Forecast over the weekend.  The U.S. chart analysis will be published by Monday.

     In closing, a Sedona Vedic Astrologer once pointed out there's a difference between subjective reality and objective reality.  It was one of those concepts that keeps resonating.  Clearly, our subjective reality is sad and muted, but our objective reality has never been stronger in the history of America, even the world.  Most of us are in the baby boom generation. We are: the largest age group, the most educated, the most spiritually conscious, most experienced at protest and most motivated to protect our young adult children and protect ourselves in our coming old age.  We also have the internet, which I believe to be an emerged mass consciousness that can be our sword for peace and equality.  We aren't wimps, unless we fail to heed our nner-voice call to spiritual citizenship.


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December 8

     Venus is gradually recovering, and although many don't yet feel and appreciate the upcoming holiday season, joy and contentment will come, notably after December 12.  Still, as suggested, being patient until after retrograde Mercury resumes forward motion December 20 will bring good bargains and fulfilling celebrations.

     Overall, these past few weeks have been odd, for lack of a better word. With Saturn weak in retrograde motion and Jupiter weak in Virgo, the two big planets cannot effectively steer the planetary karmas.  Malicious Mars, however, has been sewing discord and strife in Libra.  Ketu's still sharing Libra with Mars stimulates sensitivity, and Venus also in Libra has stirred passions in an unpleasant way.  And, of course, Mercury retrograde from December 1 to 20 clouds mental clarity.  So, if you feel like you're floating, you have lots of company.

     Mercury will transit backwards across the Sun tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday.  This will block intellectual endeavors and will make some nervous.  This temporary inconvenience will clear on Saturday.

     I finally today sent to my editors the two part Forecast, #58 The United States Chart Through Its Planetary Cycles. Choosing this unsettled and muddy time to research and write such a complex Forecast was not a particularly good idea, but I felt this work would bring much needed illumination of the nation's karmas.  I'm targeting the weekend to publish this Forecast to you.

     Also, because this upcoming Forecast has been delayed, I choose hold off sending renewal notices to those whose subscriptions expired November 30.  You deserve to have the U.S. chart Forecast first.


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December 5

     Venus will transit past Mars today, and tomorrow, Monday, Venus will begin to pull away from Mars' aggressive influence.  Reports of sluggish holiday sales confirm that Venus's gift-giving has been harmed by Mars.  This combination, and consequent weak sales, also occurred during the 2002 holiday season.

     Still, as discussed in the November 27 Celestial Wheel, after December 12, Venus will be free of Mars, and Ketu too, as it moves into Scorpio to conjoin Mercury.  Mercury's retrograde from December 1 to 20 brings some confusion, but generally, celebrations and gift purchases after December 12 will be enjoyable and rewarding.  Again, look for bargains beginning December 20.  Cautions are to be careful with spending and avoid arguments during the peak holiday period beginning December 20.

     As discussed in the November 9 Celestial Wheel, Saturn is retrograde from that day until March 22, and

While retrograde Saturn is usually good for the economy and stock markets, it's impossible at this time to anticipate how this will play against other economic negatives.  It appears now that because the wealth planets -- Venus and Jupiter  -- are weak, they bring more economic negatives than the reduction in Saturn's restrictions can promote growth.  On balance, the economy and stock markets try to advance but don't have enough positive energy to do so.

     The same push-pull occurs in other areas.  Don't expect Iraq to calm, nor the new U.S. promotion of diplomacy and cooperation to gain ground.  Look too for the U.S. election controversy to drag along through the recount process and litigation in Ohio.

     Some Subscribers have asked about the break in Celestial Wheel postings.  I'll mention again that the in-depth Forecast, #58 The United States Chart Through Its Planetary Cycles, is a long process for its complexity.  I continue to grind through the analysis and am not rushing to publication, for this work is consequential.  Besides, with Mercury retrograde, I'm only thinking at half speed.


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(The research and composition for the Celestial Wheel is underwritten by paid subscribers.  If a

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